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Destiny 2: Darkness in the Light Quest Guide

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Destiny 2 is full of missions to complete and side quests to conquer. One particular set of side quests stand out as Destiny 2's most challenging content and the most sought after quests to complete by players: exotic sidequests.

Exotic sidequests are scattered throughout Destiny and vary in their difficulty. Usually, each quest rewards you, the player, an exotic weapon or armour piece upon completion. One of these quests is the darkness in the light exotic side quest. This article will provide a guide on how to complete the mission.

This article will cover:

  1. What is the Darkness in the Light Side Quest?
  2. How to Complete the Quest
  3. Why is the Quest Important?

What is the Darkness in the Light Side Quest?

The Darkness in the Light side quest is an exotic side quest first obtained by talking to the Drifter in the Tower after unlocking the Gambit and completing the prologue missions of the game. The quest is relatively easy to get but is challenging to solve. The mission rewards you with the exotic weapon Malfeasance, an exotic hand cannon that is considered one of the better hand cannons in the game.

Although this weapon pales compared to handguns such as Thorn and Ace of Spades, the gun is still an excellent choice for PVP and PVE due to its special perk known as the explosive shadow.

Explosive shadow is a perk that shoots slugs that stack, leading to an explosive impact if enough are stacked. Thus, the quest is well worth doing to add a powerful hand cannon to your collection.


How to Complete the Quest

To complete the quest you first have to talk to the Drifter, a mysterious character located at the very depths of the Tower. Upon talking to the NPC, you should have gained a new questline. The quest is split into several different parts.

You can complete these parts in the following steps:

  1. The Seething Heart: Talk to the Drifter in the Tower.
  2. City of Secrets: Defeat 25 Taken mini-bosses in the dreaming city, no other NPCs count.
  3. The corrupted: Help the Drifter to track the thief who stole from him. To do this, you need to complete the strike—the corrupted, which is found in the dreaming city. During the quest, find Callums grave and pick up the depleted weapon core.
  4. Depleted weapon core: Once you have picked up the depleted weapon core, head back to the Drifter and give him the core.
  5. Business as usual: To complete this section of the quest, you need to jump back into Gambit and play a few matches. You need to deposit 400 dark motes and win 10 games.
  6. Lights out: For this section, stay in Gambit and either defeat an enemy invader 3 times or invade and kill 25 guardians during Gambit matches.
  7. Dark Weapon Core: After completing the missions in Gambit, head back to the Drifter and speak to him. After talking to him, he will reward you with the gun Malfeasance.

Why is the Darkness in the Light Side Quest Important?

Completing the Darkness in the Light Side Quest is essential if you want to be one of the very best Destiny 2 players. Finishing the quest will grant you one of the best hand cannons in the game, Malfeasance. Malfeasance not only will increase your skill and ability in PVP modes within the Crucible but also during PVE missions such as strikes and Nightfalls.

The gun may also be helpful in higher-level content such as dungeons and raids. Although it is often overshadowed by more popular firearms such as the Ace of Spades, the weapon is heavily underrated by players and should be used more by the community.

The gun can elevate your gameplay to the next level and thus should be taken advantage of. Nevertheless, this weapon may not be for everyone but will be a fine addition to the collection. So you should complete this quest regardless.


Final Thoughts

Overall, the Darkness in the Light quest is an excellent questline to get you one of the most underrated weapons in the game. For more Destiny 2 related content, including coverage of the upcoming Destiny 2 expansions, sign up for our newsletter below.

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