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Top Security Penetration Testing Companies

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Cybercrime is one of the world’s fastest-growing threats, with malicious actors constantly elaborating their methods of undetectable intrusion. One of the most efficient testing methods is security penetration testing, or pentesting. To get proactive with their cyber security protection, many businesses cooperate with professional security testing companies that are able to comprehensively check the system, identify risks, fix vulnerabilities, and stay one step ahead of potential hackers. To narrow down your search, we have analyzed hundreds of testing companies and compiled the list of top testing professionals.
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Explority is a research and advisory company that zeros in on the Information Technologies market.

Cybercrime is one of the world’s fastest-growing threats, with malicious actors constantly elaborating their methods of undetectable intrusion. According to Verizon’s Business 2020 Data Breach Investigations report, there has been a 100% increase in web app breaches, and stolen credentials were used in more than 80% of these cases. These statistics are worrying for many businesses that actively move their processes to the cloud and deal heavily with customers’ personal data.

Under these circumstances, companies need to run regular automated and manual tests to determine weak spots in their infrastructure, software, network and physical perimeter security. One of the most efficient testing methods is security penetration testing, or pentesting.

Pentesting is a benign hacking attempt, manual or automated, to break into the system and uncover its vulnerabilities before actual cyber criminals do it. This method is directed at testing the system security controls for their real-world effectiveness. It involves such stages as data collection, threat modeling, vulnerability scans, penetration tests, and so on.

To get proactive with their cyber security protection, many businesses cooperate with professional security testing companies that are able to comprehensively check the system, identify risks, fix vulnerabilities, and stay one step ahead of potential hackers.

The ranking criteria for security testing companies

When asking a professional software testing company to check your system’s security, in most cases you need to grant them access to sensitive information. For this reason, it’s important to choose a reliable company with an exceptional reputation, which will become your trusted partner. 

Unsurprisingly, the market of security penetration testing companies is overwhelmingly crowded. To narrow down your search, we have analyzed hundreds of testing companies and compiled the list of top testing professionals. We have applied the following criteria:

  • Pentesting expertise
  • Portfolio
  • Software QA experience
  • Market penetration
  • Online reviews

As a result, we’ve picked 30 skilled security testing companies and rated them accordingly. 

1. a1qa

a1qa is a software testing company from Lakewood, CO, that has delivered over 1,500 successful projects and established 10 Centers of Excellence during their 17 years of operation. It has partnered with more than 500 companies, from smaller businesses to Fortune 500 giants. The company’s prominent customers include adidas, Kaspersky Lab, SAP, Yandex, Forex Club, and more.

a1qa specializes in delivering full-cycle QA and testing services, including comprehensive security penetration testing. Its expertise covers testing of web apps such as portals, ecommerce, media and e-learning platforms, games and online casinos, and line-of-business testing, such as CRM, collaboration, document management, and financial systems. The company also runs a specialized security testing lab.


2. QA Mentor

Founded in New York in 2010, QA Mentor has managed to establish a strong global presence with 12 testing centers around the world. Its team consists of 300 certified QA professionals that have successfully completed over 870 projects, including the ones for Amazon, eBay, Bosch, HTC, and more. The company offers more than 30 testing services, with cyber security penetration testing among them.

QA Mentor is recognized as a top software testing company by Clutch, GoodFirms, and Gartner.


3. UnderDefense

UnderDefense is a certified computer and network security company that was established in New York in 2016. It provides a wide range of testing services, with a special focus on security penetration testing. The company’s certified security testing team has performed hundreds of penetration tests, including compliance-specific tests, app and wireless network penetration testing, and social engineering security testing. UnderDefense has been repeatedly awarded by Clutch. 


4. Iflexion

Iflexion was founded in 1999 as a full-cycle software development company, which since then has grown into a team of over 850 IT professionals. Its expertise covers a wide range of services from app development to testing. Iflexion has partnered with more than 500 companies from different industries, including PayPal, Philips, adidas, eBay, Xerox, Expedia, KPMG, and more. 

Within its testing expertise, Iflexion covers various security testing scenarios, pentesting included. The company follows global guidelines and regulations when evaluating their clients’ system resilience and readiness to withstand possible cyberattacks. 


5. KiwiQA

Founded in 2009, KiwiQA is an international QA and consulting firm with a team of over 100 professionals, who have already delivered 2,000+ projects. Their software testing expertise covers automated, manual and innovative testing technologies. The company’s scope of security testing includes ethical hacking, cyber security penetration testing, and vulnerability audit. KiwiQA has been recognized as a top testing company by GoodFirms and Clutch. 


6. Silent Break Security

Silent Break Security is a US-based security testing and consulting company founded in 2011. This cyber security penetration testing firm is trusted by Target, US Air Force, Axon, and more clients. Its services include adversary simulation (black-box, internal, external, physical and wireless penetration tests), defensive collaboration (collaborative penetration and assumed breach assessment), and app security (web and mobile app penetration and cloud security assessment).


7. Abstracta

Abstracta is a software testing company that was founded in 2008 by a team of PhD-qualified engineers, who were heavily involved in the global testing community. The company has offices in the US, UK, and Latin America, and organizes the largest software testing conference in South America. Abstracta’s expertise covers a wide range of services, with a focus on testing automation. 

Abstracta has been recognized as one of the best software testing companies by Clutch.


8. TestArmy

TestArmy was established in Poland in 2010. Since then it has grown to 50 certified testers, who have completed over 500 projects and partnered with such companies as Samsung, CinemaCity, EyeEm, and many others. The company offers a wide range of testing services, including security testing. TestArmy has built a team that is dedicated to fighting cybercrime and helping customers reinforce their infrastructure. 

TestArmy has been recognized as a top testing company by Clutch and Deloitte.


9. Berezha Security

Established in 2014, Berezha Security is a certified offensive security services company that focuses on app security, security penetration testing, and professional security training. The company has successfully completed 115 projects. 

Their cyber security penetration testing expertise covers external, internal and social engineering pentests as well as security awareness training, where executive managers and employees learn to face modern threats and combat cyberattacks.


10. Mammoth-AI

Mammoth-AI is a young software testing firm that focuses on cost-optimized testing solutions and automation directed at speeding up release cycles. It carries out functional and non-functional software testing to help companies ensure their compliance with regulations, provide visibility into their vulnerabilities, and deliver great user experience. 

Mammoth-AI has its own testing lab and provides dedicated teams as an engagement model. 


11. Dhound

Dhound is a certified security testing company that opened in the UK in 2015 to provide security consulting and cyber security penetration testing with the focus on compliance, and comprehensive delivery. The company keeps to the international security standards (OWASP, PTES, ISSAF) and established pentesting techniques. 

Dhound identifies security cracks, spots security threats to sensitive data, assesses business risks of discovered vulnerabilities, and offers potential solutions and recommendations.


12. Testrig Technologies

Testrig Technologies is an outsourcing software testing company that opened its offices in the US and India in 2015. The company provides a wide range of QA and testing services for web, mobile, and automation systems as well as offers a trial period. 

One of its specialties is cyber security that includes testing of identity, authentication, authorization and session management processes, input validation, and business logic. Their services include penetration testing and cryptography. 


13. LogicalTrust

LogicalTrust is a Polish security testing company that has been operating on the global market for 16 years. It has gained its experience by partnering with financial, telecom and governmental organizations, and finding almost 10,000 vulnerabilities in their tested systems. For penetration tests of web and mobile apps, the company follows the OWASP, OSSTMM and NIST guidelines.

LogicalTrust is an active participant of major industry conferences, and has already delivered 160 lectures along with multiple publications.


14. UTrust

UTrust is a software quality assurance and consulting company established in Egypt in 2015, with offices in Egypt, the UAE, the UK, and Estonia. Its team of 350+ QA engineers offers end-to-end testing services, from functional and security testing to testing automation. When it comes to security testing, UTrust uses static and dynamic application security tests to simulate attacks and identify security risks. 

UTrust is recognized as a top testing services company by GoodFirms. 


15. DataEndure

For a few decades, DataEndure has been serving industry leaders, such as Cisco, Apple, Google, Chevron, and Yahoo, and helping them build resilient systems that keep critical data protected. Their protection strategy mitigates risks and lets companies efficiently respond to security threats. 

Within its security expertise, DataEndure offers security health check, CISO assessment, security control validation, and vulnerability assessment. It also partners with such security leaders as Veracode, Jazz Networks, Symantec, D3 Security, and many others.


16. Grupo Oruss

Grupo Oruss is a cyber intelligence company from Bolivia, with offices in Italy and the US. Since 2002, its team of information security specialists has been creating shielding schemes to mitigate security risks and protect businesses against hackers, internal breaches, and data leaks. 

The company consists of ethical hackers, pentesters, and professional cyber security specialists. Its cyber security penetration testing expertise includes testing of IoT ecosystems, cloud, and such industrial control systems as SCADA and ICS.


17. Quality Testing Lab

Quality Testing Lab is an Armenian consulting and software testing company that has been offering end-to-end testing services since 2015. Its team of 30+ members has already completed over 100 projects across 15 industries. The company’s expertise covers a wide range of cross-platform and cross-browser testing solutions, including security testing. 

Quality Testing Lab has been recognized as a top testing services company by GoodFirms.


18. Pakurity

Established in 2014, Pakurity is a certified Ukrainian security testing company that helps large and small companies assess vulnerabilities and mitigate cyber attack risks. The company specializes in security penetration testing, information security governance, incident response, security operation, and security training for fintech, telecom, manufacturing and healthcare industries. 

Pakurity actively engages in security research and participates in cyber security conferences.


19. iBeta

Based in Denver, Colorado, iBeta has been delivering on-demand QA and testing services since 1999. It offers a full suite of testing methods conducted by the team of professionals. iBeta is a trusted partner of both Fortune 500 companies and promising startups. It’s accredited by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. 

The company also owns world-class testing labs that can handle a wide variety of software configurations.



REDTEAM is a certified consulting and security testing company from Poland that has been providing offensive and defensive IT security for almost 20 years. It’s a trusted partner of international corporations, governmental institutions, and SMBs. 

REDTEAM has delivered hundreds of penetration tests for business systems built with such high-profile technologies as those by Google, Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, and Adobe. 


21. Rocketlab

Opened in 1994, Rocketlab is a testing-as-a-service company with offices in Estonia, Germany, and Switzerland. It partners with companies of different sizes, including Fortune 500 brands, across automotive, financial, insurance, aviation and healthcare industries. The company delivers a full suite of services with a special focus on security testing. Rocketlab has onsite testing experts and near-shore teams for long-term projects. 

Rocketlab is also recognized as a top testing service company by GoodFirms and Clutch.


22. OnDefend

OnDefend is a US-based security testing company formed in 2015. It delivers security solutions and reinforces legacy security structures for Fortune 500 companies, enterprises, and regional businesses throughout the US. Their customers get a comprehensive security roadmap with identified vulnerabilities and recommendations for establishing a better security. 

OnDefend’s certified testing team includes senior managers, assessors, penetration testers, and QA analysts, each of whom has more than seven years of related experience.


23. 7 Elements

7 Elements is an independent information security consultancy based in Scotland, which offers its security services internationally. It provides advisory services  and tailors its recommendations to specific organizational structures. The company’s security approach is based on manual security penetration testing techniques and covers infrastructure, app, mobile and social engineering testing as well as code, build and firewall review.  

7 Elements is a CREST accredited company, which affirms its highly professional cyber security penetration testing services.


24. CyberHunter Solutions

CyberHunter Solutions is a cyber security company that has been launched in 2016 in Canada. Its certified team specializes in proactive threat prevention and security vulnerability detection. Its services include security penetration testing (at the level of web and mobile apps, networks, and cloud systems), network threat assessment, and security audit.  

CyberHunter Solutions has been named a top B2B company in Canada in 2020 by Clutch.


25. ISCG

Established in 2004, ISCG is a Polish consulting firm that focuses on cyber security and development of business applications, cloud services, and infrastructures. Their cyber security expertise includes risk analysis and security audit, implementation of protective measures and security systems, security penetration testing, and security patrolling. 

Its engineering team holds over 400 certificates and is a certified partner of several major technology vendors, such as IBM, Microsoft, VMware, and more. Among its key clients are PwC, ING Group, Fujitsu, ThyssenKrupp, Raiffeisen Bank, and more. 


26. is a business technology consulting firm based in Canada. It provides IT service packages for different needs, including managed security services. Their security package includes employee training, 24/7 detection and response support, vulnerability reporting, security penetration testing, regulatory compliance, and more. is a certified partner of Microsoft, HP, Dell, VMware, WatchGuard, and Trust X Alliance.


27. Alternis IT

Founded in San Francisco, CA, in 2013, Alternis IT operates as a global managed IT and cyber security broker for growing businesses. It focuses on proactive protection programs to prevent their customers’ systems and data from cyber security threats as well as to safeguard them against security breaches at predictable and transparent costs. 

Its team of top-tier certified testing engineers apply machine learning algorithms to scan for threats across 750 million domains and four billion IP addresses. As a result, the company is able to recognize billions of attack signatures. 


28. Shield 7 Consulting

Shield 7 is a veteran-owned consulting and security testing company based in Maryland, which focuses on computer and network security, security penetration testing, security assessment, malware detection, and forensics. 

The company is qualified to conduct penetration tests for companies of all sizes across the globe to identify weaknesses in their IT systems. It uses the following testing models: adversary simulation, white box testing, and vulnerability assessment.


29. RMRF

RMRF is a Ukrainian cyber security company that specializes in security architecture, security audit, threat modeling, security penetration testing across mobile, web, network, and cloud platforms, identity and access management, cyber security training, and more. The company has developed its own cyber security product that mimics a real infrastructure for attackers, provokes their malicious actions, and learns from suspicious activities at the same time. 

Clutch named RMRF a top Ukrainian IT and business services provider. 


30. TrustFoundry

TrustFoundry is a US-based full-service security testing company that specializes in cyber security penetration testing and secure design. Its certified team has already delivered over 1,000 security assessments for both small startups and Fortune 500 brands alike. 

The company helps its customers eliminate risks in a cost-effective way and provides app, mobile, network and physical security even for the most complex environments. 


Partner for security

Thorough research is key to making the right choice. This list of the top security penetration testing companies on the market today can serve as your starting point in searching for a trusted security partner. 

When comparing a few candidates, pay attention to their approach to the testing methodology, relevant industry experience, clients’ testimonials, professional credentials and certifications. Consider reaching out to some of the potential vendor’s former clients and ask them about the cyber security penetration testing approach taken as well as the project results achieved.

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by Explority @explority.Explority is a research and advisory company that zeros in on the Information Technologies market.
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