Best Dev Podcast - Hacker Noon Noonies Awards 2019 by@Storm

Best Dev Podcast - Hacker Noon Noonies Awards 2019

Storm Farrell HackerNoon profile picture

Storm Farrell

Developer into React/GraphQL and UX. Developer @ Hackernoon


WINNER - πŸ₯‡The Bike Shed


3RD PLACE -πŸ₯‰Soft Skills Engineering

Hacker Noon has partnered withΒ Stream to present the first inauguralΒ Noonies 2019: The Tech Industry's Greenest Awards. You can help Hacker Noon declare the best and worst of this year's tech scene byΒ voting every day from todayΒ until August 16th!

In pursuit of a more open internet, we congratulate startups that share their failures and successes with the world by embracing transparency, publicising everything from analytics to revenue.

With public nominations closed, we're excited to announceΒ the final Top 11 #NooniesΒ Best Dev Podcast, 2019:

The Bike Shed

Softskills Engineering

Front End Happy Hour

JavaScript Jabber

The Changelog

Developer Tea

Full Stack Radio

Shop Talk Show

The Laracasts Snippets

The Undefined Podcast


The Noonies is made possible byΒ Stream. Stream’s simple, powerful APIs for scalable feeds and chat are used by some of the largest and most popular apps.

Award winners will be announced on August 21st, 2019.


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