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Hackernoon logoA Success Story for Asian Retailers by@rashmi-sharma

A Success Story for Asian Retailers

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@rashmi-sharmaRashmi Sharma

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Acme Inc. (Operating Department Store in Singapore) 

Asian retailer, Modernized Its Grocery Store Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Ensure a Superior Shopping Experience, Inventory Management, and Customer Service.

For a grocery store that is always growing, Microsoft Dynamics eliminated a lot of issues that we used to second-guess, like data management and inventory.
Other than automation, they have a system in place where it gives a full cycle from engaging customers to actionable insights.                                                      

The Acme Inc. is a Singapore based departmental store that sells extensive array of grocery products. Multi-store retailer with five brick and mortar stores across Singapore, an online e-commerce presence, and 63+ staff members. 

At a Glance

By using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, CRM, PIM solutions, LS Retail tools, the Acme store is able to:

  • Painlessly manage inventory data across five home locations and twenty remote locations.
  • Provide customers with a smooth and friction-less shopping experience.
  • All data goes to NAV, get updated, SMS will be sent to customers after delivery, send survey email to customer.
  • Cut down admin time and user errors with visibility into a lot of segments, i.e., target customer group, send email, creating campaign, measure results, etc.
  • Business decisions can be made quicker with indoor GPS feature.
  • Online to offline integration with LS, Sana, and BI tools.
  • A web-based POS integrated with HQ that has resulted in more proactive culture.


Acme Inc. looking to expand its markets around the world without compromising the long-term value of the brand.

They want to become a household brand by developing new products, however, existing disparate system didn’t provide the integrated view of     product information and offers in one place.

  • They needed a platform that ensures a superior shopping and customer service experience. 
  • They are in the search for a point of sale system that’d work for the business, primarily looking for one to make managing all our products.
  • As a leading retail store in Singapore, they also had the customer experience at the top of the list.
  • The company needed a POS that could provide shoppers with a smooth, memorable experience throughout the shopping journey.
  • In addition to those inventory and customer experience needs, the retailer wanted a POS fitting the modern, contemporary vibe they sought to cultivate.


The biggest challenge on the Acme’s list was having to reconcile data from multiple systems, the ability to provide a seamless customer experience, and a modern design and platform in keeping with the business’s contemporary vibe.                    

The Acme’s concluded their POS search by choosing Microsoft Dynamics Nav, combined with Loyalty Plus, CRM, ClickDimension, and the LS retail modules.

Because of platform specialty in data management and cloud-based platform that affords flexibility and portability when it comes to the in-store experience, the Acme’s team knew Microsoft Dynamics Nav was the right fit for their new business.

The result is a single solution that now manages the entire business’s operations from a central platform, saving huge amounts of time once spent on manual reconciliation of data and virtually eliminating inventory-associated stress. 

They’re able to use Microsoft Dynamics Nav as a tool to easily communicate between locations, and they can get a real-time overview of store and overall business performance with the LS retail modules.

The Acme is able to painlessly give their customers that friction-less experience that’s so important.

Other than automation, now they have a system in place where it gives a full cycle from engaging customers to actionable insights.

The Results

By using Microsoft and LS products, the Acme Departmental Store was able to expand from its store to 5 total brick and mortar locations, online stores, and 20+ outlets across high-profile shopping areas in Singapore.

Adding new information was quick and easy in Microsoft NAV, and it gave the Acme's team peace of mind to know that their trusted POS system would take care of everything behind-the-scenes as they worked to grow their business.
“Our people are empowered with creativity and passion for their work to leverage on the new features of the system to design more productive / customer centric processes”

says IT Analyst at Acme Inc.

Thanks to Microsoft NAV strong management and reporting features, the team has been able to deliver the reporting within days of the month-end that took weeks. This gives an enormous benefit to the team that continues to allow the retailer to maximize growth and profit.

With the CRM integration, the Acme’s team has also been able to access to accurate and up-to-date sales history.

With access to better sales information, has helped definitely saves time when it comes to operation of the store, customer service, and pretty much the day-to-day running of inventory.

MIcrosoft Dynamics NAV solution is an easy-to-operate cloud-based platform that has allowed the Acme’s team to maintain that modern vibe they were looking for.

One of the Acme’s own team members describe what MicroSoft NAV, CRM, LS really means to the business. Here’s what brand manager said:

“MicroSoft Dynamics is so intertwined with how we run our store daily that I can’t see us growing and continuing to give our customers the experience they’re used to without it.”

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