MATRIX, although you’ve never heard of it, is the next 10000%+ ICO. Here’s why by@cryptweeter
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MATRIX, although you’ve never heard of it, is the next 10000%+ ICO. Here’s why

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featured image - MATRIX, although you’ve never heard of it, is the next 10000%+ ICO. Here’s why
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MATRIX, although you’ve never heard of it, is the next 10000%+ ICO. Here’s why


Overview: MATRIX is an open-source blockchain that supports smart contracts and machine learning services. With its infrastructure built with artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, MATRIX revolutionizes the user experience of executing smart contracts by making the whole process faster, easier, and safer. MATRIX offers breakthrough technologies in building highly flexible blockchain networks, which support continuous adaptive self-optimization and multi-chain collaboration and transaction. In addition to refactoring the blockchain with AI, MATRIX also allows its mining power to be used AI based big data applications (gene regulatory networks, clinical diagnoses, video analytics and more) by solving complex AI algorithms. This takes the large amounts of energy consumed by typical proof of work calculations and allows them to directly add value to the world, and to the applications that will run on the MATRIX chain.


Features of MATRIX — — Intelligent Blockchain

EASIER — Intelligent Contracts allow everybody to design smart contracts without explicitly programming

  • Only 20 million out of the world’s 7 billion people can program, but for smart contracts to truly reach their full potential, they should be able to be deployed by anyone. MATRIX’s AI allows anyone to deploy smart contracts using their natural language as long as they input the purpose of the contract and the launch conditions, in addition to programmers being able to write contracts as they normally would. This opens up smart contracts to 350x more people than Ethereum does. This is not just conceptual, the Chinese natural language implementation is already complete. Even thinking beyond the scope of the real world, just think on Reddit, everyone will be able to write their own smart contract bets, forced hodl contracts, anything.

SAFER — Making blockchains more robust under malicious attacks

  • MATRIX’s AI goes through a formal verification process before each smart contract before it’s deployed to ensure there are no bugs or vulnerabilities present.

FASTER — Enabling faster applications and transactions

  • MATRIX have engineered an ingenious solution to scaling: clusters and hierarchy. The network is continuously split into random clusters and a so-called delegate node within each cluster carries out the PoW calculation. The chance of becoming a delegate node is determined by a PoS calculation amongst other things. This solution eliminates the issue of latency and having to broadcast all transactions to the entire node network which is the main hurdle for scaling.

More flexible — Integrating public and private chains with the capability of adaptive optimizing

  • MATRIX private chains will use the same token as the public chains, and they will be able to transact across chains. Businesses will be able to choose which data they want to and which data they deem to be commercially sensitive. In addition, AI being in the base layer of the platform means that it is continuously optimizing — no guessing whether increasing block size is better or not, it will be proven via AI if it’s necessary.


This is one of the best teams in crypto hands down. They are ex Google, Facebook, Microsoft. The CEO double majored in Economics/Physics and has already been the CEO of a number of start up companies and has grown them to multimillion user bases.

In 2016, their head of AI was principle architect for the AI behind China’s high speed railway early warning system (isn’t that the most safety critical aspect of high speed rail?). He has been project lead for numerous National Chinese research projects. Some of his work lead the MATRIX team to win 2017’s PASCAL 2 AI competition (entered as Tsinghua University), beating out teams from places like UC Berkeley, Intel and Microsoft, despite developing the tech in 2016. His book Structural VLSI Design and High Level Synthesis was recognised by China’s Department of Education as the official graduate level digital systems design textbook. He has his own page in the Chinese wikipedia. He is responsible for the machine learning algorithms and hardware architecture for matrix.

Their head of network infrastructure/joint blockchain team lead designed China’s first wifi chip. He also designed the communications command and control system for China’s first aircraft carrier. He has written the bestselling university textbook for IC Communications in China. The other blockchain lead formerly worked as a senior developer at Microsoft and has experience building blockchains and their related services.

Their head of business ecosystem/partnerships is former Chinese government and in fact still works with them. He worked on many of China’s lunar (yes, to the moon), satellite and space exploration projects. More on him later. Within his team he has a woman who worked at the largest head fund in Asia, she has abundant connections and has extensive experience designing financial products. She is in charge of financial partnerships (institutional investors) and financial products.

I have done them a disservice but the other team members are just as impressive, you can read about some of them on the website.

Their communication and international business sense is far more advanced compared to similar projects

Their communication is really good and they absolutely know how to behave internationally. I was here for the start of Neo (Antshares) and I can say they operate MUCH better than Neo (and other Chinese projects) ever did. Biweekly development, business, and PR updates, and they’ve already been on tours and visits in US and Japan, with South Korea being this week. They have set up an office in NYC and are setting one up in Silicon Valley too. They’ve been covered on Yahoo, Cointelegraph and the like already, and have been interviewed by MIT Technology Review. Before ICO they’ve already done a ton of development work and have given speeches and presentations at big events like the North American Blockchain Expo 2017 and Blockshow Asia.

Remember back in September when China FUD happened, and all Chinese projects closed off their Chinese facing promotions and disbanded their communities? Check back on their blog history — MATRIX didn’t have to. And now that there are rumours in China of the government relaxing on cryptocurrency (Bitcoin’s bull run this week isn’t for no reason), they launch their ICO. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Being so close to the government they must have their ears to the right people.

They have reached an agreement with and have direct access to China’s (possibly the world’s) biggest ever infrastructure project — Belt and Road

Do you know what China’s Belt and Road initiative is? It’s China’s biggest ever project and could possibly be the biggest global infrastructure project ever. It’s a 900 billion dollar push to globalize China by improving infrastructure, interconnectivity**,** and access between China, Africa, Europe, and Russia.

Here’s an article:


Map showing the scope of the Belt and Road initiative

The head of partnerships who I mentioned earlier is Executive Projects Expert for the Belt and Road Research and Development Centre. Here is a news article about him meeting with the previous deputy director general of China’s Central Political and Legal Commission, and advising one of China’s key national transport hub areas on expansion plans as part of the Belt and Road project. Forget everything we’ve heard about any other project having Chinese Government links (local or otherwise), this guy is right on the floor, has worked on previous central government, nationally important (space) projects, and is currently an executive projects expert for their biggest ever initiative and #1 priority at the moment. Even aside from this incredible asset, the head of blockchain/architecture and head of AI have also both had recognitions from the central government (department of education) and have taken the lead on central government flagship projects respectively as mentioned above.



John Zhu (MATRIX head of ecosystem expansion and business partnerships) with government officials discussing expansion of Luzhou (key China transport hub and national hi-tech zone) in accordance with Belt and Road development goals

Their first application will be a diagnosis system for use in hospitals which uses AI to assist in cancer diagnoses, starting with liver cancer. It’s already under development together with the Beijing Cancer Hospital and other large hospitals in the area. This further illustrates the government blessing and support.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say this project has no choice but to be 100x at least in 2018.

I’ve just opened the MATRIX sub, visit us at: /r/MatrixAINetwork

Join the telegram:

Read the business whitepaper:

Read the technical whitepaper:

*10000% increase assumes around 40M market cap after ICO, which is the maximum it can be, and note a large portion of that is institutional investors who will not be selling for years. It could also be lower if ICO doesn’t sell out which would make it even easier. 40M puts it at 4 billion market cap to reach 10000% (100x return) which is less than current NEO and Qtum level — this project is easily bigger than both given the connections.

This is not financial advice.


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