7 Reasons Why Should Startups Immediately Switch To ReactJS In 2018

2018 is the year of ReactJS which has already won the popularity battle in 2017. After the success of Facebook & Instagram, using ReactJS is considered as a solid foundation for the success of any project be it a start-up or any business. In fact, a start-up can gain a huge success in less time if it starts with ReactJS development. This is because it is a perfect tool to make high-performance presentation layer for your web application.

ReactJS is one of the most recently created open source code libraries developed for JavaScript programmers. BY using this, one can easily and comfortably develop an application or a web page.

Moreover, the Facebook found it very useful that contributed to the Java Coding and thus resulted in the React JavaScript library. This library was created with the cooperation of Instagram, Facebook and a strong community of its users. A large number of IT outsourcing companies have adopted ReactJS for building various web resources. Due to which, it has topped the list of popular JavaScript languages.

According to W3Techs stats, ReactJS is used by 0.1% of all the websites, that is a JavaScript library market share of 0.2%. The current market position of ReactJS can be seen from the following diagram:

In this blog, we will discuss top 7 reasons why should start-ups immediately switch to ReactJS in 2018.

The complete list is given below:

  1. Virtual DOM

The use of virtual DOM is another important innovation in this modern business world. You can now create an in-memory data structure cache memory and list the resolution differences thanks to that extension. As a result, you can now update the displayed browser DOM efficiently.

2) Interactive interfaces

ReactJS development gives its users the opportunity to manipulate the designing features, key interface flows in an easier and faster way. According to the own desires, tastes, and principles, you can develop an interface by hiring top ReactJS developers for your next project. This actually operates in the following two ways:

- Loop: ReactJS Developers can use loops in order to create representation views in the React frame. While Loop is available in both Angular and React, it is much easier to use in the first. It allows developers to create loops within their front-end over a lot of HTML elements. Hence, developers can simply group them into a large array. It offers a more elementary technique for the operation within the development of an application.

- Nest view: This expansion allows web developers to control the nested elements within ReactJS in a fairly easy way. Now it is possible through the work with classes and the creation of a direct reference of the class of children to the class of parents.

3) Advanced performance

ReactJS development has reduced the problem of falling behind other apps that are developed using the same platform. It automatically updates on-page apps that often do not need reloads for redrawing UI. In simple words, it does not matter if you have a previous tablet, mobile device or smartphone. You will not have problems when trying to load a large web page with many graphics that does not completely match the capabilities of your device.

4) Simple to use

The complexity level of ReactJS development is one of the first things which needed to be mentioned here. As compared to AngularJS, it is much simpler. In the first place, ReactJS was created to simplify the process of Development, programming, and administration of resources. Of course, React.js is not meant for beginners, but even highly dedicated ReactJS developers sometimes need a review when they develop using ReactJS. Therefore, if you want to be successful with your application or website, you should limit yourself to the proper and complete knowledge of JSX and HTML, that is, a declarative and strict coding style.

5) Alternatives

ReactJS open source code can be used like a stone which is capable of killing two birds. It is an alternative to other libraries which you have within the coding process of your web resource. For example, Angular, jQuery, and Backbone are such additions to JavaSCript. All functions available in these libraries are now available within the ReactJS extensions. In addition, they are extended with a very varied spectrum of other additions, functions, simplifications and useful changes, which have been implemented in ReactJS.

6) Flexible Development

When ReactJS arrived, many businesses took it for granted as it was a new step forward in the world of web development. While some of them thought that the maintenance and developmental process were also upgraded automatically. The major role in this process was played by secondary libraries, which provide several special opportunities. For example, as a ReactJS developer, you can now overcome several restrictions and prohibitions within a coding process, while choosing the most comfortable and compromising ways to deal with future & certain problems and strategies to govern your front-end project.

7) SEO friendly

The most vital problem with JavaScript frameworks is that they usually do not fit well with search engines. As a result, this lowers down the overall search engine ranking as the mismatch has negative implications for your webpage or developed app. But, ReactJS has come up to tackle this problem. It provides you the opportunity to run your application on a server, while the already highlighted virtual DOM could represent and return to the browser as a normal web page. Therefore, it removes the need for PhantomJS.

Ending Note:

So now, we can conclude that ReactJS is a revolutionary step in the world of software development. In fact, a ReactJS developer can help you craft achievable goals and demonstrate how your business can use this technology to achieve growth, raise conversion rates, can cut cost etc. Hoping, the reasons given above are capable enough to convince you to use ReactJS for your next web development project.

To achieve the goals of your company, it is important to ensure that they are professionally designed and in line with best practices. You should consider working with a ReactJS development company that has extensive experience in the same technology application for many years. By hiring ReactJS developers from reliable and best ReactJS development companies, you can bring success to your project. Valuecoders, being the leading software development company in India, consist of an expert team of ReactJS developers who have successfully delivered more than 4200 projects to 2500+ happy customers in the last 13+ years.

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