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10 Cutest Pink Pokémon of All Time

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The Pokémon world is full of exciting creatures to collect and monsters to find. Some are mighty dinosaurs, and others are charming dog Pocket Monsters.

The franchise also has some of the cutest characters in all of entertainment. To give you an example of the cute creatures the franchise has to offer, take a look at these top ten cutest pink Pokémon of all time. 


Jigglypuff was introduced in the first generation of the series. The creature is recognised as the balloon Pokémon and is well known for its signature move sing, which puts other monsters to sleep. Jigglypuff became famous when the creature got introduced in the anime as a recurring character. 

The Pocket Monster is a normal and fairy type being one of the very few creatures to have an additional typing given to it in generation six of the franchise. Although not particularly powerful, Jigglypuff can learn powerful moves such as double edge at level 28.


Credit: Bulbapedia


Cleffa is a fairy type baby Pokémon and the pre-evolution of Clefairy. The creature is one of the cutest Pink Pokémon of all time. 

Cleffa got introduced into the franchise in generation two and, due to its cuteness, knows the unique ability of cute charm. Cute charm is an ability that makes an enemy infatuated when it attacks you. Thus, Cleffa has a powerful ability that makes it a cute but powerful creature.


Credit: Bulbapedia


The mythical creature Mew also makes this list as a cute Pokémon. Mew is the supposed first-ever and the descendent of them all. Thus it is said to possess every living Pokémon's genes. However, the creature is one of the rarest in the franchise, with only a few ever known to have existed. Its Pokedex entry reads:

It's very intelligent and can use an incredible variety of moves. Many believe that all other Pokémon are descendants of this one.

The beast is mighty, learning nearly every single move in the franchise. Thus, within the anime and the games, the evil Team Rocket cloned Mew to create Mewtwo due to the creature's power. 


Credit: Bulbapedia

4.Mime Jr

The Pokémon Company introduced Mime Jr in generation four of the franchise. Much like Cleffa, it is another baby Pocket Monster. 

The creature is a psychic fairy type and is the pre-evolution of the fan favourite, Mr Mime. Interestingly, Mime Jr was one of the first Pocket Monsters ever to be revealed before its generation. It was shown off during an anime episode far before the release of generation four.


Credit: Bulbapedia


Happiny is another cute Pokémon introduced in generation four of the franchise. The creature is the pre-evolution of the generation one character Chansey.

Much like its evolution, Happiny likes to carry around circular objects in the shape of an egg, such as an oval stone required to evolve it.

Happiny is a normal type and is unique due to being a purely female Pocket Monster. Due to its adorability, it makes this list as one of the cutest Pink Pokémon of all time.


Credit: Bulbapedia


Slyveon is one of the Eevee evolutions introduced in generation six of the franchise. Slyveon is a pure fairy type Pocket Monster and was one of the first creatures to use fairy typing. 

The Pocket Monster has a ribbon-like appearance making it rather adorable. Slyveon is a powerful creature despite its cute Pokémon appearance learning moves such as moon blast at level 37 and last resort at 41. 


Credit: Bulbapedia


Cherubi is a grass type Pocket Monster that resembles a cherry. The creature got introduced in the Sinnoh region during the generation four era of games. 

Cherubi at level 25 evolves into Cherrim and is most commonly found in honey trees. The creature can learn powerful grass type moves such as petal blizzard at level 47 and solar beam at 37.


Credit: Bulbapedia


Igglybuff is the baby pre-evolution of Jigglypuff mentioned earlier on this list. The creature, much like its evolution, is a normal and fairy type.

However, unlike its evolution, Igglybuff evolves into Jigglypuff by having a max friendship; Igglypuff can learn strong moves such as solar beam and flamethrower despite its weak appearance. 

The creature played a prominent role in the Mystery Dungeon series of games, being the main protagonist in the special episode “Igglybuff the prodigy”. 


Credit: Bulbapedia


The Pocket Monster Skitty was a Pokémon introduced in the Hoenn region, generation three of the series. The creature evolves into Delcatty using a moonstone. 

Skitty resembles a cat with large ears and a cattail. Skitty has the same ability as Cleffa being the cute charm and became popular during generation three of the anime series, as one of the main creatures used by trainer May. 

Skitty is one of the cutest pink Pokémon in the Pocket Monster Universe. 


Credit: Bulbapedia


This list wouldn't be complete without including Slowpoke. Slowpoke became a fan favourite when it got introduced into the franchise in the first generation.

Slowpoke has a long tail that resembles a fishing pole valuable on the black market, as shown by Team Rockets activities in generation two of the series.

Slowpoke is a water and psychic type and has had many iterations over the years. In generation eight, Slowpoke got a new galarian form. 


Credit: Bulbapedia

Final Thoughts

The franchise has many adorable cute pink Pokémon in its roster.

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