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JSNation Live 2020, the remote spin-off of a successful JavaScript conference

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Would you like to know the future of the JavaScript ecosystem and get connected to a stellar crowd? To help you stay up-to-date on the latest JS tech, the GitNation team has come up with a new remote event taking place on June 18-19, 2020. JSNation Live, their 2-day event on all things JavaScript, will gather 25 thousand software engineers, making it the biggest JavaScript conference in the cloud. 

See talks by the authors of Vue.js, Webpack, TypeScript & other technologies, for free

“After having to postpone our in-person events, we wanted to organize a conference that would bring the JavaScript community together in the virtual space,” says Denis Radin, one of the organizers. “The remote edition of our event React Summit took place in mid-April, and it became an instant success with more than 20 thousand people joining the live stream. It showed us how eager developers were to educate themselves and network despite the current situation. After that, we decided to create JSNation Live, an online spin-off of our successful conference based in Amsterdam, to offer the same experience to a wider JS audience.”

The event’s lineup features authors and core teams of technologies like Webpack, Node, Angular, Vue, and TypeScript. Beside the live stream of talks, speakers will have their own Zoom video chat rooms, and there will be a number of networking spaces focusing on tech topics, interactive entertainment, and challenges for all participants. “Many past online events haven’t done enough to engage attendees as well as the in-person confs do, and we’re doing everything to improve that. That’s why JSNation Live will even offer a remote afterparty and a QuakeJS tournament for everyone looking to spend quality time with fellow developers.”

One of the major perks of the conference is that the watch-only tickets are available for free, and they allow access to the live stream of both conference days, so that anyone can join in on the fun. For those opting for the full-access ticket, the event will offer a number of 3-hour workshops with professional instructors, where participants can skill up in specific JavaScript  libraries, and also an Advice Lounge where personal JS projects can be discussed with field experts.

You can register at live.jsnation.com


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