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I want to teach you to build products using javascript. For free.

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Tim Ermilov

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Update: The course is now finished. See new post for more details!

Here’s the thing — there’s a whole lot of different online courses, articles, tutorials and other materials on how to program in javascript (or any other language). And some of those are amazingly good, e.g. You Don’t Know JS. But none of them actually tell you how to build something real, how to build a product.
That’s why I decided to make a simple online course that will try to teach you how to build a complete product — starting from the basic idea and going towards the working application. The focus mostly will not be on programming itself, but rather on high-level concepts, tools and approaches that I am using as a developer in my daily work.

I’m planning to cover the full lifecycle of the product — starting with the idea, creating new project, using version control, building server, picking database, building web, mobile and desktop apps and configuring continuous deployment. Maybe also some real-time work and machine learning, if there’s interest.
I also want it to be more than just a preset list of topics — I am very much open to all questions and suggestions you might have. And if there’s a lot of interest in a specific area — I will make an additional spin-off videos covering those areas.

All of the content I produce (this includes code, videos, texts, etc) will be released under nonrestrictive licenses and will be available for free with no ads or any other monetization. Feel free to fork, improve and remix any parts of it :)

Here’s the first video where I talk about the product idea and basic tools you’ll need to follow me:

If you find the topic interesting — subscribe to the YouTube channel. Even though I might post more related things on Medium, I’m planning to mostly do the course on YouTube.
If not — feel free to let me know why, I would love to get any feedback you might have.
Thanks! :)

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