How To Source, Vet, Hire, and Work With UX Designers by@poornima

How To Source, Vet, Hire, and Work With UX Designers

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Interview with Sarah Doody, UX Designer, and Entrepreneur

, Sarah Doody, who is a UX designer and entrepreneur, and I debunked many myths and misconceptions around UX (user experience) design, as well as the benefits to having a UX designer on your product team.

In today’s episode, we’re going to switch gears and talk about what UX designers can do to stand out, and then share how companies can go about sourcing, vetting, and hiring a UX designer. Finally, we’ll talk about how they can work with software engineers and product managers.

I always learn a ton from Sarah, and I found this episode to be really insightful because aside from being a UX design herself, Sarah has reviewed the portfolios of 700+ UX designers! So whether you are a UX designer yourself, or looking to work with one, I’d consider this a must watch Build episode.

Here’s what you’ll learn from Sarah:

  • How to find and reach out to UX designers
  • 3 Things UX Designers can do to stand out
  • What UX designers can do if a past project hasn’t yet launched or there was no clear result
  • How software engineers and product managers can work effectively with a UX designer
  • How UX designers can avoid being overwhelmed by projects that aren’t related to the product


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Here are some additional resources mentioned on the show

Slack / Facebook Groups Related To UX

UX Career Resources From Sarah Doody

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