Introducing the Embedded GUI Contest by@rtthread

Introducing the Embedded GUI Contest

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RT-Thread IoT OS

Open-Source Community-Powered Internet of Things Operating System!

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the Embedded GUI Contest, a contest sponsored by open source RT-Thread IoT OS, LVGL, STMicroelectronics, Nuvoton Technology Corporation, and NXP Semiconductors.

The mission is to develop a project with provided hardware and run the open-source RT-Thread IoT OS and LVGL(Light and Versatile Graphics Library).

The hardware available for this contest:
- NXP RT1060EVKB *20 (Free Hardware)
- STM32F469 Discovery*20 (Free Hardware)
- Nuvoton NuMaker-HMI-N9H30*20 (Free Hardware)

All participants whose project is selected will receive free hardware.

Cash prizes are on the line for the Embedded GUI Contest, and the stakes are extremely high:

  1. 1st prize is $1,000 + Certificate
  2. 2nd prize is $500 +Certificate (two 2nd prize awards will be given out)
  3. 3rd prize is $100 +Certificate (five 3rd prize awards will be given out)

Getting started is easy, write your project proposal Now! Be creative, and wow us!

(Submissions deadline: May 1, 2022 at 11:59 pm PST)

Resources Attached:

Open Source RT-Thread IoT OS! What about it?

RT-Thread is an open-source embedded real-time operating system, with its rich middle-tier components and extensive hardware and software ecosystem delivering robust support for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. Since its inception in 2006, RT-Thread has powered 1 billion devices, which includes applications for wearable devices, smart home appliances, energy, automotive electronics, medical electronics, consumer electronics, and many other industries.

Go to RT-Thread Github:
RT-Thread website:

Open Source LVGL!

LVGL (Light and Versatile Graphics Library) is a free and open-source graphics library providing everything you need to create an embedded GUI with easy-to-use graphical elements, beautiful visual effects, and a low memory footprint.

Check out the project:

NXP Semiconductors:

NXP Semiconductors enables a smarter, safer and more sustainable world through innovation. As the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP is pushing boundaries in the automotive, industrial & IoT, mobile, and communication infrastructure markets.

Our Purpose: Bringing together bright minds to create breakthrough technologies that make the connected world better, safer and more secure

More info about NXP RT1060EVKB:

ST Microelectronics:

At ST, we are 48,000 creators and makers of semiconductor technologies mastering the semiconductor supply chain with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. An independent device manufacturer, we work with more than 200,000 customers and thousands of partners to design and build products, solutions, and ecosystems that address their challenges and opportunities, and the need to support a more sustainable world. Our technologies enable smarter mobility, more efficient power and energy management, and the wide-scale deployment of the Internet of Things and 5G technology. ST is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2027. Further information can be found at

More info about STM32F469 discovery:

Nuvoton Technology:

Nuvoton Technology Corporation (Nuvoton) was founded to bring innovative semiconductor solutions to the market. Nuvoton was spun-off as a Winbond Electronics affiliate in July 2008 and went public in September 2010 on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE). Nuvoton focuses on the developments of microcontroller, microprocessor, smart home, cloud security IC, battery monitoring IC, component, visual sensing and IoT with security and has strong market share in Industrial, Automotive, Communication, Consumer and Computer markets. Nuvoton owns 6-inch wafer fabs equipped with diversified processing technologies to provide professional wafer foundry services. Nuvoton provides products with a high performance/cost ratio for its customers by leveraging flexible technology, advanced design capability, and integration of digital and analog technologies. Nuvoton values long term relationships with its partners and customers and is dedicated to continuous innovation of its products, processes, and services. Nuvoton has established subsidiaries in the USA, China, Israel, India, Singapore, Korea and Japan to strengthen regional customer support and global management. For more information, please visit

More info about Nuvoton HMI EVB, check:

Let's explore the journey of Embedded GUI Development.


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