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How to Enter The Velo Writing Contest by Wix & Hacker Noon

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Use your coding and writing skills to win $2000 plus bragging rights on the world’s greatest tech publication! 

Sponsored by Wix, the premier website building tool, Hacker Noon is conducting a writing contest, with $2500 in prize money to be awarded to the best submissions, each month throughout the competition.

If you’re a web developer OR a website-builder, you can win $2000 on Hacker Noon, every month, starting March 1st.

Contestants will use Velo, Wix’s open development platform, to create web pages and applications and write about their amazing creations on Hacker Noon. 

Velo was built to accelerate the development of web pages and applications, and there is no community better than the talented Hacker Noon community to show the world what Velo can do. 

How to Enter the Velo Writing Contest

Entering the contest is easy as 123…4


1. Build something amazing using Velo and use at least 1 Velo API
2. Write an article about what you built
3. Submit the article on Hacker Noon with the following tags: velo and build-velo-web-app (then, enter 6 more tags pertaining to your article)


4. Once your article is published, share it on Twitter with #velo in the caption 

Contest Rules and Guidelines


Below are the rules, guidelines, and FAQs about the competition.

Who can enter the contest?

You must be 18+ to enter. You can be a professional web dev or a complete amateur enthusiast. There are no location restrictions, you can enter the contest from anywhere in the world.  

Do I have to post under my real name?

Not so comfortable about sharing your work publicly? No worries! Create a new Hacker Noon account under a pseudonym and if you are a finalist, we’ll contact you privately to award your prize. 

Do I have to use a Velo API in my project?

Yes, you must use at least one Velo API for your story to be eligible for this contest. Learn more about how to use them here.

In order to qualify, your website shouldn't be static. Velo gives you the ability to connect your backend or any custom business logic with Velo APIs. To do this, don't forget to enable Dev mode!


What can I create?

Almost anything under the sun, as long as it follows Hacker Noon’s general submission guidelines. Basically, keep it SFW: building a Tinder clone is A-OK, but don’t use Velo to break into the adult film industry. 


How long will the contest run? (UPDATED)

The contest will run for a total of 3 months: March 1st to June 30th, 2021, with prizes awarded at the end of each month. 

Round 1: The first round will run until April 30th and we will start accepting submissions on March 1st. 

Round 2: Any submissions received after April 30th will automatically be counted for the second round which will run until May 31st.

Round 3: Any submissions after May 31st will automatically be counted for the final round which will run until June 30th.   

How we Select Finalists and Distribute the Prize Money

At Hacker Noon, everyone’s a winner! … except when we have limited prizes to give out. In that case, only 5 people can be winners.


5 winners will be selected at the end of each month. A monthly prize pool of $4,250 will be distributed amongst them in the following manner:

  • Best Story Contributor gets $2,000
  • Runner-up gets $500

Every month, Hacker Noon will select the 5 best stories from the 10 posts with the most traffic. 

Other than cash, you also win the prestige of being published on Hacker Noon and have a cool new project, or suite of projects, to add to your amazing portfolio.

Can I submit more than one entry to the contest?

Yes. Contestants can submit as many Velo stories as they want each month. The more the merrier; the more you submit, the more chances you have of winning. 

However, you can only win 1 prize per month. For example, if you submit three amazing stories in 1 month, we will choose the best one to award you for. 

If I already won a prize, can I still enter the next session?

Yes. Even if you won a prize in the first session, feel free to enter the 2nd and 3rd sessions and try to score a hat trick!

Learn More About Velo

Want to learn more about Velo before you get started? Check out these resources:

If you need some inspiration, check out the current submissions once they start rolling in.

We wish you the best of luck in this contest! 


If you still have any questions about the contest, or are interested in partnering with us to run your own writing contest on Hacker Noon, please feel free to get in touch.

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