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102 Stories To Learn About Human Resources

by Learn RepoOctober 29th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Human Resources via these 102 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Human Resources via these 102 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Don't Hesitate to Raise an Incident

Declaring your first incident can be intimidating. Let’s look at some common fears, and work out how to address them.

2. What is the Difference Between Machine Learning and Human Learning?

<em>Both human as well as machine learning generate knowledge — but there’s a big difference between the two.</em>

3. How has HR Handled the Dev Retention Rate in 2021?

This article explains how have HRs handled the issue of keeping software developers on board in 2021 and suggests useful tips worth taking into account.

4. Agile Methodology Trends 2022 – The Rise of Tech Transformation

Searching for the top Agile Methodology Trends 2022? Explore this blog to check out the Top 11 Agile Methodology Trends with benefits for 2022 and beyond.

5. We Need Some SPACE: What Is Missing From DORA?

The SPACE framework offers a holistic approach which takes into account wellbeing, collaboration and satisfaction alongside the usual performance metrics.

6. 56% of Apple Staff Consider Quitting After Launch of "Hybrid-Working" Pilot

Apple CEO Tim Cook might want to call it a day with the “hybrid-working pilot.”

7. 2020 HR Tech trends [Part 3]

Hi there! My name is Vitalii Berdichevskyi, I’m a Product Manager. In this essay of the series I will share with you 2020 HR Tech trends research. Previous parts of the series you can find here: Part 1, Part 2.

8. Do Job Seekers Deserve Pay for Going on Job Interviews?

Pay for Job seekers will force the management of companies to better attention to the interview process. Allowing them save time and optimize the process.

9. 20 Best Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

Looking for some effective team-building activities to bring your remote team together?

10. Implement These 21 Employee Wellness Program Ideas For Better Retention

Employee wellness programs have become a staple in many companies as a way to attract top talent, keep them happy and productive, and decrease employee turnover.

11. What Exactly is a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)?

Amazon finds what it believes to be the bottom 6% of employees to put on a performance improvement plan. Here’s everything you might want to know about PIPs.

12. Why Do Most of Us Approach Productivity Incorrectly?

Looking for ways to boost your team's performance? Consider three critical principles that will help maximize productivity and avoid burnout in the workplace.

13. If You Fail To Demonstrate Your Values, You'll Lose Your Customers & Candidates

A company’s actions speak louder than its words. Companies lose customers & candidates during the hiring process when they fail to demonstrate their values.

14. Beyond Fame and Parties: What top Engineers Really Want From a Startup

8 things that make engineers today say, “this place is for me!”

15. How Machine Learning is Transforming the Talent Management Industry

Machine learning in talent management has transformed in a manner that such algorithms can learn the behavior and based on that pick up the best suitable person

16. "Blockchain has the Ability to Raise Billions out of Poverty" Rahkeem Morris, Syrg Co-Founder & CEO.

Syrg is empowering both employers and employees using automation tools. Their CEO shares the fascinating origin story and explains their covid pivot.

17. Hiring Shouldn’t Take So Long. Technology Can Help.

An industry ripe for disruption - with the increasing globalization of the workforce, background check solutions are needed that can provide results at scale.

18. How to Find Remote Jobs in 2021 - 16 Websites to Help You Work from Home Online

Finding a remote job can be hard when you don’t know the best websites to go to. This list of remote job sites will help you find a work-from-home job easily.

19. Reducing the Software Development Industry's Reliance on Recruiters

How did recruiters get such a strong hold on the software development industry, and what can we do to reduce our dependence upon them?

20. The Ways in Which Big Data can Transform Talent Management and Human Resources

Big Data is changing human resource management for good. We explore 4 major ways data analytics is upending & expanding the role of human resource departments.

21. The Dev Wages Bubble: 'Not Going to Burst Any Time Soon'

An opinion piece concerning developers' wages. Why they remain high and why they are unlikely to drop anytime soon.

22. Why Measure EX Through an Organizational 360º Approach?

Productivity comes from an engaged workforce. HR needs a 360-degree solution that measures EX to understand make the environment for a productive workforce

23. How AI can Improve HR Processes for Small Businesses

Amost 90% of businesses already use AI in some capacity for HR management. Here's how small businesses can  integrate AI into their their company models.

24. How to Use Retention as a Hiring Metric

We believe there is one number that is the ultimate measure of how good you are at hiring: employee retention.

25. How to Effectively Share Knowledge Within your Organisation

With Guidde, you encourage organizational knowledge sharing even when someone leaves, all they have to do is record their steps in their last week. All their me

26. 82% of Verified TikTok Professionals in the U.S. are Looking for a New Job

Social media companies, which have long relied on their cool factor as trendy or best places to work, may have a talent-retention problem.

27. 59% of Employees Want More Mental Health Support at Work

About 3 in 5 professionals in the US (59%) do not believe their employer supports their mental health, according to a survey of 3,269 professionals.

28. How AI Can Effectively Solve Inherent Human Bias

With the growing complexity of reality, cognitive biases multiply over time. Let’s discover those effectively solved using the state-of-the-art technology

29. Blockchain transforming HR from the backend

HR is in desperate need of a method of managing talent and people. Blockchain can do that.

30. Machine Learning Meets HR: Predicting Employee Attrition with PyCaret

It is time to start talking how machine learning can be leverage in AR. Today I'm walking you through how PyCaret can be used to predict employee attrition.

31. Please Stop Using Stupid Puzzles in Job Interviews

“Sam’s uncle’s mother’s brother’s sister’s daughter’s grandfather’s name is John. How are Sam and John related?” We need you to stop.

32. How to Use Artificial Intelligence In Talent Acquisition

AI has made headlines for the last few years and it’s here to make an impact. But what does exactly that mean for HR professionals and recruiters?

33. 'Can’t Imagine Doing Anything Else', says Lisa First-Willis, CEO Truvelop

Truvelop is a best in breed HR tech solution for a modern approach to performance management and development by leveraging a large scale data asset.

34. How Data-Driven Coaching Helps Employees Reach Their Potential

Data is everywhere. In the business world alone, we use it to track search engine traffic, monitor website activity, land sales, improve customer service.

35. 5 Ways to Drive Better Engagement Within Your Talent Marketplace

Here are five ways to build engagement for your talent marketplace.

36. The First Major Challenge HR Managers Face is Retaining Top Talent

A major challenge for startup HR is attracting and retaining top talent. Many startups focus on output instead of employee performance, which results in a lack of engagement and motivation. When employees feel that their work is not valued, they often leave the company for better opportunities elsewhere. Developing and nurturing a talent pipeline can solve these challenges. Startups must also take care to ensure that their employees are aligned with the company's vision. This requirescareful planning and in-house training programs for all employees.

37. It's Lonely At The Summit: Leaders Need Help Too

You’re at the top of the world; you can’t be hurting… depressed… lonely… Can you? Overcome your loneliness through communication and community.

38. These Errors in One-on-One Meetings are Hurting Your Team

One-on-one meetings go wrong not because of lack of effort. They go wrong when you don’t pay attention to the little things that are needed to get them right.

39. Technology or Strategy: How Is the Workplace Being Reimagined?

The traditional workspace is gradually changing to a remote workspace. But what is driving the transformation of remote workspaces, technology or strategy?

40. Tips For Conducting Successful Remote Interviews

How do you conduct effective remote interviews? Looking for remote interview tips?

41. 7 Recruiting Lessons That You Can Learn from Santa!

Christmas is just around the corner. And Santa Claus is coming to town with a special gift for you: his best recruitment tips!

42. 4 Ways HR Overcomes Work Challenges

Here are 4 ways that an HR department can help overcome challenges in the workplace that hold back many businesses that do not have such facilities available.

43. Improve Employee Scheduling to Reduce Workplace Friction

Here's how technology can help you streamline employee scheduling, automate repetitive tasks, and save time.

44. What is Quiet Quitting? How Managers Can Help Prevent Quiet Quitting?

Quietly quitting the business does not always mean that they will go out the back door and never return. It's a deceptive description that complicates things.

45. 8 Practical Ways to Become a Better Manager

In this article, you’ll find 8 proven ways to become a better manager.

46. 3 Outside-the-box Questions to Ask During a Cybersecurity Interview

When interviewing, I initially used the popular lists you find via Google. This led to asking questions that candidates that made selection even more difficult.

47. Spain Has a Brain Drain and Talent Exodus Problem: How Can We Solve It?

Spain has a brain drain issue. Here's how startups can help.

48. 6 Tips to Help You Run an Effective Hybrid Team Meeting

In this article, you'll find some important items to add to your hybrid team meeting agenda

49. Making HR and Payroll More Effective for SMEs: Giacomo Verde from HROne

Starting a Business in China is a difficult prospect. Giacomo, the Digital Market Manager of HROne speaks about his company that helps other startups in China.

50. The Most Popular HR Software in India


51. HR nightmare: It's impossible to fetch a complete list of FTX employees or contractors

FTX + SBF Chapter 11 (Bankruptcy) Court Filing by John J. Ray III, Nov 17, 2022 is part of HackerNoon’s Legal PDF Series. Part 11/20: Human Resources

52. How to Hire a Developer in 30 Minutes

At Adadot we hire people, not paper. We don’t look for the highest mark or the most prestigious degree, but for the person behind the CV.

53. Compete CEO on Optimizing HR, Running a Startup with Your Spouse, and Boosting Employee Benefits

I’m Amit Rapaport, the CEO, and Co-Founder of Compete; married; mother of 3 crazy boys. My husband is my Co-Founder and CTO.

54. How HR Managers Can Engage a Multi-Generational Workforce?

One characteristic that truly distinguishes today’s employees from old generations is the understanding of and alignment with modern technologies

55. We Surveyed 365 People To Assess The Current State of Remote Work in the US

Most U.S. employees now work from home temporarily because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees say the top advantages of working remotely are no commute and a more flexible schedule, while the biggest challenges are lack of collaboration and frequent interruptions.

56. IT Market in 2022: Professions, Industries, Hiring

Let's discuss the key trends of IT market in 2022: industries, professions and hiring.

57. A-To-Z Guide on Staff Augmentation for Tech Companies: Hiring Top Developers  

A-to-Z guide on IT staff augmentation will help SaaS and other technology companies easily select and hire the most skilled developers.

58. Management Strategies that Boost Employee Performance

Employee productivity helps an organization achieve its goals. Happy employees are vital resources in leading a business in the right direction.

59. Thoughts on Organizational Health: A Take on Pulse

Over-reliance on Pulse surveys as the only practice for employee feedback and management accountability will hurt the organization. here are some alternatives.

60. The Power of AI in Recruiting: How The Business World is Changing for Good

AI drastically improved the world around us in many different ways. However, there are still many notable concerns with regard to overall impact on employment.

61. How to Overcome Employee Resistance to Change Company Culture (An Infographic)

Focusing on cultural transformation can bring big rewards, including an 85% net profit increase in just five years. But employees sometimes resist this change.

62. 9 Ways to Master Remote Team Communication Skills

When you work remotely, your colleagues can only hear you on calls and talk to you over Slack or e-mail. There’s no physical interaction. They can’t see you working at your desk, in the conference room for the meeting, and they especially can’t do a casual chat on their way to the coffee machine.

63. The "Great Regret" and How to Avoid it when Switching Jobs

This article addresses things to take note of, before you switch jobs to avoid the "Great regret"

64. Rethinking IT Recruitment: The Traditional Ways of Assessing Candidates Have Got to Go

The hiring process has been changing. For a long time, the companies decided which talents fit them most — the time has come to let the talents choose the best

65. 3 Employee Leave Management Tips For Enterprises To Follow

There are three main steps that an enterprise should take to manage employee leave. These include complying with federal and state laws, establishing clear communication with employees, and identifying and implementing a fair leave policy. Employee leave policies should also cover special government and legal holidays. As the holidays season approaches, these processes become even more challenging. But following these 3 employee leave management tips will help you ensure that everyone has a great time off from work during the holiday season.

66. Poll Finds About 1 in 3 Professionals Use Cannabis at Work

Companies might have another concern to navigate: drug use.

67. How to Craft Your LinkedIn Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment today is not the same as it was a few years ago. The traditional recruiting tools are taking a back seat now in this candidate-driven market.

68. Optimizing Your Talent Acquisition In 2021 (Part 1)

You can double your team’s efficiency in a month if the only thing they concentrate their efforts on is sourcing and hiring.

69. The Best Software HR Can Use in the Workplace to Reduce Workload

This article will discuss five of the best tools HR professionals can use to make their lives easier. Workday, Bamboo HR, Zenefits, and Infor are just a few of the software solutions available. These tools help HR professionals and business users optimize workflow processes and provide a consistent experience across platforms. Let's take a look at each one in turn. Which of these tools will you need to use?

70. 5 Strategies for Pre-Boarding Candidates Working Remotely

The global pandemic has exposed vulnerabilities in companies' ability to operate under conditions that require specific circumstances—specifically, the need for a plan to allow employees to operate and work remotely.

71. How To Onboard New Staff Effectively In The Post-Pandemic Workplace

What will be the safest way to onboard new employees after the pandemic is over, and in what will be a blended work environment?

72. Hiring 101: What to Do When Your Candidate Has a Criminal Record

Background verification is one of the most critical aspects of the hiring process. It gives a clear view of an applicant’s present and past.

73. How to Stop Micromanaging Remote Workers

With the adoption of remote work by a greater percentage of the workforce post-pandemic, most companies face issues that were not necessarily present before now

74. How to Prepare Your Organization For the Post Lockdown Period

In this article, you’ll find ten post-lockdown tips for employers.

75. 3 Ways to Help Prevent New Hire Churn in Tech Industries

How can you make the process of adding new members to your team effective and fast? And how can you help them fit in as well?

76. Top HR Tools to Improve Your Hiring Processes

In this article, we will learn about HR tools and the types that can help automate and simplify HR functionalities.

77. 6 Key Things To Look For In A Managed IT Service Provider

The global managed services market is estimated to grow to more than 300 billion US dollars (about 403 billion AUD as of this guide’s writing) by 2025. This is a staggering increase compared to 2020’s forecast of $200 billion (about 269 billion AUD).

78. Improve Employee Engagement and Mental Well-being In 2021

In this article, you'll find some amazing techniques to improve employee engagement and mental wellness.

79. We Surveyed 365 People To Assess The Current State of Remote Work in the US

Most U.S. employees now work from home temporarily because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees say the top advantages of working remotely are no commute and a more flexible schedule, while the biggest challenges are lack of collaboration and frequent interruptions.

80. Companies Need More Tech-Driven Hiring Strategies to Tackle Talent Shortages

Hiring talent has been a tough row to hoe in 2022: 7 out of 10 executives stated they receive too few applicants, most of whom are underqualified.

81. What Does the Future of Human Resources Look Like for Tech in a Post-COVID-19 Era?

When COVID-19 reared its ugly head back in March, employers realized that they needed to brace for the worst. For many companies, human resources (HR) have been scrambling to put together plans to help their respective company weather the storm, providing mechanisms for employees to work from home.

82. 17 Skills Improve Managerial Communication in The Workplace

In this article, you’ll discover why communication is a critical skill for a manager and seventeen skills to improve communication at work

83. The Process Behind Building Our Own Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system, usually referred to simply as ATS, is a software application that simplifies handing of candidate data through automation and enables companies to streamline their recruitment processes from sourcing and communication to testing and selecting candidates.

84. Developing Post-COVID Recognition Culture in Organizations

As Yash woke up from his alarm tone, he rushed to get his laptop and quickly wore a clean shirt and a tie before even freshening up. The daily sprint update meeting was about to start in a minute. He swiftly chose a quiet corner in the house and sat in front of the screen, ready to report to his manager. Followed by 6-8 hours of working on his project and simultaneously managing the household chores, he dozed off early to start the same cycle again tomorrow.

85. A Brief Intro to HRMS Software

Finally, HRMS software is becoming more global. This means that it can be used to manage employees in different countries.

86. 10 Proven Techniques to Improve Candidate Experience

Do you provide a great candidate experience? Why should you improve candidate experience?

87. Managing Diversity in the Workplace: Building an Inclusive Organizational Culture

Diversity in the workplace is increasingly becoming a top priority for all organizational leaders. Initially, workplace diversity was merely a tick in the box with a narrow focus on just hiring professionals from different age, geographical and gender groups. The conversation has now matured significantly, with expansion not only in the scope of what diversity in the workplace entails, but also how it pans out. Let’s dive deep into the various aspects of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

88. About Man's Need to Go to Space

Human Expansion: the space industrialization

89. 14 Proven Tips to Create and Maintain a Perfect Career Page for Your Organization

Here, you’ll find 14-easy-to-implement tips to create a career page.

90. How to Make Your Company "The Best Place to Work At"

When you hear the phrase “Best Place to Work,” what companies come to mind? Does your company make that list? If not, you may want to reconsider your company culture to attract top talent who are looking to work at Best Place to Work companies.

91. How RPA and Intelligent Automation Contribute to Employee Success

Robotic process automation (RPA) is an extremely valuable tool for businesses across the industry spectrum, and this claim is well substantiated by numbers.

92. 6 Creative Employee Reward Ideas That Your People Will Love

Wondering how you can show employee appreciation? Here, you’ll discover six amazing gift ideas for your employee recognition program.

93. 23 Creative Ideas to Boost Employee Retention at a Low Cost

Here are 23 employee incentive ideas that small businesses can start using today including letting employees listen to music, sending thank you notes, and more.

94. The 43 Highest-Paying Cities for Systems Engineers in the US

A systems engineer is responsible for the technical and business applications of a company. These are the 43 best-paying cities for systems engineers in the US

95. Will HR ChatBots Replace Human Resources in the Future?

A lot has been said about chatbots and their effects on practically every industry. The field of HR is going through a major revamp with the use of artificial intelligence. Employees are recruited, onboarded, and even terminated with these little bots.

96. The 56 Highest Paying Cities in the US for Technical Architects.

It's a technical architect's job to make sure IT systems run seamlessly. This article provides a list of the top paying states in the US for technical architect

97. Top Technology Tips that Help HR Defend Against Security Threats

Here we look into the best technology currently available that helps HR defend against all types of security threats.

98. 27 Highest-Paying Cities in United States for Machine Learning Engineers

Machine learning engineers might be some of the most highly skilled software engineers. We take a look at how cities in the US compensate their ML engineers.

99. Hiring Remote Devs? How to be GDPR Compliant

As the demand for high-quality software engineers increases, employers hiring remotely will find themselves ahead of the competition. This is because hiring remotely allows employers and startup founders to expand their talent pool and hire the best candidate no matter where they live. It also leads to reducing costs and improving employees’ productivity and retention.

100. HR by Spreadsheet vs. HR by Algorithm

If you are a human resources manager, your job is obsolete — you are no longer needed. It is only a matter of time before you are shown the door. Automation in human resources — the process of enhancing the efficiency of the HR departments by freeing employees from tedious manual tasks — is already here.

101. The Foolproof 7-Step Process for Hiring the Best Software Developer

A step-by-step guide on how to find a great software developer for your next project with what you need to consider and the pros and cons of each decision.

102. Everything You Need to Know About Employee Engagement

Know what exactly is employee engagement and how to effectively and efficiently increase the rate of employee engagement of your organization with SuperBeings.

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