Web Development With Web3 — Is this the Real Digital Revolution? by@lucasandrew
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Web Development With Web3 — Is this the Real Digital Revolution?

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Web3 is a decentralized network with the priority of security and privacy which is the biggest benefit of the internet world. With blockchain technology as the backbone, various web3-based platforms are developed over the internet to attract the young generations and experience the benefits of Web3.

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Every new innovation is subjected to criticism and unwanted activities, but do we all accept it? No, we plan for the solution and that has created the path for this modern society. The same way has been followed for decades which has brought one of the finest solutions to the internet world with better security and privacy that’s “WEB 3”. The world is filled up with genius from various industries which is the key for the tech world to bring the solution to problems. Let’s get an overview on Web3,

We all have been facing security and privacy problems for years in the digital world and after years of research and development, we are delivered with the solution in the name of Web3. Web3 is a decentralized network with the priority of security and privacy which is the biggest benefit of the internet world. Also, the further advancement and development of Web3 have created an ecosystem in connecting the digital world with the physical world. With blockchain technology as the backbone, various web3-based platforms are developed over the internet to attract the young generations and experience the benefits of Web3. Before getting deep into web3, you should go through the process from web1 to web3.

Evolution From Web1.0 to Web3.0

Web1.0 era was roughly around between the late 90s to early 2000s, when the web was just holding a few pieces of content with a static page. Overall it was just a content-delivering network that was delivering users a piece of information. Also, these data were stored directly in the website files instead of another separate database. This trend starts with its new version of web2.0 in 1999 but only after the 2004s O’Reilly Media Web2.0 conference, the term gets popularized among users around the world even though it was coined by Darcy DiNucci in 1999. Web2.0 was targeting user-generated content also works on improved interoperability and starts incorporating APIs for a better user experience. And one thing that changes the internet world is social networking where web2.0 paved the way for it.  Now after further improvements on the web the term web3.0 was coined and also named as third generation internet.

Where Does This Journey Kickstart?

All innovations are subjected to this, research, develop, find the issue, and REPEAT. Innovations have no limits like human imagination. Until humans imagine, many innovations are developed around the world to make human life easier and this develops a modern society. One of the magnificent innovation humans has made is the web and further developments have brought us to the web3.0

John Markoff from New York Times coined the term Web3 in 2006 and stated about the third generation web but only after Gavin Wood the co-founder of Ethereum and founder of Polkadot coined the term the web3, many tech giants made their interest in web3.0. Web3.0 has been popular among people since 2021 after the development and launch of various blockchain products. Web3.0 brings up the interaction between the users and the digital world and the finest benefit is the user can control their creations over the internet as this third-generation web is meant for security and privacy.

Does the World Adopt Web3?

The modern generation is ready to experience new innovations and new concepts and this web3 is also subjected to it. Many youngsters are experiencing the web3 platforms and a few among them have completely moved on to the web3 platforms because of its unique benefits in providing high security and mainly privacy that lacks in the internet world. If one can provide you a platform with all the facilities and you can control your content over the web then what will be your or anyone’s choice? It's definitely to go with the best one, so that’s the point why the modern society is moving towards web3. The world has started adopting web3 solutions in various sectors of the internet world from social networking to set up an event with the web3 platforms/solution.

Role of Web3 for the Virtual World

As mentioned above it is developed over a decentralized network which means it's even more difficult to hack or replicate the content or assets. Yes, you heard it right, assets, the web3 world will be having numerous amount of digital assets. You may ask how and why? Let’s get you a simple example, for the past two years during covid-19 situation most of them were connected only virtually with the digital platforms but one thing the virtual world was missing is the physical presence, that is the missing part where web3 will be filling the gap by making your presence more virtually like making yourself available in attending a movie or an event through web3 platforms. Also, web3 brings in more web platforms to the users which influences the users to buy and use some digital assets to make their presence more virtually in the digital world. To make it simple, the web3 platform performs without any intermediaries.

What's the Benefit of Web3 in Web Development?

Web3 brings in the most awaited benefits from the user's point of view, a web3 platform benefits the global users with personalized user experience, improved security, improved privacy, interoperability, scalability, and more features. Web3 involves most of the platforms to function and upgrade its services under its community guidelines. These platforms bring a few trusted and longtime users as a community member who follows the guidelines of the platform and every update depends on the final decision of this community this applies only with the decentralized application, and most of the web3 platforms are decentralized that provides various solutions in web development.

Some Web3 Trends

The world is experiencing the launch of many web3 platforms and many of them are making their steps on the success path. Even many operating systems are developed over the decentralized network, let's see some trending web3 applications:

  • Brave - a decentralized browser
  • IPFS - a decentralized storage
  • Steemit - social network operated by users
  • Status - secured messaging app
  • Audius - your web3 Spotify

And it goes on, every platform in web2 has its same updated version as web3 and this will dominate over the web2 applications in the coming years.

Impact of Blockchain Over Web3

Blockchain the word was more popular and had reached almost all over the world after the development of Ethereum but the tech world was experimenting with its use since the launch of bitcoin. This research has laid the path for the present and the upcoming web3 projects, but how? The web3 solutions are developed over a decentralized network which means a blockchain ecosystem is behind a web3 platform. Blockchain is used because the created content cannot be removed from that network in any case and it doesn’t have any central authority that is the platform cannot be monitored by any single admin and the network runs with the support of its community. These features impact the blockchain developers to develop web3 platforms with the blockchain as the backbone.

Is This The Real Digital Revolution?

All the innovation today has faced some bad criticism because of its issue but all the trending techs have been recreated with their issues resolved and fixed. The same repeats here in the internet world the continuous development and updation had brought the third generation web, “web3”. The digital world has been waiting for this for a long period of time and since 2021 lots of web3 based applications and services have been launched and this has attracted many young generations from all the developed and developing countries. This sign shows the digital world is moving toward something big and new which is leading the path to a revolution in the digital world.

Closing Thoughts

Web3 - Is this a real digital revolution? Further developments and innovations have to say it but my thoughts on this with the present situations and innovations show the path for a revolution in the digital world. Because this is something new to the users and has attracted the young generation so it could bring some unpredictable changes to the digital world as well as the physical world. The web3 development solutions will be a game changer in the digital world which will bring the whole global population to the web3 world. Web2 was successful because of the user-generated content and was accessible anywhere from the globe the creator lacks control over the content but web3 brings the solution for it, which will be the key to this digital revolution.


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