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How to Find and Use the Pokémon Sword Destiny Knot 

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Within the Pokémon World, there are many rare items and consumables to collect. 

These items are needed to give your Pocket Monsters the best advantage in battle and become the very best trainer there ever was. One such item is the Destiny Knot.

The Pokémon Sword Destiny Knot is an item used in and out of a battle to grant your Pokémon new special abilities to give you an edge.

The item is handy for competitive play and thus is highly sought after by players. However, it isn't easy to find and presents a challenge for even the most accomplished trainers.

What is the Destiny Knot?

The Destiny Knot is an item you can use in and out of battle to give your Pocket Monsters special perks and abilities. 

The item has been present throughout much of the main series of games and was introduced in generation four of the franchise. 

Initially, you could use the item during battle to combat the infatuation status effect. However, after generation six, the item could also be used in breeding, allowing you to manipulate your Pocket Monsters IV's.

3 Ways to obtain the Pokémon Sword Destiny Knot

The item can only be found in a few locations and thus is tricky to find.

1. Buy it from a store

You can obtain the item in several ways. Firstly, you can buy the Knot from a store in Hammerlocke, the central city of the Galar region. Upon entering the town, head to the southern Pokémon centre, which you can find north of the wild area. 

Once at the centre, head inside and talk to an NPC dressed in white and red clothing. This character is a BP (battle point) merchant. You can buy the item from the merchant who sells it for 10 BP. 

You can obtain BP by challenging the battle tower, which you unlock in the game’s postgame. As you progress through the tower’s many tiers, you can gain more BP and thus buy the Knot.

2. Use the Pickup Ability

You can also obtain the item by your Pokémon possessing a unique ability called Pickup. Pickup is an ability learned by certain Pocket Monsters that randomly generates an item after winning a trainer battle even if that Pokémon dies. 

Here is a complete list of Pokémon that can learn the ability:

  1.         Meowth
  2. Meowth (Alolan form)
  3. Meowth (Galarian Form)
  4. Aipom
  5. Teddiursa
  6. Phanpy
  7. Zigzagoon
  8. Zigzagoon (Galarian Form)
  9.         Linoone
  10. Linoone (Galarian Form)
  11. Pachirisu
  12. Ambipom
  13. Munchlax
  14. Lillipup
  15. Bunnelby
  16. Diggersby
  17. Dedenne
  18. Pumpkaboo
  19. Gourgeist
  20. Pikipek
  21. Trumbeak

The chances of generating an item are low, 10%, and getting the destiny knot is random. Thus, the probability of receiving the item from this method is unlikely. You can find a complete list of items obtained using this ability here.

3. Use the Cramomatic Present

Finally, you can also obtain the item by using the Cramomatic present on the Isle of Armour. However, to access this machine, you must purchase the games DLC expansion pass. Likewise, to forge a Destiny Knot, you must be tier rank 81-90 and have inputted a fairy item into the machine.

How can the Pokémon Sword Destiny Knot be Used?

In the Sword game, the item has two main functions. Firstly, if your Pokémon is holding the object and becomes infatuated in battle, the opposing Pocket Monster it is in love with also becomes infatuated. Thus, in competitive play, this item helps to combat infatuation effects. 

Furthermore, the Knot, when given to a Pokémon before breeding, allows the baby Pokémon to inherit 5 IVs from its parents. 

IV's or individual values are genes that determine how strong, quick and defensive a Pocket Monster is. Using the item allows you to manipulate its IV's and thus what stats a creature may have. As a result, the knot is popular for competitive play.

Final Thoughts 

The Pokémon Sword Destiny Knot is a rare but valuable item needed for competitive play. If you enjoyed this guide, make sure to check out our latest feature on New Pokémon Snap and the TCG.

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