CMS You Can't Live Without - Hacker Noon Noonies Awards 2019 by@Storm

CMS You Can't Live Without - Hacker Noon Noonies Awards 2019

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Storm Farrell

Developer into React/GraphQL and UX. Developer @ Hackernoon


WINNER- πŸ₯‡Flamelink

2ND PLACE - πŸ₯ˆButterCMS

3RD PLACE-πŸ₯‰Strapi

"The Noonies! Presented by Hacker Noon! In partnership with Stream! It’s time to vote on what matters in tech. Year after year these will serve as the definitive, international and somewhat democratic acknowledgement of all the best and worst people and/or products in technology today."Β β€”someone overheard CEO David Smooke saying in an All-Hands meeting on Zoom recently

Being a blog, not to mention one in the midst of launching its very own CMS, Hacker Noon is partial to Systems that Manage Content. It's no small feat build and maintain one, especially in the age of generated DOMs and SPAs. So this honour goes to those developers who have put in the work to keep content dynamic and ranking in an ever-moving landscape.

These are our picks (with some of your suggestions thrown in) for the CMSes you love to hate, or just love.

And the nominees are...

Cast your vote for the CMS You Can't live Without!

The Noonies is made possible by Stream. Stream’s simple, powerful APIs for scalable feeds and chat are used by some of the largest and most popular apps.

Award winners will be announced on August 21st, 2019.


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