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Business Leaders Are Turning To Unified Communications as a Serviceโ€‚by@Green

Business Leaders Are Turning To Unified Communications as a Service

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Since over 90% of businesses have embraced cloud-based applications and technology, not all of them have consolidated multimedia communications such as phones, email, text, file sharing, and video conferencing into a single cloud-based network. However, as businesses understand the huge market advantages of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) (better security, mobility, and smarter collaboration), they are finding that the time to turn is now.

Consumer behavior has been profoundly influenced by the internet and mobile technologies, which is why market experts conclude that digital transformation is important for businesses to thrive and gain customer loyalty in 2017 and beyond. Using information equipment isn't a
strategic advantage.

You can't afford to put off technology innovation any longer.

A shift in thinking and organizational culture will occur in companies that have a world-class service for their clients and workers. More than half of CEOs assume their companies have 12 months or less to accomplish digital transformation, with 27% seeing technology-driven innovations as a "survival" problem.

Organizations that implement and refine cloud-based connectivity tools will gain access to world-class mobile collaboration and business agility tools. However, achieving the ability to digitally reinvent the enterprise necessitates the proper implementation of UCaaS software. Unified Communications networks and providers aren't exactly the same.

Here's everything you need to know to get the best out of your Unified Communications project and accomplish a meaningful market change from the start.

Not Only Vendors but UCaaS Platforms

Vendor selection is critical when it comes to any cloud provider. Focusing on vendors who offer the highest value to their consumers is key to unlocking the efficiency and quality benefits of UCaaS. A track record of satisfied clients, locally-owned media and services, and support availability distinguish leading cloud connectivity providers. Signing up for UCaaS with a reseller with little industry experience, on the other hand, might result in your company being a test case.

For your company, the right UCaaS vendor can be a lengthy strategic business partner. For better or worse, unified messaging is built on a shared network for administrators and end-users. It would have a huge effect on your experience when you are fully relying on the network for your multimedia communications. Not all platforms are made together, and you can choose from open-source software to enterprise/carrier-grade alternatives implementation.

UCaaS will help you improve your processes.

Integrating data will have a significant effect on the company's competitiveness. It will offer access to keyword-searchable communications around documentation, meetings, and other
relevant information through centralized collaboration platforms. According to a study, these features will increase productivity by 35% in the hours a week that the average employee spends looking for required records and information.

Integrating UCaaS into your business processes, also known as the communications-enabled business process (CEPB), will help your company streamline workflows and achieve unparalleled performance. Your organization will achieve real-time communications and simplify repetitive work by combining your communications software with your processes.

Expand the talent pool and make global teamwork possible

Unemployment levels are at a 10-year peak, with some states' unemployment rates hovering below 3%. Organizations are struggling to fill empty vacancies with small recruitment pools, and many are looking at unconventional talent pools out of desperation.

Hiring workers or consultants to operate remotely from a distant time zone or region is a question of survival for certain businesses. By taking a mobile-first approach to team-based interactions, UCaaS will add value. With some of the most cutting-edge technology for globally-based teams, the company will break down barriers to non-traditional job markets and a remote workforce.

Social media and collaboration should be integrated.

The average user spent more than two hours a day on social media and social networking applications in 2017. Millennials have overtaken Baby Boomers as the biggest group of the population, with a clear affinity for social media-based networking and learning.

Millennials favor social technology-based modes of employment, such as social tools for employee identification, organizational learning, and teamwork. Integrating internal and external social media into the UCaaS process will have a big impact on employee retention and customer satisfaction.

Increase mobility without putting your security at risk

More than 67 percent of American professionals now operate from their own computers, such as notebooks, smartphones, and tablets. Just 36% of companies, on the other hand, have a formal bring-your-own-device scheme in place. When it comes to successfully executing BYOD systems, organizations are balancing some real challenges; while the bulk of today's talent expects to be able to operate from their own laptop, there are some real security threats to organizational data protection. Security threats and data breaches are attributed to employee mobile devices in 21% of cases.

By rendering BYOD a safe option, UCaaS will help organizations increase employee participation and mobile productivity. Employees can easily access confidential data and connect with UCaaS applications, rather than juggling a set of apps that have not been accepted by IT to complete routine activities, with all-in-one apps on each smartphone. Organizations will remove the risks involved with unauthorized file-sharing applications or workers who download data directly on digital devices using cloud-based access to need-to-know information.

UCaaS does not fully remove or minimize the security threats that your company faces as a result of the BYOD movement. However, by offering a simple centralized way to safely access information, it encourages the mobile staff to act in a much safer manner. Your company will inspire workers to work safely by providing contextually-based remote work
solutions that they love using because they are intuitive and reliable.

Expectations vs. Reality in UCaaS Value

The best path to UCaaS adoption will provide your company with a variety of benefits. The upfront expense reduction, transparent billing, and cost savings that come with combining your fiber access, cloud, speech, and networking resources with a single provider will help your company's financial position. Outsourcing connectivity software and enabling new self-service solutions for users to change their own passwords and
customize their app configurations helps the organization's IT department.

Nevertheless, how an initiative's projections compare to the real results is one valid measure of value in tech development. According to research, UCaaS adoption not only achieves the predicted outcomes, but it also outperforms organizational expectations by providing more varied benefit than projected.