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Most Popular Technology Stack To Choose From: Full Stack Vs. MEAN Stack Vs. MERN Stack In 2019

Hey folks, nowadays the web and mobile app development services have stepped on to next level than last 2–3 years. Web and mobile apps are all built utilizing a ‘stack’ of various technologies nowadays. Wondering how? Let’s dig in!

What is a stack?

A “stack” refers to any combination of programming languages and technologies or a combination of software products. 
Technically there are two types of development stacks: 
Firstly, a technology stack & Secondary, an application stack.
In simple terms, the technology stack is a more cross-disciplinary term in any software development process.

So, in this article, I am going to brief you all about the 3 top trending technology stacks to choose from; for your startup or ongoing business.
But before starting with the technology stack, you need to understand the feasibility and attribute of the stack which is pretty essential in development as well as software product solutions.

Lets, start with agile:Agile is a set of management practices relevant to software development.” That’s because Agile’s initial advocates were software developers and its foundational document was the Manifesto for Software Development of 2001.

Agile is emerging as a global movement extending beyond software; it is a road-map of discovery that has driven an only way for organizations to endure with today’s rough customer-driven market.

While you are an expert in using technology, choosing the right technological infrastructure for your business is never easy. By enhancing your technology infrastructure, it always gives you the hickup. However, as a stakeholder, you are asked to do it every once too often, and you can’t avoid that. There are different database architectures and software solutions, and you are not too aware of the differences between them, so you don’t exactly know which hosting solution you should go for and why.

These questions and the task of choosing one out of many has slowed down your operations and has taken your mind away from running the core business. What will you do now? How will you be able to solve this riddle that takes away much of your time?
To start with, I will help you choose the right tech stack for your web or software product. Here are a few things you need to consider for before choosing the right tech stack your project:
  1. Know the project requirements
  2. Introduce agility
  3. Go beyond project requirement for better audience
  4. Expertise and knowledge of team or organization you are hiring
  5. Flexibility & scalability of the development team
  6. The final development cost

What is Full stack and why to choose?

Full stack: Skilled developers come from various streams; to be specific, there is Frontend, Backend, Database, Mobile App and Testing. Earlier the developers have gained particular expertise in any of the above fields and carry forward their career in that domain. However, the trends are changed now. The demand for technologies has mandated the developers to work on both Frontend as well as on Backend and much more.
Full Stack Developers are at the limelight because of the numerous benefits they deliver, most likely unique code for multiple technologies & multi-technology project to create a great UX/UI.

Developers these days are comprehending and can solve glitches across several streams of software development. Companies are now rigorously trying to hire full stack developers, who can build the complete web or app from scratch, without any discontinuation in the process.

Now, it's pretty legit to say, why to a hire full stack developer or development team for your next software development project.

Benefits Of Full Stack:

Still confused about whom to hire! Check the below-mentioned advantages of having Full Stack Development:

  • Easy Switching between the front end and back end development based on the requirement of the project.
  • Look after the entire design structure and work on any level as required during development.
  • Cost Saving by hiring a specialized full stack developer rather than hiring front end and back end specifically.
  • Easy to take ownership of design & implementation on a site
  • Easy to upgrade with new technology and tools faster than someone specializing only in the front end or back end technology.
  • Comprehensive work for individual Full Stack developer gives the flexibility to move from task to task according to the need of the project.
  • A complete solution to problems, go to the root of a problem without just focusing on solutions.
  • An ideal option for small & medium enterprises as the complex website requirement can be broken into segments to save time.

What is MEAN stack and why to choose?

The term “MEAN Stack” stated as a set of collected JavaScript-based technologies used to develop complex websites and web apps(progressive or responsive). In simple words, MEAN, as explained as a full-stack JavaScript framework — which simplifies and accelerates web & application development.

MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular, and Node.JS are a group of technologies that make a combination of MEAN Stack technology in Mobile and Web Applications. In recent time, some of the complex websites & web apps(responsive) are powered by MEAN Stack.
MEAN Stack is one of the fastest growing open source stack development framework assists developer or teams with popular tools or plugins to reduces the time on system administration and it also allows the quicker deployment of web apps, websites and API’s to concentrate on the complex development process of your project.

  1. MongoDB: Document database — used by your back-end application to store its data as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) documents
  2. Express (sometimes referred to as Express.js): Back-end web application framework running on top of Node.js
  3. Angular (formerly Angular.js, now also known as Angular 2): Front-end web app framework; runs your JavaScript code in the user’s browser, allowing your application UI to be dynamic
  4. Node.JS: JavaScript runtime environment — lets you implement your application back-end in JavaScript

Benefits Of Choosing MEAN Stack:

  • Covers the full web development cycle from front end development (client side) to back end development (server side) using JavaScript.
  • Supports the MVC(Model View Controller) architecture to make the development process flow smoothly.
  • Helps to resist unnecessary grunt work, thus keeping the web application development much organized.
  • The merger of four great technologies, i.e., MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular.JS, and Node.JS.
  • Comes with a pre-built extensive suite of testing tools.
  • Open source in frameworks and backed by good community supports.

What is MERN stack and why to choose?

MERN Stack, a combination of technologies used to craft premium web apps. Web apps are developed using multiple technologies more likely to say frameworks, libraries, databases and more. The MERN stack is a JavaScript stack used for the smooth flow of the development process. MERN consists of different open-source components: MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. All the components provide the end-to-end framework support for developers to work in.

The MERN stack is becoming increasingly popular and is a powerful stack to work in. The “MERN stack” refers to the following technologies as follows:

  1. MongoDB: A document-based open source database
  2. Express: A Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js
  3. React: A JavaScript front-end library for building user interfaces
  4. Node.js: Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js brings JavaScript to the server

The MERN stack is very similar to MEAN stack. The only difference here is that the MEAN stack is making use of Angular to build the front-end web application but in the MERN stack is using React instead.

Benefits Of Choosing MERN Stack:

  • Covers the full web development cycle from front end development (client side) to back end development (server side) using JavaScript.
  • Supports the MVC(Model View Controller) architecture to make the development process flow smoothly.
  • With the JavaScript stack, developers only need to be proficient in JavaScript and JSON.
  • Feasibility of four best technologies, i.e., MongoDB, ExpressJS, React, and NodeJS.
  • Comes with a pre-built extensive suite of testing tools.
  • Open source in frameworks and backed by good community supports.


As best of my knowledge, I concluded all the basics and technical fundamentals of three technology stacks to take into consideration before engaging your project in the wrong direction or hands of the development process. These developers skilled in all aspects of web and software app or product development. In the earlier stage of services, these are the most covered technologies that are trending on the top in 2k19.

Still, if you haven’t got the signs then have a look in the above hyperlink on trending on the top in 2k19 for more reference.

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