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All About Android 11: What's in Store for the Latest Android's Operating System

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We are currently on the onset for the year 2020, and there is yet another speculation about Android’s latest operating system Android 11. You must have read about  Android 10  which has grabbed eyeballs in 2019. 

The rise of Android 10, has managed to spark rumors about the onset of Android 11 in 2020. It has been expected that Android 11 will hit the floors at the end of summer 2020. The official announcement can be expected at the Google I/O Conference in May 2020. 

Google’s latest operating system, Android 11 will come up with new improved features that will cut down the chase on becoming the most preferred Android’s Operating System.

The ongoing speculations have created jitters in the minds of android users who are on the onset of upgrading their android phones with the latest android operating system i.e Android 11. I will not try to break your curiosity bubble and will not jot down the speculated date for the actual upgrade to Android 11. 

But you can expect the upgrade to Android 11 to take place in the year 2021. Though, Google Smartphones, Pixel smartphones (Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL) and a list of selected devices will also be part of the beta testing program (probably from beta three onwards) to help improve the final version.

What would you expect from Android 11? 

Android 11 will integrate new features as compared to Android 10, but as always you will have to wait for the latest version release to actually experience the new features integrated into Android 11. 

But in the latest months, there have been a lot of rumors that will allow us to get an idea about Google’s latest Android update.

Here’s the Speculated Feature List of Android 11:

1. Scoped Storage: 

This feature should have been part of Android 10, but Google has decided to take a little more time before making it official for Android and put it on stand-by. 

It aims to optimize the speed of memory reading and privacy. But what does that mean, exactly mean? 

Creating a secondary folder dedicated to the files created by the app in use where the app can read and overwrite any file without the user having to grant permission. 

Here it is important to know that the space available is not accessible to external apps, it has been only accessed by the apps concerned.  

It is a feature that focuses on safety and security which will also make the process of reading files better. 

2. Airplane and Bluetooth Modes:

As per the sources from XDA Developers Team, in the source code of Android's operating system, one of the features could be Bluetooth related, which will not be automatically deactivated in the airplane mode.  

This is certainly not a major update, but for those who are frequent travelers, and avid music lovers would certainly appreciate it who loves music on the go. 

3. Extended Screenshots:

Android’s latest operating system, Android 11 will allow you to natively capture extended screenshots without relying on third-party applications. The Extendable Screenshot feature is actually available on some devices but Android 11 could make it native.

You can read the full report here:

4. A new NFC file-sharing alternative:

With the roll-out of Android 10, came the removal of Android Beam, which let your phone share files over NFC. In that scenario, all you had to do was tap phones together to share files.

It would be useful to have some easy-to-use alternative that lets you share photos, videos, music or other files by pressing the phones against each other, at the moment it is quite a hassle to use a specific app to do so.  

Apple’s operating system iOS has a useful feature in the name of Airdrop that has no equivalent to Android right now at the moment. 

5. Improved Dark Mode:

Source: Google Images

Google’s Android 10 dark mode was an initial starter that has made news in 2019. But there’s more to add in dark mode for Android 11. Initially, android users were not very comfortable with the Dark Mode theme as there were a lot of problems to switch on and off repeatedly. 

And not every Google app is compatible with the Dark Mode and android users have to struggle with the abrupt change of lighter to a darker mode. 

The second biggest problem with the Dark Mode is that a few text blocks are invisible during a Google Search. Android users are expecting Google to make significant changes in the Dark Mode feature so that users can easily toggle in and out of the Dark Mode option. 

6. Extended Chat Bubbles: 

Source: Google Images 

Android 10 has the latest feature just like Facebook Messenger through the introduction of Chat Bubbles, which lets you see all conversations in one easy to access format.

Apart from Google Hangouts and Messages, there was no other app compatible with the chat bubble feature. 

Google has officially pushed it to the next update as it had some glitches in the previous beta version. 

Android users are looking forward to using a chat bubble that is compatible with every other messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

7. Native Wireless ADB Option:

If you want to create folders or download videos on your Android devices using your laptop, then ADB( Android Debug Bridge) can be the best option. When it comes to using the ADB functionality, Android users need a cable to connect their device to the laptop. 

But Google is going one step ahead and has been working on wireless ADB connectivity for android users.

Android 11 is expectant of a wireless debugging option to help the Android users connect to laptops using a QR code or a four-digit-code.

Parting Off:

There are a lot of features that android users can expect with the Android 11 update. These features are essential for better user experience which is the ultimate goal for android users while they upgrade their existing android operating system. 

There are a lot of speculations going around Android 11 and to put off all the rumors you must wait till the final update from Google which is expected in mid-May or September. 

Till then, keep your curiosity quotient on a high and wait for the final big day when Android 11 will officially hit the floor to entice Android users with the latest updates and features.


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