Top 30 Software Development Companies in Denverby@explority
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Top 30 Software Development Companies in Denver

June 26th 2020
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Most companies today are technology companies. They aim at digitizing their back-office and frontline operations, which requires extensive IT assistance. Many businesses choose to outsource their digital transformation to external consultants’ IT teams. In case you need an onshore software partner based in Denver, Explority has compiled a list of the top software engineering companies in Denver to prepare the ground for your further research. To shortlist the candidates, you need to compile your list of business requirements first and take your time to carefully revise the players corresponding to these requirements.

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Most companies today are technology companies. They aim at digitizing their back-office and frontline operations, which requires extensive IT assistance. However, trying to pursue agile methods, many businesses choose to outsource their digital transformation to external consultants’ IT teams as the alternative to running their own. 

At the moment, the software development market offers the services of thousands of companies for all kinds of needs. To shortlist the candidates who will turn software into an enabler instead of a roadblock, you need to compile your list of business requirements first and take your time to carefully revise the players corresponding to these requirements. 

Here are the key criteria to consider:

  • Cost per hour in order to evaluate your project budget
  • Portfolio and major customers to understand whether the vendor has experience in your industry or with similar solutions
  • Reviews on trustworthy platforms and recommendations from past clients
  • Tech stack to make sure the vendor’s team has worked with the platforms and tools you aim at
  • Official partnerships and certifications that prove the company has access to the required technological resources and up-to-date competencies
  • Location if it’s of significance to the project

If you need your software development partner to be based in a certain location, it significantly narrows down available options but doesn’t make the choice easier in any way as it still requires the same rigorous level of evaluation and verification. In case you need an onshore software partner based in Denver, Colorado, Explority has compiled a list of the top software engineering companies in Denver to prepare the ground for your further research. 

To pick the most prominent vendors among Denver software companies, we have scored them against five criteria:

  • Portfolio
  • Major customers
  • Tech stack
  • Pricing
  • Reviews

As a result, we have shortlisted 30 best companies, each with its own strengths, competencies and industry focus. Now it’s your turn to choose a partner fit for your project’s scope and requirements.

30 Best Software Companies in Denver

1. Iflexion

Launched in 1999, Iflexion has grown to a team of 850+ professionals who have completed software development projects for more than 500 customers across different industries, with the focus on solutions for ISVs, media and entertainment, ecommerce, finance, education, and healthcare. Its key customers are PayPal, Philips, Expedia, Toyota, eBay, adidas, Shell, and more. 

With its ample development stack ranging from programming languages (.NET, Java, PHP, etc.) to platforms (Salesforce, SharePoint, Magento, etc.), Iflexion has delivered enterprise web and mobile apps, portals, intranets as well as BI, AI, and IoT solutions.

Iflexion is listed as one of the top custom software development companies by Clutch and one of the best engineering firms in Denver by GoodFirms.


2. Gorilla Logic

Since 2002, Gorilla Logic has been delivering nearshore software development and consulting services. The company has grown to 500+ employees who specialize in Java, Ruby, Python, .NET, Angular, React, iOS and Android development. They build enterprise web and mobile apps and deliver UI/UX development, DevOps, data science, IoT and QA services.

Gorilla Logic is listed as a top app development company by Clutch and is a certified AWS and Microsoft partner.


3. MojoTech

MojoTech was founded in 2008 and completed 150+ projects. The company combines engineering, design and product management competences and delivered software solutions for such customers as Shell, Schneider Electric, Pivotal, and more. MojoTech is proficient in full-stack engineering, mobile and web development, legacy upgrades, and cloud migration. 

The company was featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and TechCrunch. 


4. Computer Enterprises

Computer Enterprises is a software development company that has been providing consulting and engineering services since 1992. It specializes in strategy roadmaps, tech enablement planning, UI/UX design, custom web and mobile apps, app maintenance, cloud solutions, DevOps, AI, big data, and BI.

The company is certified by Microsoft, Google Cloud, Sitecore, Cloudera, Redgate, and AWS.


5. Woodridge Software

Woodridge Software is an award-winning Colorado-based software development agency that specializes in bespoke web and mobile apps and custom integrations for startups and Fortune 500 enterprises. 

Since its launch in 2012, the company has been focusing on projects in finance, cybersecurity, education, and healthcare. It pays special attention to software security, runs rigorous security testing, and ensures their solutions’ compliance with major security standards. 


6. Skookum

Skookum and its team of designers and developers have been solving digital challenges and helping businesses modernize their technologies since 2005. The company focuses on design, software development, digital strategy, and innovative solutions such as web and mobile apps, APIs, IoT and cloud-based software. 

Skookum also has hands-on experience in launching R&D labs and environments from scratch to let customers explore emerging technologies, build prototypes, and accelerate time-to-market.


7. Bayshore Solutions

Bayshore Solutions is a Denver software development agency founded in 1996. Its cross-functional teams have provided tailored web development, ecommerce, and hosting solutions for 2,600 customers across different domains, such as insurance, banking, logistics, and retail. The company offers full-cycle services, from digital strategy and web design and development to marketing, content management, and web hosting. 

Bayshore Solutions is a certified partner of nopCommerce, Sitefinity, HubSpot, and Google. 


8. Chromedia

Chromedia is a custom software development vendor in Denver that partners with companies of any scale, be it early-stage startups or large corporations. Founded in 2011, the company has delivered hundreds of projects, from customizing CRM and CMS platforms to building SaaS platforms and mobile apps from scratch. It also offers team augmentation services.

Chromedia is a certified AWS partner; they are also experienced in PHP, .NET, C#, Ruby on Rails, Python, React, Angular, Swift, and more. 


9. Cuttlesoft

Launched in 2011, Cuttlesoft is a creative product development agency with a track record of hundreds of completed projects. The company mainly partners with small businesses to develop web, mobile, cloud and IoT solutions in IT, entertainment and business services domains, with a special focus on data security compliance. 

Cuttlesoft also specializes in DevOps enablement, data analysis, and visual design. Its tech stack includes Python, Ruby, JavaScript, React, iOS, Android, and more. 


10. Electrifying Design

Electrifying Design is a full-service software development agency in Denver founded in 2011. It specializes in web and mobile app engineering, database development, API integration, CRM and CMS implementation. Using its proficiency in PHP, Python, SQL, JavaScript, .NET, Django, Docker, and C#, the company delivered hundreds of projects including medical software, AI, big data and blockchain solutions, real estate apps, education platforms, and more. Electrifying Design has been recognized by Clutch and GoodFirms.


11. Techtonic

Techtonic is an onshore software developer located in Denver. The company was established in 2006 and focuses on tailored software development, cloud-based app development, and solutions for delivery automation and workforce transformation. Its senior-level engineers are experienced in .NET, C#, AngularJS, React, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and more.

Techtonic has found an efficient way to close the talent gap by launching a software development training program, accredited by the US Department of Labor, which helps source, train, and hire top-tier software engineers.


12. Rogue Wave Software

Founded in 1989, Rogue Wave Software is one of the oldest and largest Colorado software companies that has partnered with thousands of global enterprises, including universities and organizations all over the world. It offers a wide range of services, from native apps to cloud solutions, across finance, healthcare, telecom, education, government, and other industries. 

The company’s expertise covers different languages, codebases, and platforms. Rogue Wave Software also has a portfolio of its own products.


13. Spire Digital

Spire Digital is a Denver-based digital transformation firm established in 1998. It offers technology consulting, UI/UX design, custom software development, DevOps, digital marketing, and team augmentation. It’s skilled in engineering web, mobile, IoT, embedded, AR/VR, AI, and blockchain solutions using .NET, JavaScript, PHP, React, and more.

Spire has partnered with hundreds of companies, 400+ technology startups included. Its key customers are Western Union, Berkshire Hathaway, Navy, Volkswagen, Experian, Lockheed Martin, MillerCoors, US Navy, and more.


14. Neon Rain Interactive

Since its launch in 2002, Neon Rain Interactive has grown into a team of designers and developers who specialize in custom software, web and mobile apps as well as Drupal, WordPress, ERP and ecommerce sites. It has completed hundreds of projects for startups, SMBs, enterprises, educational and non-profit organizations, including such customers as United Way, YOLO Deals, Sprint, ACE Scholarships, and more. 

Denver Business Journal and Clutch have recognized Neon Rain Interactive as a top web designer and software developer. 


15. Cardinal Peak

Cardinal Peak is a software engineering firm that since 2002 has partnered with 800+ companies, from emerging leaders to Fortune 500 enterprises. Among them are Fujitsu, Samsung, Culligan, CableLabs, Clip Interactive, and more. 

Its team of engineers and designers specializes in hardware development, embedded software, security integrations, cloud and mobile solutions, and connected product design. The company also has hands-on experience in audio, video, voice and signal processing technologies and completed numerous projects using Amazon Alexa, AWS, Analog Devices, Audinate, NXP, etc.


Top Software Engineering Companies in Denver: Runners-up

16. JetSoftPro

JetSoftPro is a software development agency in Denver that has completed 270+ projects since 2014 across more than a dozen industries. It focuses on tailored web and mobile development, integration, R&D, UI/UX design, DevOps, security, QA, and maintenance. Its tech stack comprises .NET, C/C++, Python, Xamarin, Ruby, PHP, AngularJS, and Java. Recognized by the likes of Clutch, TechReviewer, and DQ, the company also expertly deals with innovative technologies, such as machine learning, chatbot development, blockchain, IoT, AR/VR. Its key customers feature Prezzo, bvblogic, Consolidate, innocode.


17. Devetry

Devetry is a Denver-based software development firm launched in 2015. It’s skilled in planning and strategy, UI/UX design, DevOps, custom mobile and SaaS development as well as data science, machine learning, and chatbots. The company has delivered projects for SMBs and large organizations from industries such as energy, education, digital marketing, wellness, and cybersecurity. Devetry works with a wide range of technologies including React, Vue, AngularJS, Python, Ruby on Rails, .NET, and Flutter. Devetry has been recognized as a top developer by Clutch and UpCity. 


18. 303 Software

303 Software was founded in 2006 to deliver consulting, design, development, testing and maintenance services for startups, enterprises, non-profits, and government organizations. It has built dozens of web and mobile apps and launched three B2B SaaS startups so far.

It specializes in custom-developed apps that help automate processes of any complexity for a wide range of industries, such as healthcare, telecom, agriculture, and finance. 303 Software is a proven adept of agile planning and project management.


19. Brainspire Solutions

Brainspire Solutions is an onshore technology consultancy that focuses on custom web and mobile app development, app integration, data and BI consulting, portals, IoT and cloud development for Colorado-based commercial customers and non-profits. It completed numerous projects across different verticals, such as construction, information technologies, energy, ecommerce, healthcare, and more.

The company is an expert in .NET, Java, Xamarin, Ionic as well as NetSuite, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.


20. Credera

Founded in 1999, Credera has grown to become one of the largest consulting and software development companies in Colorado, with customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to emerging startups. Its services cover planning and strategy, product design and development, technology enablement, commerce solutions, cloud implementation, and innovation acceleration. 

The company is an expert in PHP, JavaScript, C#, Python as well as SharePoint, Oracle, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and Shopify.


21. Fruition

Fruition is a digital marketing and technological consultancy that specializes in design, web development, and digital marketing for SMBs, with a focus on healthcare, travel, and retail. Its expertise encompass implementation and customization of open-source platforms, such as Drupal, WordPress, and Magento. Fruition has also developed its own tools, such as an enterprise-level SEO platform and a Google penalty checker. Fruition has been recognized as a top developer by Inc. 5000 and Clutch.


22. FortyAU

FortyAU is a technology consulting company in Denver where you can find first-class local developers for devising strategies, developing websites, and engineering CMS-based or custom apps based on the latest technologies, such as AI and big data. 

The company delivers projects of any scale for entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 companies alike, with a special focus on healthcare and finance. It successfully delivered a basketball analytics app, a healthcare facilities collaboration app, an online patient scheduling app, and more projects.


23. Flyoutsourcing

Flyoutsourcing is a custom software development company that was founded in 2016. It offers extensive onshore and offshore team augmentation services for startups and SMBs. It specializes in developing tailored web and mobile apps, cloud solutions, and enterprise software as well as DevOps enablement and software maintenance. 

Flyoutsourcing’s team has a good command of frontend (AngularJS, React), backend (Java, Python, PHP, .NET) and cloud (AWS, Heroku, Microsoft Azure) technologies. 


24. Obsidian Global

Since its inception in 2013, Obsidian Global has been specializing in cybersecurity technologies and DevSecOps, with a focus on the government and defense sectors. Its customers include the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, and Federal Civilian Departments. The company is also an expert in cloud services, mobile development, and ERP implementation based on agile planning and development. Obsidian Global is a certified partner of Amazon, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft.


25. 27Global

Since 2008, 27Global has grown into a team of 300+ engineers developing custom software for businesses of different sizes, providing local quality at offshore prices. Following the Agile methodology, the company offers the services of custom web and mobile development, microservices engineering, DevOps enablement, and innovative transformation. 

27Global is experienced in Java, .NET, Angular, Node.js, React as well as AWS, Docker, Microsoft Azure, and Salesforce. 


26. Neudesic

Neudesic is a technology company founded in 2002. It specializes in cutting-edge technologies and offers the services of cloud modernization, data asset management, workplace automation, intelligent platform development, and DevOps enablement. Neudesic mostly focuses on healthcare, food and beverages, energy, and hospitality industries.

The company has its own products, for example, apps for knowledge management and business collaboration. Neudesic is a Microsoft and Nintex partner.


27. Dev IQ

Dev IQ is a consulting and custom software development firm that is driven by the principles of Agile, design thinking, and empathic design. It specializes in UI/UX design, web and mobile app development, IoT ecosystems, and cloud-native solutions. It has hands-on experience with such cloud providers as AWS, ClearDATA, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. 

The company’s key customers are Visa, DaVita, Patagonia, Kiehl’s, Denver Health, Collective Goods, and more. 


28. Denovo

Denovo is a full-service software development firm that has specialized in product design, engineering, and maintenance since 2003. It mostly focuses on cloud hosting and infrastructure, managed services, and disaster recovery. 

Denovo is an AWS Partner and Oracle Platinum Partner. It successfully completed 2,400+ implementation projects based on Oracle ERP and Oracle Cloud for commercial and public-sector customers, such as Thule, Qualtek, Sunrise Medical, Phoenix, and more.


29. Precision Solutions

Precision Solutions is a software development firm that has partnered with dozens of companies since 2012, from the largest Fortune 100 defense contractors to small businesses. Its key customers are Griffin, Singer, MDC, Talley, Rare Coin, and more.

The company’s range of services covers custom software development, cloud migration, and integration. Precision Solutions also released its own products, such as Odoo apps.


30. Paralect

Paralect is a custom software engineering agency founded in 2009. With the main focus on mobile app development and integration, it has launched 25 products with 12 million end users. Its products include an intelligent messaging platform, automotive workshop software, a freelance platform, and real estate lead management software.

The company also specializes in MVPs for startups and innovative businesses, delivered in 12 weeks.


Time to pick your Denver software developer

We hope this list will become a good place to start for your further research. Match it with your project requirements, collect references, listen to your gut feeling, and choose your future software development partner.

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