Can Huobi pull a Binance? I think they can, and I think HT has at LEAST a +1000% upside from here by@cryptweeter
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Can Huobi pull a Binance? I think they can, and I think HT has at LEAST a +1000% upside from here

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featured image - Can Huobi pull a Binance? I think they can, and I think HT has at LEAST a +1000% upside from here
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HT is the Huobi Token. It’s the BNB for Binance’s biggest competitor. They do similar things, share some similar purpose, but HT’s market cap is over 10 times smaller whilst Huobi’s average daily volume is typically around 50% of Binance’s — there’s a huge discrepancy.

If you’ve been following their moves, you would have noticed that Huobi have been making very similar moves to Binance, from launching their own token, to creating their own incubator. Where they differ though, is their aggressive overseas expansion. Huobi have recently launched a native Korean exchange and have plans to introduce KRW pairs on the exchange in the next few months and in June will launch Huobi Japan with plans to offer JPY pairs soon after. Following on from this, they have been preparing for some time to enter the US market with a US-only version of Huobi, biding their time and working closely with regulators to have the opportunity to be one of the few reputable exchanges to offer real USD pairings to US citizens. Now, if their goals come to fruition, and they are offering token pairs on Huobi Pro, KRW pairs on Huobi KR, USD pairs on Huobi US, and JPY pairs on Huobi JP (Japan has the largest Bitcoin volume in the world, contrary to popular belief) there’s no telling how big they can get and how high HT can soar.


HADAX is Huobi’s new decentralised exchange. It is ‘autonomous’, in that all tokens listed are chosen for by the community, by voting for tokens using HT. The top 3 tokens get listed, and if you have voted for one of them, you receive an airdropped reward for that currency AND you’re still refunded your HT at the end of the voting round. What’s unique about this is that there are ways to earn money from it simply by holding and voting, similar to microtasks. There are project popping up like Gems and which pay users for microtasks, and even entire websites/communities built up around finding airdrops, well HT in a way does this too. Voting for winning projects on HADAX can act as an extra revenue stream from the rewards granted to the voters who back winning projects. This is a function inbuilt into the voting system, and the rewards are determined by the team when they put themselves up for voting.

Additionally, HT is used for trading fee discounts and insurance. As displayed above, instead of burning their tokens like Binance does, Huobi will buy back HT on the open market commensurate to their profits and add the bought tokens to a ‘User Protection Fund’ to act as an insurance in the event of any security mishaps, and as such, buying HT is a way of insuring your own assets (if you store them on the exchange). The market buys from Huobi as a result of this policy will also add to the potential price appreciation for the token in addition to the airdropped rewards from successful HADAX voting.

Comparing the price of BNB with HT and then comparing their respective trade volumes, it’s clear that HT is currently very undervalued. What’s more is that Kucoin’s equivalent, KCS, has double the market cap of HT despite Huobi’s volume being 32 times larger than Kucoin’s. It’s clear that the Huobi token has a lot of growing to do.

I remember when Binance was first introduced in June last year and I was told about BNB — I had no idea how big it could get. I definitely am not planning to make the same mistake twice.

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