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Mobile App Development in 2022 - Android vs iOS vs Cross Platform

Approximately 50% of the worldwide market has a direct or indirect connection with mobile applications. There are over 3.04 million applications in the google store and 2.09 million in the app store. Overall app counts about 8.9 million apps including stores like Apkgk, Apkpureco, and Androidappsapk. Android apps are the most popular tech stack in the industry to build any kind of android application in the tech industry. The apps have made their presence in the education sector, tourism, travel, Fintech, e-commerce, games, and games.
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No one would have believed before a decade or two that your mobile apps are the key to your business and will rule the global business market. But as of now, approximately 50% of the worldwide market has a direct or indirect connection with mobile applications and this will be growing more in the upcoming years. The digital revolution that's been on the track for years has made significant changes in the global business market where mobile apps have made a tremendous role in it.

But does the role of the mobile app just stop with taking part in the existing global business? As we all know about it, it's definitely No. More than just taking part in the existing business the mobile apps have introduced many new business models, introduced many new career paths, and even made many scholars. Still, the role of applications continues to a larger amount and cannot be grouped within an area. But what are the areas where these applications are dominating every business?

Domination of Mobile Apps

The mobile applications are currently used by more than billions which has led many to launch their own application that connects people around the world and helps their business. But how many apps are there in the world? Here let's see approximate figures from the past year for the overall mobile applications: there are over 3.04 million applications in the google store and 2.09 million in the app store. But the overall app counts about 8.9 million apps including stores like Apkgk, Apkpureco, and Androidappsapk.

With a population of 7.9 billion people on earth where 5.1 billion have access to mobile apps and 3.8 billion are active in social media the usage of mobile apps is growing better day by day. These apps have made their presence in the education sector, tourism, travel, Fintech, e-commerce, games, and connecting people. The significant reason for the domination of mobile apps is the easy use and access of mobile apps and it makes the work easier and simple.

Usage of Mobile Apps

Mobile app development and usage has been improved in an unpredicted way in the period of Covid-19 where the events, educations, and offices were more connected virtually through various applications. Even after this period, the usage has been increasing abruptly and after many surveys, the reason has been clear that the mobile apps have made their life simple and made many lazy and addicted. Even some cons may be there over some apps but there are more pros in the usage which have even saved many lives and many have completed their degrees and many apps have shown the path for many entrepreneurs around the globe.

Even though there may be millions of mobile apps, only the android apps have been dominating and in use for years. It's because of the easy development and launch of the android apps over the ios applications and the android users are a.

Build an App of your Choice

Whether you build an android application or an ios application it falls under any of the three captions.

Native App

Native apps are developed under any of the structured frameworks that work either on android mobiles or ios devices. Greater companies and corporate giants do not prefer Native app as it attracts only a specific range of users. But as a beginner, it's the best choice to go with the concept of Native applications.

Hybrid App

Hybrid applications are interesting ones that have the basic elements of native apps and web applications. This is a web application structured with the coding part to represent a mobile application. Gmail is a hybrid kind of application with the most basic elements present and used on both mobile and web.

Cross-Platform Application

This is the choice of many business owners to corporates as this can cover a wide range of users around the world. The wider you improve your business the better you use a cross-platform application as it works on different OS on various mobiles. But the thing is experts go through a lot of complex phases to bring up the cross-platform application.

Android App Development

Android apps are the first-level applications to take your business/services to the internet world. There are more than 3 million android applications on the play store alone and which has an approximate download of more than billions of downloads in a year and this count increases continuously. Kotlin and Java are the most used tech stack in the industry for any kind of android app development in the tech world.

Popular Tech Stack used in Android App


Kotlin first appeared 11 years back in 2011 but as of now it has been updated continuously and is currently at version 1.7.20, it is one of the most used frameworks for android applications. It's a free, open-source, statically typed programming language initially designed for JVM and Android that combines object-oriented and functional programming features developed by JetBrains and is recommended by Google to build an android app since 2017. Kotlin is more focused on safety, clarity, and tooling support, and overall Kotlin is inherently lightweight, clean and far less verbose, for callbacks, data classes, and getters/setters.


Java was introduced in 1995 and has been on the list since the first launch of Android in 2008. Java has gained enormous support and popularity among developers since its launch because of its easy programming language and this makes it easy for the creators to port the app to various operating devices. Any Java application Java is easily scalable, extensible, and adaptable because of its object-oriented programming language. And its default pattern helps the programmer to build feature-rich apps. The Java frameworks, libraries, and tools are highly powerful for building robust and scalable applications.

iOS App Development

iOS applications are the next in line after android where it holds more than 2 million applications in the app store and iOS also makes count over billions of application downloads per year. Coming to iOS applications the first choice is Swift and another choice is Objective C. As everyone knows iOS applications are a step ahead of android applications from their UI design to security features and iOS app development is much easier and requires minimum time when compared to the android applications.

Prominent Tech Stack in IOS App


Swift, a robust, intuitive, multi-paradigm programming language that was introduced in 2014 by Apple Inc. It is an open-source and easy-to-use programming language and is a clean and expressive language with a simplified syntax and grammar which makes it easy to read and write. Swift is specially designed and developed for programming and setting up iOS devices. But Swift requires at least iOS 7 to make the application run effectively. But it is fast enough where it is almost 2.6 times faster than Objective-C. Swift doesn't focus on Apple products but also works with the platforms like Linux, Windows, and Ubuntu.


Objective-C is one of the long-used platforms in the programming world with more than 38 years in the field and it is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language but it is based on two languages C and Smalltalk. The developers will be using the syntax of Smalltalk and non-object-oriented operations from C. Developing a platform with Objective C would lead you to run the platform on any version of iOS. As the years pass on the language is getting towards its last phase even though there are lots of applications in the market that are developed over Objective C.

Cross Platform App Development

Cross Platform applications are ruling the present tech world as the user space has been widened over various operating systems in recent days and it will move wider in the coming days. So thinking of the future, business enthusiasts are making their work simpler with these cross-platform applications. But it doesn't need a separate code for the development process; there are popular tech stacks like React Native and Flutter to create or recreate your applications with the Cross Platform Applications.

Preferable Technology Stack in Cross Platform Apps

React Native

React Native is an open-source UI framework that falls under Java programming and is created by the tech giant Facebook. and is used to develop cross-platform applications. At present in 2022, React Native is the most used and widespread tech used for creating cross-platform applications that run on iOS and Android devices. Utilizing React Native helps the company in eliminating the need for multiple resources, valuable time, and investment. React Native is well developed to handle the simultaneous processes better and helps in boosting performance and reducing the loading time. With many benefits and a friendly platform for programmers, more applications are being developed in React native.


Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit developed by Google and introduced in the year 2017. The platform is used to develop applications over Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web from a single codebase. With the cross-chain platform development feature, developers can deploy applications for various OS devices without rewriting the code. The flutter framework functions faster than any other platform and it requires 2 times less time and manpower to develop your application which lets you cut the cost and time. The biggest advantage of flutter is you will be able to edit what your application shows on the screen when the application is on the line of code.

Role of Mobile Application in a Business

There are many questions revolving around the world with respect to mobile apps and business. Do mobile apps really make your business make huge profits? Are they getting you a decent number of services? Are they making your service reach around the globe? All things have one in common and that’s yes. The proper development and launch of mobile applications will get you on track to give you the answer YES for all the above questions. Mobile apps are not just for your business they build your brand awareness and growth in the global market. Whether it is an Android or iOS app it should have a well-developed feature and easy access.

Closing Thoughts

The count of more than millions of applications will be doubled within a decade and will provide an immense experience to the present world with the most unexpected features on the way in coming years. Getting up with the ideas of future technologies the applications present will just get an entry-level or mid-level feature, the upcoming applications will prove that right as they will be making huge changes to the world. The more the technologies develop the more the global market grows. That is where all the new techs are incorporated into the business world like websites, mobile apps, virtual platforms, and more to come.

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