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F*** the FUD & Conferences Galore!

F*** the FUD & Conferences Galore!

This week is a special one because of the sheer magnitude of the conference schedule on the heels of a major FUD attack and subsequent market correction. The last few days saw FUD attacks from Mt. Gox, the SEC, Binance, and not surprisingly the market overreacted to each event.

What happens following these overreactions? Rebounds.

Following this correction there was actually very positive news out of both China and South Korea, yet the market has not rebounded as one might presume. The most surprising part is that the FUD was unwarranted. The SEC has stated the exact same thing for the last two months. These articles just “reiterated” what is already common knowledge. They are reviewing current ICOs, especially the ones in the hundreds of millions of dollars. To remove scams, the SEC and regulatory bodies need to be embraced not combatted.

The alleged Binance hack did not result in any “real” losses as no funds are missing and the site is operating beautifully. However, news of a possible Binance hack was enough to plummet the value of BTC and overall crypto markets.

Mt. Gox was informed they must cease selling the tens of thousands of BTCs they were selling on the open market over the last few months until September. One of the biggest “sellers” is now a “holder” for the next six months (minimum). Without an emergency injunction a main candidate for driving down BTCs value these last few months has been told to cease all sales until their September court date.

The result of the week was SEC news that should have been taken positively was interpreted and spun negatively, as regulations will allow for institutional money to enter the crypto space. A Binance FUD attack was not followed up with confirmation Binance was not hacked (which if you have funds there you realize thankfully they were not). Similarly, the articles highlighting how Mt. Gox was dumping 40,000+ BTCs on the open market did not publish follow-ups or corrections announcing that they have now completely ceased all sales until their following court date.

All three FUD related events were either not true, spun into a negative, or when the truth arose were swept under the rug.

There was no “bad” news this week yet BTC fell 30+%. The good news is the market sentiment is about to flip with whales now holding the majority of coins. This week presents a unique opportunity to get back into the crypto markets (or add fiat) prior to the weekend pump.

This week has more conferences than a person can count with one hand. These conferences are not your standard “meet-ups” these are conferences costing $2000-$4000. The conferences have now expanded far beyond the standard blockchain and crypto discussions to include the largest companies in the world (Google, Amazon, Discover, MasterCard, and many more) presenting alongside blockchain teams.

This week’s conferences include TokenFest and Money 20/20 Asia as the highlights. However, each one is important for their own specific reasons and exposure. Make sure to check out the most recent conference piece highlighting this week’s conferences and which coins should have nice pumps leading up to them:

Conferences Galore!

Even with some government intervention and a week of FUD these ICOs are still kicking…

Vestarin ICO (ICO just Started…Pre-sale Hit $3million Hard Cap)

Vestarin’s presale ICO period ended three days ago. They raised 3000ETH (hard cap) during their pre-sale and are moving forward full steam with their ICO. During the regular ICO period VST will drop to a ratio of 1500VST per 1 ETH. Currently your bonus percentage is still much higher than that! The team is being led by the Dan Blizerian of Eastern Europe (huge publicity).

Buy VST Here:

Vestarin ICO

KYC Legal ICO (ICO ends very soon!)

More than half way to its hard cap and it has the ability to solve one of the biggest issues in blockchain and ICOs. The Know Your Customer (the dreaded KYC form). If you’ve completed an ICO recently you know the form I’m talking about. KYC is calling their concept a “Universal alternative to Personal IDs,” on the block chain. Their ICO is ending very soon with an 8% discount from the final ICO price still available.

Buy KYC here:


Mobilink ICO (Unlimited Free Cell Service and Data…Worldwide)

Mobilink- Promises free voice and data around the world. No roaming, no cell phone bills. The user solely swaps in a Mobilink SIM card and they are ready to go. Users around the world will be provided free cell data and calling for short daily advertisements on their phone. A $0 bill may be worth the switch…

Buy Mobilink Here:

Mobilink ICO

VINChain ICO (Close to Soft Cap, Bonus Reduces at Soft Cap)

VINCHAIN is currently offering 24,000VIN per 1ETH prior to the soft cap being hit. The hard cap is 23,250 ETH (approximately $20 million). VIN started with a very meager bonus and that will only continue to decrease following the soft cap being reached. A car’s history on the blockchain, guaranteeing tampering with odometers and accidents is recorded properly.

Buy VINChain Here:



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