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7 Nioh 2 Character Creation Codes on PC

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Team Ninja’s soulslike RPG, Nioh 2, finally arrived on PC on 5 February 2021. The title was praised for its brutal, almost masochistic gameplay that forces players through some of the hardest battles in gaming. Also noted was its unique mix of The Warring States period in Japan and mythology. One of the best features, however, was the expansive Nioh 2 character creation system. 

Nioh 2’s character creation system is new to the series. The original game forced players into the body of professional Geralt look-alike, William Adams. This time, players get to customise their characters with some fairly in-depth options and can even share their creations with others through codes. However, the codes made on PlayStation consoles are not compatible with PC copies of the game which has made it hard for PC players to find codes. 

List of Nioh 2 Character Creation Codes

Fortunately, PC players have been sharing their PC Character Creation Codes on the subreddit r/glamurai and on a Steam community thread. We’ve compiled seven of these codes to give a taste of what to expect from these communities. 

1. Baiken from Guilty Gear


This Nioh 2 character creation code was made by u/Vextalyst

The one-eyed one-armed Samurai Slasher is a surprisingly good fit for Nioh 2. While you can’t be one-armed in Nioh 2, you can wear an eyepatch, have pink hair and have roughly the right markings. Better yet, most of her secret weapons can be found in Nioh 2’s expansive arsenal. There isn’t anything to really match her outfit, but hey, the modding community has made its first tools already.

2. Danny Trejo


This Code was made by u/GrumpyTrurl

Players who want to be a well tanned and muscular man with an impressive mustache might consider this code which can turn their protagonist into the actor Danny Trejo. Given the actor’s role as Machete from Spy Kids and his own spin off series, There are plenty of bladed weapons to choose from. Unfortunately there’s nothing that really matches a Machete. Still, this character creation code really shows what Nioh 2’s system is capable of. 

3. Oni


This Code was made by u/CatsAndChill4

Nioh 2’s protagonist is revealed very early on to be part Yokai which explains many of their special abilities. This code pretty much turns the protagonist into a red-skinned oni. Not only is this a good indication of how far the Nioh 2 character creation system can go, it also makes some of the cutscenes look a little ridiculous considering how blatantly demonic this makes the protagonist look. 

4. Yang, Nora and Blake from RWBY

Players who want to be a flaming, punching, blonde badass, lightning hammer-wielding thor-themed woman, or a sneaky ninja-like cat girl can top off their builds with these Nioh 2 character creation codes.


These codes were done by u/incognado

Naturally, the fists fit Yang very well and using fire enhancements on them work wonders. It's a shame that there aren’t any shotgun gauntlets but no game is perfect. 


Nora’s Thor theme is really easy to fit. Imbuing weapons with lighting is easy enough and there are a few hammer options to choose from.


Blake can be done by using Kusarigama. Unfortunately, this isn’t Sekiro and no one has a glock to tie to the end of the weapon. Her dodging, while not 1:1, can be imitated using Feral guardian spirits. 

5. Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII


Seventh Heaven’s manager would be sorely missed if someone didn’t find a way to port her likeness into the game. Nioh 2’s fist weapons are always fun to use and finding a character who uses those as her signature weapons are the perfect excuse to put them to use. Fortunately, there are plenty of red coloured fist weapons for the added flavour. 

6. Sun Wukong from The Journey to the West


This code was made by u/Desolus

This code lets you take on the form of the Monkey King, Sun Wukong. It is a little surprising how much Nioh 2 can make a build that apes the way that his abilities work. Not only is there a monkey guardian spirit in the game that would be a perfect match for Wukong, the Splitstaff matches his signature weapon with a little tweaking. The Soul Core mechanic that allows the protagonist to briefly take the form of a Yokai works brilliantly as well.

7. Okita Souji from Fate: Grand Order


This Code was made by u/czar310

The tuberculosis-ridden leader of the Shinsengumi might have been male in actual history, but this version takes inspiration from Sakura Saber from Fate: Grand Order. The lighting in the character creator makes her hair look less blonde than it actually is. 

How to use Nioh 2 Character Creation Codes for PC

Using the codes is a fairly straightforward process. One simply needs to open the additional options menu, select the final option and input a code. Unfortunately, it doesn’t copy from the clipboard but it should work easily enough. 

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