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341 Stories To Learn About Testing

by Learn RepoJune 10th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Testing via these 341 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Testing via these 341 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

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1. Smoke Your Server Using Goroutines

We all want to test our servers and the latency induced by scale. There are different ways to do that one way would be to use postman to send multiple requests. But how do I send concurrent requests? Say I want to a million requests with different levels of concurrency. This can be easily achieved by leveraging the power of Goroutines.

2. Open Source Ventilator Projects: Status, Challenges, How You Can Help

At this moment, there are thousands of intelligent, diligent, well-meaning engineers trying to help the design of open source ventilators to address a possibly imminent life-threatening shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This wealth of creative technical energy is currently disorganized, scattered, and unfocused. Rather than being a tremendous force for saving lives that it may become, energy and time is currently being wasted on oversimplifications of the problem and the belief that the projects are closer to deployable than they really are.

3. SDET vs Test Automation Engineer: Main Differences

Today, we’ll shed light on the differences between the sought-after SDET role and traditional test automation engineers.

4. Are Unit Tests a Waste of Your Time?

Unit tests are just a waste of time: you'll always end up spending more effort maintaining them than writing code

5. WebdriverIO Vs. Selenium: Who Will Win?

Selenium is the most popular web UI automation tool, but does that mean that it's the best solution in test automation market?

6. 3 Steps to Adding End-to-end Tests to Your Project

E2E enables extensive testing as soon as the changes are available. It has a chance of catching potential issues before merging changes to the main branch.

7. How To Make A Record of Selenium Test

Selenium is a open-source free and automation testing tool for web applications across all different browsers. It is quite similar as HP QuickTest Pro (QTP, currently UFT). However, Selenium mainly focused on automating web-based applications. So the testing done using Selenium tool is referred as Selenium Testing.

In order to record a test, follow the given steps: Step 1 : Open Mozilla Firefox web browser, go to tools and click on Selenium IDE. There type the link

8. Testing a React App with Jest and react-testing-library

How to test a React App, with Jest and react-testing-library

9. What Does Google Want With Troop's Tissue Samples?

In early 2016, the security gate at a U.S. military base swung open to admit a Navy doctor accompanying a pair of two artificial intelligent Google scientists.

10. What is Property-based Testing (Part 1)

Introduction to property-based testing by way of an illustrative example.

11. Configuring Multi Cluster Setup in Postman

If you are testing REST APIs application with Oauth on Postman, generally you do the following,

12. Salesforce Test Automation Or Manual Testing? Here is Some Clarity

Do you know the best feature of Salesforce? Some of you would suggest it's the easy introduction of change or updates on an organizational level, and we agree.

13. Why I Unit Test My Sass: Mixins 🧪

Besides testing functions, did you know you can test mixins as well?

14. How to Test Transactions From Visa and Mastercard in a Fintech App

How to Test Fiat Transactions From Visa and Mastercard in Fintech App

15. Getting started with API Testing

API testing focuses on testing the business logic or the functionality of the application. Using API testing you are also validating the data responses, as well as ensuring whether your APIs are performant and secure.

16. Code Coverage: How to Measure You've Done Enough Testing

In this article you will learn what code coverage is, how code coverage is calculated, and how much code coverage to aim for in your tests.

17. Test Driven Development (TDD): Killing Bugs Before Day Zero

Here's why you need to know TDD craft.

18. Best Practice For Code Reviews In Engineering Teams

Code review is one of the most important practices engineers should have. Learn what we think are the most important principles in good code reviews.

19. Property-Based Testing: The Diamond Kata, First and Last Line Content


20. 8 Essential Maven Plugins Beyond The Core

Working with Maven as a build management tool, you’ve grown accustomed to its core plugins and abilities. Now, it’s time to up your Maven game and discover the top plugins that add time-saving functionality to your favorite build tool.

21. Why it's Time to Stop Using Meaningless Test Values

Did you ever find a test where the mock data was a bunch of meaningless "test" strings and 123 integer values? Yeah, me too — and it sucks.

22. Testing, Evolution, and Web Applications: It’s About Survival of the Fittest

When web applications evolve, tests break. Learn how automated tests continue to work well as the application evolves.

23. A Guide to Examining & Modifying Executable Code

A review of tools and techniques to examine and modify executable.

24. Test-Driven Development is Fundamentally Wrong

It sounds backwards because it really is

25. I created Postwoman 👽 - An online, open source API request builder

Postwoman 👽 - API request builder

26. How To Do Unit Testing For Microservices

The microservices approach of building applications is most suitable when we develop complex applications with diverse functionalities. Since microservices, unlike monolithic architecture, keeps each function independent of the other, it is the most followed technique in modern times for large applications.

27. Write your own E2E Test Scripts for Playwright & Puppeteer

A few tricks to quickly craft reliable E2E tests with Playwright and Puppeteer

28. 4 Automated End to End Testing Solutions Compared

Time to add some end to end tests for your next application.

29. How To Configure And Run Cypress Tests using Jenkins Stages with Parallel Directives

How to run E2E tests in Cypress with Jenkins pipeline stages to get the shortest CI build time.

30. The Secret To Succesully Simulate An Attack With Gremlin To Test Kubernetes

Gremlin is a leading software company focusing on chaos-test in the market. It also has a tool similar to Chaos Monkey which belongs to Netflix, but is more customized to test the system with random loads or scheduled shutdowns. In the article below we will be testing a simple Kubernetes cluster running on EKS with Chaos Test.

31. How To Write Benchmarks In Golang Like An Expert

Golang: benchmarking made easy

In this article we'll see how we can use golang's benchmark utility to easily write benchmark tests. Also, we'll see how to plot

32. Application Stability Index: How Healthy Are Your Applications?

Providing an error-free experience to your customers is of utmost importance to drive conversion, engagement, and retention.

33. Kali Linux vs Parrot Security OS: Operating System for Penetration Testing in a Nutshell

We compare Kali Linux to ParrotOS and go over the pros and cons of each operating system.

34. Test-driven Development: How to Write Unit Tests

Tests are a way to explicitly set expectations about code. You establish them to allow the machine to check whether your code meets the expectations.

35. How to Simulate the Kafka Service Using the Citrus Framework

Today, many teams use Kafka in service development. Many leading IT companies are already actively and successfully using this tool.

36. Tips, Tools, and Best Practices for Optimizing Unit Testing in JavaScript

Learn how to improve the performance of your JavaScript unit tests with this comprehensive guide.

37. Selecting elements in Cypress tests: basic + advanced patterns (2 useful Cheatsheets)

Two incredibly informative and useful Cheatsheets with basic and advanced patterns for selecting elements in Cypress tests.

38. Generating Unique Values for Test Data in MySQL

Generating unique values for test data in MySQL

39. How to Breed Brine Shrimp at Home

Yes. Brine shrimp are raised in captivity usually by aquarium owners for their food supply. Brine Shrimp have a good likelihood of surviving in fresh water.

40. The Importance of Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis tests are significant for evaluating answers to questions concerning samples of data.

41. Test Automation for Dummies: A Quick Guide for Newbies

To optimize your testing, it is crucial to have a better understanding of test automation. Get the basic knowledge of automation testing here.

42. How to Use Components in Playwright

Today I'll speak about a beta feature in Playwright: Components.

43. An Essential Guide to Fixtures in Playwright

Today I want to speak about Fixtures, a vital friend if you're going to work with Playwright and you want to share data between your tests.

44. How To Manage Local Kubernetes Testing with KIND Tool

If you've spent days (or even weeks?) trying to spin up a Kubernetes cluster for learning purposes or to test your application, then your worries are over. Spawned from a Kubernetes Special Interest Group, KIND is a tool that provisions a Kubernetes cluster running IN Docker.

45. A Simple CDN Speed Test Script in Python

Here is a simple python script I use to speed test CDNs. It’s open-sourced under an MIT license.

46. Taking a Look under the Hood to See How Jest Finds Related Tests

Learn how Jest finds related tests in an optimal way using the Breadth First Search (BFS) algorithm and how to leverage its API in your local development enviro

47. Using Next.js + Playwright + GitHub Actions to Make a To-Do App

A comprehensive Todo app with APIs and E2E tests with GitHub Actions enabled.

48. How to Generate Test Code with Playwright

Today you will learn how to generate the code for your tests.

49. 9 Reasons Why Angular JS is Amazing

The days of messy sites, broken links, and unresponsive sites are out of date. It's time to embrace the era of modern web development. Interactive, responsive, and impeccably designed sites, although there are many variables that make a site efficient; The way data shows data is of paramount importance. That's when JavaScript intervenes. AngularJS is an advanced framework introduced by Google.

50. Native Fuzzing in Go 1.18

Go adds fuzzing as a part of its testing tools. This feature is planned for the 1.18 release and is already available for beta testing

51. How to Write Tests with the Playwright Testing Framework

In this post, you will learn how to write tests with Playwright, using assertions, locators and more.

52. 7 Kotlin Libraries Every Developer Should Know

The most common Kotlin libraries that are used for cross-platform and Android development, testing, and documentation are considered in the article.

53. How to Run Selenium Tests on Firefox using Firefox Driver

 Selenium uses Firefox Driver to link the test cases with the Firefox browser. In this guide, we discuss how Selenium Firefox driver aka GeckoDriver works with the help of an example.

54. Selenium vs. Selenide: Which is the Better UI Test Automation Framework?

Choosing a UI automation framework is not an easy task. You have to consider many factors based on your company's needs.

55. Why API Mocking is Essential

Is API mocking in unit tests important or does it do nothing. I think the answer is a bit more nuanced but we do need such tests to reduce daily churn

56. How to Fix Flaky End-to-End Tests with Playwright and Reflow

A software engineer codes for 18 months and builds a SaaS. He thinks he knows how to improve end-to-end testing.

57. Bring In The Bots, And Let Them Maintain Our Code!

Learn how to automate away as much maintenance as possible using Renovate, Travis CI, and CodeCov

58. Integration Test With Database in Golang

Making a test suite in Go projects with a real live database/service

59. Build a Single Page Web3 App with Vue 3, Vite and Pinia

A complete how-to guide on creating, testing, and deploying an example bookstore application with Vue 3, Vite, Pinia, Nightwatch

60. How to Use Assertion Scopes to Execute Multiple Assertions in C#

Fluent Assertions is a .NET library that provides use with a bunch of useful extension methods that allow us to test our C# code in a more natural way

61. Introduction to Python Debugging with Pdb

The Python Debugger (pdb) is an interactive source code debugger for Python programs. It provides added functionality like setting conditional breakpoints

62. How to Address 'Flakiness' in End-to-End Testing

Flaky tests are tests that fail even though they should pass. Because of the complexity of an E2E, it’s unlikely to have them as stable as unit tests.

63. 4 Ways to Keep Your Ecommerce Store Ready at All Times

Online retailers are growing constantly and need to get ready for a massive influx of traffic. As customer expectations and market standards are higher than ever before, it’s critical to ensure quality and high-performance at all times.

64. I Test, Therefore it Works

To put it simply, programmers make it work and testers make it break. The benefits beat the costs in the long run.

65. The Top 66 Developer Resources From 2017

Update 2019:

66. Software Development is Not About Unit Tests

Photo by ShareGrid on Unsplash

67. What is Shift Left Testing and Should Your Dev Team Adopt it?

Benefits and key considerations of shift left testing in software development life cycle.

68. Creating API-Helpers Using the Citrus Integration Framework

Creating API-helpers using the Citrus Integration Framework.

69. Best Practices to Write Unit Tests the Right Way (Part 2)

All you need to know about unit testing LINQ and mappings in .NET to make more reliable code faster as you develop software using systems like AutoMapper

70. Top Security Penetration Testing Companies

Cybercrime is one of the world’s fastest-growing threats, with malicious actors constantly elaborating their methods of undetectable intrusion. According to Verizon’s Business 2020 Data Breach Investigations report, there has been a 100% increase in web app breaches, and stolen credentials were used in more than 80% of these cases. These statistics are worrying for many businesses that actively move their processes to the cloud and deal heavily with customers’ personal data.

71. Performance Testing of Python ORMs Based on the TPC-C benchmark

Object-relational mappers (ORMs) are often used in Python programming when one needs to develop an application that works with databases. Examples of Python ORMs are SQLAlchemy, Peewee, Pony-ORM and Django. When choosing an ORM,  performance plays a crucial role. But how are these toolsets compared? ORM performance benchmarks offer a measure of clarity but leave considerable room for improvement. I examine and extend the qualitative ORM benchmark to develop a stronger metric.

72. When Should I Use an HTTP/HTTPS Sniffer?

In this article, I will tell you what role the HTTP/HTTPS sniffer plays in data parsing and why it is very important.

73. Hacking Your Way Through Microservice Architecture

With an emerging pattern of organizations embracing the DevOps framework, adopting Microservice Architecture is steadily gaining the respect it deserves.

74. Using Cypress and Jenkins for React E2E Testing

Learn React E2E Testing with Cypress and Jenkins.

75. The Different Types Of Software Testing

Software testing is necessary for any developed application to verify its stable and sound functioning. It is performed by validating outputs against expected outputs using dummy inputs. These inputs are derived from real-life scenarios to make sure everything seems real. In this article we discuss in-depth what different types of testing are performed before the application is actually deployed.

76. The Complex Relationship Between Software Developers and Test Code

I was preparing yet another session about Test Driven Development (TDD) (I do quite a lot of these as part of my position) and I thought it would be a good idea to allure the audience at the beginning by showing some statistics.

77. Purity in My Programming: Functions in Go

Pure functions are often hyped up in the Javascript world, probably because of the abundance of state in front end applications. While pure functions have their downsides (i.e. inconvenience, potentially large argument lists), I believe they should be used as much as reasonably possible, and I want to focus on pure functions in Go.

78. How To Create and Load Test Data in PostgreSQL

Learn what tools and approaches are available to create and load test data for webapps without an ORM.

79. How I Hacked a Gitlab Integration with Fastlane for Android

So far, I have enjoyed using Fastlane as a CI tool for deployment of APKs on my Android projects. This post is just to build on what my friend Roger wrote about on his detailed 3 part series “Automating the Android Build and Release Process using Fastlane”.

80. In Depth with Federico Toledo: “More and Better Testers Will be Needed”

What does the future of software testing looks like? Why is the role of a tester crucial in our current society? Will artificial intelligence ever replace the human eye? We talked in-depth about all of this and much more with Federico Toledo, Ph.D. in computer science and COO of Abstracta.

81. How to Get Rid of Application Lag: Profiling, Regression Tests, and More

These types of testing ensure that the application does not experience any lags when processing user inputs and that it is capable of functioning properly.

82. How to Build Your First Allure Report From Scratch

In this guide, we’ll take a journey through the main steps to creating your first Allure report and discover all the fancy features

83. The Basics You Need To Know About Automated Testing In SoapUI

A story about my test automation experience with SoapUI.

84. Refactoring With Tests in Python: a Practical Example

This post contains a step-by-step example of a refactoring session guided by tests. When dealing with untested or legacy code refactoring is dangerous and tests can help us do it the right way, minimizing the amount of bugs we introduce, and possibly completely avoiding them.

85. Validate Your PHP API Tests Against OpenAPI Definitions – A Laravel Example

Am I proud of this montage? You bet I am (by the author)

86. How To Test API Requests Using Promises

Dealing with testing can be hard sometimes, especially if you’re not too experienced in javascript. So, if you’re learning how to deal with API and now you want to start with testing, this guide will help you with it.

87. Python Cheatsheet: Mock Object Library

Python's simplicity permeates it all, and tests are not an exception. I left behind -temporarily- my JUnit and Mockito days by pytest and unittest.

88. Future of Manual Testing: Is Manual Testing dying?

The recent decade has witnessed an enormous shift in the Software Engineering and Software testing practices from manual to automated in most of the areas. With the advent of AI, machine learning and the rise of different automation tools, some people think, manual testing will get completely wiped-off by automation. Let’s unveil some myths surrounding the future of manual testing and debunk them with facts.

89. Why AI Won't Replace Your Testing Job Just Yet

Read this post to know the reasons why AI won't replace your testing job.

90. Insomnia & Rest Can Go Together: 6 Amazing Insomnia REST Features

How to use Insomnia REST to speed up API development and testing? Environment variables, Requests Chaining, Requests History and other features to the rescue!

91. Manual Testing is Not Dead

Love it or hate it, manual testing is still the most widely used form of QA.

92. Test Your APIs in an Easy Way By Using Python Module PyHTTPTest

I've struggled and spent a lot of hours writing manual Python scripts to be able to test a product involving many microservices. All of them following the REST conventions. Overwhelmed with too many scripts, each one test different endpoints, how they respond also what they respond, I've decided to create a Python package to easily do this, without needing to create a manual Python script, import libraries to send an HTTP Request, copy and paste code from other scripts to test fast the new endpoints, etc.

93. The Significance of Using a Standardized QA Procedure

By standardization, we do not expect you to do expensive changes in your complete quality assurance procedure.

94. Quality Sense Podcast with Tristan Lombard: The Power of Community Building

In this episode of Quality Sense, Federico has a conversation with Tristan Lombard, where they talked about the role of community building in software testing.

95. How to Write Better Tests and Prevent Flaky Tests

Flaky tests ruin the development experience. In this article, we will talk about how to avoid creating such tests.

96. dksnap Introduction: Docker Snapshots for Development and Test Data


97. Build a CLI App with Oclif and Node.js Using Test-Driven Development

While writing a CLI tool can be a lot of fun, the initial setup and boilerplate—parsing arguments and flags, validation, subcommands—is generally the same.

98. How to Create and Implement Your Own Test Automation Strategy

Every new software, method, or tool comes with certain growing pains and takes some time to get used to, although it’s almost always worth the adoption effort.

99. Unit Testing Sass: Functions 🧪

Did you know you could unit test your Sass/Scss? No? Me neither.

100. Use Comments to Unit Test Your Code [A How-To Guide]

At Supabase we love writing as little code as possible, so we decided to combine our unit tests with same JSDoc comments that power VSCode's IntelliSense.

101. My Coding Workflow: How I'm Working From Different Places As A Software Engineer

Coding is not an easy process, especially if you have to be super focused to do it relatively fast and without bugs. Keeping the focus on coding only is quite a difficult challenge, but this story is more about how to make the ultimate setup to code from anywhere with the internet and browser!

102. Why Do You Need A JavaScript Test Framework?

The JavaScript testing framework enables you to boost your development workflow significantly. In addition, it increases your team’s speed and efficiency.

[103. AI in Software Testing:

Automation or Automagic?]( Automatic code generation, software design, and requirement gathering are all benefitting from smart algorithms. But what about AI in testing services?

104. Securing your NodeJs Express Application — Part 1

Review common mistakes and vulnerabilities in JavaScript like command injection and see how to secure NodeJs and express using npm packages like hpp and helmet

105. Testing in C#: Property-Based Testing With Input Generators


106. Financial Damage Caused by Software Bugs

The damage caused by software bugs is undermined. Here's a look at the issue of technical debt caused by bugs, with example cases.

107. A TypeScript tale -  Episode I

The first of a series of articles about TypeScript.

108. Use Dynamic Classes to Debug in Python

Oh! If all your code worked as it was supposed to.. Of-course you just made a tiny change and the whole system came crashing down! The existing system seems almost alive, and resists any code change by crashing! Quite often, developers declare a truce in the form of a 'code-freeze'! After a deep breath (perhaps several weeks..) the code-freeze is lifted, and the battle is renewed.

109. 6 Surefire Ways To Suck At Maintaining Projects

Do you want to ensure that working with your repo is a constant source of frustration for your fellow developers? Read on for some awful tips.

110. If You Want To Write The 1st API Test In JavaScript You Can Be Proud Of, Read These Tips

In this post, we'll take a look at what tools/technologies do we need for writing API tests using JavaScript and then we'll also write our first API test. So let's get started...

111. Testing on Ruby on Rails [A How-To Guide]

The testing stage is a very important step in the software development life-cycle of any application. It helps software developers detect and fix bugs much earlier in the development process.

112. The Comparison of Top 10 Automated Mobile Testing Tools

Mobile testing is the process of testing mobile applications for functionality, usability or performance through the use of tools or open-source frameworks.

113. How to Save Time by Testing Your Application

If you don’t write tests for your code, then I'll tell you why tests are worth every minute you invest in them.

114. Guide To Pursue DevOps Agile Development Cycle And Develop a Better Software

The rise of DevOps and Agile methodologies is apparent to anyone closely following the business world. Just last year, there was an 18 percent increase in DevOps adoption. Most business owners see the benefits of embracing both DevOps and Agile. With these methodologies in place, developers are able to get projects done in a timely and efficient manner.

115. How to Become a Pro Debugger

Debugging is not something that is taught to anyone at any point in their careers, which leads to the belief that it is very difficult.

116. Tips for Fixing Your Flaky Tests

Learn how to get better consistency around your automated tests by both fixing your existing flaky tests, and writing better tests going forward!

117. Winning At Web Accessibility in 2021 With These Tools for Developers

The quality of the tools you use defines the speed with which you can diagnose and resolve problems.

118. How To Configure Rails Tests with RSpec, FactoryBot and Capybara

So, you're asked to test your application but have no idea how to begin. Or you read about TDD, RSpec, FactoryBot, Capybara, and maybe you didn't understand what they were meant for, or maybe when you tried to run them into your project nothing worked.

119. RSpec Testing: Let Vs. Before

In RSpec, there are two different ways to write DRY tests, by using before or let. Their purpose is to create variables that are common across tests. In this post, we will explore differences between before and let and explain why let is preferred by the Ruby community.

120. The Battle Between Jest and Mocha for Testing JavaScript Applications

Jest vs Mocha, which one should you chose? What are the pros & cons? All about our experience about making the call between Jest & Mocha.

121. How to Use Docker Multi-Stage Build to Create Optimal Images for Dev And Production

Docker has sharply risen in popularity in the past years. It has been one of the tools that have changed the way we work as software engineers and DevOps Engineers. From Docker v 17.05 multi-stage build was introduced which helped abandon the older builder pattern with use of stages and target. This post discussed how you can exploit docker multi-stage build to build optimal images suited for dev/test and production with a NodeJs example application.

122. A Comprehensive Guide to Penetration Testing

We'll go through the Top 5 Pen Testing Firms in this blog article, as well as what makes them special.

123. Open Source Validation Tests for Open Source COVID-19 Ventilator Projects

Right now, there are over 40 open-source ventilator projects seeking to save lives by providing last-resort ventilators when there are not enough officially approved ventilators. Some are better than others. The biggest gap between where they are today and being able to save lives tomorrow is testing.

124. Selenium Testing: Running First Pytest Script

Selenium as we know, is an open-source test suite used for cross-platform browser automation. Due to its popularity and ease of use, many compatible test frameworks with respect to different programming languages have been developed to extends support of Selenium for cross browser testing over multiple programming languages. Today we’re going to look into Selenium Python tutorial to run our first automation script using PyUnit framework with Selenium.

125. Robert L. Read Builds Robots; Wants You to Learn Functional Programming

Robert L. Read from the United States has been nominated for FOUR 2020 #Noonies in multiple award categories, including Software Development .

126. How to Implement iOS UI Testing

Implementing end-to-end testing is incredibly helpful for the user experience.

127. How I Launch A Postwoman v1.0 👽: Free, Fast & Beautiful Alternative To Postman 🎉

So, here’s how Postwoman happened.

128. The Best Java Libraries that Every Developer Should Know

This article describes Java libraries like Apache Commons, Guava, Log4j2, Logback, SLF4J, JUnit, TestNG, Mockito, Hamcrest, AssertJ, Jackson, Gson, JAXB, StAX

129. Best Practices for Implementing Test Data into Your CI/CD Pipeline

Test data as a part of software development is the poor relation that has been ignored for far too long. Butt’s one of the biggest bottlenecks.

130. Eating Your Own Dogfood Is Just Not Enough

Dogfooding—the disgusting and less than accurate way of suggesting a team use its own product before releasing it to others—is a common way for startups to test their product. If you don't like your own product, who else is going to? It makes a ton of sense, but it's not enough.

131. Fixing DNS timeouts in Docker with a DNS cache [Tutorial]

Having flaky tests in your CI is a nightmare. You can't tell whether your new code broke something or if it's just those tests being flaky again. So anytime we see strange, random failures in CI for our open source project, Adapt, we try to track down the culprit ASAP. This is the story of how we discovered we were (accidentally) flooding our DNS server with traffic and how we used a DNS cache in Docker to solve the problem.

132. Circle CI: How To Run Ruby and JavaScript Tests in Parallel

Configure the CI server to run parallel tests in the shortest CI build time. Ruby and JavaScript examples of parallel testing.

133. Using Hoverfly to Mock Out the Web


134. Web Automation with Python and Selenium

Web automation is one of the best ways companies can test a product in development, especially the app's functionalities, such as clicking, scrolling...

135. Web Application Security Explained: Why Is It Important and What Does It Include?

Web application security refers to securing sites and online services against different security threats that abuse vulnerabilities in an application’s code.

136. How to Survive Testing on NodeJs and Jest 🤒

Common mistakes and errors to look out for when testing with Jest on NodeJs.

137. How to Test Financial Applications Effectively

There are several key types of test cases in QA you can’t avoid dealing with banking and financial applications. Here is the checklist for it

138. 5 Simple Tips to Become a Better Programmer

Developing software is more than just 'coding'. To grow as a programmer, you'll have to master other practices — here are 5 timeless tools and methods.

139. Functional Testing With Your Backend in Go

For Terrastruct, which has a little over 50K lines of code as of now, I've only written functional end-to-end tests. This blog post describes a successful setup that took some iterating to get to, and it's one I wish existed when I started with a Go API backend.

140. Everything Wrong With The State of Unit Testing Today

Unit testing nowadays is pretty much always done using a technique called example-based testing. The method is simple; we run a series of examples against an algorithm, and we validate that we get the expected result.

141. Popular Codeless Open Source Testing Tools

Programming languages have been a core part of software development. However, popular codeless open source testing tools are making it possible to go without.

142. How We Automated our End-to-End Testing from the First Line of Code

Unit tests are at the bottom of the pyramid, as they’re just what they sound like, the smallest self-contained unit of testing.

143. Using Unmasked Production Data For Testing Leaves Your At Risk For Data Breaches

If you don’t want to risk data breaches and the associated fines & image damage, don’t use unmasked production data for testing.

144. How to Set Up End to End Tests with WebdriverIO on Github Action ?

For some time now I've been playing with github actions to see if I can easily reproduce behaviors I apply in my current CI tool. I wanted to parallelize tasks

145. Open-Source Testing Mechanism for Kubernetes Applications

Without a doubt, Kubernetes is one of the top players in the container orchestration platforms game.

146. Top 16 Podcasts Every Software Tester Should Check Out in 2020

Podcasting has been around since 2004, but now in 2020, it’s safe to say that we’ve entered the golden age for podcasting. According to Podcast Insights, there are over one million active podcast shows with over 30 million episodes. As with the growth of vlogging and youtube, podcasting has exploded because it’s one of the easiest ways for anyone to cultivate or reach out to an audience, no big-time contracts or middleman required!

147. How to Use Chrome to Debug JavaScript - Stop Console.Logging! NOW

If you console.log() when you debug, you’re doing it wrong. There’s an easier way and it’s right in the palm of your browser.

148. Let's Compare Top 15 Automation Testing Tools

Automation testing tools are applications designed to verify function and/or non-functional requirements via automated test scripts.

149. Getting Started with API Testing by Using TestMace

Hello there! We're coming out of the shadows and continuing the series of articles about our product. We've got so many feedbacks (mainly positive), suggestions, and bug reports after publishing our last overview article. Today you'll see TestMace in action and try out some features of our application.

150. 5 Tips for Selecting Test Case Management Tools

Here are 5 tips for selecting the test case management tools and save your efforts and time.

151. Code Review: It's Bad, Expensive, and Ineffective [in most cases]

I am reviewing a practice we’re all aware of: code review.

152. Feel the Release

Technology performing at human speed is no longer an option.

153. Continuous Integration: Best Practices To Follow

We think of bugs as being in code but that’s just the end of the story. Bugs are a human problem. You fix one bug in code but you prevent future bugs by helping humans to work better.

154. How to Handle Configuration for Multiple Environments in Console App Service?

How I automated the process of service deployment for a console application after issues caused due to multiple configuration environments.

155. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Unit Testing

Unit testing is utilized to examine small segments of code that can be secluded logically in the system. Frameworks normally managed to do unit testing are JUnit, NUnit, JMockit, PHPUnit, or tools like TestComplete.

156. The Basics of Penetration Testing

Here is the detailed blog on penetration testing. Check it to know what it is, its steps, methods, and the best tools for penetration testing.

157. xUnit: Managing Complex Test Parameters

xUnit support many ways of parameterizing tests, however none of the existing documentation I could find covered the use case of re-using and mixing parameter datasets across different tests. This article shows how this can be done with xUnit in Visual Studio.

158. Software Testing Trends to Watch 2021

Covering test automation, security systems, testing of mobile applications, big data testing, IoT, AI, ML, Blockchain and more.

159. How To Integrate Security Testing Into Your Software Development Life Cycle

160. Scriptless Automated Testing is not the Same as Record and Playback Testing

In its initial days, Software Testing was completely manual. The repetitive nature of testing mundane tasks and the time required to test led to the wide adoption of automated testing.

161. Canaries to the Rescue: Catching Service Issues Before the End User

In this post, you'll learn the concept of canaries, example code, best practices, and other considerations, including both maintenance and financial costs.

162. Experimenting With Citrus Integration Testing Framework

Creating a test project on Citrus Framework.

163. Unit Testing Functionality: Testing setTimeout and setInterval

Recently at a client, a question came up about unit testing functionality that used setTimeout and setInterval.

164. 5 Common Beginner Mistakes in Test Automation

The most obvious criteria that expose a beginner in Test Automation during interview or workflow/code review

165. Continuous Testing vs. Traditional Testing

We hear the term ‘continuous testing’ a lot in the software testing industry. It’s one of those buzzwords that just keeps coming up, time and time again.

166. How to include SNS and Kinesis in your e2e tests

Being event-driven is a key characteristic of a serverless architecture. Often our Lambda functions would publish events to SNS topics or Kinesis streams instead of calling downstream APIs directly.

167. 10 Ways to Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks and Prevent Data Theft

Use the provided recommendations to make it as difficult as possible for cybercriminals to get into your system.

168. Configuring Parallel Tests with Semaphore CI 2.0, RSpec, Cypress and Jest

How to configure parallel jobs on Semaphore CI for RSpec, Cypress and Jest tests to get the optimal CI build time.

169. How To Run PostgreSQL as a Build Requirement in TeamCity Build

We use different Continuous Integration tools in our projects. One of them is TeamCity software. A pipeline for TeamCity can be configured easily and has two steps, such as run tests and build a docker image for further deployment. However, I needed to run Postgres before running tests. I made a research, I read the documentation and this article may be useful to close a gap for team city’s documentation.

170. Use GitLab's CI/CD Tool to Run Parallel Tests

How to run parallel jobs for RSpec tests on GitLab CI Pipeline and speed up Ruby & JavaScript testing

171. How To Write Unit Tests, Elegantly

“If you don’t like unit testing your product, most likely your customers won’t like to test it either.” — Anonymous

172. Building a To-do List App with Python: Data Access Layer with SQLAlchemy

If you ever used an ORM, you already know that it can save a lot of time, especially when starting a project, but as the codebase grows it can become impossible

173. E2E Testing of Excel Downloads with Cypress

Recently while working on a project, I had to create a functionality where users can download an excel file consisting of some data.

174. What We've Learnt From 3000 Bug Reports

When do people report bugs? You probably never asked yourself that question, which was one of the reasons we wanted to answer it. The second reason was that we had the right type of data available, since our tool helps teams report and fix bugs. Long story short, we decided to learn more about the way software development teams approach the bug reporting process. For that exercise we've taken a random sample of 3000 bug recordings uploaded to our database in the last 2 months. Here's what we found.

175. How to Use Test Coverage for Business Profitability

Test coverage is a metric that determines the scope of different types of tests.

176. Why You Should Be Obsessed With Dogfooding

How dogfooding has evolved from its humble origins as a marketing gimmick to a central part of tech companies' product strategy

177. Computer Vision Is Fun To Play With

I work as a Software Engineer at Endtest.

178. 9 Tips To Make Regression Testing More Effective

With the surging rise in the number of mobile app users in the entire world, it’s a high time that brands should focus on delivering seamless functioning of mobile apps. Hence mobile app testing is one of the ways to achieve this goal. This shows the importance of including regression testing in your mobile application development lifecycle.

179. React Application Development Tools: UI, Styling, State Management, Testing

If you have chosen React for building a web app, you will still need additional technologies and frameworks to expand and grow your project, add functionality and integrations.

180. Using Galen Framework For Automated Cross Browser Layout Testing

Galen Framework is a test automation framework which was originally introduced to perform cross browser layout testing of a web application in a browser. Nowadays, it has become a fully functional testing framework with rich reporting and test management system. This framework supports both Java and Javascript.

181. Unit Testing Is NOT The Same As Integration Testing

Let's look at the differences between unit tests and integration tests and when you might prefer one or the other.

182. An Intro to Build Automation Tools for Selenium Automation Testing

Build automation tools are vital for Selenium testing, as they help to orchestrate the project build by automating the process. Read more to find out how!

183. An Introductory Guide to Screenshot, UI, API, and Performance Testing

Building a product, we face the moment that we need more types of tests. Screenshot, UI, API, or Performance? There are many of them and every one is designed for other purposes.

184. Build a CLI App with Oclif and Node.js Using Test-Driven Development: Part 2

TDD for building a CLI application using the oclif framework.

185. CI/CD Pipeline for NodeJS Lambdas on AWS using Jest, Serverless Framework, Github, and TravisCI

I wanted to start a serverless project, and one of the primary headaches aside from architecting the workflow and deciding which lambda functions need to be created is a simple and yet effective CICD workflow.

186. How To Test an App That Using Redux Thunk Middleware

A practical approach to test an application that uses async redux-thunk action. The test will check the effect of dispatched action on the state.

187. Code to the Future

How can you make sure that your avant-garde idea pans out?

188. Unifying Random Generation and Shrinking (Property-based Testing Part 4)

How property-based testing libraries like Clojure's test.check and Haskell/F#'s Hedgehog unify their random generation and shrinking API.

189. Selenium Exceptions as the Way to Get More Robust Testing Scripts: the Truth

Exceptions in Selenium are unavoidable. Here are 49 most common Selenium exceptions which might occur while performing Selenium Test Automation.

190. Introduction to Mocha Testing Framework

Mocha is a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on Node.js and in the browser.

191. Types of Crypto Wallets and How to Choose Best Crypto wallet

For software quality-assurance testers and engineers, acquiring new skills has never been more important. However, according to the O * NET Career Portal, the number of QA jobs is expected to grow modestly over the next decade - if "faster than average" —7%, so this growth will not match the skyrocketing demand for information-security practitioners and software. Developers.

192. Let's Stop Calling them 'Bugs' - Software Quality is Our Responsibility

The term Bug sounds like an excuse out of our scope infecting our systems. It is not. Software quality is under our control. It is our responsibility to deliver

193. How To Get Better At Testing Automations in Docker

I do test automation for ONLYOFFICE document editors, and our team uses Docker for lots of tasks. It’s difficult for me to imagine how to work without it and not suffer performance losses.

194. Using Swagger And Excel Sheets for Validating REST APIs

Swagger Files (aka OpenAPI Specification) is the most popular way for documenting API specifications and Excel sheet provides an easy and simple way of writing structured data. Anybody can write data in excel sheet irrespective of their programming skills. Introducing vREST NG (An enterprise ready application for Automated API Testing), which combines the power of both to make your API Testing experience more seamless. The approach is also known as Data Driven Testing.

195. How I Integrated the Cucumber Framework into a Test Project for BDD Implementation

This article will show you how to create a test project from scratch and start developing it in accordance with BDD.

196. How to Use JUnit Annotations In Selenium

JUnit is a Java-based, open-source framework to help you execute unit testing. JUnit is used primarily to test each and every unit or component of your application like classes and methods. It helps to write and run repeatable automated tests, to ensure your code runs as intended. The framework offers support to Selenium test automation for web-apps or websites.

197. Top 10 Automation Testing Trends for 2021

Pandemic-related changes weren’t easy to embrace, just like remote working wasn’t easy to grapple with.

198. What About gRPC Testing?

gRPC Testing gets a bad wrap. Here's a different perspective on the open-source system

199. How I Started Load Testing on a High-Load Service (P.S. It's Easy as ABC)

About a year ago, I started working for VK on the citymobil. I initiated load testing for this project.

200. Real Devices vs Emulators vs Simulators for Mobile App Testing

Is it best to use real devices, emulators, or simulators to test your mobile apps? Let’s find out the most effective way to test applications by considering the pros and cons of all three approaches.

201. You’ll Never Fix It Later - How to Pull Your Team Out of the Quicksand

The more quick and dirty code you write, the more stuck you'll get with it blocking you from releasing any piece without a big bang. Pull yourself out.

202. Shrinking Choices, Shrinking Values - Property-based Testing (Part 5)

Explaining how property-based testing libraries like hypothesis shrink random values to make them easier to understand and debug.

203. Pro Tips For Crowdsourced Penetration Testing

Bug bounties, crowd-sourced penetration tests are increasingly becoming popular. See the top six tips for participating in a bug bounty program.

204. How to Handle Forms in Selenium With Java

Learn how to access forms in Selenium WebDriver for automated browser testing of your web application and ensure a cross browser compatible experience.

205. What is the Best Way to Test Your Mobile Application?

Mobile applications are inevitable parts of our lives. To function as expected, each app needs proper software testing to ensure a delightful user experience

206. API Testing Tutorial: A Complete Guide to Beginners

New to API testing? This tutorial will show you everything you need to start, from understanding what an API is to using popular tools to make testing easier.

207. How To Implement a JUnit Parameterized Test for Selenium Test Automation

Tired of writing the same test scripts for different input values? Save time by learning how to perform a parametrized test in JUnit.

208. How React Testing Library Can Improve Your Mental Health [Part 2]

How React Testing Library Can Improve Your Mental Health Part 2

209. The Big Bad Guide on Database Testing

The process of checking data integrity and consistency of the database is called database testing. Ultimately, it aims to create complex queries to check database responsiveness to load/stress putting schema, tables, triggers, stored procedures, etc., under test.

210. Zombie Testing: One Behavior at a Time

Selecting great test cases is very hard. Unless you summon the undead.

211. How to Write Tests for React - Part 1 [Beginner's Guide]

Writing React Test with react recommended libraries — Jest & React Testing Library for complete beginners.

212. Top Software Testing Trends To Follow In 2020

Software development is growing exponentially, and it will not be any different in 2020. The most critical part of it all is not even production, but the testing to verify the functionality of the software.

213. Take Responsibility Instead of Blaming Your Users

Mad because your users keep clicking on that submit button three times a second?

214. Best 15 Mobile Testing Tools: 2021 Edition

With approximately 3.5 billion smartphone users and 1.35 billion tablet users, it’s no surprise that the mobile application industry is thriving with 204 billion apps downloaded in 2019, and projected to increase by 25% between 2020 and 2022.

215. Docker: Beginner's Guide

If you've been into software or web development for any amount of time, chances are that you at least heard of Docker. Maybe you're like me and have avoided using it because it seems complicated or difficult to set up.

216. An Introduction to Test-Driven Development

Test-driven development (TDD) is all the rage these days and has been a discussion topic for quite some time. If you are brand new to TDD, this article should serve as a good introduction to what TDD is, why it’s useful, what a typical TDD workflow looks like, and when to use TDD.

217. Top Software Testing Companies in 2020: 30 QA Providers to Keep an Eye On

According to Pew Research Center, 83% of US adults were using smartphones in 2019, and 74% of them were also desktop or laptop owners. Moreover, surprising four and a half billion people around the globe, which is 59% of the total world population, were internet users.

218. Creating A Data Science Pipeline That Works Correctly

An easy, automated, repeatable way to check your data science solution is doing exactly what it's designed to do.

219. 7 Deadly Vices in Product Management

Working as a product manager at a IOT startup, I realised that the IOT Product Management is a bit different from the Product Management of a typical Software / SaaS product. To equip myself better, I started scouting for product management books from a hardware / IOT standpoint. In that process came across this amazing book called Prototype to Products by Alan Cohen. This book clearly articulates what goes into IOT / hardware Product Management and what needs to be done additionally.

220. Why SaaS Companies Require Security Testing?

SaaS companies offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to providing essential software solutions to their customers. They have an added advantage of being easily accessible and that too on all kinds of devices. As a result, the modern age businesses are rapidly switching to these solutions provided by SaaS vendors.

221. 6 Lessons I Learned with Software Testing

For the last few of months I started digging into the software testing world. I really wanted to learn more about how to create more effective tests, refactor code with more confidence and feel safe about adding new features. However, I felt it is little difficult to dive right in this area, that in my point of view, is underestimated.

222. How to Write End-to-End Tests for a React application with Cypress

End to end testing is one of the testing methodologies which is supposed to check whether if an application works as expected or not, by testing the so called user flow.

223. A Step-By-Step Guide to Unit Testing for Express API

A detailed step-by-step guide to writing unit tests for your node express API using mocha, chai, sinon, supertest, rewire, and nyc.

224. Software Testing 101: Regression Tests, Unit Tests, Integration Tests, Oh My!

How do you prove that the software is working? How do you know you are not introducing harmful side effects? This is Software Testing 101!

225. Tips About TestNG Listeners In Selenium WebDriver With Examples

There are different interfaces provided by Java that allows you to modify TestNG behaviour. These interfaces are further known as TestNG Listeners in Selenium WebDriver. TestNG Listeners also allows you to customize the tests logs or report according to your project requirements. TestNG Listeners in Selenium WebDriver are modules that listens to certain events and keep track of test execution while performing some action at every stage of test execution.

226. How React Testing Library Can Improve Your Mental Health [Part 1]

I know one person who likes writing tests, and it is not me! I like adding code-coverage to my code and you'll see why.

227. Smart Contract Testing on OpenZeppelin CLI - An RSK Workshop

Prior to commencing this tutorial, please ensure that you have installed the following RSK workshop pre-requisites on your system:

228. Ash Coleman, Head of DEI at Credit Karma, talks about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Work

Federico Toledo, wraps up season three of Quality Sense with an illuminating interview with a leader in the DEI space.

229. Here are the best 11 Website Accessibility Testing Tools for 2022

Website Accessibility Tools help make sure that your website is well-equipped for users to access by testing common problems that many other sites experience.

230. Sanity-Checks with Playwright in Fargate container on schedule

There is often the need to check whether your production system is working as expected. Playwright is a great way to test if everything is going to plan.

231. How to Write Tests for React - Part 2 [Beginner's Guide]

Writing React Test with React recommend libraries - Jest & Testing Library for React Intermediate users.

232. Effective Testing in Complex Software Development Projects

Manual Or Automatic Testing?

233. 10 Best Courses to Master Eclipse and JUnit To Become a Better Java Developer

Eclipse and JUnit are two of the essential tools for Java Developers. Eclipse is a Java IDE, Integrated Development environment which allows you to code, run and debug Java program from a single window, while JUnit is a unit testing library that allows you to test your Java code automatically.

234. Dependency Injection to Make Your Code Testable [A How-To Guide]

Have you ever wanted to write unit tests for your code, but you’ve found that it’s difficult to do so? Often this is the result of not writing code with testing in mind. An easy way to solve this is through utilizing test-driven development, a development process in which you write your tests before your app code.

235. 5 Critical Topics Covered at Once: Code Review Practises You Cannot Miss

Why do code reviews? How reviews help improve culture? In this article we'll summarize the lessons from a dozen of official company engineering blogs.

236. Github Actions and Puppeteer: Continuous Integration Tutorial

Lately I’ve added continuous integration to my blog using puppeteer for end to end testing. My main goal was to allow automatic dependency update using Dependabot.

237. A Beginner's Guide to Unit Testing In JavaScript

In this article, we are going to discuss a testing approach known as unit testing. What are unit tests? How should you implement them? and their benefits.

238. There is No Continuous Delivery Without Continuous Testing

Three Ways Automated Testing Closes the Gap Between Development and Delivery

239. Testing Asynchronous JS Code: 2020 Edition

The text you are about to read describes an imaginary dialog between two programmers on their way to discover the orgastic pleasures of a library called asyncFn.

240. Why SaaS Companies Require Security Testing?

SaaS companies offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to providing essential software solutions to their customers. They have an added advantage of being easily accessible and that too on all kinds of devices. As a result, the modern age businesses are rapidly switching to these solutions provided by SaaS vendors.

241. The Difference Between Unit Testing and Integration Testing

Read the article to know the definition, key characteristics & benefits of two of the most common types of tests - unit and integration testing.

242. How To Make Your Own Test Lungs for Testing Emergency Ventilators

Materials and equipment needed

243. Uniswap 🔀 Testing

Uniswap plays a major role in the DeFi world. Let's implement Uniswap's swap function in just few minutes

244. Swift Dependency Injection With Functions

Implementing an architecture within an application can be challenging. There are rules we can follow (SOLID, Clean Architecture) and patterns to guide us (MVVM, MVP, MVI, Redux, …) but sometimes, things we thought were well established deserve a step back.

245. Selenide Test Automation: Using Selenoid in the Docker Container

This article will be useful for young QA specialists, as well as those who are interested in the features and capabilities of such popular testing frameworks as Selenide and Selenoid.

246. The FAQs of React Native

React Native is a framework created by Facebook that is used for building native apps using React. It is mainly used for developing applications for Android, iOS, and Web. It an open-source framework. So, today we will be checking out the 13 most asked React Native questions.

247. Taking A Glance At Software Testing, In Particular E2E Web Apps Testing

In this blog post, we will try to explain software testing from a very simple perspective and look in particular into end to end testing for web applications. We will also explore a very popular tool used in end to end testing for web applications.

248. How to Create and Publish Your First Private NPM Package

In this article, I will show how we can easily create our first private npm package.

249. Top 10 Automation Testing Tools: 2020 Edition

The demand for delivering quality software faster — or “Quality at Speed” — requires organizations to search for solutions in Agile, continuous integration (CI), and DevOps methodologies. Test automation is an essential part of these aspects. The latest World Quality Report 2018–2019 suggests that test automation is the biggest bottleneck to deliver “Quality at Speed,” as it is an enabler of successful Agile and DevOps adoption.

250. Getting Started with Selenium Grid Browser Testing

When performing cross browser testing manually, one roadblock that you might have hit during the verification phase is testing the functionalities of your web application/web product across different operating systems / devices / browsers are the test coverage with respect to time. With thousands of browsers available in the market, automation testing for validating cross browser compatibility has become a necessity.

251. How To Use Selenium To Catch Page Load Times

There are a number of metrics that are considered during the development & release of any software product. One such metric is the ‘user-experience’ which is centered on the ease with which your customers can use your product. You may have developed a product that solves a problem at scale, but if your customers experience difficulties in using it, they may start looking out for other options. Website or web applications that offer better web design, page load speed, usability (ease of use), memory requirements, and more. Today, I will show you how you can measure page load time with Selenium for automated browser testing. Before doing that, we ought to understand the relevance of page load time for a website or a web app.

252. AVR Microcontroller Testing Procedures

In this article, my colleague Anton Kozlov tell us how to cover the main methods of simulation and firmware testing for AVR microcontrollers. Let's start!

253. Strategies For Mobile App Performance Testing

A good app is one that can perform better and these performances are tested through some performance matrices which are highlighted here.

254. How to Speed Test a CDN: An Introduction

At the end of the day, the CDN is really just a caching layer.

255. Essentials of Vintage QuickCheck - Property-Based Testing (Part 2)

Learn how the first property-based testing library, QuickCheck, works by implementing it in Python.

256. The Never-Ending Debate: For Loops in Test Cases or Multiple Assertions

For Loops in Test Cases or Multiple Assertions?

257. 3 Keys to a Successful Continuous Testing Implementation

In this post, I'll be sharing some key considerations and tips from our guide in order to successfully implement continuous testing.

258. How to Write Your First Unit Test With Jasmine

Let’s take a more practical look at a simple case for testing.

259. Using the Software Testing Maturity Model to Refine Your Testing Strategy

Want to improve your software quality engineering processes but don't know where to start? This software testing maturity model and assessment may help!

260. The Ultimate C# .Net Testing Setup

Basically, we need to ability to write test classes and methods and have the base infrastructure for them.

261. Unit Testing Made Easier With Pure Functions

By getting used to unit tests, they can start to familiarize themselves with the codebase and make significant progress while facing no risk or stress.

262. Is No-Code Testing Actually Possible?

Testing accounts for over a quarter of development timelines. Automated codeless testing can help remove bottlenecks bringing your software to market quicker.

263. Introduction To Property-Based Testing in C#


264. Continuous Testing in DevOps: Only 55% Of Top-Level Firms Have Implemented It

Continuous testing - where you execute automated test cases as a part of the delivery life cycle to obtain real-time feedback.

265. Learning from Experience: A Tester's Perspective

Testers are engineers. They can perform academic researches. They can apply programming to create the tools which benefit the team.

266. Automated Testing Guide, types, applications, & techniques.

The software industry has been seeing a substantial increase in demand for upgrading existing software & introducing new software in the market.

267. How Crowdsourced Testing Can Help To Your Business

The world’s top brands such as Facebook and Microsoft, constantly launch, update, and wow their customers. Have you ever wondered how this is happening? Despite the fact that these huge corporations have their own internal Quality Assurance teams, crowdsourced testing is something that leveraged relatively new.

268. Remote Usability Testing Tools, Here's What to Look For

In this blog, you come to realize remote working usability checking out is a notable manner to check your product earlier than and after launch!

269. The Step-by-step Guide to Prioritizing Test Cases in End-to-end Testing

In this article, I will demonstrate the testing approach I’ve been using successfully in a project I’ve been working on for the past 8 years.

270. 9 Points to Remember When Designing a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Template

Designing a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) template will play a pivotal role in carrying out the UAT process in a streamlined and efficient manner.

271. My Experience with Integration Testing

"I have to use the test environment for a integration test project at 2-3 pm, please don't publish during that time!"

272. Why Tracking Vulnerabilities After Deployment Is Important

Explore why you should track vulnerabilities after deploying your software, ways to track vulnerabilities, and how to keep your users and business safe.

273. Everything Technical Project Managers Need to Know About End-to-End Testing

End-to-end testing is a technique to test a software’s workflow from start to end to ensure it works as expected.

274. Low Code Tools for Test Automation

In this article, I will share a state of the art in the test automation field, specifically with the low code approach.

275. A Step-By-Step Guide To Web User Interface Testing

JS frameworks can also utilize WebTestIt. Here is a step-by-step guide to web UI testing.

276. Storing Tests On The Project Repository Vs. Storing Tests On A Separate Repository

While starting to work with end-to-end tests, one of the first questions is where to store them. Alongside source code or in the separate repository?

277. How to Start a Career in Software Testing

Testing is indispensable. It's the lifeline of software. Quality is a thing that can uplift you from your competitors.

278. 10 Trends That Every Tech Recruiter Needs to Know in 2022

If you are a part of the IT recruitment industry, then you cannot walk past these 10 recruitment trends shaping your industry.

279. Top Penetration Testing Providers: What You Need to Know Before Opting for One

In this blog post, we will take a look at the best penetration testing companies and explain what you need to know before opting for one.

280. How to Get Started with Website Test Automation

In this article, we will be going over website test automation. Specifically, we will be talking about UI automation testing using Puppeteer and Browserless.

281. A Closer Look at the Most Used Tools for Software Testing

Using automation testing tools is an excellent way to go about verification of your product.

282. How to Get Early, High Quality and Actionable Insights From User Testing

Easy User Test can produce actionable insights directly from your customers, even on draft copy and initial versions of web content.

283. Get Started With Sidekick Open Source Live Debugger in 5 Mins

Sidekick is a live application debugger that lets you troubleshoot your applications while they keep on running. Here is how you can start using it in 5 minutes

284. Retain More Customers With these A/B Testing Tools

Here we have listed Best A/B testing tools to help you improve your digital marketing strategy, find solutions, and engage with your ideal customers.

285. Report: Key Trends to Thrive in Software Testing in 2022

Here are some key findings from The State of Quality Report 2022 that highlight the critical testing trends and practices to test effectively in 2022.

286. On Creating the Right Test Strategy for Your Project: A Guide from the COO

A test strategy is a set of high-level definitions that determine how software testing processes are going to be performed, driving our decisions on how to invest our testing efforts. Creating a well-thought test strategy is crucial to understanding the overall scope of your project, and what testing approaches, tools and skills are required in order to develop a successful product that provides a great user experience.

287. A Closer Look at End-to-end Testing

Get a deeper understanding of End-to-End testing, the various types of E2E testing methods available, and the benefits of applying E2E testing to mobile apps.

288. Achieving a High Return on Investment in Your Testing Efforts in Angular

Testing is often considered a necessary but time-consuming and ineffective task in software development.

289. An Intro to the Playwright Testing Framework

Playwright is a testing framework to handle e2e testing. With Playwright we can write e2e tests and run them in different browsers, like Chrome, Firefox and Web

290. The Noonification: DeFi May Save The World Financially (8/27/2022)

8/27/2022: Top 5 stories on the Hackernoon homepage!

291. Node Version Manager (NVM): How to Install and Use (Step-by-Step Guide)

In this article, I will tell you how to install Node Version Manager (NVM) on your computer step by step in a more optimal way.

292. The 1990's Called, They Want Their Bug Reporting Process Back

Software development has improved 100x since the internet was invented, but how people report bugs has not changed since the 1990s.

293. What Are the Best Free Open Source Testing Tools, Frameworks, and Libraries

Free open-source frameworks, libraries, and tools are the go-to solutions for automation testing.

294. Book Review: Why Programs Fail

First in a long series of book reviews focusing on production, debugging and developer relations

295. Testing Has a Type: Smoke, Sanity, Regression, Re-Test

As a testing engineer, you've probably heard of such types of testing as smoke, sanity, re-test and regression testing.

296. Keeping Your Units Testable in JavaScript

Unit tests are a challenging topic, with many interconnected aspects that make it difficult for beginners.

297. Manual Testers in a Cross-Functional Team: Do We Still Need Them?

In this article, we’ll share our experience working without manual QAs and you can determine for yourself if it’s really worth it.

298. To Err is Human, to Test is Divine

We are humans, we forget, we make mistakes, we change things, ideas; This happens when we work solo, imagine when you are in a team!

299. Running Cdk Integration Tests in a CloudFormation Custom Resource

Learn how to run integration tests as part of a stack deployment, and automatically roll-back changes when things don't go right.

300. How to Use Insomnia to Upgrade Dependencies 

When you have a good test suite running against your codebase, you can upgrade your dependencies with confidence.

301. Early & Static Testing: Life-Changing Benefits for Your Application

Early testing is one of the software testing principles that often gets neglected by QA engineers, as well as the static testing technique. What are you missing

302. A Guide to Local Debugging with Datadog Agent

The Datadog tool is used to visualize production logs. It can be installed on a MacOSX machine.

303. Fine-tune Your Product In No Time

Being experts in the IT industry, we at QAWERK know about the importance of testing and want to share this knowledge as we believe high-quality software is the key to success.

304. Choosing Test Cases for Automation That Can Increase Your ROI

In this article, we will explore the key considerations when choosing test cases for Automation Testing.

305. Random All the Way Down; Property-based Testing (Part 6)

How to make failing test cases smaller by estimating their size and randomly generating smaller test cases.

306. A Mistake That Could Cost You Millions: What it Is and How to Fix It

This small golang mistake could cost your business a million-dollar problem. You could easily avoid the mistake read the blog

307. Testing and failing

It is not 'if I fail then I will do X'; it is 'when I fail I will do X'. Slightly changing her words, the phrase above belongs to Brené Brown, Dare to Lead, and they are perfect to start this short piece about testing and failure. Everything written is not my knowledge, but of great people like Jeff Hunter, John Maxwell and Brené Brown, I am just interpreting their wisdom. A special thanks to Shane Parrish, I have learned a lot from his interviews and comments.

308. Effective Static Code Analysis Techniques for Improving Code Quality

Increase the value of your static code analysis with the help of test impact analysis and predictive test selection.

309. 6 Effective Pen Testing Techniques to Mitigate the App Security Risks

Here are 6 effective techniques of app testing for the app developers. Learn how these techniques can help mitigate the security risk of app testing.

310. How to Write & Organize Node.js API Tests the Right Way

An architecture for writing and organizing your Unit & Integration Tests for Node.js REST APIs using Jest, Supertest & Chai.

311. Solve Several Problems At The Same Time With Kibana Tool

Are you a software tester? This is where you find out more about using different reading logs in Kibana in order to better track and understand the errors.

312. Generating Databases for Tests or Other Purposes

Some time ago, a friend told me that she was having trouble testing a certain application. All test solutions stressed the platform correctly, generated relevant scalability results, but at the same time they looked very artificial, she said. Well, as a self-proclaimed information security student, also known as the weird-looking-guy-guy, I could adapt some of my studies to the case.

313. How to Decide Between Automated vs. Manual Testing

Testing is the backbone of the Agile software development methodology. The efficiency of the testing process directly impacts the quality of the deliverables and the goodwill of the organization. Buggy software can lead to poor user experience, delayed project timelines, diminished brand value, and revenue losses.

314. How Can a Small IT Company Implement Corporate Training by Its Own Efforts: A Testers' Case Study

We tried to carry out corporate training for a long time, but all our attempts were a one-time story. We couldn't manage to "churn out" our lectures.

315. Everything about Blue Green Deployment Strategy!

How the Blue Green Deployment Strategy can be used to deal with problems on websites that normal development strategies cannot normally be used to resolve.

316. How to Manipulate DateTime in .NET to Help you Code Better

Testing code that uses .NET's DateTime.Now sucks!!!! This is how to mock them, to properly validate DateTime when writing unit tests.

317. How To Test A Controller in Ruby On Rails

In this section, I am going to write test code. Here we"ll discuss a little bit philosophy of testing but more writing tests.

318. Simplify Your Server JS Tests

When you start to write tests you could spread many duplicated rows of your code all over the tests.

319. Top 6 Factors to Consider When Designing Automated Test Architecture

The beginning of automated tests in a project is easy and difficult at the same time. You can start smoothly, using base architecture, simple tests and more.

320. Software Testing as a Job to Enter the Tech Space

Software testing is a tech job that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves.

321. Navigating Unit Tests with Google's Bigquery

Unit testing with bigquery is hard. See how we built robust unit testing suites for data pipelines that use bigquery

322. Automation Testing: The Tools to Help You Embark On the Automated Journey

Katalon Recorder is free web extension built for Record and Playback in automation testing and averts the common pitfalls of other popular automation framework

323. How to Choose the Optimal Test Reporting Tool for Your Product

Many businesses are burdened by an excessive amount of testing data. In that circumstance, it becomes impossible to distinguish between what is valuable, and what is noise.

324. Does Your Web Application Need End-to-End and Unit Tests?

As are most questions worth asking, the answer is nuanced and could be boiled down to it depends.

325. Engagement Communication

Communication is key in any project  - yet, it’s especially critical during a penetration test.  Because pentests are a point in time event with a time constraint, it becomes even more important to communicate any findings, blockers, changes to the environment, and/or any other variables that may turn into a hurdle for testers. Additionally, since pentesting can affect applications, environments and the access to them negatively, the importance of communication is amplified. Thus, the timing of communication is crucial to the success of the test.

326. Understanding Snapshot Testing in the React Testing Library

Snapshot testing is a powerful technique for ensuring that your React components behave as expected over time. Learn how it works in the RTL with this piece.

327. How to Quickly and Efficiently Create Tests for MySQL

How to quickly and efficiently create tests for MySQL without installing any additional utilities.

328. Don't Get Bitten by Hidden Bugs: Test Driven Development (TDD) and AAA Testing via xUnit

Test Driven Development (TDD) is a software development cycle that focusses on describing the behaviour of your code first using tests

329. Shrinking for Easier Debugging - Property-Based Testing (Part 3)

An explanation and short implementation of how shrinking works in property-based testing

330. What Mobile Gaming Industry Leaders Think About Testing Challenges

Wonder how the leading mobile games companies test their apps' functionality and performance? Here are some of their insights!

331. Examples of Weird Infrastructure Tests: A Thread

Kane shows examples of the weirdest infrastructure tests.

332. How to get Rid of Boilerplate in Integration Tests with DBUnit and Custom Annotation.

This article contains the secret - how to get rid of the boilerplate in tests and make your life much better.

333. Comparing Parallel Testing and Traditional Testing

It is no surprise that the integration of digital technology into all areas of business operations is creating a high demand for software.

334. Quality Sense Podcast: Andrey Momot – The “Holy Trinity” of Software Quality

In this episode, get to know Andrey Momot, a QA Lead at WalkMe, the company that pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform to simplify user experiences.

335. Podcast Interview with Lead Cloud Architect, Sumit Agarwal, on DevOps and Testing

In today’s Quality Sense episode, Federico has a conversation about DevOps and testing with Sumit Agarwal, the Lead Cloud Architect for a global tech company.

336. The Quick and Dirty Guide to Testing React Hooks that use RxJS

RxJs is cool when you work with complex async operations. RxJS is designed for reactive programming using Observables. It converts your async operations to Observables. With observables we can "watch" the data stream, passively listening for an event.

337. The Essential Guide to Outsourcing Software Testing

Determining if outsourcing is best for your needs and how to find the right provider in a sea of options.

338. Common Mistakes in Bug Reports and How to Fix Them

Common mistakes in bug reports.

339. Quality Sense Podcast: Erika Chestnut on Calendly's Test Automation Strategy

In this episode of Quality Sense, Federico has a conversation with Erika Chestnut, Head of QA at Calendly.

340. Simon Prior Talks About Software Testing On The Quality Sense Podcast

In this Quality Sense episode, our host Federico has the pleasure of interviewing Simon Prior, who has worked across the cyber security, Retail, gaming, etc.

341. Quality Sense Special Guest Ashley Hunsberger On Agile Transformation

This week’s Quality Sense guest has been at her company now for 16 years, but in that time she has had the chance to assume several different roles that allowed her to explore her interests, lead others, and help the company grow. Ashley Hunsberger started as a manual tester and today, she’s the Director of DevOps Engineering, creating their Developer and Agile Advocacy program. She focuses on the ways they can advance the work their teams are doing, as well as the way in which they do it.

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