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197 Stories To Learn About Communication

by Learn RepoJune 22nd, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Communication via these 197 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Communication via these 197 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

We've all heard that we need to be better communicators from our partners, but we also need communication in business and tech too. So pay attention.

1. Mutual Human Authorization: A New Standard in Data Privacy

Mutual Human Authorization is a digital communication protocol that SharePass is pioneering to help address persistent data privacy and security gaps.

2. Difference In LTE And VoLTE Network.

The key difference in both VoLTE and LTE network is VoLTE supports both voice and data at same time without hampering each other. Whereas the LTE network may or may not support data and voice together, or it may affect the quality of call.

3. Things I Do Before I Start Programming

I am a programmer. I solve problems from different domains. My clients are from finance, virology institutes, employee management, labor information management system, energy sector, or just some dude who wants to automate one specific task with software.

4. Yes, You Can Start a Tech Startup With Any Level of Technical Proficiency

Like most absolute statements, this one simply isn't true:

5. Social VR: The New Way of Communicating

Currently there are 4 ways that we communicate with other people. We write, call, have a face to face meeting or do some video chatting. The next step in communicating will be virtual communications.

6. Can 5G Replace Broadband?

With the breathless pace at which new digital innovations are emerging every day, many are now wondering when broadband will finally be rendered obsolete. Despite the possibility of alternatives like 5G taking over, however, many critics and proponents of broadband alike have yet to really determine once and for all whether it can replace broadband entirely.

7. What Developers Mean When They Talk About API

API has become one of those catch-all terms that developers throw around without really considering the context. On any given week, you will come across discussions like "How to use the Twitter API", "New framework X is great because it has a low API surface", and "Best practices for building an API."

8. Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships is Not an Exact Science

Having high standards in love is basically a form of self care and self respect

9. Networking is Not Working

Let’s face it, networking is hyper-popular. Just open Eventbrite and you will see thousands of business events until the end of 2020. Even now, in the time of pandemic, nobody stopped attending NETWORKING events. Instead, we gladly filled our calendars with online events, webinars, business breakfasts via Zoom not to miss the precious chance to meet a (yet another) new person. Networking promises to bring endless opportunities, partnerships, and a lot of fun, but in fact it often results in nothing except for the senseless waste of time.

10. DINO (Decentralized In Name Only) Vs. True Decentralization

comparing centralization, partial (in name only) decentralization and true decentralization / the problems with blockchains / the single point of failure...

11. How Different Tools Enable a More Inclusive Language In Software Development World

Are terminologies meaningful in software development? Yes, a lot! As developers, we’re continually writing code, and we do that by passing messages. Each message carries a lot of context and semantics. Therefore we’re always evolving how to do it in a better way.

12. 7 Key Features Of The Ideal Collaboration Tool

75 percent of employees rate collaboration and teamwork as very important and 86 percent of them believe that lack of collaboration is the reason behind most workplace failures. Organizations that collaborate and communicate effectively are 4.5 times more likely to retain their best talent

13. Open Ended Questions to Ask to Go From Giving Advice To Gaining Insight

Have you noticed what happens when someone asks you a really good open ended question? Your mood shifts and body language changes as your mind sets on a quest to look within, think deeply, and churn out ideas. The endorphin rush that comes from exploring uncharted territories triggers a positive feeling in the body.

14. Talking to a Developer [Part 1]

Approaching a developer in the wild might seem intimidating. We have a bad habit of mixing words and phrases into our vocabulary that make us sound like Geordi La Forge geeking out on how warp engines function.

15. Synchronous Communication is the New Cocaine in Silicon Valley

This blog from Paul Graham beautifully articulates why meetings kill productivity for people in the "maker's schedule":

16. Communication is the Key: 3 Design Concepts to Help You Improve It

Communication is the key to success. Speaking comes naturally to many people, not effective communication. Visuals are easier to understand than words.

17. Slack vs. Discord: Which One Is Better for Business?

Today, we are going to compare Slack and Discord - perhaps, most popular team communication platforms and figure out what is the difference between them and which one can better solve your daily business tasks. We will also share from our experience, which tool we find better suited to specific Upsilon’s needs.

18. How TikTok is Changing Video Communication

Hi Hackers, this is Manuel Marinari, Founder and CEO of Sway Society, Social Media is my field of expertise. Today we'll talk about this year’s most popular app and how It is quickly changing the world.

19. How to Write a Press Release for Your Business

Press releases are important tools for communicating information about your business, product, or event to the media and the general public.

20. A New Communication Tool Starts the Next Chapter for The Global Telecom

We’ve built a tool enabling everyone to understand and speak without any language barriers within just one app

21. What is Digital Footprint Management?

Your digital footprint refers to the trail of information you generate when creating, sharing, or storing any digital data.

22. Exploiting Covert Channels in WhatsApp and Other Android Messenger Apps

Covert communication channels are rampant in messenger applications and here is one example...

23. How to Reduce Your Chances of Being a Victim of Identity Theft

The major causes of identity theft, along with some simple steps you can take to lower your risk of exposure dramatically.

24. How Spike Replaces Slack as the Leading Communications Tool

25. 11 Zoom Apps to Make Meetings More Efficient

While the basic features of Zoom are more than enough for the average team, there are a bunch of extra resources and ways to improve your Zoom experience.

26. Active Listening as a Corporate Development Tool

Active listening builds social cohesion with the speaker, while distracted or judgmental listening builds social distrust.

27. 10 PR Tips I Use Daily at My Marketing Agency

Sowa Marketing Agency founder Aidan Sowa shares his top ten PR tips to help you nail your next campaign.

28. How to Develop Interpersonal Skills for Collaborative Work

New in office? Learn about the necessary skills required for effective teamwork, collaboration and develop interpersonal skills and excel in the workplace.

29. Bridging the Gap Between Technical & Non-technical Teams

To a certain extent, this gap is caused by a relatively low priority that soft skills are given among tech employees.

30. OpenMind Course: How to have Meaningful Conversations

Communication is important throughout our lives. Here is one approach to how we can improve our ways of having meaningful conversations.

31. A Tale of Two Cities: Economic vs Digital Democracy

More than new laws and fines, we need to reconsider data ownership as a whole and discover new structures that place control back into the hands of the people.

32. Why Are Press Releases Important for a Business?

A press release is a written or recorded communication that is issued to the media for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy.

33. How to Hire and Build A Successful Remote Startup Team

Hiring a remote team can help you create a more diverse workplace, which can bring different perspectives and ideas to the table.

34. 6 Benefits Brand Tracking Brings To Your Business

A great tool to better segment your audience is brand tracking. To learn more about your audience, you need to track their likes, dislikes, and demographics.

35. How to Show Live Status Updates in Emails

I got a speeding ticket... However I learned a great new lesson about live data in email campaigns. Learn how to show the payment status or even a countdown.

36. Telegram VS WhatsApp: An Honest Comparison

Telegram and WhatsApp are two popular instant messaging apps known to app users all over the globe. Read a honest comparison of both apps from an app user.

37. A Guide to Cold Emailing and Following Up

A guide to cold emailing and following up with prospects, complete with templates you can use immediately.

38. Why co-location is the best way to mine bitcoin

Since the recent Bitcoin halving event, most small and medium crypto miners have had to shut down their mining rigs. Simply put, it is not profitable to have a mining rig in your home at current market prices. However, there are some solutions to the issue.

39. Privacy is The American Dream

150 million Americans made their voice heard on November 4th in a stunningly close and contentious election. But the election is only the roiling surface of the vast depths of the fight for the American Dream, that “life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement" regardless of circumstances of birth.

40. 5 Fantastic Developer Tools for Asynchronous Communication 🎯

As dev teams are looking for new ways to stay productive and communicate effectively, asynchronous communication gains popularity. Asynchronous communication doesn’t require planning, reduces context switching, and allows recording, rewatching, and rereading the information — which is great for long-term projects.

41. A Beginner's Guide to Public Speaking: My Experience With My First Speech

Having a public speech seems easy. In some ways, it really is. But the first time can be hard. Here's my thought after my first experience in public speaking.

42. Why SpaceX’s Historic Starship Flight Wasn't a “Failure”

This week, the coverage of one of humanity’s most impressive milestones was reduced to a climax of fire. Starship didn’t fail. Science divulgation, however, might have.

43. How to Elicit the Right Information to Get the Right Solution

For cloud architects and technology professionals in general, the most critical professional skill is communication. Why? To design an optimal solution.

44. How to Ensure Optimal Results Using SMS Notifications

You can leverage your investment in SMS messaging by doing more with it: offering event notifications, collecting customer feedback etc. Read on to know more.

45. You’re Communicating So Much I Can’t Hear You

Social networks and online communities are losing sight of user experience in their haste to include the latest features. Here's how to declutter.

46. Introducing oVice Virtual Spaces: 200 Companies Signed Up in Less Than a Month

Use oVice virtual space for lifelike communication. Move around, talk, and collaborate in a customizable world that screams reality!

47. Software Has Taken Away The Human Element: Let’s Get It Back

When you’re collaborating with your team, you don’t care about files. You care about the people. So why do companies put so much effort into developing tools and systems when they should be designing for interactions and relationships?

48. Understanding WebRTC

What is WebRTC?

49. How I Use Google Docs and Notion to Manage My Relationship (Part 2)

Seven amazing ways to couples can communicate and develop a stronger bond by maintaining an online journal.

50. How Blockchain and NFTs Can Change The Creative Industries

What are the benefits of blockchain and NFTs for creative industries? How has their emergence and spread transformed the principles of communication there?

51. 3 Types of Tools Needed For Effective Project Management, Remotely

Project management is perhaps the most crucial job in any organization. This is because the success of every project is directly proportional to slowly reaching towards the goals and objectives of the organization that were established well in advance.

52. Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech: Preface

Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech, by Edward Sapir, is part of HackerNoon’s Book Blog Post series.

53. 174 AI Tools To Try

An overview of 174 AI Tools, a very long overview. Most are free or have a free trial period, some you have to pay for immediately. I’ve broken it down into 8 c

54. 4 Innovative Email and Instant Messaging Platforms in 2022

We will explore a list of the most efficient platforms for collaboration and communication that may be utilized in today’s hyper-digitalized world.

55. How UCaaS Is Changing Commercial Communications

UCaaS is a cloud-based solution that consolidates all your essential business communications tools into a single platform.

56. 5 Tips for PR Managers How to Get Published in Forbes

Working in the field of cybersecurity has been one long lesson about outreach and promotion. I worked with an Abstract Stylist magazine for a year and CyberNews media outlet for half a year, and I managed to reach the world's biggest media outlets on my own. How to do it if you're a new business?

57. How to Get the PR Ball Rolling

There comes a time in every business’s living cycle when the company turns to public relations. How to Get that Ball Rolling?

58. Email is Not Dead: Response Time is Everything

Email has been going strong for over 50 years but according to many news outlets, including Forbes, The Telegraph, and The Wall Street Journal, email’s use has gone down drastically. But the data tells a different story; it is estimated that by 2022, 126.7 trillion emails will be sent. In 2017, 90% of all Americans of all ages, from 15 all the way to 65 and up, checked their emails regularly. Even Gen Z checks their email - and quite often too. More than half check their emails several times each day. So in the end, email is alive and well and is still commonly used for personal and business applications. Using email for business can be a tricky endeavor however.

59. How to Sustain Telehealth Success

Telehealth has taken the medical industry by storm since COVID-19 began. The pandemic might be winding down, but telehealth is here to stay for the future.

60. Leading By Letting Go. How To Quit Disturbing Your Engineering Team From Growing

In this article, Taras Lazoriv, Advanced Software Engineer at Innovecs, shares his leadership experience and thoughts on growing an engineering team.

61. How To Deal With Difficult People

Humans are social creatures who seek personal validation based on how others interact with them. We feel good and important when others share our belief system and dejected when there’s a conflict of opinions.

62. How Technology Is Slowly Changing Our Relationships

Technology is rapidly becoming an exceedingly vital part of our daily lives. Today, it has totally taken over our lives, we use it for every little thing, and it has without any doubts forever changed the way in which we keep in touch with the rest of the world.

63. 33% of Technologists Think Section 230 Reform Will Stifle Free Speech

In the wake of Musk's acquisition of Twitter, this article explores the relevance of section 230 of the CDA and its relevance in this day and age.

64. Comparing 4 Low Code CPaaS Platforms

A low-code development requires minimal manual coding, enabling enterprises to build and deploy applications and solutions quickly.

65. How the Slack Acquisition Helps Vancouver’s Tech Scene

Salesforce recently acquired Slack, a company founded by Stewart Butterfield, for $27.7 billion. The company officially announced the acquisition on December 1, 2020.

66. How to Gain Support for Your Ideas and Get Heard

Most of us think our ideas are great and rally them around with the expectation to turn them into something big.

67. Decentralized web / dWeb - what is it?

envisioning a web that revolves around the user, not the server and not the Blockchain

68. How to Host a Virtual Networking Event your Guests Will Never Forget

In this article, you'll learn how you can use oVice virtual space to organize amazing events.

69. The State Of Data Privacy In 2020

In 2020, there will be just one thing considered to be more important than product quality for consumers: data privacy. By this I refer not to user-controlled measures to add extra security for internet users, from the most classic one-time password, or two-factor authentication, to the most secure multi-factor authentication methods:  but data privacy measures implemented by companies to ensure that peoples’ personal data is protected - no matter what.

70. "They're The Ones Signing The Check..."

Signing the check The good and the bad

71. Don’t Tell Your Remote Employees when to Work

“Core hours” defeat the purpose of working — but what about ensuring that work is done?

72. The Importance of Business Communication Software in 2020

Business communication software is the beating heart of the world's most successful and enduring organizations. Gradually introducing itself into the workplace over the course of a few decades, this sort of technology has become more indispensable to our working lives than ever before. From Zoom, to Microsoft Teams, we're incredibly reliant on communications software to help us stay connected and maintain productivity on a day-to-day basis.

73. Why Communication is Important for Software Developers

In this article you will learn different approaches you can use to improve your communication skills as a software developer.

74. 7 Tips to Make your Presentation Balanced and Appealing

Did you know that your audience can judge the effectiveness/appeal of your presentation in as little as five seconds? Or the attention span of most people (during a presentation) is for about 10-15 minutes?

75. 5 Simple Job Interview Tips

Disclaimer: this reflects my personal opinions, not those of my employer.

76. My Experience With Airbnb Experiences

Those who may not know yet, I have bumped into Airbnb Experience recently, through some of the stories that I am sharing people to share life experiences (for traveler or locals like myself) and how Airbnb can be part of it.

77. On The Use of Semantic Elements in HTML

Often, as a developer, I’ve come to question the need for all these new and fancy Semantic HTML Elements, and as was forced to use them for a while, I decided to dig a little bit into their reason of being. In this article, I hope to present to you what I’ve found out and my conclusions from it.

78. The Monetization Model for A Decentralized Web/dWeb [Deep Dive]

This is a second article in the ‘Decentralized web / dWeb’ series. To get an idea on what the dWeb is please check — this article.

79. 5 Use Cases for Businesses To Transform Their Communications via AI

Very few people would have imagined a scenario in which practically half of the world is on lockdown (in some cases for weeks or months) and where the majority of people will be restricted in their ability to work. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, that is what we’re currently dealing with.

80. 5 Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards in Business

Interactive whiteboards are the evolution of classroom whiteboards and non-electronic whiteboards in the workplace. Their existence is not always new, but recently the benefits of their meetings and presentations have become the forefront of modern business.

81. 4 Tips for Selling Your Business Online

Selling a business is a very important and emotional process. There’s a certain amount of joy and relief that comes from the process, but there is also plenty of stress and challenges.

82. Choosing the Right Communication Method for Remote Engineering Discussions

TV news tells us that working from home is the new normal. Or, at least, as normal as life gets right now. Zoom is a household name and ancient jokes about wearing pajamas under the desk are doing the rounds on social media.

83. How to Write a Good Self-Introduction with a Product Approach

If you often struggle with writing a self-introduction convincing that you are the right person for a job, task or date, it’s worth trying a product approach.

84. How Not to Use Patreon - Amanda Palmer Separates from Neil Gaiman

Patreon has been a blessing for independent artists. It is a combination of two unlikely ideas -- an extension of a very old idea like the patron system for artists in Florence in the late 1500s and a continuation of the phenomenon of on-demand and streaming content that has raised everything from YouTube to Netflix to being among the most powerful forces for content and entertainment.

85. Keeping Our Ducks Aligned With Slack

A lot of remote teams start using Slack as a watering hole for getting everyone together to discuss what's going on and what'll happen next. Having all of these discussions happening in the #general channel is way too noisy. So teams start creating a bunch of random channels devoted to a specific purpose. Here are some of the channels we have at Hacker Noon.

86. How Publishing 200+ Interviews Changed My Approach To Interview-Based Content

Lessons from publishing 200+ interviews and tactics on cold outreach, having meaningful conversations, writing great content, and building brands

87. Pandemic Remote Work != Remote Work

Have you switched to remote work in the past couple of weeks/days? Well, chances are high you have, or you will. I want to share my words of caution and tips to make pandemic remote work better.

88. 12 Effective Communication Tips Every Software Engineer Should Imbibe

How to improve your communication skills as a software engineer and increase your effectivity

89. How to Select Great Software Outsourcing Companies

Outsourcing is an opportunity for businesses to implement digital technologies. Find your IT company and dominate the online market with the best software.

90. Spytech: The Simple Guide to Secret Communication

Data can be hidden almost anywhere, you don't even need fancy tools

91. How To Be Responsible For Your Own Growth

We all want to have a good relationship with our managers, work on impactful projects that help us advance our career, want to be highly regarded in our line of work and be trusted and respected by others. But, how often do we take charge of our own growth?

92. What to Choose to Implement Audio/Video Calls Solution Using WebRTC?

Mad Devs have been working with WebRTC since 2013. We have implemented several projects with video or audio calls enabled. That’s why I want to share my thoughts on when to build your own solution from scratch, when to use open source alternatives and when to order a custom solution from a third-party vendor.

93. The Unsung Superpower for Product Managers in 2022

Whether you're managing stakeholders or just want to get a project out the door, good communication is essential to creating great products.

94. Should You Use a Short Code to Send Text Messages?

Businesses send out text messages for many reasons: customer notifications, marketing, security alerts.

[95. The Internet of Money:

Lubricant for the Internet of Things]( The history, condition, and direction of communication, media, civilization, and the whole of humankind is not complete without discussing the essence and history of money. The history of human civilization can be explained by the constant struggle between two tendencies--centralization vs. decentralization—exemplified by what has unfolded in the development and evolution of communication media technologies. The same is true for money; or what we should more accurately refer to as currency. You might ask, what does money have to do with communication, marketing, and media? Everything. Money is what makes the world go ‘round.  Contrary to the popular song, money CAN buy you love and unfortunately, as we will soon see, money hasn’t exactly made the world go ‘round lately.

96. "All of my successful projects were the ones where I overcommunicated everything"

There was no room for assumptions and different expectations.

97. The Tactile Internet: A New Internet of Things

The progress is constantly speeding up and the future is at our door — it is something that everyone keeps repeating even not thinking much of this future. But if you start thinking, you find evidence to this in every tool, in every method and technique present in all spheres of life.

98. Get Ahead in Business With the KLT Method: Know, Like, and Trust

How do we become better known, better liked, and more trustworthy? These are the 3 main aspects of influencing anyone in life.

99. Your Favorite Investor's Update: Flipside March 2020

VC1: “Didn’t get a chance to say so last week, but this is the best update I’ve read since the start of COVID.”

100. Customer Service : AI vs. Humans in Interactive Communications

Technology has advanced, and soon every analog operation is being faced out. Communication in the same is open to new possibilities and advancements that have seen the introduction of troubleshooting menus, chatbots, blogs, and even emailing. The digitization has not limited any human interaction. It has made it more comfortable with a variety of convenient choices.

101. Decentralized Web vs DFINITY: Comparing 2 Decentralization Flavors

Decentralized web project vs. DFINITY project - 2 decentralization implementations; a 'little' secret discovered; comparing - identity, network, communication.

102. How To Properly Stress-Test Your Business Idea Prior To Launching

Recognising the challenges your business may throw at you and not being blinded by your emotions is an important step.

103. Icebreakers: Absolute Waste Of Time Or Do They Add Value?

By Wai Ling Ko, Professional Scrum Trainer,

104. Telegram, WhatsApp, & WeChat Succeeded So Status Could Fail, But Web3 Communications Isn't Dead Yet

There are good reasons to believe that the metaverse is the future with the potent, and Web3 communication platforms will be a valuable asset in the ecosystem.

105. 6 Top Unified Communication Companies to Consider in 2019

As the world continues to move towards the future workplace, we’ve seen a shift in the way that we communicate. In an environment defined by remote working, mobile employees, and diverse offices, a disjointed and complicated communication stack is no longer manageable. Companies need something agile, aligned, and ready to scale at a moment’s notice.

106. iMessage Not Working? [SOLVED] - Here's How to Fix It

iMessage not working? Here is the list to fix and troubleshoot issues like bad connectivity issues, synchronization with macOS, red exclamation mark, and more.

107. Are Star Wars-like Holo Calls Coming in the Near Future?

What are holography, holograms and video holograms? Are we all set to experience the Star Wars-like holo calls? We might be much much closer than you think

108. Why Your Tech Project Can Fail and How to Avoid the Failure

Project Management Institute claims that one out of four organization’s projects failed outright. The numbers are far from being encouraging.

109. Why a Crisis Communication Plan is Essential - 3 Tips for Startups

In this article, I would like to share tips on how organizations should communicate during unexpected crises by highlighting practical steps from my experience.

110. Tech's Influence: How Work, Communication, and Life Have Been Transformed

Technology is having a profound impact on the way we work and communicate. It enables remote work and helps with communication. However it can be isolating.

111. How To Create a Communication Bridge Between Flutter And JavaScript

As a follow up to my article explaining how to create communication bridges in Android and iOS, I thought it might be a good idea to do the same for Flutter. While it may seem like this is a straightforward affair, you’ll soon realize it takes a bit of work to get this functionality working.

112. The Life of a Social Media Manager, According to Experts

Working as a social media manager is both fun and challenging. Learn what experts say it takes to be a social media manager.

113. How to Identify if your Company is Undergoing Digital Transformation

The world of today requires trendy technology in order to beat the odds because of the competitive pressure existing among business organizations. This has made business people get out of their comfort zone to make sure they stay at the top. Giving the customers great products and services in an easy and satisfying way can only happen to businesses that are ready to undergo digital transformation.

114. Pull Request Etiquette: 20 Core Principles For Handling PRs As A Software Developer

“Pull requests let you tell others about changes you've pushed to a branch in a repository on GitHub. Once a pull request is opened, you can discuss and review the potential changes with collaborators...” - Github

115. The Everything App: Elon Has Great Plans for Twitter 2.0

The Everything App: Elon has great plans for Twitter 2.0

116. Succeeding at Pre-Sales and Solutions Engineering [The Prerequisites]

A lot of the people I know, have been asking me questions regarding pre-sales / Solution engineering and how to succeed in it

117. The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Strategy Session

Companies can run for many years without strategy sessions, and be fine. Yet if they start doing that – they will inevitably see greater success and growth and just overall business improvement. Albina Zhdanova, the COO of Tools for Brokers, shares their insights into organizing a productive strategy session.

118. To Code Is To Communicate: 8 Ways to Write Better Code Reviews

When I started programming, Code Review wasn’t part of my routine. First, like everyone, I learned how to print Hello World in the programming language that was studying. Then, what is an if, while, for, and other essential structures. Sometime later, I was coding.

119. How Bad Managers Work: 9 Signs of a Terrible Manager

If you have worked long enough, chances are you have encountered a bad manager yourself. What was it about them that irked you the most - were they unforgiving, critical, demanding, abusive, aggressive, neglectful, grumpy, lousy or plain inept? Was it their attention seeking behaviour, attitude to blame and insult others, inability to trust or lack of integrity that caused you the most mental agony.

120. Learn The "Disagree and Commit" Exercise for Better Leadership

What can make us incredibly valuable at work - our willingness to disagree openly and commit to helping others succeed or sticking to our arguments even when others have moved forward and a decision has been made.

121. WebRTC API: Create a Real-time Communication In Browser

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a technology which enables Web applications and sites to capture and optionally stream audio and/or video media, as well as to exchange arbitrary data between browsers without requiring an intermediary. The set of standards that comprise WebRTC makes it possible to share data and perform teleconferencing peer-to-peer, without requiring that the user installs plug-ins or any other third-party software.

122. Skip-Level Meetings And How To Run Them

As a leader of an organisation, the question “what needs attention” was always top of my mind. I realised that without taking real inputs from people in the organisation, any decisions I make and the direction I provide will be nothing but my own biased view of what people want, not what they need.

123. Business Leaders Are Turning To Unified Communications as a Service

Businesses understand the huge market advantages of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) - better security, mobility, and smarter collaboration.

124. The Leader's Anatomy: Essential Talents And Skills Of An Engineering Mastermind

Andrii Poddubnyi, an Engineering Director at Innovecs, shared his trajectory and important lessons and outlined the role of people in his career path.

125. How Not to Ask for Help Online

Let’s go over a few rules of thumb that I believe will take you from apparent scammer to valued community member.

126. The Science of Productive Role Conflict

Use your sense of autonomy to feel in control of your situation and employ effective problem-solving strategies to resolve the conflict.

127. Code Reviews: Tips On Getting More Feedback

Nobody leaving comments on your code reviews? Try out these 3 tips on getting eye balls on your pull requests

128. How To Handle the Shift to Remote Work as a First Time WFH Manager

Since this virus is so contagious that it spreads to other people by contact, the only way possible to curb its spread is to stay away from other people. To help you understand how dangerous this virus is, you need to have a look at Italy. Italy reported its 1st positive case on Feb 20 and till the date, it has One Hundred Four Thousand positive cases with more than Twenty Thousand deaths.

Understanding the severity of the situation, authorities have requested everyone to stay at their home and refrain from going outside. To promote this, companies have advised their employees to work from their home

Remote work (also called telework or telecommuting), has been growing in popularity over the past twenty years. Many organizations allow for flexible worksites on some level: employees work remotely for part of the week, as-needed for minor illness, or when school or childcare is unavailable. However, with a major health concern on the rise, companies of all sizes (including tech giants such as Twitter, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft) have transitioned some or all employees to remote work to keep business moving while limiting unnecessary exposure to COVID-19.

For modern tech companies like Amazon and Apple, the infrastructure and policy need for remote working are unquestionably already in place and the vast majority of staff members are probably already laptop users.

For smaller organizations, however, the situation is likely to be different. Remote working is limited to software development and marketing companies. The education sector is a good case in point: universities have been delivering distance learning as a feature for some time, while high schools and others are mainly dependent on staff and pupils being on-site to learn.

129. Digital Divide: The Technology Gap Is Growing So How Do We Close It?

Covid-19 has forced the world to become more digital and rapidly. The technology gap between those who can use it and those who can't is growing quickly.

130. It's Lonely At The Summit: Leaders Need Help Too

You’re at the top of the world; you can’t be hurting… depressed… lonely… Can you? Overcome your loneliness through communication and community.

131. Voice Notes as Consolation for the Fundamental Loneliness of Being

Voice notes remove the expensive encoding and decoding of words to text, while retaining the benefits of asynchronous communication.

132. Meet The Entrepreneur: Dvir Ben Aroya, Co-Founder & CEO, Spike

Dvir has over 20 years of executive experience leading technology and internet companies.

133. 3 Employee Leave Management Tips For Enterprises To Follow

There are three main steps that an enterprise should take to manage employee leave. These include complying with federal and state laws, establishing clear communication with employees, and identifying and implementing a fair leave policy. Employee leave policies should also cover special government and legal holidays. As the holidays season approaches, these processes become even more challenging. But following these 3 employee leave management tips will help you ensure that everyone has a great time off from work during the holiday season.

134. Subjectivism and Organizations: Part 2

It has been demonstrated throughout our history that an organized group of people can be more than the sum of its parts and can achieve more than a single human

135. How Shared State can Help Glue your Happy Brains Together

It's really hard to get people on the same page! The concepts of serialization and state will level up your ability to keep humans in sync smooth discussion.

136. 10 Things to Do in a Professional Email Signature (With Examples)

This article will share ten tips to help you create an informative and effective professional email signature to improve your communication - with examples.

137. The 5 Best Cybersecurity Strategies and Tools for Your Remote Team

In the midst of the chaos caused by the corona pandemic, more people are working remotely than ever before. With the abrupt shift to a distributed workforce, many an IT department scrambled to put infrastructure in place to enable the operation of remote teams.

138. 5 Foolproof Ways to Communicate PR Metrics to Any Stakeholders

A look at how PR and media coverage reporting can and must evolve.

139. Basic of Cryptography

What is Cryptography?

140. Pass On with Care: How to Hand Over Your Work Before You Quit or Go on Holiday

When go on vacation or quit, you should ideally organize your work in a way that those who stay at work do not get lost in chaos. Here is a checklist for you

141. How To Prevent Data Theft With Cybersecurity

Technology has many advantages to offer businesses, but it also presents unique threats. Cyberattacks are levied at businesses and consumers alike, but companies are often directly targeted. This is because companies deal with large amounts of valuable data, including the personal information of customers and clients, and that can make for a veritable treasure trove for hackers. Protecting your company and your customers from bad actors on the world wide web should be a major priority. Here’s what you need to know.

142. Save and Search Through Your Slack Channel History on a Free Slack Plan

Sometimes, we might not be able to afford a paid subscription on Slack. Here's a tutorial on how you can save and search through your Slack history for free.

143. Everything You Need to Know About 5G

5G is the latest network connectivity experience that you can get. It comes along with a variety of benefits and possibilities. In fact, you can use 5G to achieve things that you couldn’t do with the help of 4G. Therefore, it is worthy to take a look at 5G and get a better overall understanding about all the possibilities that it can offer.

144. 7 Simple Ways of Making Your Smartphones More Private

The role of the mobile phone has transformed in recent years from that of a portable calling device into a thinking, knowing, digital assistant. Today, smartphones can anticipate our journeys, complete purchases for us, and communicate instantly with billions of social media users.

145. What I've Learned from our Golden Retriever

What humanities “best friend” has to teach us.

146. Why Communication Skills are the Most Important Skills in a Tech Career

Your level of communication skills will determine whether you get hired. Those skills will affect your ability to design and implement technology solutions.

147. Importance Of Customer Service And How To Improve It

If you own a business, you will know the importance of customer service. Whether you own a product-based company or a service-based one, your customers should have a positive experience while interacting with you.

148. How the Japanese Concept Wabi-Sabi can Shape Our Worldview

Wabi-sabi teaches that it takes a conscious effort to slow down and cultivate our minds to cherish the beauty of old, weathered, incomplete or unfinished.

149. Delivering Bad News to Your Boss? Here's 7 Strategies to Build Your Credibility and Still Look Good

Work won’t be fun if it’s just a straight line to where we need to go.

150. How To Dismantle Monolithic Apps

Monolith breakup strategies technical and project management

151. Conflict Management: How to Engage in Rethinking Cycle

An argument with a coworker - conflict of opinion. Working on a project that doesn’t energize you - conflict of interest. Didn’t get the promotion - conflict of growth. Working super hard with no time for personal life - internal conflict. Saying yes to work that doesn’t align with your goals - conflict of priorities. Committed a mistake, but can’t come to terms with accepting responsibility - conflict of values. We don’t realize it, but most interactions at work lead to a major or minor conflict.

152. Crafting a Great Communications Strategy for Your Nonprofit

By understanding your own team, audience, and goals, you can select technology that meets your organization's needs.

153. Proper Communication Helps Make Digital Transformation Smooth

The digital transformation process of the business. The role of communication during the fundamental change. Agility as the locomotive of transformation.

154. 8 Transformational Benefits To Telemedicine Because Of Realtime Communication

The telemedicine industry is expected to create a more than $5.4 Bn market opportunity by 2025.  While the growth has been slow in the past years, the demands for medical advice and the restrictions on movement during the outbreak of COVID-19 have renewed the need for, and interest in, applications that enable healthcare at home.

155. Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech by Edward Sapir - Table of Links

Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech, by Edward Sapir is part of HackerNoon’s Book Blog Post series.

156. Get Beyond Small Talk To Forming Meaningful Connections At Work

Striking up a conversation at work can be intimidating. We avoid eye contact, turn our heads away and pretend to be busy on our phones all in an attempt to save ourselves from the awkward moment of meeting someone and not sure what to say.

157. Product Marketing Tech Stack Options Under $100/Month

User acquisition is one of the biggest struggles growing SaaS and app companies face. The right product marketing tech stack will push the number of new and active users up and decrease customer acquisition costs at the same time – the perfect recipe for a growing product. But marketing tools cost money, and growing businesses have tight budgets to keep. Use these tools to build a killer product marketing strategy at a total cost of less than $100 per month.

158. Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech: Chapter 11 - Language and Literature

Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech, by Edward Sapir, is part of HackerNoon’s Book Blog Post series.

159. How to Communicate With the Beneficiaries of Your Nonprofit in 2022

Running a non-profit can be tough, especially when it comes to communication. To make things easier, here are some ways to get better at it.

160. 4 Leadership Traits That'll Set Your Tech Startup Up For Success

Good leadership is the key to any successful business, let alone one that relies heavily on technological products.

161. Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech: Chapter 2 - The Elements of Speech

Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech, by Edward Sapir, is part of HackerNoon’s Book Blog Post series.

162. Why The CCIE is My Favorite Intro Level Certification

The CCIE certification has two other key benefits beyond opening the door to a deeper appreciation of the knowledge continuum in its area of expertise.

163. 7 Ways to Improve Internal Communication to Foster Better Corporate Culture

Here are some of the best practices for developing an internal communication strategy that makes sense for your organization.

164. Asynchronous Communications Can Help Reclaim Lost Time

Have you ever felt like having done nothing after a full day of work? Do you find yourself going away from the office so you can finally get things done? Good news: you’re not alone. Bad news: this may be linked to how you communicate at work!

165. Transforming Your Brand Strategy in 5 Reliable Ways

Now is the best time to recalibrate your brand’s story and (re)inspire your community. Three months into the pandemic, we finally have a cause for cautious optimism. The latest stats suggest that the coronavirus has started to loosen its grip.

166. How Facial Expression Surrogates Augment Our Communication Online

Or: Why We’re Collectively Obsessed With Facebook’s Avatars, GIFs & Animal Crossing’s Villagers. In a meta-analysis of 30 trend reports for 2020, the most commonly predicted cultural shift was the continued blur between the physical and digital. Online and offline are progressively overlapping — from virtual clothes and AR makeup, to industrial digital twins and synthetic influencers. There’s only ever been one “real life”, but the line between the virtual and visceral is thinning.

167. 3 Ways to Maintain Company-Wide Calm Through a Crisis

Make a plan. Be transparent about the plan. Keep everybody updated as the plan unfolds and evolves.

168. Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech: Chapter 10 - Language, Race and Culture

Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech, by Edward Sapir, is part of HackerNoon’s Book Blog Post series.

169. Putting Effective Listening Into Practice To Become A Better Leader

Think of a leader who constantly gives you advice, occasionally asks a question only to respond with their own opinion without giving you a chance to speak up your mind, interrupts you and doesn’t let you complete your thoughts, pretends to listen by nodding their head or making sounds like “aha..hmm…” when you can see that they are clearly distracted or those who don’t bother to ask a single question and leave you wondering what to make out of the one-sided conversation.

170. Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech: Chapter 9 - How Languages Influence Each Other

Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech, by Edward Sapir, is part of HackerNoon’s Book Blog Post series.

171. Communications During COVID-19 and Other Disasters

I started this blog post on disaster communications initially in response to the wildfires in Australia and earthquakes in Puerto Rico (seems a lifetime ago doesn't it?). But, of course, we're now also thinking about the COVID-19 global pandemic, which, like a disaster, is displacing people from their normal ways of operating.

172. Communication is Key to Every Business’s Success #NoExceptions

Running a business successfully is not an easy task, especially in today’s highly competitive markets. Most organizations will agree that certain factors like the business idea, leadership skills, adaptability, marketing strategy, etc. determine the success of their business.

173. Engagement Communication

Communication is key in any project  - yet, it’s especially critical during a penetration test.  Because pentests are a point in time event with a time constraint, it becomes even more important to communicate any findings, blockers, changes to the environment, and/or any other variables that may turn into a hurdle for testers. Additionally, since pentesting can affect applications, environments and the access to them negatively, the importance of communication is amplified. Thus, the timing of communication is crucial to the success of the test.

174. How Digital Technologies Are Affecting the LGBTQI+ Dating Scene

Does it seem like everyone is meeting online these days? Consider that lesbian, bisexual, and gay adults are twice as likely as those who are straight to have used a dating app or site, according to Pew Research. This means for the LGBTQI+ community, dating apps are a huge part of how relationships are formed.

175. Leading With Vulnerability Will Make You A Better Leader

We feel vulnerable. But instead of embracing vulnerability, accepting our fears, and leading with curiosity, we put on a shield of protection.

176. Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech: Chapter 3 - The Sounds of Language

Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech, by Edward Sapir, is part of HackerNoon’s Book Blog Post series.

177. Trust Signals in Open Source Projects

Polish the trust signals of your open source project to increase your user base and grow your community.

178. 6 Best Communication and Collaboration Software for Businesses

Read this article to learn about the best business communication collaboration software, such as Troop Messenger, Mattermost, Microsoft Teams, and others.

179. 17 Skills Improve Managerial Communication in The Workplace

In this article, you’ll discover why communication is a critical skill for a manager and seventeen skills to improve communication at work

180. How to Cultivate a Collaborative Culture in a Team Using Well-defined Language

Navigating the culture of a team is more art than science. Let's explore how a team can communicate and collaborate effectively.

181. Mastering Workplace Communication: 4 Body Language Mistakes and How to Fix Them

We speak more through our bodies than our words. The posture we assume, expression on our face, hand gestures and our eye movement conveys far more than we would like to expose.

182. Adequate Internal Communication goes a long way in Satisfying Tech Talent

Internal comms in tech can no longer be disregarded, regardless of whether you manage a small organization or employ non-desk workers worldwide.

183. Evolution of Multiplayer Software: From Games to Tools ⚡

Have you heard the news? Epic Games, the developer of a wildly successful multiplayer game Fortnite, has just announced a massive $1.78 billion funding round. Want to know what it has to do with collaboration software?

184. Asking for Help the Right Way

When we were small, we asked for help all the time. Dependent on our parents, friends, teachers and siblings to help us navigate the complexities of life, asking for help seemed like the most natural thing to do. As a child, I don’t remember dealing with any painful emotion while asking for help, worrying about what it would do to my self-esteem or the damaging effect on the image I have built for myself. I was happy to learn from everyone around me, knowing I could rely on people to give me useful advice when I needed one. Indeed, the best feeling in the world.

185. 10 Commandments for AI-Assisted Social Media Marketers

Marketers have readily adopted various tech-enabled means and tools to increase brand awareness and find the right target audiences for their clients.

186. The Slack Problem Space and its Constraints

IMHO Slack doesn’t scale. The more people in a Slack workspace, the noisier it becomes. What should my startup build as an alternative?

187. How to Market Your Startup as One Worth Joining

Most startups have many good reasons to join them, but fail to communicate them well. I explain how to do that, and show how some Y Combinator co’s do it.

188. How to Build Successful Communication with Clients

The work of IT teams is done for the people who are paying to them, i.e. clients. Even if you are working on an internal product, everything has its customer and buyer.

189. Easiest Guide To Keep Your Zoom Meetings Safe From Zoombombing

Want to save your Zoom meetings from zoombombers?

190. Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech: Chapter 1 - Language Defined

Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech, by Edward Sapir is part of HackerNoon’s Book Blog Post series.

191. Kindness Is A Hidden Engineering Superpower

Kindness is a hidden superpower for software engineers. It helps your peers feel safe so they can take risks that enable efficiency and honesty.

192. Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech: Chapter 8

Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech, by Edward Sapir is part of HackerNoon’s Book Blog Post series.

193. Improving Communication With Global Cultures Using Contextual Communication

If we wish to communicate effectively, we must understand how culture affects communication. Here's a communication design to avoid conflicts and uncertainty.

194. Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech: Chapter 4

Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech, by Edward Sapir is part of HackerNoon’s Book Blog Post series.

195. Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech: Chapter 7

Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech, by Edward Sapir is part of HackerNoon’s Book Blog Post series.

196. Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech: Chapter 6 - Types of Linguistic Structure

Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech, by Edward Sapir, is part of HackerNoon’s Book Blog Post series.

197. Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech: Chapter 5 - Grammatical Concepts

Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech, by Edward Sapir, is part of HackerNoon’s Book Blog Post series.

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