The Dogecoin Salut on The HackerNoon Podcastby@podcast
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The Dogecoin Salut on The HackerNoon Podcast

by PodcastJuly 14th, 2021
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Gary Lachance is a Vancouver-based millionaire and the founder of the Decentralized Dance Party. He invested $300 into Dogecoin in 2014. Now, he's launching his latest project - the Million Doge Disco. It's basically Pokemon go plus the Harlem shake and Tamagotchi virtual pet incentivized with doge coin. Gary talks about the strongest brand in the world with Gary on Twitter @GaryLachance. He also talks about his advice for people who want to launch their side projects.

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Welcome to this beautiful corner of the internet - Dogecoin meets partying & decentralization. Amy Tom talks to Gary Lachance, a Vancouver-based Dogecoin millionaire and the founder of the Decentralized Dance Party, about how he invested $300 into Dogecoin in 2014. Now, he's launching his latest project - the Million Doge Disco.

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On this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast:

  • What happens at a Decentralized Dance Party? (04:06)
  • "Decentralized parties are cool but have you seen decentralized currency?" (09:10)
  • So what's the deal with the Million Doge Disco? (15:33)
  • The future is a "doge-verse, meta-verse, party-verse, good-time-universe layer" (22:37)
  • Gary's advice for people who want to launch their side project (29:00)
  • Is Gary nervous about Elon's sway over Dogecoin and the fact he's built his platform entirely around Dogecoin? (30:05)
  • Gary talks about the strongest brand in the world (33:14)

Connect with Gary Lachance & the DDP:

Podcast Transcript (Machine-Generated, please excuse errors!)

Amy: [00:00:00] So I just found out that I am now internet or relevant. I was watching a real, the other day. And one of these teens was talking about how rolled up shorts are Chooky, which I had to look up. But apparently that means that you're like not cool. And when I was a teen rolled up, shorts were cool and.

The reverse was quote unquote to you. So I've fully come to the realization now that I'm not cool and I'm just accepting it. So here we are. But anyways, this is the hacker noon podcast. Of course. My name is Amy, Tom, and today I am joined with Gary Ella chance. How are you doing today? 

Doge Guy: [00:00:41] Good. I didn't even realize that rolled up shorts existence.

Amy: [00:00:46] Yeah, they do. Did you know about Chuggy? Yeah. Then you're too old and uncool as well, but that is definitely okay. So Gary, I wanted to have you on the podcast today because you are a Vancouver based doge coin millionaire. I'm also Vancouver based, so I'm excited to chat with you. And unfortunately I'm not a doge coin millionaire, but you are the founder of decentralized dance party.

Is that. 

Doge Guy: [00:01:18] Yes. And 

Amy: [00:01:20] can the co-founder. Okay. And can you tell me about your project? 

Doge Guy: [00:01:25] The, would you like to hear first about the DDP or the million dose disco? 

Amy: [00:01:30] Oh, let's go million dose disco. 

Doge Guy: [00:01:34] So the million dose disco is a master plan to get the entire world partying together. And it's basically Pokemon go plus the Harlem shake.

Plus Tamagotchi virtual pet incentivized with doge coin. 

Amy: [00:01:51] Okay. I see. I see. Okay. I'm coming together and piecing together pieces. So Pokemon go in the sense that it's like an augmented reality style game, right? Yup. And then we have Harlem shake in the sense that we are doing, like it's like a dance party.

And then Tamagotchi style. Explain that part. 

Doge Guy: [00:02:13] So this will be the doge will be a dojo. Gotcha. Virtual pet. That is also an NFT and you have to dance with it every day to keep it happy and loyal and you can add costumes and feed it treats. Oh my gosh. Okay. It also we'll have a mechanism where you can receive dokie.

And dear dosha. Gotcha. And yeah, you'll be able to withdraw the balance and send it to other people that hold dojo got cheese. And the goal is to incentivize a giant global dance party. That will go, 

Amy: [00:02:50] okay. This also gives me Nintendo dog's vibes. Do you remember? No, what's the Nintendo dog's was a Nintendo DS game back in the day.

And it was about taking care of your dog. So you had a pet dog or multiple pet dogs and you would feed them and pet them and take them for walks. But I guess with this, the only interaction that they need us to be danced with, is that correct? 

Doge Guy: [00:03:17] Yeah, it's fairly simple. And I guess I'm just realizing, it's you're the pet because you have to dance with it every day.


Amy: [00:03:25] the dose own you or do you own the dose? 

Doge Guy: [00:03:30] I feel like the dose zones may generally 

Amy: [00:03:32] it probably. All right. Cool. And so that is set to be launched tomorrow. What, at the time of recording, which would be July 3rd, right? 

Doge Guy: [00:03:44] Yeah. 

Amy: [00:03:45] Exciting. Okay. So then tell me about the decentral decentralized dance party, what you have referred to as D P.

Doge Guy: [00:03:54] Yeah. So you may not have heard of it, but for the last 12 years in Vancouver, we've been running around with hundreds of boom boxes go back around. So we have a FM transmitter and a backpack. The radius of broadcast is a block or two. Broadcast out music and voice. And then we have hundreds of these boom boxes or Bluetooth speakers.

They're all tuned into our frequency. It was starting point and we hand them out to people and then we lead them on a robe, roaming adventure through the city streets for three or four or five hours. And now we've been doing it for 12 years all over the world. Oh, 

Amy: [00:04:35] when does it. 

Doge Guy: [00:04:36] You never know, it was big shift when the pandemic showed up.

Yeah. So when the band started, we were doing them virtually, and then we realized like on the zoom call, you can actually have people tuned in. And have you seen the sound box speakers? Let's see giant portable. 

Amy: [00:04:57] Try it. 

Doge Guy: [00:04:59] I believe it's the loudest portable speaker in the world. So everyone on this call, they can be out in the world like beamed in, on their phone, connected to the sandbox.

So you can have a thousand people on the zoom. Each sandbox can be playing music for a thousand people. So you can DJ simultaneously all over the world to a million people. 

Amy: [00:05:21] Okay. Where does decentralized. 

Doge Guy: [00:05:23] The initial decentralized dance party is there's no central location and that's roll audio source.

So it's completely different from a normal show. You'd go to where it's like, there's a stage and there's a DJ on the stage. It's like everyone holding a boombox is a node and the network everyone's on the same level. And everyone's like an equal performer participant. 

Amy: [00:05:47] Interesting. Okay. So tell me what the landscape is like for Liz in Vancouver.

Do a lot of people attend this? 

Doge Guy: [00:05:55] Yeah. I started back in 2009, right at the Dawn of the blockchain. We started with just like 20 people on a beach. And then within six months during the Olympics, it was up to like probably 20,000 people. Like totally. Some of these parties have been just massive. 

Amy: [00:06:15] What's the biggest one.

Doge Guy: [00:06:18] The Olympics. It's hard to gauge because a lot of people were there because of the Olympics, but there was one we did 2011 and ended up being like a blizzard. It was totally crazy in Vancouver. Again. They said the papers said it was like 20,000 people showed up. So that's a bigger then.

Like it stops being fun for us at that point, maybe 500. 

Amy: [00:06:47] It's hard to manage. Okay. So how did this come to be 

Doge Guy: [00:06:51] the DDP or the million doge disco?

Me and a best friend, Tom, we started this thing. We call it Tom and Gary's decentralized dance party. And yeah, I grew up in a small town. It was pretty wild. And then we moved to Vancouver and things were a little boring. So I just started running around and ridiculous costumes with a boombox at night, just one boom box.

And then we were out doing it. Wait, 

Amy: [00:07:21] you moved from a small town and then decided to Vancouver was two boys. 

Doge Guy: [00:07:27] I mean we've we found ways to have fun the small town. Okay. Okay. Where 

Amy: [00:07:34] did you grow up? 

Doge Guy: [00:07:35] It was this place called Huntsville, Ontario. Oh, 

Amy: [00:07:38] okay. All right. In thousand people. Okay. So you're from the east coast.

Yeah. And then you moved over to Vancouver thought it was too boring. Started decentralized dance party. 

Doge Guy: [00:07:51] Okay. I think it's changed a lot. When we first moved here, it was like no fun Coover or no fun. That was like the tag. I think that's died off. Like I think the fun has emerged. Yeah. But I 

Amy: [00:08:04] just can't imagine that a small town in Canada would be more fun than Vancouver.

Doge Guy: [00:08:09] And we had a lot of fun. Like we didn't realize it growing up, but once we started going out in the world, You guys are crazy. Like the parties were just completely wild. It was just like crazy hillbilly stuff like climbing trees till they snapped and just like setting each other 

Amy: [00:08:32] people from small towns are actually my, some of my favorite people, because I think that they're are more interesting and they also have more interesting slang, which I appreciate.

Doge Guy: [00:08:42] It's unique, cause you're like surrounded by nature. And you're like in here you're surrounded by billboards and like more corporate influence. And there's not really spaces. Like every space is like you're not allowed in the parks after dark. Yeah, 

Amy: [00:08:58] definitely. So how did you get into doge coin then?

Doge Guy: [00:09:03] So it was summer of 2011, someone posted on our Facebook and they're like, decentralized parties are cool, but have you seen decentralized currency? And it's ah, what's this? Cause I was always like huge believer in open source, everything and the power of this technology to liberate humanity. I clicked on it.

And it was the early first video animated video. I was like, wow, this is finally, there's the missing piece of the open source puzzle. Like the financial system can now be built and I was way too busy and way too broke with financing the DDP back then to acquire any. But I was like, I should definitely follow this.

And then yeah, those showed up in 2013. By that time it was always already like fully obsessed with Bitcoin. But then this is like the fun, silly version. And they were like sending the Jamaican bobsled team to the Olympics. I'm doing all this wacky stuff. So we were like, oh yeah, this is. Perfect synergy.

So we did. 

Amy: [00:10:13] Yeah. Okay. Cause I was going to say why dos coin though, because obviously doge coin has like the meme aspect of it, which like seems to very much fit within your brand. But I also, I was going to say like, why don't you, but you're also an investor in Bitcoin related things too. 

Doge Guy: [00:10:29] A little bit.

I put a bit of money in back in the day, but I was always like early days of the DDP. It was like all credit cards maxed out overdraft, like just scraping 


Amy: [00:10:40] it. Okay. I want to understand too, like I think that with cryptocurrency, at least for me, there's like a bit of a hump to get into it. Like I'm a little nervous about doing that first investment or like getting into the market. Whoa. Tell me about how you started doing that. 

Doge Guy: [00:10:59] Yeah, like way back then it was ridiculous. I don't know. There were even any mobile wallets was like paper wallets back then. So my cousin knew about it.

I think he was the person that first helped me figure it out. Yeah. That's how this whole dose thing happened too. Is there was an early. There was no iPhone, those wallets. So I had to print out a paper wallet and keep it on there. And I was like, I need to be a dojo millionaire. I need to dive in there. So 

Amy: [00:11:32] it was like, so then how did you do it?

You just got into the right 

Doge Guy: [00:11:37] time. You think? Back then it was like 300 bucks or something like that. And I didn't have any money. I need to buy this and I need to hold onto it. Yeah. Then yeah. When the price was and the price started going, it went up, went way up and 2017, it hit 2 cents and then it was worth like 20,000.

But I was like, Nope, we're going to keep holding on. And then this year when, obviously like a hundred X, again, this thing, it came close to a million dollars Canadian a couple of months ago. But by this time we already had this idea to create a million doge disco. Yeah. And I was like, like when I first suggested it, I was like, I got this paper wall.

It would be the perfect, like gimmick to finance, this whole thing. It was worth like 30,000 then. And then. I want a hundred X and they're like, you still want to do this. And I was like, oh yeah, this just makes it way better. Yeah. 

Amy: [00:12:44] Okay. Okay. W what is your educational background in?

Doge Guy: [00:12:48] I was never a huge fan of the centralized educational Institute. Okay. I think we did a lot of our best learning at recess. 

Amy: [00:13:00] Wow. Okay. So I just want to wrap my mind around this whole concept. Like you've just become so successful with doge coin and like building this brand and the DDP. How did you learn how to do this?

How did you get this experience and this knowledge? 

Doge Guy: [00:13:18] Yeah, I heard Roger veer explained it really well. It's like in order to understand Bitcoin in the early days, like you needed a background and. Unconventional economics to know like how the money supply works and how insane it is that they can just press a button and print trillions of dollars with no one's consent.

And also you have to know how open source software works to realize why Bitcoin is revolutionary. There's not a company or a CEO. This is like a protocol that's going to complete it. Invert the world and power structures. And so I had this knowledge just from doing my own research on these things.

And then when I saw it, I was like, oh yeah, this is the thing. This is going 

Amy: [00:14:11] to be, you're blowing my mind because I think a lot of people have knowledge on this kind of thing. Not to say that you're not like knowledgeable, but I like a lot of people have knowledge on this kind of thing. What do you think your key to success?

Doge Guy: [00:14:24] I don't know, it's been weird. Like I've like I have to piece this all together and figure it all out myself, like this whole decentralization. Cause I Geist phenomenon and everything. And I wrote about it and showed it to tons of people and they didn't seem to care, but there seems to be like a lot of pessimism, like even like Andreas Antonopoulos, all these early people.

They're like when I first saw Bitcoin, I thought it would fail. When I first saw it, I was like, oh yeah, this is going to work. This is the future. It's open source. They'll find a way. So yeah, just being optimistic about new technologies and just like being able to analyze like systems and see where things are headed in the future.

It seems pretty obvious. I never thought the price was going to go like that. So obviously, 

Amy: [00:15:19] whatever. Let's talk about the million dose disco and the tech behind that. Are you, were you involved with developing the game? 

Doge Guy: [00:15:29] Yeah. So the way it happened was when you were trying to find a platform to create these NFT peace bond.

Which is an idea we've had since 2014, instead of war bonds that governments use to sell, to wage a war it's peace bond to wage peace, which is us creating this global party movement to unify everyone and looking for a platform to build that on an early 20, 21. And then my friend Thomas who's co-founder of the million dos disco, he connected me to this company.

He knew. Block the, and they basically just been quietly building this amazing, super powerful, robust NFT platform for the last four years. So most NFTs is just like an image on a website, but they've been applying that to these interactive digital, they call them bantams. And so it's just. Instead of Pokemon go where it's just like a digital representation.

These are like literal scarce digital goods that can be dropped all over the map. And then as soon as I saw that, I was like, oh yeah, we can finally build our Oakmont Mon go party, game thing. And I was, yeah. Can you put doge in these dancing dosages that you'll drop everywhere and the main. CEO lead guy.

Lucas is yes, we can. Every crazy question we ask, they're like, yes, 

Amy: [00:17:04] Yes. We can 

Doge Guy: [00:17:07] just build anything. So hype, like they've just donated the development time to build this thing, because I think it's an awesome showcase for this idea. So it's just a bunch of crazy people coming together.

Unify and build this thing. I think people see that and feel it. And it's been a lot of momentum this week. 

Amy: [00:17:33] Yeah. My main question about the million dollar dose just coin is why what is your motivation behind creating it? 

Doge Guy: [00:17:43] The entire thing. Yeah. Yeah, like starting out with the DDP weirdos. This is going to be awesome.

This'll be a cool party, but then we realized pretty quick that like just the interactions we've seen between people. Yeah. Mindblowing, like nothing like this has ever really existed before. It's like a roaming party with all these nodes in the street with all these only positive intentions behind it.

There's no profit seeking intentions. It's just like bringing people together and setting them free. 

Amy: [00:18:14] Help me wrap my mind around this little, like the nonprofit seeking aspect of this. I don't understand why. So just for like good dance party. 

Doge Guy: [00:18:27] Yeah. For me as, I don't really like to use the word artist, but for me it's all about like the creation and the essence of that is the integrity behind it.

So for me, it wasn't ever about like, how can we make a profit doing this? It's how can we keep it going as this magic? Beautiful thing that doesn't have any ulterior motives behind it. Yeah. And it's hard like a normal festival or a nightclub. Like they have to pay their rent. They have to do all this stuff.

We're in this zone where with a little bit of money, we can keep it going on a lot of dedication. And now the further we went, the more we toured it and like we've done tours across Canada, the states and Europe everywhere we would go is just He's amazing, like loving connections between people.

Like I've never seen like total, like instantly unified and I've done some readings too, about the history of partying. It was a cool book by Barbara Ehrenreich, or she talks about it's a dancing in the streets. History of collective joy. Apparently when the colonialists were traveling around the world, like everywhere.

Did encounter these ancient civilizations. And they were all like, they had these giant, like static party rituals where the whole community would come out and sing and dance, and this would bind the community. And so there were these amazing traditions that have been lost and subverted, the way society is Western society is set up.

And yeah, I think it's something that's completely lacking and missing from our culture. Yeah. I started to reintroduce that in this weird, unlikely way. We were like, wow, like this is the world needs this. And it's important to keep it going. 

Amy: [00:20:26] Yeah. Also has to do maybe with the power of music to you and bringing people together that way.

That's very powerful as well. 

Doge Guy: [00:20:35] Yeah. It's amazing. I've been working on it. DDP field manual book that goes deep into all this stuff. It was like 85 pages of capital P party philosophy. That's another big thing for these parties too, is like doing them in the street. You're not allowed you can't be drinking or drugs or any of that.

So we wrote this party manifesto and we said the the objective of the DDP is to. Naturally liberate people from their inhibitions. So if you have the right combination of costumes, props, music, atmosphere, and everything, then you can create an experience. That's awesome enough that people won't even think twice about dropping whatever social conditioning they've had and just let the inner child takeover already together.

And I think, yeah, that's the most powerful way. Unify people that I've ever seen. Yeah. 

Amy: [00:21:33] How many parties have you thrown now? 

Doge Guy: [00:21:37] Officially, we've done about a hundred full scale DDPs, which is like a huge operation. It's like a hundred grand boxes, plus all the batteries, preparing them and all the logistics of that.


Amy: [00:21:50] yeah. And how many countries, 

Doge Guy: [00:21:52] There's been a hundred parties, but mostly Canada, us a bunch of different European countries. We did one, you 

Amy: [00:21:59] attended the mall. 

Doge Guy: [00:22:00] The ones we've led, but there's been a bunch of autonomous party nodes that sprung up around the world. So like Australia down in the states, even remember there's been a bunch.

All over the world, but the really cool thing about this technology we've been realizing, like it starts with a simple dosha got cheap, but the next level, like this is going to be showing up as it's something I'm definitely envisioning is once you get augmented reality glasses going, which I'm thinking to come out in the next year, nice ones and the new iPhones all have a LIDAR scanner, which is built for AR.

You'll be able to drop like digital objects, millions of them everywhere in the world. And even yourself, like you can, if you scan yourself with the LIDAR, create like a model of yourself and you can wear like the haptic suit and you could put a million of you like dancing or doing whatever all over the world that anyone can opt into.

So that's what we're ultimately trying to build this verse metaverse RD verse. Good time, universe layer up of the world. 

Amy: [00:23:14] Okay. So let's talk about the funding behind this project then. Is it funded by you and block V 

Doge Guy: [00:23:23] I've been doing all the development side of things, which I don't even know what that's worth.

It's probably worth a million dollars itself. They just work with big corporate clients, but yeah, I'm doing the. The paper wallet with a million dos. So that contributes to the coins and just a small team. So some other dose has paid for that over these few months to get it off the ground. And then we'll be figuring out exactly how to monetize things without compromising any of the values of the magic.

And we're hoping, there's tons of things. And the dos community that have done well this year. And once they see what we're doing, they'll want to donate. And that's the idea too, is to have anyone give anyone the ability to like, make it rain, doge anywhere in the world and just give to each other.

And are you familiar with do only good every day? D O G yes. Yeah. So we're very inspired by that. And it doesn't just have to be a party. It could be like beach cleanups or any kind. Doing only good action. So it's a way to instantly reward people around the world for doing something awesome.

Yeah. And yeah, we're just, we're not trying to over-engineer it at this point, it's simple fun then seeing where 

Amy: [00:24:52] is DDB your full-time job? 

Doge Guy: [00:24:54] It hasn't really turned a profit over the years, I've had many other side hustles and things to keep them while lately there's been enough with crypto to pay the rent and keep things online.

I live a pretty simple lifestyle when people have been generous with donations over the last few years that has helped out. Yeah. Yeah. I did some others. Random Airbnb used to fix and sell bicycles. And that's crazy. Like in the early days I was so broke, but you just have to like, like all I did, all I drank was water.

So it cut out all the other stuff you drink and you're saving hundreds of dollars. I've never had a car. So I was just using like zip cars or whatever. I'd make all my food at home. So you save a ton of money, not going out to restaurants. And yeah. Always had roommates to save money. So even in a very expensive city, I was able to like, 

Amy: [00:25:59] yeah, Vancouver is expensive to learn.

Doge Guy: [00:26:02] Yeah. There's always ways to get creative and cut out. And I don't buy real clothing and specific things or whatever. 

Amy: [00:26:14] Okay. So is this how you dress on a daily basis? 

Doge Guy: [00:26:19] I don't always wear the tiger pads to bed, but trying to do something using jammy backs. 

Amy: [00:26:29] Yeah.

Doge Guy: [00:26:38] so this, my friend created this company called jammy pack. So it's a Fanny pack with a Bluetooth speaker in it 10 years ago. And this is essentially. So the speakers just in the front there. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Anytime I leave the house, I try to have sharing music into the world. 

Amy: [00:27:00] What kind of music do you listen to electronic?

Doge Guy: [00:27:06] Yeah. Oh, it goes the full range of everything. W 

Amy: [00:27:12] what kind of music is that? These dance parties. 

Doge Guy: [00:27:16] So with the parties we try and just play the most fun, infectious uplifting, silly music, but still 

Amy: [00:27:24] yeah. So like pop electronic EDM stuff. 

Doge Guy: [00:27:30] Yeah. Like I'm not even, I've just always called everything.

Techno if it's 

Amy: [00:27:35] electronic. Yeah. 

Doge Guy: [00:27:36] Okay. Yeah. We were always way into the nineties dance. Like loud Boosh and all those things. So that was the primary inspiration. But yeah, I have a, my dear friend jock call my unofficial son. He got inspired by the DDP and started throwing his own parties with sound boxes all over the world.

He's always hunting out new stuff on Spotify and sending it to me, but we play, we'll go. Crazy intense, like high energy party music to like Celine Dion to like funny like film scores. There's have you seen the, that Michael Jackson saw mama say mama Salma. Mako saw, yeah. Looped for 10 hours straight it's gosh.

Amy: [00:28:24] Wow. Okay, 

Doge Guy: [00:28:28] cool. Like it's a whole. Unto itself yeah, like you got a microphone and you're playing the music and you're like spotlighting people on zoom, like crafting this like visual party journey. My friend had a good word for it. He called it human jockeying instead of this joking. Cause you're like, yeah, like I'm in dancers live and 

Amy: [00:28:50] it's pretty neat advice.

Would you have to someone who is looking to get their side project off the. 

Doge Guy: [00:28:59] Off the ground. I saw Steve jobs interview the other day that my girlfriend sent to me. Who's also a crazy entrepreneur working many hours a day. And he said, yeah, you have to love it. You have to have passion for it because it's going to be hard and it's going to be horrible most of the time, probably.

So it's just Believing in what you're doing and being focused and committed and yeah, for me, I've never really wanted to have kids. I've just wanted to be focused on creating an adventuring. Yeah. Just never giving up, never give up because there's so many challenges and so many like crazy things.

Deal with, but 

Amy: [00:29:51] yeah, that's good advice. Are you nervous about the, sway that Elon Musk has overdose? 

Doge Guy: [00:30:01] I mean it centralizes things and stuff. Like he could, if he disavowed the doge, which I don't think he will, the price would crash, but those like the community is just so strong. And so devoted that doesn't matter, like those just still here after seven years made it through.

Amy: [00:30:22] You don't think that if he, yeah. What if he says that? Yeah. What if he disavows it? What if he says that it's not. Liable, or it's not a good investment anymore. I don't have no idea. Or it says something like you remember how he did the SNL skit and then like it tanked a little bit because people are like, what the fuck does that make you nervous about the like business platform that you've built or, 

Doge Guy: [00:30:53] I've been a believer in the dose.

We first met in 2013. We're going to find a way no matter what. And yeah, I think my assessment of Elan is he's like as obsessed as I am with dos. So yeah, I think once you're hooked, like you don't walk away from the dose. 

Amy: [00:31:13] Yeah. Okay. Okay. Let's talk about the dos community a little bit. Then tell me what it's like.

Cause I'm not. I don't think I'm very that familiar with the dosha community. 

Doge Guy: [00:31:24] Yeah. I'm still getting familiarized. We had our own weird, those DDP niche. I guess there's seven years of history, but yeah, like we, we put up a sign up form on our website where it's like, would you like to help out, just tell us.

That's like this big, long Google form about had over 200 people signed up yeah, I just love it. I want to help out. And like the whole spectrum of backgrounds, like people all over the world, like Kazakhstan, like anesthesiologists and all these it's just like everyone from every walk of life.

That for some reason just resonates with doing only good and having fun and being silly and like a positive. Uplifting community. So it's definitely fun, authentic people that want to spread positive vibes. That's so that plus open source technology is it's a done deal. I think been talking with the devs a lot recently.

We're actually hopefully going to be establishing re-establishing. Doby Cohen foundation pretty soon. Yeah. And when I was talking to them, I'm not like a expert program or anything. I was like, couldn't we just can you just take any of the best aspects of any other crypto project and plugged them into dos?

And they were like, yup. So like Moses, the most beloved meme of all time. If it's not already, we'll soon be the strongest brand in the world. So 

Amy: [00:33:03] That's a bold statement. I don't know about that. The strongest ran in the world. 

Doge Guy: [00:33:10] I think. I'm in my own weird bubble. I think like religions are stronger brands.

Yeah. I mean like Coca Cola has a strong brand, but no one, like we'll organize a festival for it. Volunteer hours to help, like this is this organic self perpetuating ecosystem of people that are fired up. So the die hard 

Amy: [00:33:33] fans 

Doge Guy: [00:33:34] and they're, I think they're mostly pretty clever, so they can stuff and they figured out how to network and organize.

Amy: [00:33:43] I just have a question. What do you think is the demographic of doge supporters? 

Doge Guy: [00:33:51] Seems to be the whole spectrum. It doesn't matter politics, or left young, or, if you're really old, you're probably not up on crypto things, but in general, yeah. It's love. And we've given out like thousands and thousands of dose stickers and everyone I give them to, it just resonates.

Yeah. Even seniors, like rappers, basketball players, like all these celebrities. I think it's actually cool. It's like this silly thing. That'll appeal to little kids, but then you got rappers just being like yeah,

cool. This is why it's the most powerful it's and it makes like doing good being like cool. 

Amy: [00:34:35] You're good stuff. It is a feel again, it's a feeling. Cool. Okay. So what is up next for you? 4 million dos disco for the DDP what's coming up. 

Doge Guy: [00:34:50] So we've got our giant global activation launch live stream tomorrow where we'll be dropping the first 1,111 docents with coins in them all over the world to the people that have signed up.

And then, yeah, we're working towards. Really giant global activation on world peace day, September 21st unify as many people as possible and between now and then. Yeah, we're just going to be upgrading, evolving the game, figuring out how to plug in all these people that want to volunteer and be a part of it.

It's basically building an army of light to wage peace and do good stuff. Hope the best tasting. 

Amy: [00:35:34] Alright, this episode probably won't be released before tomorrow, which is July 3rd. So where can we find you and your stuff online? 

Doge Guy: [00:35:44] So dojo, or at doge disco on every social media. We were lucky to Snagit Gary let chance and.

DDP is T H E D If you Google it, you'll find it pretty easy. 

Amy: [00:36:02] Perfect. I will put all of those links in the show notes, Gary. Thank you very much for joining the podcast. I appreciate 

Doge Guy: [00:36:08] it. I need to show you the doge disco salute. Yes, let's see it. Let's just figure it out a couple of weeks ago by some team members.

So left-hand.

Fingers pointing up towards the moon. Okay. Hand hugging the earth and then to bring it in.

It took me a while. And then yeah, you got it. And then you have your back thumb is the tail to wag. Oh, 

Amy: [00:36:41] wow. Okay. I see. 

Doge Guy: [00:36:43] Or you can just do a simple . 

Amy: [00:36:47] The doge coin salute. All right, 

Doge Guy: [00:36:49] let me about the pot cross. 

Amy: [00:36:53] Oh, the pod cross. 

Doge Guy: [00:36:54] Yes. The Toshiba full moment crossed her pause and the world was never the same, the way 

Amy: [00:37:04] the doge.

It's all about the dose. There you have it, everybody. 

Doge Guy: [00:37:09] There's one more, one more dimension is. Not everyone has realized that yet, but those spelled backwards is ego or ego D ego death. And that's what, this is really all about. Partying, the dos, having fun. It's all about the dissolution of the ego, not as how we unify the world.

Amy: [00:37:36] Mike dropped. That was very Eckhart. Totally. Have you

Doge Guy: [00:37:42] reached out to one of these parties? Yeah. 

Amy: [00:37:46] Okay. If you get Eckart out, hit me up. Let me know. I'll I'll also attend, 

Doge Guy: [00:37:53] this is my space. 

Amy: [00:37:55] This is my space. Now I don't, maybe I should get on 

Doge Guy: [00:37:58] that. If you figure out a way to re. 

Amy: [00:38:03] All right. Thank you very much, Gary. 

Doge Guy: [00:38:06] Thank you. 

Amy: [00:38:08] Salute. All right. If you like this episode of the hacker noon podcast, you can like share and subscribe.

We appreciate it. This episode was hosted by me, Amy, Tom. It was produced by hacker noon and edited by our lovely audio wizard, Alex, thank you very much. And we will see you again. Next time. Stay weird and I'll see you on the internet. Bye-bye.