104 Stories To Learn About Hrby@learn

104 Stories To Learn About Hr

by Learn RepoOctober 28th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Hr via these 104 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Hr via these 104 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Designing a Pragmatic Coding Interview [Part 1]

In the following series of posts, I’ll be sharing the internals of designing a pragmatic coding interview that I got to know after interviewing folks for different tech positions for some time and here comes the first one.

2. How to Hire the UX Designer in 2021

We continue to share the internal processes of Overgear. This time we talked with CEO Tony Doronin who takes part in the recruiting process.

3. How AI can Improve HR Processes for Small Businesses

Amost 90% of businesses already use AI in some capacity for HR management. Here's how small businesses can  integrate AI into their their company models.

4. Optimizing Your Talent Acquisition In 2021 (Part 1)

You can double your team’s efficiency in a month if the only thing they concentrate their efforts on is sourcing and hiring.

5. Chatbots Are NOT a Replacement for Human Agents: Here’s Why

Nothing excites business owners more than the opportunities to cut cost. So it’s no surprise that in the era of chatbots, many customer service organizations are jumping at the opportunity to show human agents the door.

6. The Basics Of Getting A Job

Getting hired needs applicants to complete some steps; writing resume/CV, cover letter, popular interview questions, general interview advice, choosing a job.

7. Top HR Tools to Improve Your Hiring Processes

In this article, we will learn about HR tools and the types that can help automate and simplify HR functionalities.

8. How to Use Artificial Intelligence In Talent Acquisition

AI has made headlines for the last few years and it’s here to make an impact. But what does exactly that mean for HR professionals and recruiters?

9. How to Create an Employee Engagement Plan: The Key to a Happy Staff

Make your employee incentive plan focused on each team member because your staff can only succeed when the incentives resonate with them.

10. 2020 HR Tech trends [Part 3]

Hi there! My name is Vitalii Berdichevskyi, I’m a Product Manager. In this essay of the series I will share with you 2020 HR Tech trends research. Previous parts of the series you can find here: Part 1, Part 2.

11. 6 Ways to Determine Leadership Qualities

An organization needs to set up an organized arrangement for leadership continuity. For that to occur, it needs to focus on people who have initiative potential.

12. 8 Ways to Avoid Cover Letter Mistakes

You have found a few advertisements for potential jobs and have created a great resume. The next step is creating a cover letter that will capture the attention of the hiring manager. While cover letters are not difficult to write, there are some common mistakes that people make while writing them. Here are eight ways to avoid cover letter mistakes.

13. From Developer To PM: The Untold Truth About Growing Your Career

Developers with a strong understanding of company strategy rise faster, despite the misconception that engineers should only focus on technical details.

14. Human Resources Management Software Business Research [Part 2]

Hi there! My name is Vitalii Berdichevskyi, I’m a Product Manager. In a previous essay of the series I shared with you Performance Management Software industry research. In this essay I will share with you HR Management Software business research.

15. How to Run a Tech Interview Without the Hazing

Tech job interviews are awful. We all know it. However, between coding exercises, take-home projects, and technical questions, we are making them worse.

16. Productivity Hacks: How to Keep Your Employees Motivated

Employee wellbeing is a challenge in this world as i89% of employees have worked while feeling unwell.

17. How AI Is Getting Groundbreaking Changes In Talent Management And HR Tech

In the past ten years, the world of recruitment and Human Resource has changed a lot. Shaped by several different and mostly technological factors, the HR department has drastically transformed from sorting resume papers manually to imbibing technology in the recruitment process.

18. Machine Learning Meets HR: Predicting Employee Attrition with PyCaret

It is time to start talking how machine learning can be leverage in AR. Today I'm walking you through how PyCaret can be used to predict employee attrition.

19. AI in Human Resources: 5 Trends in 2020 and Beyond

Many new and emerging technologies are adding value to human resources. This explains their high adoption rate. One of these technological marvels is artificial intelligence or AI.

20. An Open Letter to My Invisible Employer

I have lived 6 years in this corporate life. I have spent my valuable energy, time and patience on you.

21. Blockchain Technology's Role in Recruitment

Yes, you heard it right! After the revolutions in finance, energy and healthcare Blockchain is putting its footsteps on Human Resource now.

22. Making HR and Payroll More Effective for SMEs: Giacomo Verde from HROne

Starting a Business in China is a difficult prospect. Giacomo, the Digital Market Manager of HROne speaks about his company that helps other startups in China.

23. Software Engineer Performance Review are a Paradox

Performance reviews play a big role in the operation of the organization.

24. 5 Tips to Foster Workplace Creativity

To foster creative thinking in the workplace, there are many ways you can do so. These techniques create an environment that promotes and boosts creativity!

25. How To Find A Great Developer on Upwork

My name is Eduard and I’m the CTO at Polecat. Sometimes I help my friends to find developers on Upwork. Below, I describe how I recently searched for a React developer on Upwork.

26. The Best Way to Find Software Developer Jobs in Switzerland

If you want to find a job in Switzerland - This step by step guide tells you: how to find job, what is important when applying and what are the formalities!

27. Natural Language Processing Applications in HR Software

A company’s HR department holds a unique role that is entirely centered around the employees’ experience. Not only do these functions span over the length of the employee’s tenure, it even covers their involvement from the moment candidates are considered for the job.

28. How to Deal with a Coworker Making More Money Than You

As many companies increase pay to attract new talent in an increasingly competitive Job market some workers are finding themselves left behind. What do they do?

29. Bypass the Applicant Tracking System and Inept Recruiters

Recruiters don't read resumes (they never have, they're lazy fucktards)

30. Omnipresent Requests That All Employees Return to the Office: The Best April Fools Prank Ever?

What would you do if your employer suddenly announced that everyone needed to work from the office? Just kidding, it's just a really good joke.

31. Managers, Do You Wait for the Doorknob Effect?

If you are not sure what a Doorknob effect is, you probably want to keep reading. Either you’ve seen it before and didn’t act properly, or worse you just missed it.

32. 3 Ways to Help Prevent New Hire Churn in Tech Industries

How can you make the process of adding new members to your team effective and fast? And how can you help them fit in as well?

33. Tips For Conducting Successful Remote Interviews

How do you conduct effective remote interviews? Looking for remote interview tips?

34. Hiring Manager Perspective on Technology Interviews

Many candidates have never been in the interviewer chair I'm hoping to share a different perspective with candidates so they can prepare accordingly and it can act as a guide to hiring managers.

35. A Brief Intro to HRMS Software

Finally, HRMS software is becoming more global. This means that it can be used to manage employees in different countries.

36. 5 Tips Every Recruiter Should Know Before Hiring Software Developers

Software development can be a complex area that can sometimes confuse even the best of us. While many equate it to writing code, software development includes much more activity and responsibility. There are numerous roles and methodologies that can impact almost every aspect of the business, from customer experience to revenue flow.

37. Legal Business Documents: Non-Disclosure Agreement and Demand Letter

In business, there are many instances where you want to share confidential information with another party. But the key to doing so safely is to make sure that the other party is bound to respect the sensitive information you provide and will not use it to their own detriment.

38. How To Manage Remote Employees for Better Productivity

Work From Home and Remote working is now the new normal across the globe. The Covid-19 outbreak has widely impacted businesses all over the world. Organizations need to initially focus on employees’ well being with regard to this pandemic and take the required steps to revive their productivity and sustain performance.

39. Robot HR: How HR is Contributing to Unemployment

I was recently putting all my old articles in one place online, and I ran across this piece I’d written in the summer of 1993 that had some comments about the job market and the professionalism of HR departments in general. Sadly in the intervening 21 years, the situation has only gotten worse, not better.

40. How to Hold on to Critical Knowledge When Employees Leave

If you do a good job as a leader, the people you mentor will eventually outgrow their original roles. Some will rise within their departments; others will go on to lead new teams. Many will go on to work for other businesses.

41. How To Retain High-Performing Talent

Talent retention has always been a challenge for HR. The challenge is made even more difficult by a high turnover rate. While it can be difficult to keep top talent, there are some key strategies you can use to retain top performers. Here are some of them:

42. Working with Startups: Factors that are Important for an IT Specialist Today

IT specialists & startups: what is vital for tech candidates today?

43. What is it Like to be a Software Engineering Intern at Microsoft?

When I accepted the offer for my summer Software Engineer internship at Microsoft, I was not able to find useful information about the onboarding process.

44. The Benefits of B2B Contracts for Workers in the IT Industry

Since Covid-19 and the rise of remote work, B2B contracts are rapidly growing in popularity and transforming the world of IT recruitment and remuneration.

45. 4 Ways HR Overcomes Work Challenges

Here are 4 ways that an HR department can help overcome challenges in the workplace that hold back many businesses that do not have such facilities available.

46. The First Major Challenge HR Managers Face is Retaining Top Talent

A major challenge for startup HR is attracting and retaining top talent. Many startups focus on output instead of employee performance, which results in a lack of engagement and motivation. When employees feel that their work is not valued, they often leave the company for better opportunities elsewhere. Developing and nurturing a talent pipeline can solve these challenges. Startups must also take care to ensure that their employees are aligned with the company's vision. This requirescareful planning and in-house training programs for all employees.

47. The Series A Startup Guide to Outstaffing Software Developers

This is a quick guide on how to select remote development teams for startups at the Series A stage that may need to add remote engineers to their teams.

48. 3 Employee Leave Management Tips For Enterprises To Follow

There are three main steps that an enterprise should take to manage employee leave. These include complying with federal and state laws, establishing clear communication with employees, and identifying and implementing a fair leave policy. Employee leave policies should also cover special government and legal holidays. As the holidays season approaches, these processes become even more challenging. But following these 3 employee leave management tips will help you ensure that everyone has a great time off from work during the holiday season.

49. 7 SaaS Tools to Guarantee Accelerated Growth for Your Business

Are you looking for ways to accelerate growth for your company, then check out these 7 tools as these tools will be on your priority list that will reduce cost.

50. The Irresistible Automation of Talent Acquisition

The automation of part of the recruitment process finally seems to be a reality thanks to the significant progress made in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning .

51. Management Strategies that Boost Employee Performance

Employee productivity helps an organization achieve its goals. Happy employees are vital resources in leading a business in the right direction.

52. 5 Tips to Land the Right Software Engineering Job

During my software engineering career, I've been both - the interviewer and the job-seeker. Many of the actions I took to get a new job weren’t impactful. But here are the things that helped me most in getting the right software engineering job.

53. The Best Software HR Can Use in the Workplace to Reduce Workload

This article will discuss five of the best tools HR professionals can use to make their lives easier. Workday, Bamboo HR, Zenefits, and Infor are just a few of the software solutions available. These tools help HR professionals and business users optimize workflow processes and provide a consistent experience across platforms. Let's take a look at each one in turn. Which of these tools will you need to use?

54. Why Measure EX Through an Organizational 360º Approach?

Productivity comes from an engaged workforce. HR needs a 360-degree solution that measures EX to understand make the environment for a productive workforce

55. The Top 4 Certifications for HR Professionals

For professionals looking to make their mark in the HR domain, here are the four top choices of HR certifications and talent management certifications.

56. How Aspiration Killed My Motivation

Never get too close to the sun

57. Rethinking IT Recruitment: The Traditional Ways of Assessing Candidates Have Got to Go

The hiring process has been changing. For a long time, the companies decided which talents fit them most — the time has come to let the talents choose the best

58. Blockchain transforming HR from the backend

HR is in desperate need of a method of managing talent and people. Blockchain can do that.

59. How to Craft Your LinkedIn Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment today is not the same as it was a few years ago. The traditional recruiting tools are taking a back seat now in this candidate-driven market.

60. Top 21 Companies Hiring for Remote Work

Top 21 Companies Hiring for full time , Remote Work-from Home Jobs

61. The Ways in Which Big Data can Transform Talent Management and Human Resources

Big Data is changing human resource management for good. We explore 4 major ways data analytics is upending & expanding the role of human resource departments.

62. Hiring Process And Onboarding Virtually During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a virtual standstill and has millions of us at home. COVID-19 also presents an unprecedented challenge for recruiters — interviewing new candidates, hiring and onboarding them. Keeping these challenges at bay, many companies have turned to virtual hiring as an alternative to traditional hiring.

63. Will HR ChatBots Replace Human Resources in the Future?

A lot has been said about chatbots and their effects on practically every industry. The field of HR is going through a major revamp with the use of artificial intelligence. Employees are recruited, onboarded, and even terminated with these little bots.

64. How to Combat Persistent Hiring Problems

In 2021, the ‘hire to fire cycle’ has almost become the norm for recruiting and managing talents in the general startup sphere – especially in the tech space.

65. Layoffs: Making Sense of Your Future

Hello Everyone,

66. How to Tackle Recruiter Bias Using AI [Infographic]

A look at how to use artificial intelligence to solve for recruiting bias in the workplace.

67. Explore Why You Should Include AI in Your Recruitment Strategy

Why using AI in your recruitment strategy may help you have a more balanced hiring process for your company by avoiding recruiter bias and improving efficiency.

68. Society 5.0 - Ecosystem Tech Uni

5.0 puts people at the center

69. How Can HR Facilitate Your Remote Workplace Mental Health Initiatives?

In this article, we will explain the role of HR in helping employees solve mental health problems and see what HR is doing to address this issue.

70. How HR Managers Can Engage a Multi-Generational Workforce?

One characteristic that truly distinguishes today’s employees from old generations is the understanding of and alignment with modern technologies

71. How to Hack Your Team: Top 5 Tools For Team Management Automation in 2021

Wondering how to increase your remote team's productivity? These tools will help.

72. 7 Tips to Make Your Transition to a New IT Job Smoother

When you are going in to a new work environment you will be dealing with a developed office with friendships and traditions already formed. This is a new experience for you and it can be daunting. Follow these seven tips to make your transition to your new IT job smoother.

73. Interviewing Android Developers: View From the Other Side

Because we all want to work with the best people for the job!

74. The Process Behind Building Our Own Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system, usually referred to simply as ATS, is a software application that simplifies handing of candidate data through automation and enables companies to streamline their recruitment processes from sourcing and communication to testing and selecting candidates.

75. 10 Ways To Effectively Sell Yourself During A Job Interview

Get the job you want as markets are soaring to all new heights. The multitude of MNCs is overwhelming therefore there is the demand for employees and they are using best possible human resources in order to ensure their sustainability and growth in the competitive environment. Every employer requires the most desirable skills in an employee.

76. Applications of Predictive Analytics in your Recruitment Journey

Elanor is an HR executive at Unicorn marketer. She’s been involved in the recruitment process for six years now. Every year they do a campus drive at the most prestigious college in Chicago. They’re always on the look for a promising candidate for a challenging role as a Digital Marketer. Elanor has been maintaining a spreadsheet of rejected candidates for the same post and logging the reasons for rejection as well.

77. Why Interviewing As A Developer Is Complete Nonsense

Learn what a developer goes through on every job search

78. 4 Ways Startups Can Use Tech and Automation to Be More Efficient

Your startup has become too big for your staff to handle day-to-day business operations on their own. To scale your business and gain a competitive advantage, you will need to automate your business. With the evolution of the IT landscape, businesses can now choose from a wide array of automated tools. Apart from being cost-effective, they will help you minimize costs and help your team get more work done in less time.

79. Some Tips On Holding a Productive Virtual Offsite

Offsites are a big part of remote teams. They allow everyone to socialize, connect more deeply with coworkers, and help build shared experiences and empathy. Even if video calls are a great tool to share information, they can be tiring. It's too easy to miss non-verbal cues. Chance encounters over coffee never happen, and we don’t always experience the same personal connections that come from small-talk. That’s the downside of remote work, and that's why meeting a few times a year is a great way to fill the gap!

80. How To Hire The Right Employee: 7 Steps To Take

The article brings to you 7 phases of the recruitment process that range from analyzing an organization’s needs to finally hiring the candidate.

81. Why is There Not Enough Software Engineers?

“The tech industry is thriving. It’s expanding almost three times faster than the rest of the UK economy and it’s nearly worth £184bn.”

82. Companies Need More Tech-Driven Hiring Strategies to Tackle Talent Shortages

Hiring talent has been a tough row to hoe in 2022: 7 out of 10 executives stated they receive too few applicants, most of whom are underqualified.

83. Managing Diversity in the Workplace: Building an Inclusive Organizational Culture

Diversity in the workplace is increasingly becoming a top priority for all organizational leaders. Initially, workplace diversity was merely a tick in the box with a narrow focus on just hiring professionals from different age, geographical and gender groups. The conversation has now matured significantly, with expansion not only in the scope of what diversity in the workplace entails, but also how it pans out. Let’s dive deep into the various aspects of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

84. How Women Can Become Stronger Leaders in the Workplace

The incredible impact that many women are capable of is greatly underestimated because women have been ignored for generations.

85. Stop Using Skype and Google Docs for Remote Interviews

86. What are the most common mistakes in IT recruitment?

This article reviews common mistakes in the recruitment of IT Professionals. HR shouldn't need to struggle to find perfect candidates.

87. The Most Popular HR Software in India


88. What Were the Top IT Jobs of 2021? - An End-of-Year Market Analysis

What are current trends in the IT industry? Which IT jobs are in high demand today? Find the answers in our new article.

89. 7 Hard Truths for New Software Developers

If you’re coming out of your education (whether that is self taught, a university degree, or bootcamp), it’s important to know that your expectations for your career in the tech workforce may not align with actual industry practice and culture.

90. List of Top VC Firms Investing Into Promising HR Startups [Part 4]

Hi there! My name is Vitalii Berdichevskyi, I’m a Product Manager. In this essay of the series I will share with you List of top VC's invested in HR Tech. Previous parts of the series you can find below:

91. Expert Developers Share Their 10 Tips For Newbies On Starting Successful Career

All the hesitations are over and the decision is made: you’re going to become a programmer! Hurray!

92. The Eternal Quest for an Interview Process That Doesn't Suck [An Analysis]

If, by any chance, a comprehensive analysis of interview processes already exists somewhere on the internet, then this is the next best thing. Just kidding. Essentially, this is a collection of notes I wrote to myself that describe the interview processes I have encountered so far, the good and the bad. The idea was that if I ever need to develop an interview strategy again, a cursory glance through this document will refresh my memory.

93. How To Recruit Great Scrum Masters

Finding a Scrum Master is simple and complex. There are plenty of people out there who call themselves “Scrum Masters”, but how do you know if the person you are hiring really is a great Scrum Master?

94. Congratulations!! You Got Hired by A Chatbot - Introducing Interview Chatbots

We’ve seen it all this year. Autonomous driving, 5G data networks, predictive healthcare and extended reality. Soon we will apparently be hearing voices advertising products at the grocery store, experience DNA hacking and see the inaugural sale of Google Glass - high-tech spectacles with a built-in camera and pop-up display that allow consumers to record video in an extremely subtle way.

95. How to Find and Hire the Top Remote Tech Talents in 2021 [Part 1]

Finding, hiring, and retaining top remote tech talents has become a challenge for most companies, and is getting more complex and challenging by the day. With t

96. 5 Simple Job Interview Tips

Disclaimer: this reflects my personal opinions, not those of my employer.

97. Artificial Intelligence in HR Processes is The New Norm

“AI will augment HR and give HR time to work on more strategic business issues. The opportunity is to use AI to streamline HR manual processes and provide a more consumer-grade service to employees,” said Jeanne Meister, co-author, The Future Workplace Experience, The People Space.

98. How to Clean Up the Mess in Your Employee Training Program

There’s nothing new or unfamiliar about employee training, but you might think there is from the way that some enterprises approach it. Employee training programs are all too often neglected and treated as insignificant, but they actually punch above their weight.

99. Impact of IoT from Recruiting to the Final Product

(Source: Image by methodshop from Pixabay)

100. Everything You Need to Know About Employee Engagement

Know what exactly is employee engagement and how to effectively and efficiently increase the rate of employee engagement of your organization with SuperBeings.

101. “Looking For My Next Challenge”: How Tech Executives Should Do It

We try, we fail or we succeed but we always learn.

102. Performance And Productivity Management Software Industry Research [Part 1]

Hi there! My name is Vitalii Berdichevskyi, I’m a Product Manager. I want to share with you HR Management industry research I conducted in March 2019.

103. An Anthology of Compensation Management Software

Companies spends millions of dollars to record the wages, bounces, and performance of employees. To reduce this cost, compensation management software helps organizations to plan, manage and execute a compensation strategy.

104. How to Build a Recruiting Brand

Hiring great talent is getting harder by the day. Big-brand tech companies are expanding, legacy enterprises are going digital, and the startup world is growing fast. For early-stage tech companies, it’s an uphill battle to outmaneuver the competition that’s now coming from every corner and land the right candidates.

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