How to Vote in the HackerNoon 2021 Noonies Awards #Noonies2021 by@noonies2021

How to Vote in the HackerNoon 2021 Noonies Awards #Noonies2021

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Voting is Live on

How to Vote:

1.Visit (or the link for the specific award for which you were nominated --or directed to by a nominee -- and skip to step 5).

*You may also use the search function at the top if you are looking for a specific award or person. *



2.Look for the category which appeals to you most. Give that a click.

3.Scroll through and find the titles that interest you.

4.Click the title. Look at the nominees. Give the names and descriptions a read.


5.Once you’re done, select the person’s name you wish to vote for. Click ' Vote.’


6.After you vote, you will have a chance to share the information on all of the socials!

7. Please be mindful of the below voting rules.

Voting Rules:

Anyone can vote for any of the awards. You get only 1 vote per award.

Votes are weighted in the following way:

Non-logged in: 1 vote

Logged in: 3 votes

Published writers who are logged in: 10 votes

How to interpret the voting system: The best way to get the most out of voting is to:

  1. Inspire your friends, family, colleagues, general tech humans of the internet to create a HackerNoon account(if they don’t have one already).

  2. After they have created an account, they can publish a writing prompt on their opinion on any article (or any media really) available on HackerNoon or the internet. They can also write freely about any other topic and submit content.

  3. Once published, then they can cast their votes and have it be worth 10x a vote that doesn’t have a published story or an account.

Notably meaning: 1 vote can turn into 10, plus they get a chance to experience being a writer. Everyone is happy.

Thank you for your patience. Sorry for the delay.

Good luck and may the best Rick Sanchez of the Year win!

Disclaimer: The above voting images are just a sample, you don’t have to vote for Vitalik if you don’t feel like it.