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Is the Pokemon Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Box Worth Investment?

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Over the last two years, the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) has grown in popularity due to the rising value of Pokemon cards and celebrity endorsements from Youtubers such as Logan Paul.ย 

One of the sets that have gained popularity is the Hidden fates set, specifically the Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Box (ETB). The box includes everything you need to get started in the TCG and has some valuable cards. The box is worth over $100 nowadays, but is it worth the investment?

What is the Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Box?

The Hidden fates ETB incorporates everything you need to get started in the TCG. The box contains dice, sleeves, ten booster packs containing ten cards apiece, 45 energy cards, markers and a players guide.

Every package also includes a limited edition full art Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos GX card, which is very rare.ย 

Hidden Fates TCG set was initially released in 2019 and quickly became a fan favourite selling out fast due to favourite fan pokemon such as Charizard and the inclusion of what is known as the shiny vault.ย 

The shiny vault is a special section of the TCG, which includes shiny variations of specific Pokemon. For example, you could get your hands on a Shiny Charizard or Mewtwo within the set.ย 

As a result, the fan community went wild, with the ETB selling out lightning-fast along with Hidden fates booster boxes and packs.

It wasn't until this year that the set was reprinted due to its popularity. Due to the limited availability of the set, it has soared in value, making the box lucrative for many.


Hidden Fates ETB Credit: Pokemontcg

Is the ETB Worth Your Investment?ย 

From a pure fan standpoint alone, the set is definitely worth the investment. The TCG set has some standout GX cards alongside some stunning shiny cards. If you are a Pokemon fan and love the older generations of Pokemon, you should unquestionably pick up this set.ย 

Likewise, from a Monetary standpoint, you should also pick up this set. The Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Box has only increased in value.ย 

Currently, if you were to purchase one through websites such as eBay, you are looking at paying around the $100-$110 mark, which is around $20-30 over retail price.ย 

Unfortunately, all retailers have sold out of the ETB. Sites such as eBay are your best bet. You may think this is not a good deal at face value, but this is not the case.ย 

Before the original reprint, Hidden fates ETB sealed started to double and even triple in value. As the set stops printing again, the box will likely increase in value exponentially and be profitable.ย 

Thus, holding onto the box if you manage to purchase one could be profitable in the long run. However, the real value comes from the cards inside the box.ย 


ETB Price Over Time. Credit: Stockx

Can you Make a Profit from the Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Box?

The ETB has several chase cards, including Glaceon GX, Mewtwo GX and most importantly, shiny Charizard GX.ย 

Charizard is the most valuable card in this box and a collectors dream. Currently, the card goes for over $600 and, if graded by professional collectors, can sell for over $1300.ย 


Shiny Charizard GX. Credit: Pokemontcg

Likewise, if you manage to pull other rare cards such as Glaceon GX or Cynthia, these cards can sell for around $130 raw and significantly higher if graded.ย 

Despite this sounding all well and good, it is worth remembering pulling these cards is down to luck. However, the value doesn't just come from the rare shiny GX cards but also other cards in the shiny vault.

Pulling non-GX shiny cards such as shiny Charmander can bag you around $40, with graded versions selling for over $130. Other Shiny cards include Lucario, Altaria and Garchomp, with all going for excellent prices.ย 

As before, bagging these cards is down to luck. However, it is more likely you pull an elusive non-GX shiny card or even multiple.ย 

Similarly, unlike the Hidden fates booster boxes, the ETB also comes with a guaranteed full art promotional Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos GX card, which sells for around $25 at raw value. You can find a complete list of cards in the set here.


Promotional Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos GX. Credit: Bulbagarden

Thus, from a pure value for money standpoint alone, even if you pay over $100 for an ETB, the value of the valuable cards alone make the set well worth getting.ย 

You can likely make a nice profit from some of the cards in the set even if you do not pull the elusive Charizard. As with any collectable, the value of the set will only increase as stocks run dry, adding even more worth to the collection.ย 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Box is well worth the investment. The set has some standout cards and can, if lucky, allow you to make a handsome profit.

Regardless, if you are a Pokemon fan, pick up this ETB. It is well worth your money. For more Pokemon related news, keep it locked on Hacker Noon.

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