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Back 4 Blood Trailer Details Unique Game Director AI & Card System

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Turtle Rock Studios dropped a new gameplay video this week for the highly anticipated successor to Left 4 Dead, which is Back 4 Blood. The new trailer details what's called the Card System.

In addition to the Card System, Back 4 Blood will utilize an advanced AI system that Turtle Rock is calling the Game Director. Based on the new trailer, the Game Director will tailor the game based on player stats, action or health. So, it appears the system will tweak the experience and the obstacles to create more unique gameplay experiences, and "no run will ever be the same."

The Card System will then allow players to use various buffs and bonuses during their gameplay session, and they will be able to strategize the best way they'd like to utilize them. Additionally, players can unlock and earn more cards by taking on optional missions and objectives.

The Card System doesn't appear to be a radical shift for a game like this, but the Game Director system does sound interesting.

Back 4 Blood Card System Trailer

Back 4 Blood is due out later this October 12. The game was recently pushed back from an originally planned June release.

The game will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC via Steam and the Epic Store. An open BETA session is scheduled for later this summer. Players can register for online beta tests through the official website.

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