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709 Stories To Learn About Decentralization

by Learn RepoOctober 11th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Decentralization via these 709 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Decentralization via these 709 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

Dig concentration of power? No? Then decentralization is what you need.

1. The Ultimate Guide to NFT Marketing and Promotion

How to promote a DeFi and NFT project, the full guide to NFT marketing that will help to make non fungible tokens and decentralised finance projects successful

2. Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction

I predict Terra Luna Classic will reach $0.01 by 2025. Here is why.

3. Bear Market Mental Models - Are You Ready for the Next Bull Run?

15 lessons from Crypto Bear Market to improve your investment skills. Mental Models | Strategies | Frameworks | Guides | Tutorials | Crypto Investment TIPS

4. From Company to DAO to Protocol, What Will be Next for Tellor?

Tellor’s CTO, Nicholas Fett, gives us an overview of his work building a decentralised oracle network.

5. The Objective Need for Decentralization: Reality Consensus

The main goal of network technology is the creation of human consensus. This is the REQUIRED step for ANY collaboration to occur. We MUST decentralize the web!

6. Are IDOs the Next Alternative to IEOs and ICOs?

There are major players as exchanges that are running in a fully controlled manner. The solution recently presented itself in IDO - Initial DEX Offering.

7. Ripple Is Orders Of Magnitude Better Than SWIFT GPI and Correspondent Banking Protocols

ripple vs sec might go on for a few months or years but there is no denying the wonder that is the ripple infrastructure in comparison to swift gpi

8. How to List Your DeFi Token on UniSwap

In our first article, we covered how to make a DeFi project successful, build a community, and organize a marketing campaign.

9. Voting CLOSES in Less Than 24 Hours!

Both the Noonies and Startups campaigns close in less than 24 hours. The time to vote is now!

10. 3 Reasons Why Free TON is the 1st Truly Decentralized Blockchain Platform

Free TON blockchain - the ultimate smart contract platform. The user stakes tokens into DePool. Free TON works on the End-to-End decentralization using DeBots.

11. The Top 7 Metaverses That You Can Try Right Now

Everybody's talking about Metaverse. Here are top crypto metaverses that you can try right now!

12. How Decentralized Science (DeSci) lowers the Cost of Innovation and Implementation

Despite the recent market shocks, blockchain is bet upon by many to bring innovation to finance, tech, and science.

13. "Be so wrong that they have to verify you."

This tweeted published on by a bluecheckmark-less @Naval has since been deleted.

14. DAOs Vs DeFi: Decentralized Building Blocks

DAOs have grown exponentially to the point where the total value locked (TVL) in the DAO market is currently higher than that of DeFi’s

15. A Closer Look At Blockchain Infrastructure And IaaS Companies

In order for Web3 to proliferate, people need to understand the foundational infrastructure upon which it will be built and the infrastructure at the core of it

16. The Future of Digital Ownership: NFTs and Virtual Reality

The CEO of Koinos Group interviews Tim Copeland, a journalist at Decrypt where their mission is to demystify the decentralized web

17. Why Smart Contracts Aren’t Smart Enough for Mainstream Adoption

For many people, smart contracts are the most revolutionary innovation to come from blockchain technology.

18. Quicknode: Your One-Stop Web3 Infrastructure Provider

Quicknode: Your One-Stop Web3 Infrastructure Provider

19. Multi-Chain Farming Game DeFi Land Launches Single-Sided Staking

DeFi Land brings multi-chain gameFi farming to the gamers based on farming in a gaming and DeFi based environment.

20. WTF is Web3?

Web3 is just the continued evolution of the internet. It takes the ideals of Web1, the creative and social elements of Web2, and adds decentralization.

21. Modpol is a Self-Governance Toolkit for Communities in Online Worlds

What if our online communities had the tools to practice a fuller range of self-organized possibilities?

22. To Dox or Not Dox: Is Anonymity in Crypto a Farce?

Crypto enthusiasts attribute different meanings to decentralization and anonymity. This article examines these two pillars and the various arguments around them

23. What to do once you admit that decentralizing everything never seems to work

Headquarters of the Internet Archive, home of the Decentralized Web conferences (Wikimedia Commons).

24. Torches Finance: A Decentralized Lending Protocol Launched on KCC

Singapore, June 27, 2022 - Torches Finance, a decentralized lending protocol based on KuCoin Community Chian (KCC), announced the mainnet launch on KCC.

25. How To Mint Your First NFT (Non-Fungible Token) For Free

How to create and mint NFT (non-fungible token) for free at Opensea, Rariable and Mintable. How to promote and sell NFT tokens

26. Rebuilding the Tower of Babel: A Theory of New National Development Based on DAO

But when we stop focusing on dysfunctional, centralized government and talk directly to DAO members, we are already transforming ourselves and society.

27. The Ultimate Checklist For Marketing DeFi Projects

28. Omnichain dApps: a new crypto primitive

Why the world needs a decentralized blockchain with built-in omnichain interoperability

29. All You Need to Know About the Real Estate Token Market

here is how tokenization is being used to address the inefficiencies in the traditional real estate market.

30. For DeFi To Continue Marching, We Need To Build Bridges, NOT Burn Them

Globalization and liberalization in the 1990s changed the divided global economy into what was to become a single market, thus, making our global economy a hustling global village with free movement of capital, freedom of establishment and freedom of services.

31. 5 Most Expensive NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) Ever Sold

NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens can be quite an interesting target for profitable investment since the platforms where such kind of tokens is application...

32. DAOs - Blockchains Final Frontier

Prosperity not created by capitalism but through cooperation.

33. How To Stake ETH 2.0 Without Running a Node and 32 ETH

How to stake eth without running a node, defi solutions, staking

34. Five Learnings from ETHDenver 2020

Come gather ‘round B is for Bufficorn children!

35. #Debunked: 3 False Narratives Surrounding Bitcoin

Bitcoin false narratives debunked , bitcoin mining, bitcoin illicit activity, bitcoin CIA, Bitcoin use cases

36. GameFi’s Potential Future Beyond the Blockchain

37. "We Haven’t Scratched the Surface of Crypto Opportunity," Ilia Maksimenka

Although the traditional banking system remains the foundation for the present global economy, experts believe that there is bound to be a systemic overhaul of this model to cope with the current demand for optimized financial processes.

38. Crypto Crash: Price v. Value

Is Bitcoin wasteful and can we create blockchains that are just as valuable but more efficient?

39. How to Democratize E-Signatures Using Blockchain Technology

We democratize digital e-signatures and make them public, so that all participants can unambiguously identify the contractors

40. Storage Incentives and The Evolution of Decentralization: An Interview with Viktor Tron

In this blog, Viktor Trón talks in-depth about storage incentives - what they are, how they work, and why they are so important.

41. Cryptographic Magic in Decentralized Storage

On Web2 or the traditional web, storage systems were designed to suit fast-growing, collaborative environments. These storage systems boasted different degrees of data availability and data security and protection from loss. As Web2 grew in adoption so did the generation of Web2 data volume and density in many formats. This data could be large files, non-transactional, often created by a single user, and may be shared over some geographical distance. This design led to the reliance on central authorities to store the world's data.

42. Can Blockchain Revive the American Dream?

As the Fed continues to pump our economy with an endless supply of fiat dollars, Bitcoin and the DeFi movement are making strides to level the playing field.

43. How We're Addressing Blockchain's Low TPS Problem While Retaining Its Core Values [Part I]

As we know, blockchain is now suffering from its low transactions per second (TPS). For example, Bitcoin only processes 6 to 7 TPS, and Ethereum currently processes roughly 15 TPS, while Alipay — a centralized payment system — was able to deliver 200,000+ TPS on November 11, 2017.

44. How to Track Bitcoin Transactions Worth $2 Billion or More

A practical guide on knowing when there is a massive amount of BTC is transferre over the network in near to real-time and take some automated actions from it.

45. Polkadot Vs. COSMOS Vs. Octopus Network Vs. NEAR Protocol: Fat Hubs Are Better Than Hub Minimalism

For a new public blockchain to occupy a significant place on the Internet of Blockchains, it must first develop into a robust DeFi center — a Fat Hub.

46. Decentralised Social Networks Are the Future of Web 3.0

The role of decentralised social networks in addressing the numerous problems that big tech is currently facing is becoming increasingly important.

47. Medusa Collection NFTs set its Gaze on Raising Money for TeachRock

Medusa Collection NFTs seek to correct the record concerning this misunderstood mythical character and raise money for alternative education.

48. Dating Apps Make a Compelling Case for Private Blockchain and Web3

Dating apps using private blockchains can quickly verify users’ actual identities through blockchain, eliminating any misrepresentation or identity thefts.

49. Twitch Will Ban Users for Off-Platform Activities

Amazon-owned streaming service Twitch has expanded its rules to include off-platform “misconduct” that will result in bans to curb the freedom of speech

50. How Launchpads are Helping NEAR Protocol Grow Exponentially

GONEAR is a launchpad and Initial NFT Offering (INO) platform built on the NEAR protocol.

51. Solve Slippage And You'll Solve Crypto-Volatility

How to solve crypto market volatility

52. Like, Share and Earn! The Future of Social Media in Web3

Will SoFi help to put the power back in the hands of Creators as more blockchains support social projects?

53. On the Future of ‘Ethical DeFi’: Interview with Waseem Mamlouk

Waseem Mamlouk, VP of the Nimbus Platform speaks about "Ethical DeFi", and how DeFi platforms can serve buyers with spiritual requirements such as Sharia Law.

54. How Does Blockchain Security Work, Anyway?

What is blockchain security? Learn how blockchain security works and common blockchain security vulnerabilities to know.

55. Everything Wrong with Proof of Stake

Staking is another form of centralized control.

56. Web3: Evolution, Need, and Outlooks

Why is Web3 needed and so urgent, because I see the very scary side of Web2 where people are being used as guinea pigs by machines......

57. #Decentralized-Internet Writing Competition 2021: September Results Announced!

In decentralization, we trust, and in our community, we believe! Here are the winners of the decentralized internet writing contest for the month of September.

58. Anonymity 3.0: Do We Have a Chance with Web3?

In the digital era, the volume of data generated online keeps on growing. Users leave their information on nearly every site. Will Web3 change this?

59. Bybit Contributes $134 Million to BitDAO Treasury to Invest in Open Finance and Blockchain

ByBit contributes $134 million to BitDAO making it the largest DAO in the world.

60. partners with LeBron James and LeBron James Family Foundation to Bring Web 3 Education

LeBron James and the LeBron James Family Foundation (LJFF) have partnered with to offer educational and workforce development.

61. Proposal making in DAOs: the limitations of “Anyone Proposes Anything”

If democracy were equivalent to voting, we wouldn’t need separate words to describe them. Unfortunately, when it comes to DAOs, too often, the focus is on the voting mechanisms, with an assumption that “anyone can propose anything” is both fair and sufficient. Some DAOs are very successful with this methodology, but it doesn’t scale well, nor does it account for the variety in the types of decisions that an organization makes.

62. Nodle's Arcadia Blockchain TestNet Brings You a More Secure and Faster Blockchain [Announcement]

Having launched our network one year ago on the Stellar Blockchain to support Nodle Cash micro-transactions, we have now to-date processed approximately 1.3 million transactions per day (more on that here). Bitcoin by comparison is realizing around 300,000 transactions per day.

63. Meet The Rosetta Stone of Blockchain

Koinos Types is like the Rosetta Stone for blockchain data structures. It allows programs written in different languages to talk to one another

64. Web1, Web2, Web3 and Counting: Addressing Healthcare Challenges

In the very beginning, the Internet was a free space where anyone could communicate. As time flew by, it started showing signs of monopolization: a common tendency for any economic environment. Big tech companies (Google, Facebook, Amazon) gradually took over various aspects of the global network, making it harder to launch new initiatives.

65. Blockchain Isn't Coming to Wall Street in 2020. It's Already Here.

Wall Street began in colonial times, with wealthy traders creating the rules of the game. Hundreds of years later, the abscesses of capitalism and deregulation, such as the abolition of the Glass-Steagall Act, led to the 2008 financial crisis. In the aftermath of Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency was devised, and an experimental financial system was born.

66. EASY FORK the Koinos Blockchain [Testnet Update]

The Koinos testnet went live, on time, and we've already been able to execute an EASY FORK

67. Decentralized Cloud Storage is changing the face of the internet (1/2)

(Read Part 2 here)

68. Dear Web3, You Don’t Have A Community, You Have A Cult

Minimum Viable Cult is the next big thing for Web3. Are you ready?

69. [Writing Prompt] Decentralized Internet Interview Questions List

Welcome to HackerNoon’s Writing Prompts program. Answer one today!

70. Why 2022 Will Be the Year of the DAOs

DAO developers believe that they can eliminate human manipulation or error from how companies work. This way, decisions are geared towards profitability alone.

71. How to Make Requests Over Tor Browser Using Python

To make requests over Tor using Python3, we are going to be utilizing a Python controller library for Tor called Stem.

72. A Brief History of Money: From Barter to Banknotes to Bitcoin

This article breaks down everything you need to know about the origin of money and bitcoin. What was the earliest form of money and why is bitcoin important.

73. Dapps: Offchains, Sidechains & Appchains

The wave of innovation in web3 is leading to the birth of new kinds of Dapps. Today we have, Native Dapps, Off-chain Dapps, Sidechain Dapps and Appchains

74. Problems With Blockchain and Why We Need the Internet Computer

Problems with the current Blockchain infrastructure today and why we need a truly decentralized Internet.

75. What is the Best Entry Point into the World of Web3? Meet Richard Patey, Web3 Community Builder

Hi I’m Richard or patey.eth on Twitter. I have a newsletter and discord on how creative people can contribute to web 3 communities

76. How MoonDAO Raised $8.3 million on JuiceBox

Initially, the deployment of $Mooney was aimed at raising $450,000 for a space ticket but it ended up pulling in $8.3 million by early February.

77. Changing the GameFi Game: An Interview with Don Norbury of Shrapnel

An interview with Don Norbury, Head of Studio at Shrapnel. Don explains how GameFi is the future of online gaming and why Shrapnel stands out from the rest.

78. #Noonies2021 Awards: Winners in the Decentralization Category

For 2021, Hacker Noon went all out for its annual Noonies Awards, making it the biggest Noonies to date.

79. From FireChat to Starlink: The Best Attempts to Decentralize the Internet

In this article, we look at the past, present, and future of internet decentralization efforts. We'll explore how projects such as FireChat and Starlink.

80. Ethereum 2.0 vs Bitcoin Cash vs Algorand: A Comparison of Upcoming Features

The year 2020 has witnessed a significant growth and adoption for cryptocurrency projects, moving past the hype and shady get rich quick projects.

81. An Introduction to Decentralized Currencies

82. 4EVERLAND's Bucket API for Decentralized Object Storage

A guide to use 4EVERLAND's bucket API for decentralized object storage.

83. A CBC Casper Tutorial

(Dec 5, 2018)

84. Inflationary cryptocurrency and domain based identity: A recipe for a decentralized social network

We need to leverage the domain names system and cryptocurrencies to implement an open decentralized global social network.

85. The Internet Belongs to Everyone

Normalizing the behavior of businesses to set the social standards for freedom of expression is a slippery slope.

86. DAOs and the Future of the Enterprise

DAOs could become pivotal to digital transformation for the enterprise over the next 10 years.

87. Meet the Writer: HackerNoon's Contributor Emmanuel Awosika, Freelance Blockchain Writer

'I think the centralized internet has been useful, especially in the post-2000s era.'

88. The DAO Transparency Index: Measuring an Organization's Transparency & Trust

Measuring a Decentralized Organization's Transparency: A Proposed Framework to Develop a Flexible Standard

89. What is a Multi-Dimensional Distributed Ledger?

Imagine if any kind of blockchain you are currently looking at is a 2D point of view of a 3D shaped blockchain. If you want to discover more read my story !

90. WingRiders is Using Cardano to Build a DEX Based on DAG-Based Technology.

In this story we’ll look at the evolution of decentralized exchanges as well as the EUTXO protocol and the WingRiders platform.

91. Ethos Plans to Rescue Voyager Creditors and Token Holders

Ethos will offer a free recovery token programme to impacted users impacted by Voyager's bankruptcy shortly after Ethos launches 2.0.

92. How Facebook Makes Money and Why You Should Worry

Facebook sells ads, as Mark Zuckerberg famously and patiently explained to Congress, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

93. Decentralized Media in the Web3 Era

You will discover how Web 3 can improve the future for media users and media buyers within 3 minutes.

94. "Decentralization is slowly becoming a priority", says Pando Browser's CEO

We had a chance to talk to Pando Browser's CEO to get answers to burning topics relating to Pando's ecosystem, like the security risks of traditional browsers.

95. The Decentralized Internet Writing Contest 2022: April Results Announced!

Heyo Hackers! Here we are again with the #Decentralized-Internet writing contest winners for the month of April!

96. The Lingering Problem With Cross-Chain Bridges

Without interoperability protocols, decentralization would be a myth. Let's explore the problem of cross-chain bridges and its solution.

97. Turning Income Into Collateralized Crypto Loans - Hodl!

Tomorrow, I'm getting $1313 CAD refund as a present from Newegg for their defunctional laptop they'd sent me. I'm going to etransfer it to in exchange for ETH at around 5% loss on the dollar.

98. The Future Of DeFi Is The AMM

Automated Market Makers (AMM) seem to be a faster alternative to previous models in the decentralized ecosystem, as they remove a counterparty from a trade.

99. The Decentralized Internet Writing Contest by QuickNode and HackerNoon

Hey, Hackers! The Decentralized Internet Writing Contest has just got BIGGER! HackerNoon is excited to host the contest in collaboration with QuickNode!

100. The Internet Computer Uniquely Enables Web3

The Internet Computer uniquely enables developers to build completely decentralized platforms.

101. Understanding Social Media's Dual Role In Promoting Crypto-Rugpulls & Acting As A Watchdog

social media has been a major reason for the growth of the crypto market. In 2013, to know bitcoin and invest in it would mean lurching into the unknown terrain

102. 5 Best NFT Generators to Create an NFT Collection (No Code)

The NFT industry is setting a new threshold for secure asset classes, property rights, and profitable careers for artists.

103. Moledao Web 3.0 Hackathon in the Metaverse: Over $100,000 Prize Pool!

Moledao Web 3.0 Hackathon in the Metaverse. Over $100,000 prize pool. In collaboration with Bybit, BitDAO, Web 3.0 Collective, and more!

104. Chainlink Vs. Umbrella Network Vs. Kylin Network Vs. DIA Protocol: A Comparative Analysis

Here, we will show you how each of these decentralized oracles was built and how it tries to make data access faster, cheaper, more reliable, and decentralized.

105. Who's Building dApps On COSMOS: 2020 UPDATE

Early Bitcoin and Ethereum investors have earned significant profits on their coins. All they needed to do was tinker around with new tech, learn how to mine, or just use the first dApps that were rewarding their users with free coins. Today, Bitcoin is over a decade old and Ethereum has already lived through its best years. In this environment, everyone’s now asking “Who’s next?” Well, the answer to this is what tech-enthusiasts like to call Blockchain 3.0!

106. The Question of Ethics in Decentralization

The importance of ethics in a decentralized world.

107. How Are DAOs Changing the Way We Live and Work?

The level of transparency that DAOs provide could lead to better relationships between organizations and their members, workers, and even the general public.

108. How to Avoid Exploits and Hacks using Proper Decentralization

Everyone has heard the latest hack, or the exploit, or the arbitrage, or the profit :) done in the Decentralized Finance World. The main reason was short of liquidity in an exchange, and using a single source to get prices.

109. The Biggest DeFi Hacks 2021 and Their Impact on the Markets

The financial freedom offered by DeFi has led to the invitation of hackers' attempts to manipulate cryptocurrency security measures totaling billions.

110. Mounting Web3 Storage as a Folder on Your Desktop

Learn in this post how to mount Web3 Decentralized Storage as a folder on your desktop. Drag and Drop onto Web3 in seconds using Filebase and Mountain Duck.

111. Trends in Web3. The Biggest Challenges and Opportunities in the Industry

Cryptocurrencies come closer to use in real life. The hype over cryptocurrencies as a high-profit speculative asset has ceased.

112. True Decentralization is the Key to Cross-chain Bridge Security

That said, even though today’s bridging solutions are not without their shortcomings, cross-chain bridging is a mandatory feature for blockchains.

113. On-Demand Talent to Unlock Exponential Business Growth

Businesses, governments, and organizations around the globe are finding it impossible to keep up with today's fast-changing world. Typically, leaders at these institutions approach issues with an old-world mindset.

114. How Putting your Book on a Blockchain can Change your Career Overnight

Bend your mind around decentralized publishing with these success stories

115. Permanent File Storage for Web3 Apps With Arweave, Bundlr, Next.js, RainbowKit, and Wagmi

Permanent File Storage for Web3 Apps With Arweave, Bundlr, Next.js, RainbowKit, and Wagmi, how to create a Dapp that allows us to store data on the Arweave net

116. Cross-chain Interoperability: Building For The Next Generation Blockchain

Complete decentralization cannot come into play until there is mass adoption in web3. For mass adoption to occur, interoperability is a crucial factor.

117. Exotic Markets Bringing Derivatives & Structured Products to Solana Ecosystem

Exotic Markets is bringing crypto-based derivatives and structured products to the Solana blockchain.

118. Buying Virtual Property: 4 Key Principles to Consider

How should investors value virtual property and do the principles of physical property valuation apply to virtual property?

119. Meet DeFi. The Changer of Life.

These days, if you mention that ‘decentralized finance (DeFi) is revolutionary’ you may get more than a couple of eye-rolls.

120. Make Money by Writing About the Decentralized Internet!

It’s time to guide those who ‘can't find Web3’ in the right direction.

121. How to Vote in the HackerNoon 2021 Noonies Awards #Noonies2021

Voting will open today: Wednesday, November 17, 2021. Please stay tuned.

122. Smart Contracts Limit the Metaverse – Fat Contracts Enable It

Fat contracts conversely behave like traditional internet applications, they add access to all services, even if they are not operating on a blockchain.

123. Decentralized Computing & Storage vs. Legacy Cloud Solutions

On November 11th, 2021, an Infura outage collapsed large swaths of the Ethereum ecosystem...

124. Digital Identity Around the World: Why Some Countries are Embracing Self Sovereign Identity Quicker

This article outlines the questions and logistics to consider when countries adopt or adapt new privacy laws and self-sovereign identity.

125. IPFS – The New Internet's Protocol

IPFS can be seen as a new decentralized Internet infrastructure on which various applications can be built in a secure & resilient way.

126. 5 Important Crypto Lessons to Take Away From 2022

In this article, I want to look at the five lessons of the year and how they can affect the further development of the cryptocurrency industry.

127. The Decentralized Internet and Redistribution of Power

The decentralization driven by Web 3.0 might not look like similar battlegrounds of the past, but make no mistake, this is about redistribution of power.

128. Polkadot Vs. Cardano Vs. Koinos: Which Is The Best One For You?

there are similarities between these three protocols, because at the end of the day, what we are all trying to deliver are the best platforms

129. About My Ambivalence Towards a Centralized Metaverse

The more I contemplate the metaverse, the more excited I get. The more I contemplate the metaverse, the more worried I get.

130. How Yield Farming Projects Stack Up in 2020

The yield farming space is probably the most confusing piece of the crypto puzzle. At its most basic, it involves locking up ETH, USDT or other types of tokens into a smart contract. The difference lies in the specifics of the smart contract, as well as the number and enthusiasm of participants. The common thread is the possibility to receive passive income, instead of holding onto tokens long-term while hoping for gains!

131. The Data Revolution: Green, Accessible, and Fully-Decentralized

it's time to make data sexy again. Let's revive the dream of a truly neutral Internet, from the people for the people with wide accessibility and no censorship

132. Totem is Building an Operating System for Web3.0

With a dashboard that understands the digital era, Totem OS hosts your web3 experience. Totem OS will offer incentives to promote $CTZN integration.

133. Rootstock's 'Built-on-Bitcoin' Rebrand: Everything You Need To Know

Rootstock is the ‘smart’ version of Bitcoin that operates as a layer 2 on top of the main Bitcoin blockchain, combining the functionality of smart contracts.

134. 3.6 Million Websites Went Offline Due to a Fire: How Decentralized Cloud Would've Prevented It

Centralized cloud has never been a safe custodian of your private data but we may have finally found the perfect solution - Decentralized Cloud Storage.

135. From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0: Evolution of the World Wide Web

The Internet does not stand still. Like any other technology, it goes through many evolution stages, constantly improving its possibilities for users. If a modern teenager sees the way the Internet looked like at its early stage of development, one would probably get lost trying to figure out what's in front of him. Let’s briefly run through the stages of the Internet evolution, starting with Web 1.0 and ending with what we have today.

136. When Artificial Intelligence Meets Cryptography: a Pop Culture Trope

When envisioning pop culture, depending on what generation you might be born into, the perceptions range from HAL 9000’s glowing Red Eye from 2001 to Ava from Ex-Machina. However, the most modern concept of pop culture comes hand in hand with artificial intelligence. To make the experience wholesome, we look at artificial intelligence or specifically, machine language and cryptography as sister fields to see the implications of the phenomena in modern-day culture as well as in the times to come.

137. Whistleblower Blows Lid on the Decentralized Internet: An Interview with Mr. X

A decentralised web is open, secure, and free for everyone. The future of the internet and the Metaverse relies on its uptake. What are the advantages?

138. Buidling DAO-As-A-Service For Energy Efficient Decentralized Governance

The shortcomings of conventional organizations and systems of collaboration lead to problems such as mismanagement of resources

139. The Metaverse Is a Great Business Opportunity, and Facebook/Meta Knows This

Will metaverse change the way we connect or socialize online? Learn this and more on how metaverse will transform our online world.

140. Open Source Blockchain Microservices To Help You Build Your Own

The CEO of Koinos Group explains how Koinos is designed to support an experimental and iterative product development process like the Lean Startup

141. Understanding DAO: A Basic Explanation

DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organizations is the new form to organize communities and work. here's the basic explanation of DAOs

142. Let Web3 Flow: Democratizing Data Ownership to Curb Malpractice

Web3 is the attempt to come full circle in how data is shared by democratizing ownership.

143. Why Decentralized Crowdfunding Could Be The Better Option

Running a successful crowdfunding campaign in the cryptocurrency space has posed many roadblocks over time. Finding a solution to this problem will require a decentralized approach. Centralized crowdfunding is not what this industry needs right now.

144. [ANN] Now LIVE: Koinos Testnet DEVELOPER PREVIEW

Announcing the beginning of the Koinos blockchain revolution with the release of a testnet developer preview! A critical step toward a fee-less blockchain

145. Polygon: Find Peace in Your Digital Kingdom

Costs, complexity and integrations are keeping crypto out of the mainstream. These are about to change.

146. Why Multichain Collaboration Is Critical To The Future Of Web3

Web3 is going to be built by a network of engineers working towards common goals using multichain collaboration to make it as interconnected as possible.

147. Risk Management in Crypto - How not to Lose All Your Money?

Uncertainty and risk present challenges to any investment success in cryptocurrency. Managing those factors in your investments is a crucial part of it.

148. A Rig for Your Digital Oil

In the age of data as oil, BioKeyPer digital legacy creator empowers private individuals to tokenize & commercialize their digital footprint & pass it on.

149. 5 Blockchain Applications That Have Transformed the World of Technology

The blockchain is the decentralized database of the blocks of information, which gets recorded in the chain format and linked in a secured crypto graphical manner. This technology ensures proper safety of the data due to its secure nature, and it totally changes how people carry out transactions. It also brings about a faster and secure process of validating information needed to establish reliability.

150. The Need for Real-World Assets in DeFi

The Need for Real-World Assets in DeFi

151. What Is It About Blockchain That Seduces Normies: An Analysis Through Free TON's Lens

Making blockchain more tangible to the average person will help attract millions of people.

152. Why Composability Matters For Web3

Composability, built on open-source technology, is key to unlocking value for developers and users in Web3 by making software that can be used between platforms

153. Crypto-Cards 2021: Bitpay Vs. Wirex Vs. CryptoPay Vs. TTM Bank

Why can 2021 redefine how we use crypto cards?

154. DeSci - the New Web 3 Movement to Revolutionize Scientific Research & Funding

DeSci - decentralized science is a new movement in Web 3.0 that will revolutionize science in the future thanks to NFTs, verification and other features.

155. DeFi: The Disruption Felt 'Round the World'

Legacy banks have held the power for too long. Decentralized Finance put the power back into the hands of the people.

156. How To Decentralize Virtual Communities?

The widespread use of social media has changed the way we communicate, however, not everyone thinks these changes are positive. For example, the lack of strict moderation of social media content has contributed to the spread of misinformation during the COVID-19 outbreak.Even before COVID-19, many users were unsatisfied of how social media platforms were addressing disinformation, censorship, privacy, political neutrality, user control, and malicious activity. Decentralized social networks and communities are more flexible than centralized ones, but they provide more opportunities for the disadvantages that are suppressed in centralized communities. This is the small paradox of decentralized communities.

157. Is Blockchain the Change We'd Like to See in The World?

This is how blockchain tech and bitcoin can be the future change you'd like to see in the world today

158. The Metaverse in Web 3

How the metaverse will function in web 3.

159. Why Web3 Requires Complete Decentralisation

Web3 won’t be owned by any central actor. Instead users control their own experiences and earn ownership by developing and maintaining the Web3 services.

160. The Power of Memes: Tendies, Dogecoin, and the Potential for Social Impact

Ask yourself this question: what is the most powerful, yet relatively untapped force on earth at this moment? You might think of the ability of sustainable energy to replace fossil fuels, the strength of youth voices as they attempt to take power back from the boomer powers that be, or as it's been hammered through the heads of technologists over the past 5 years, decentralization. The promise of decentralization is as follows: instead of the corporations owning all the services you pay for, the services run themselves and act in a truly fair way towards all users. This means no more price gouging of Epipens, no more ridiculously high medical bills, no more violations of net neutrality, and so on. To get to this idealized form of world decentralization, however, we need to think about the how. Think about the one omnipresent force that is on every single person's mind right now: virality.

161. Does Anyone Really Use Blockchain Based Applications?

I am, by all measures, a Blockchain believer. I’m 20 years old, and my first practical experience with Blockchain was buying Bitcoin several years ago, before the massive bull run to $20,000 that made everyone from your barber to your cab driver vying to get a piece of the action.

162. 10 Essential Essays on Bitcoin

My understanding and appreciation of Bitcoin has been shaped by a handful of essays that brilliantly capture its unique properties and potential.

What sets these authors apart is that they do not dictate WHAT to think, but rather HOW to think BETTER about Bitcoin.

Happy reading.

163. Decentralized Web (DeWeb Tokens) 101 – The next big thing?

Over the last years, but especially the last months, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) emerged to a popular and highly hyped niche within the crypto space.

164. Reinventing Rarity by the Foot with TiptoePunks NFTs

TiptoePunks NFTs add an interlocking feature to address the role of luck in scarcity.

165. DoraHacks Raises $20 Million to Promote Web3 Ecosystem Building through Grants and Hackathons

DoraHacks has secured $20 million in a Series B1 investment, spearheaded by FTX Ventures and Liberty City Ventures, to expand its web3 incentives ecosystem.

166. 5 Less-Known DeFi and NFT Projects Promoting User Protection and Funds Security

There are many concerns when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. One of the biggest concerns is security.

167. dApp Development With Michael Vandeberg: An Interview

Blockchain engineer explains how to build decentralized applications (dApp)

168. How Social Tokens Will Change the World of Influencer Marketing

Creator marketing has become a booming creator industry in recent years. However here is how social tokens will change the world of influencer marketing forever

169. [Writing Prompt] Thrilled to be Recognized as [Insert Award Title Name]

This list of questions is compiled for the Noonies or Startups campaign winners or runners-up.

170. An Anti-Sandwich Tool for Ethereum and BSC - With 10,000 $HKLS Airdrop Pool for Beta Users

DeFi security provider, Hackless, is introducing a new tool that helps fight sandwich attacks on BNB Chain and Ethereum. Try safe swaps with AntiSandwich

171. Is Your Perspective Convex or Concave?

How people approach the age-old tradeoff of compromise versus purity in making large-scale decisions.

172. How to Avoid Consumer Lock-in with The Decentralised Web

<em>This is the third blog post in our series exploring aspects of the Arweave’s decentralised, </em><a href=""><em>permanent web</em></a><em>. You can catch up with the other parts </em><a href=""><em>here</em></a><em> and </em><a href=""><em>here</em></a><em>.</em>

173. French Connection Finance and FCF Pay: The Innovative Payment Gateway

The days of swapping crypto for fiat and then waiting for the deposit to land in your bank account are over.

174. The Main Challenges of Decentralization

Decentralization stands in opposition to centralization and is currently rapidly breaking into the world order of the modern world.

175. Is DeFi a Breakthrough for the Blockchain Industry?

The blockchain industry started twelve years ago with the release of Bitcoin. That was a shock, a huge slap for the traditional financial system. However, from another angle, it was a Big Bang of a Decentralized finance universe.

176. 3.6 Million Websites Went Offline Due To a Fire: Decentralization Prevents That

Recently, the cloud computing company and hosting provider OVH has had a fire that caused nearly 3.6 million websites to go offline. Some of the websites effected was a government site for the French government, and even a cryptocurrency exchange. According to Reuters, many of those sites were told to, "activate their disaster recovery plans following the blaze."

177. 10 DAOs You Need to Know About Right Now

Top 10 DAO projects that create Web3 and new crypto industries! The most interesting DAO right now!

178. "The Abandonment of Clean Algos is the Suicide of Mainstream Social Media" - Minds CEO Bill Ottman

Bill Ottman is the co-creator and CEO of Minds, a free and open source social network with crypto rewards. They continue to make waves as an alternative to the incumbent social network business model of surveillance capitalism. Bill has also been a guest on the Joe Rogan podcast. Today, he kindly took the time to answer some questions for Hacker Noon.

179. Crypto MUST Crash for Crypto to Survive

Why a crypto crash is necessary for Bitcoin and Altcoins to mature. I did this discovery comparing the tech life cycle of Crypto with the bubble

180. CBDC: Are We on the Brink of Financial Lockdown?

CBDCs could be the next big thing for governments and financial institutions.

181. Social Media Networks are Coming to the Blockchain

Learn what decentralized social media networks mean, how they work, and what benefits they offer to users.

182. Why I Dream Of A One World Government & New World Order

The One World Government is becoming a reality - just not in the way you might think.

183. The Change and Innovation that Web 3.0 Will Bring

The popularity of web 3.0 is increasing due to people’s increasing concerns about sensitive data exposure on the internet as well as the growing popularity of decentralized technologies, such as blockchain and IPFS. With this type of technology, users do not have to rely on centralized local networks and Internet providers in having access to the Internet. In other words, this allows for a failure-resistant Internet. But this also creates some issues regarding the content that is being published on such Internet. So, here I will give my view on how I see the benefits and challenges if there are any that web 3.0 may offer.

184. Decentralized Storage Could Be Blockchain's Killer Application

The distributed architecture of these novel storage solutions makes them immune to censorship, service failure, and data theft. With decentralized cloud storage

185. Decentralized web / dWeb - what is it?

envisioning a web that revolves around the user, not the server and not the Blockchain

186. Steps Toward a Decentralized Society

While many of the ideas conjured today are outlandish, real use cases are likely to appear in the near future.

187. Scaling Blockchain and DeFi with Piers Ridyard

Radix is the first programmable DeFi Engine for the smart contract platform that helps Dapp scale their products and services.

188. Generating Passive Income Through Filecoin Staking

In this post, we'll explore the concept of staking and how will you benefit from Filecoin staking.

189. Powering Decentralized Identities and Access For All

Uniris is a permissionless integrated services platform capable of meeting a fundamental need: giving everyone back the control over technology. In this way, we are part of the promise of a safer, more inclusive, and truly decentralized world.

190. Why Is the Internet Shifting Towards Web3?

Legacy online services are built around centralized models, but this could soon change as Web 3 gains momentum.

191. My First Impressions on BitClout

I have been following alternative social networks for a while, infact I made a list. While I was browsing Twitter, I stumbled upon a newly emerging social network called BitClout. I decided to create a profile, and for those curious my handle is AMKN. You can actually follow my posts here. That said, I have some initial thoughts.

192. Single-Chain vs. Multi-Chain Wallets: About Metamask and its Alternatives

MetaMask is losing market share as the crypto wallet competition picks up. We're watching the following emerging wallets: Rabby, Coin98, XDEFI, and Frame.

193. Peeking at The Future of The Metaverse

The money pouring into the metaverse is building the virtual infrastructure for a space that could lay the foundations for the bulk of future human activities.

194. Best Websites to Buy Bitcoin Directly from Your Device, Anonymously

“Aren’t cryptocurrencies anonymous by default?” I’m sorry to be the one telling this to you, but Bitcoin is not anonymous. At least, not by default. Bitcoin is known as an immutable ledger, a leger that is publicly available and keeps a record of every single transaction that happens on the network. It’s true that anybody can transact Bitcoin, but it’s also true that anyone can see all of those Bitcoin transactions.

195. AI And Machine Learning Are Our Best Bet To Keep Saving The World From Climate Catastrophe

Many equations apply to Nuclear Fusion including the Maximum Entropy Principle. Fusion increases entropy. Think of unsolved equations relating to Nuclear Fusion as hardness problems. Whoever solves these problems or contributed towards software that solves these problems, helped achieve one of the biggest tasks in modern engineering and physics this century. I will be honest, many of us (including a certain somebody) want to win the race. Many of us are also removing obstacles from the obstacle course.

196. DINO (Decentralized In Name Only) Vs. True Decentralization

comparing centralization, partial (in name only) decentralization and true decentralization / the problems with blockchains / the single point of failure...

197. BLOCKCHAIN: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

The word “blockchain” is still surrounded by hysteria: companies that simply enter in it, their name soar in price by 400%. Half of the world would like to receive cryptocurrency as a gift for the New Year, while Bitcoin is called "the largest bubble in the history of mankind." A dozen new terms, some fascinate with innovation, others - scary, resembling a scam. I will explain in simple terms why bitcoin and blockchain are not the same things, how technology will make the world transparent and who will benefit from it.

198. Can Sporting Events Rejuvenate "NFT+Sports" This Time Around?

In the first quarter of 2021, NFT sales exceeded $1.5 billion, 20 times of the fourth quarter of 2020, which is the highest period of ever since NFT developed.

199. Diving into Stablecoins: Interview with Kurt Farrugia

Kurt Farrugia, product leader of a family of stablecoins, Samecoin, spoke to me recently in order to share his expert knowledge by answering some of the questions about the stablecoin sector in the crypto niche.

200. Web3 is Like Piracy and That's a Good Thing

“It’s better to be a pirate than join the Navy.” said Steve Jobs.

201. What is the Difference Between Web2 vs Web3

In this article, we will discuss the major differences in Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

202. The Future of the Internet Lies in Decentralization: Dr. Zamboglou

A decentralized internet is coming to guide society away from persistent scarcity and towards unlimited abundance.

203. Leading Crypto VC Firms to Watch in 2023

One of the biggest drivers of innovation in the crypto ecosystem is Venture Capitalist firms. These firms fund the dreams of founders and allow them to build.

204. True Privacy is When Users Decide Who Sees and Uses Their Data: Unhased #24

Unhashed is a QnA series where I speak with top execs of new and established blockchain projects to unravel the mystery of blockchain & crypto.

205. How Bricktrade is Disrupting the Property Market

Using Blockchain to Disrupt the Property Market

206. Retiring on your Crypto-Bag: Is it Feasible?

The CEOs of Koinos Group and gFam explore how to think about crypto in the context of retirement investing

207. How Joe Roets Built 'Dragonchain', A Hybrid Blockchain Platform

Interview with Joe Roets, Architect and Founder of Dragonchain, a company that solves real-world problems using blockchain technology.

208. The Decentralized Internet Writing Contest 2022: March Results Announced

Hey Hackers! The wait is over! Here we are with the results announcement for The Decentralized Internet Writing Contest, March 2022 sponsored by QuickNode.

209. Crypto Banking: DeFi to CeDeFi?

Exploring the growth of crypto banking from DeFi to CeDeFi.

210. An Intro to Web3 Multi-Chain Trading

Yellow Network offers to interconnect multiple scattered exchanges in one automated non-custodial trading hub, providing a user with the aggregated liquidity.

211. Decentralization Debate Club: Blockchain, Autonomy, and DeFi

Has what started with Satoshi spun off into an hype-driven, ICO-indulgent startup industry of solutions for nothing? Or is blockchain technology and the mass decentralization it makes possible still worth the hype? Answered in 5 minutes by two top Hacker Noon Contributors, Mario Alves and Vladimiros Peilivanidis, scroll down and tune in for this special Decentralization Debate Club episode.

212. The Question Of Control Over Data in Shared Databases

Data is one of the most important tools of our time. Its usage is now pervasive throughout all aspects of society: from air transport to banking, construction to dentistry, from education to farming and beyond.

213. IDOs Work Like Mangroves

An interview with co-founder of Web 3 IDO launchpad who believes IDOs work like mangrove trees

214. The Family Tree of Webs: From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is touted as the next evolution of the internet, but have you met the other two? Discover the differences between Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web 3,0.

215. Earning Yield in Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Yields in financial markets have reached historical lows. For example, US 10 year bonds are paying a mere 1.52% annually and the S&P 500 Dividend yield is down to 1.94%. To earn higher yield, investors are buying deeper into illidiquity and risk targeting non-government debt in emerging markets. Another space that is evolving is Decentralized Finance (DeFi) based on blockchain protocols, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.

216. #ForTheLastTime Blockchain is More Than Just Crypto

In this story, we will explain the true potential of blockchain and why it's a lot more interesting to use this technology outside of cryptocurrency.

217. Types of Crypto Lending Platforms: Centralized and Decentralized Finance

Crypto lending is a growing market that started only a few years ago. Unless you're new to cryptocurrency, you probably have heard this term at some point. Crypto lending works similarly to peer-to-peer lending, where borrowers are connected with lenders via an online crypto lending platform with cryptocurrency as the currency of trade instead of fiat money. Technically, the more appropriate term is crypto-secured lending because not all loans are denominated in cryptocurrencies.

218. Politics in Social Media: Bots, IDM and Decentralized Moderation

The internet has become the agora of modern times. The question is not whether we are discussing politics over the internet or not (we obviously are) but if...

219. Setting Up a Tor Hidden Service [A How-To Guide]

I'm gonna out on a limb here and assume that you know the basics of how a web server works when you clicked on the title of this post. Basic knowledge of vim would be helpful too.

220. DeFi Continues To Defy Odds While Ducking Questions on Scalability. For How Long?

The term DeFi, short for "decentralized finance," has been entering the lexicon of the tech world for the last few years, yet only gaining real popularity recently.

221. How to Get Paid in the Metaverse Creator Economy Today

Master the Metaverse creator economy. Design NFTs or use the picks and shovels strategy creating tools or services for NFT builders & virtual world inhabitants.

222. The Rise Of SocialFi: A Fusion Of Social Media, Web3, And Decentralized Finance

A new dawn for the social media ecosystem combines decentralization, finance, and social media.

223. Five Reasons Why You Should Start Learning About Web3 Today

Web3 is a set of protocols and technologies that enable a decentralized web. This means that instead of relying on central authorities like government

224. Everything You Need to Know About Polkadot

Polkadot is designed to be scalable, modular, and extensible, allowing it to support a wide range of use cases such as DeFi, gaming, IoT, and more.

225. The API Connectivity Problem: Connecting Off-Chain Businesses

APIs make up the backbone of many web apps and much of the internet cannot work without of them. However, the Blockchain is not compatible with APIs, a problem.

226. Can Humans Win at Progress With Coordination?

If you have improved the coordination in an unbalanced way, the results can be harmful!

227. Successful Decentralization Lives Right Under Our Nose

The successful decentralization of the Internet is a profound example to help other channels proceed in the same direction (social media included).

228. A Post Pandemic Environment Will Be Ripe for The Adoption of Decentralized Stablecoins

The global crisis is causing an explosive increase in demand for stablecoins. Some even say that it's stablecoins that will drive the mass adoption of crypto, not hypervolatile coins like Bitcoin. It's time to ask the question: which stablecoins will benefit more from the recession – regular ones, such as USDT, or decentralized ones, like DAI and others?

229. Proof-of-Stake Is Coming of Age, and Polkadot is Leading the Pack

Polkadot is currently the leading, highest value, and most secure PoS platform, offering estimated rewards of 13.87% per year.

230. Blockchain Tech that Promises Privacy and Performance

Enterprises need to collaborate with each other to accomplish business objectives. In the course of business, there are situations that call for utmost sensitivity in conducting transactions. Here, it is not necessary that all the involved parties can be trusted. Conventional legislation provides trusted third-party intermediaries to create a trustworthy environment.

231. The Establishment of Decentralized Application Programming Interface (DAPI) and Blockchain Oracles

How the emergence of Decentralized API (DAPI) and blockchain oracle is revolutionizing the off-chain and on-chain data transmission

232. What Web3 & Decentralization Mean for Data Storage

I think of web3 and decentralization on a spectrum - it’s not just one or the other, but you can take incremental steps on the path towards your end goal.

233. The Upgradeability Crisis in Blockchain

I'm Andrew Levine, the CEO of OpenOrchard where we are developing the Koinos blockchain.

234. Writing Decentralized Applications in JavaScript - Libp2p Basics

Libp2p is the base of the Interplanetary Filesystem and it will be the base of Ethereum 2.0.

235. The Decentralised Internet Writing Contest 2022: Round 3 Results Announced!

Here we are with the final announcement of the #Decentralized-Internet writing contest winners!

236. ThoughtSlime on Why All NFTs are a Scam

A contrarian POV on NFTs from ThoughtSlime

237. How to buy Crypton (CRP) Utopia P2P project cryptocurrency?

Table of Content

238. Why Watch-to-Earn will Outshine Move-to-Earn

239. Top NFT and DeFi Marriages That Fix Common NFT Problems

The combination of NFTs and DeFi is the perfect match!

240. Crypto-Powered Finance Offers a Range of Benefits to Businesses: Unhashed #22

An interview with Request Finance CEO and Co-Founder Christophe Lassuyt.

241. Helium Network: A Decentralized but Connected Future

Discover what Helium, the "people's network," offers communities worldwide—as a rapidly growing data solution and potential solve for the supply chain crisis.

242. How Cryptocurrency Can Help Deliver High-quality Video to Your Home

The article is about how you can use a crypto project to deliver high-quality video to the end consumer faster and cheaper.

243. Everything You Don’t Know About the Evolution of Web: Web1.0 to Web3.0

From web 1.0 through 2.0, things are about to turn around as a transition into the third phase of the web is unfolding.

244. Crowdfunding in DeSci. Toward a Resource-Based World Economy

Crowdfunding in the context of a resource-based economy is about intelligent allocation of the Earth's resources to develop innovations that benefit everyone.

245. What's The Fashion Industry Doing With Blockchain?

Blockchain made the headlines in 2017 when Bitcoin gained traction. Ever since then, multiple industry-wide applications of blockchain tech broke the news. The distributed/decentralized ledger technology brought scalability, transaction speed, and better security that’d transform the world in coming years.

246. Blockchain Upgrades & Hard Forks

Understand how blockchains are upgraded; when are hard forks needed, and when SHOULD they be needed?

247. Is it Possible to Create a Decentralized Internet? This Startup, and its "Farmers" Think So.

The internet is now almost entirely centralized.

248. VPNs Leaked 1.2TB of Your Data and That is Pretty Awkward

20 Million VPN users across seven different VPN services had their data compromised when it ended up on the dark web.


Governments are spending more and more resources on medicine every year, with the world’s drug development market amounting to more than 350 billion USD per year. On top of that, the World Health Organization is reporting almost 40 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 and more than a million deaths since the beginning of 2020. As such, this current pandemic will only cause a significant increase in the demand for vaccines; a market that exceeded 42 billion USD in 2019 and is predicted to grow more than 14.7% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) between 2020 and 2026.

250. The Role of Blockchain and Decentralization in the Digital Economy

Blockchain is a key emerging technology in realizing the full potential of the digital economy along with other emerging technologies and paradigms such as 5G, IoT, Cloud, AI, etc.

251. The Facebook Outage Proved a Need for Greater Decentralization

With the internet become more and more vulnerable to outages and crashes, will the answer to more stability come in the form of more decentralisation?

252. Ex-Bored Ape Yacht Club Artist Launches Female based Sneaky Vampire NFT Collection

Ex-BAYC artist is launching the 2nd collection for Sneaky Vampire NFT Collection.

253. Is Elon Musk WRONG About Dogecoin?

The CEO of Koinos Group explains Dogecoin and what Elon Musk might be getting wrong.

254. "The Correlation Between The Dollar And Bitcoin Has Been Inversely Proportional" - Nikita Soshnikov

The crypto market now has a market capitalization of over $1.5 trillion.

255. WTF Happened to Solana's Proof of History?

A blockchain architect explains Solana (and what's wrong with it)

256. 3 Ways to Increase NFT Adoption Among Artists

Let's talk about challenges and opportunities to increase adoption of art NFTs.

257. Getting Started with Web3 – the New Decentralized Web

In this article, we’ll look at the significant benefits of Web3 and some essential applications in technology.

258. Can DeFi Be Trusted: An Analysis

In DeFi We Trust, should we? Let's discover the potential risks of DeFi and understand them fully before we commit to something we don't fully understand.

259. 11 Defi Terms to Know Before You Buy Your First Crypto

Decentralized Finance is unchartered territory for most non-crypto users. If you are ready to invest in cryptocurrencies, here are some important terms to know.

260. Twitter Bluesky: A Decentralized Protocol Proposal

What is Twitter Bluesky? A proposal for a decentralized Twitter. Lets see how the GUN protocol could fit in.

261. "You should reinvent the wheel once you have sufficient knowledge how to do so," - Angelos Chalari

Angelos Chalaris from Greece has been nominated for a 2020 #Noonie in the Programming. The Noonies are Hacker Noon’s way of getting to know — from a community perspective —  what matters in tech today. So, we asked our Noonie Nominees to tell us. Here’s what Angelos had to share.

262. SperaxUSD: A Crypto-Collateralized Stablecoin Challenging Tether

With the DeFi revolution ramping up, the cryptocurrency community has witnessed the rise of stablecoins. Tether has been investigated and fined by the CFTC...

263. Rising Tensions in the Middle East Highlight the Need for a Haven Currency And Bitcoin Is Not It

Shortly after the United States assassinated influential Iranian military leader Major General Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad, the price of bitcoin spiked alongside gold and crude oil. Bitcoin’s price leap was especially significant because gold and crude oil are considered safe havens that tend to attract investment in the wake of economically destabilizing events like the strike against Soleimani in Iraq.

264. How To Tokenize Digital Assets on the Blockchain

Including a code sample using the ERC721 standard.

265. Top 4 Blockchain Virtual Machines for Decentralized Applications

From Polkadot to NEO, this article is a review of the most popular VMs in the dApp ecosystem other than Ethereum.

266. A Look into the DeFi Deflationary Yield Farming Boom

It’s not often that you see a technological boom inside of another breakout, but that’s precisely what is happening in the crypto markets currently. The DeFi (decentralized finance) sector, which seeks to revolutionize the current centralized financial system by introducing various decentralized replacements, is also experiencing a deflationary yield farming boom.

267. What are NFTs? - Their Role in DeFi

By definition, a fungible asset is a type of asset that is interchangeable with other assets of the same type. Currency is a fungible asset. After borrowing a $100 bill, the borrower can return the amount either in a combination of bills of different denominations or in a different $100 bill. The value of the dollar $100 remains the same in both cases.

268. The Koinos Co-Founder Discusses The Inconvenient Truth of NFTs

Blockchain architect and co-founder of Koinos Group reveals the "dirty secret" of NFTs.

269. My Interview With Dr. Craig Wright, the Alleged Inventor of Bitcoin

I interviewed the alleged inventor of bitcoin, Dr. Craig Wright

270. How Blockchain Technology Is Aiding The Rise Of The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is fast transforming how we interact as people and work. Valued at around $15 billion five years ago, the sharing economy is predicted to be worth over $335 billion by 2025. The potential for the industry is massive.

271. Why Go Bearish with Real-World Assets in DeFi Lending Protocols

I'm sure you are acquainted with Decentralized Finance, more commonly known as DeFi.

272. SORA's Token Bonding Curve (TBC) Explained

Here are the three main purposes of SORA's TBC and their huge positive impact on the economy.

273. The Blockchain Stands as the Knight Against Fire-Breathing Monopolies

Monopoly is a word you hear probably once a month or so, maybe once a week if you’re a big board games fan. The word itself has stopped being associated with terrible business practices and is now considered more as honest fun with your friends.

274. 3 Investor Relations Best Practices For Crypto Projects

So you've founded a crypto project, and you're going to issue tokens to investors as a way to generate funds and turn your vision into reality - but have you thought about how you're going to take care of those investors beyond launch? After all, getting buy-in to the initial token-sale doesn't mean you take the money and run with it.

275. Decentralizing Data Storage on the Blockchain: An Exclusive Interview With Vincent Irlweck

Interview with Vincent Irlweck, CMO at Inery Blockchain to discuss their decentralized data storage solution and democratizing the data industry.

276. The Other Side of Moderating the Metaverse

Exploring what it entails to be a moderator in a Web3 metaverse in the future by taking lessons from gaming and social media mods today

277. Only 13% Of the Tech Professionals Are Buying in the Metaverse Real Estate, a Study Shows

Few people are buying virtual real estate in the metaverse, according to a survey from the professional social network Blind.

278. Can Blockchain Technology Help with Our Growing Privacy Problems?

Since the Internet's introduction to the public from the academic world, privacy issues have existed. Blockchain technology may be able to change this.

279. Perpetual Swaps, Futures, and Contracts — Which One Fits You Best

Bitcoin has come a long way in its eleven or so years of existence. It was created to be a ‘peer-to-peer electronic cash system’, but it has become so much more than that today. In fact, Bitcoin has crossed over quite significantly from being a currency to being more of an investable asset.

280. SORA Governance: The Wisdom of The Crowds.

How can a randomly selected governance, prevent corruption and directly improve all financial sectors?

SORA Parliament model will answer this question.

281. DeFi Learning: What Is a Liquidity Pool?

Running on the AMM model, liquidity pools have proved to be a secure and efficient income source. What is a liquidity pool? How does a liquidity pool work?

282. We are Entering the Age of Monetary Exploration

Cryptocurrency is full of people who believe in old economic theories that have never been tried in the real world. There’s an almost zealous adherence to esoteric principles that seem to have no place in our modern lives.

283. Open Hardware Projects Utilizing Lonero: Kinetic Miner and Lonero ATM

Hello world! Recently, I have been working on some open hardware projects utilizing Lonero. These specific projects are open source and created to push for innovative usecases of Lonero, and the blockchain. The list of projects are below:

284. Is It Legal to Do Business as a DAO?

This article explores the possibilities of operating DAO as a legal entity, examines the types of legal DAOs, DAO limitations and its advantages.

285. Decentralized Uber: Here's How I Built It With, Waku, and Vue.js

Write a decentralized Uber using Waku and Vue.js

286. Don’t Buy Cryptocurrencies (Earn them)

Five easy ways to earn cryptocurrency, without spending a penny. From getting a job, to winning contests, you don't need to code to be involved in blockchain.

287. Governance without Government

A new phase of humanity built on decentralized collaboration.

288. How to Use Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) for Your Live Video

Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) is an open source video transport protocol that excels at providing stable streaming at relatively low latency.

289. Fluid Decentralization: Randomness and a Lack of Manipulation

DLT and the internet need a political change, an all encompassing way to non-hierarchical society.

290. Bolstering Food Integrity With Blockchain

How Blockchain Could Enhance Our Food Integrity?

291. Why We Need Polygon Over Ethereum

To start an NFT project with high frequency and low value transactions, Polygon is the ideal blockchain to use as compared to Ethereum.

292. Decentralization Will Force Institutions to Conform or Die: Brandon Burgason, CEO of Mobie Labs

Brandon Burgason is the CEO and Founder of Mobie Labs. He explains the barriers that are keeping blockchain from realizing its full potential.

293. Global Bitcoin Adoption; A Case of Game Theory

Game theory examines interactive decision-making where the activities of all "players" affect the results for each participant.

294. 6 Predictions For Crypto Industry In 2021 (without trading)

Predictions for Crypto industry in 2021: DeFi, DEX, STO, ETH 2.0, CBDC and everything that can affect crypto / blockchain world and can help users and projects

295. Can We Decentralize Zomato/Swiggy?

A simple approach on how to decentralize food-delivery ecosystem.

296. Understanding Metaverse: A Basic Explanation

What is metaverse - a simple, basic explanation. How metaverse will impact the world?

297. Why a Decentralized Social Network with Passive Income Potential Will Emerge, Eventually

Social media changed the way you are browsing the Internet, but it didn’t change the way the Internet is being controlled by a few companies that are having a monopoly. While you are under the illusion of using platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter at no cost, their pockets are getting heavier and heavier.

298. Examining The Blockchain Trilemma

In the interview I made last year, I asked a leading cryptocurrency expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos, about whether someone could solve the so-called Blockchain Trilemma – scalability and security without sacrificing decentralization in the future.

299. What is Liquid Staking and How Can it Improve the DeFi Ecosystem?

Liquid Staking allows using the staked crypto assets in other trading opportunities to let you get the best of both a reward on your staked assets as well as

300. How To Own A Piece Of The New Web With Web 3.0

Web 3 is the latest wave of the internet that is already changing how users utilize and interact with the web.

301. Hey Mark Cuban, this is how you avoid crypto scams [Watch Video]

Adam and Andrew discuss how to avoid scams (and crypto scams), Mark Cuban, Titan, and the importance of self-sovereignty

302. Here's How to Build a Decentralized Internet

The philosophy of how to build a fully decentralized internet. Web3.0 needs interoperability, open source and better economic designs to succeed Web2.0

303. On Decentralization, Crypto and Blockchain with COO Bohdan Prylepa

It has been an impressive year for cryptocurrencies. From Bitcoin soaring to as high as $41.9k in early January 2021, to Ethereum rising above Jan 2018 high, and Cardano reaching a new three-year high, investors are upbeat.

304. A Cryptocurrency Driven Personal Recruiter/Headhunter Program that also Earns You Commissions!

Traditional recruitment processes take anywhere from days, to weeks, to even months to complete, and finding these “top-shelf” candidates is a lengthy process where the company has to spread the word about the recently opened position with the hopes that the right person will get the news and apply. It’s a game where the odds are pretty narrow.

305. What is Tellor 360? - Upgrading Beyond Upgradeability

Tellor is a decentralized oracle network built on Ethereum that enables censorship-resistant access to off-chain data.

306. Stochastic Assets - The Next Evolution Of Crypto Infrastructure

307. Blockchain Use Cases: Cutting Through the Hype

Since 2013, blockchain startups have raised over $23 billion, with the vast majority of that investment coming from Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Between eliminating intermediaries and having short investment timeframes, the advantages of crypto fundraising proved to be massive.

308. A Decentralized Anonymous Marketplace for Trading Precious Metals

Free Market One — Decentralized Anonymous Marketplace for Precious Metals Trading.

309. How to Choose a Blockchain Platform to Develop Your Project

There are many blockchain networks out there, each considers themselves the best in terms of scalability, unique features, or capabilities. But let’s look beyond all these buzzwords, rebrandings, and marketing hype. What characteristics do truly matter when choosing a blockchain platform to develop with?

310. Are NFT Marketplaces Really Decentralized?

Are NFT marketplaces really centralized or decentralized?

311. Aggregators Are the Next Big Thing in DeFi

Aggregators will be the next big trend for DeFi.

312. What The Interchain Sustainability Mission is About

The future of humanity is being decided by the actions we are taking today and by our impacts on the ecological state of the planet.

313. WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao Explores the Potential of Synths

If you let me choose the best concept of DeFi, I vote for synths. The power of such protocols starts with TVL.

314. It's Web3 Time, But Are We Ready?

There is no denying that the reality of Web3 is the future of the internet. However, only a fraction of the developer and founder population are building in it.

315. Koinos Snapshot (and Main Net) COMING!

Koinos snapshot (and main net) IS COMING

316. An Intro to Cryptoeconomics in 2022

Learn the meaning of cryptoeconomics and the importance of cryptoeconomic design in maintaining decentralized networks.

317. The Rise of Cryptocurrencies in Latin America: Interview

The international blockchain industry size is projected to rise from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 to USD 39.7 billion by 2025, at a remarkable Compound Annual Growth Rate ( CAGR) of 67.3 percent in 2020–2025. The growing need to automate business processes and the need for advanced supply chain management solutions of blockchain technologies are pushing the overall blockchain industry to higher ground.

318. Web3.0 vs Web2.0 vs Web1.0

Web3.0 is the next generation of the internet. What sets it apart from Web1.0 and Web 2.0? The difference is it's based on trust, control and privacy

319. Smart Contracts: The Ethereum Bias and The Graphene Undercurrent

Building great applications takes both decentralized and centralized databases, and so Koinos is being designed to enable developers to integrate a decentralized database into their stack regardless of how much or how little they want to rely on that database.

320. "Buy Bitcoin" is the Best Advice #Noonies2021 Nominee Sergei Khitrov Has Ever Received

Hey Hackers! I’ve been nominated in these two following categories : HackerNoon's DeFi Degen of 2021 and HackerNoon's NFT Wizard of 2021.

321. 6 Most Crypto-Friendly States in America

There’s a big crypto battle underway among the states to get their share of the crypto pie.

322. Running a Global Blockchain Node Infrastructure Ecosystem: How We Do It

Blockchain infrastructure is basically the decentralized deployment of different blockchains, and the overlay network that sits on top.

323. Why Liquidity Bootstrap Pools are the Future of Fundraising

Crypto projects went through multiple cycles, seeking the right recipe to build finance operations. The most intuitive and immediate takeaway was that crypto was volatile and unpredictable, with wild price swings for new projects. There were multiple reasons for the price swings, ranging from outright scams to coordinated pumps.

324. 5 Portals That Rate And Rank DeFi Projects For You

DeFi industry is stepping forward at a great pace. Currently it appears to be the largest tectonic plate covering the Blockchain sphere and you have to be fully prepared.

325. How the Internet has Evolved: The Journey From Web1.0 to Web3.0

The Internet has come a long way - from the simple web pages of web1.0 to the decentralized web3.0.

326. From Free TON to Everscale: Anatomy of a Decentralized Rebranding

Rebranding is a gargantuan task for any company or public entity at the best of times, but throw a massive dose of anarchistic decentralization into the mix, and mission impossible becomes mission incredible.

327. Is Decentralisation Even Real?

What does decentralisation mean in the context of blockchain, and where is it relevant for end consumers. See how the industry is evolving.

328. What to Expect of Shelley - Cardano's Latest Update

The purpose of this short article is not to disapprove concepts and achievements of IOHK foundation. It is rather an opposite — an attempt to openly discuss issues related to the newest version ‘Shelley’ that will be tested in the upcoming months and may be implemented next year.

329. The Cacophonies of Distributed Systems

If you have never heard about Deutsch + Gosling’s fallacies of distributed computing, you are missing out big time! I encourage you to check them out here. Those delusions are widely considered in the distributed systems field as some of the most painful assumptions any junior systems designer, or architect can make. I like to call them “career-limiting choices”.

330. What Is Ethereum? And What Is Its Relevance to Decentralization?

A common mistake occurs when Ethereum and Ether are used interchangeably to describe cryptocurrency. But that is not entirely accurate.

331. NAFO’s Decentralization is Its Greatest Strength in Information Warfare

A meme-driven community has risen to become a formidable force in the fight against Russia.

332. Societies and Decentralized Systems Have A Lot In Common

333. Web 3.0 is About Ownership and Self-Sovereignty

While Web3 is about ownership and self-sovereignty, it’s also about community and giving equity to the participants.

334. Building DeFi protocols on Polkadot: An Interview with Bette Chen, Co-Founder at Acala Network

Acala network is building decentralized protocol on the Polkadot network. This interview discusses the DAO architecture, parachains, and DeFi.

335. Ethereum, You Are A Centralized Cryptocurrency. Stop Telling Us That You Aren't

When looking at Ethereum, there are some good things I can say about it and some bad. Ethereum did early stage investors in their ICO right, in the fact that the 2014 ICO price was $0.30.

336. Venezuela is Patient Zero Challenging The Western Financial System with Bitcoin

Venezuela can now interact with trading partners instantly and globally without touching US-controlled payment rails

337. Web 3.0: Decentralizing the Internet

Web 3.0 opens a new future where users and distributed machines can interact with data, value, and even other counterparties via peer-to-peer networks without the need for third parties. Therefore, Web 3.0 is considered a new generation of the world wide web to increase user utility and the number of online applications in exploiting the power of the current decentralized network.

338. The Illusion of Decentralization

Back in the 1990’s, then-chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan used the phrase “irrational exuberance” to describe the rapid and relentless rise of stock markets amidst a preponderance of data that should have tempered market mania. Setting aside Greenspan’s role in stimulating such “irrational exuberance” via interest rate driven monetary policy, it seems as though his phrase is ripe for recycling when looking at the current fever for “decentralization”; particularly, decentralization as it would apply to blockchain, Web 3.0, and cryptocurrencies. Can blockchain as a foundation of Web 3.0 really be decentralized?

339. DeFi+GameFi: How Decentralized Finance Helps Blockchain Games Become More Profitable for Users

Solutions that DeFi can offer to play-to-earn projects. How to improve the in-game economy and create profitable projects for players. The answer is DeFi.

340. Novel Solutions for Inclusive Digital Currencies

An efficient, interoperable, scalable, and quantum encrypted CBDC solution for sovereign monetary systems of the future, possible today.

341. Introducing ANY-Language Smart Contracts

Koinos will now use Google's Protocol Buffers to enable unparallled language support and developer accessibility

342. Rebutting MIT's Paper on Blockchain Voting - In A Completely Decentralized Manner

Following the release of an MIT paper dismissing the potential for blockchain based voting solutions, one crypto community decided to crowdsource a rebuttal.

343. Gaming as a Step in the Right Direction Towards Blockchain Adoption