13 Essentials from 🔥Hell🔥 of Referral Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide to KickRef Successby@kick_ecosystem
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13 Essentials from 🔥Hell🔥 of Referral Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide to KickRef Success

by Kick EcosystemJanuary 17th, 2020
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The gates of Hell are wide open tonight and we have prepared a fiery guide for you. Get familiar with Multi-Level Marketing and explore information about Kick Ecosystem: its origin, its development, and all the services offered by the company, including KickRef. Talk to people on each of the 9 Hell Circles: talk to people in the right place to talk to potential partners. Treat referrals (including future ones) as your potential partners — respectfully and honestly. Be as responsible about the preparation and design of your content, whether it’s text, images, videos, or just oral communication.

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The gates of Hell are wide open tonight and we have prepared a fiery guide for you, hotter than Dante’s last circle

Below there are 13 tips that will help you take the very first steps into Inferno and face the Devil himself… Not really, but certainly the first steps to your success story with KickRef! Well, it’s time to step inside that magic crypt, locate the infamous tomb, and at long last unravel its dark mysteries and splendid riches.

Tip 1: Learn Hell’s Kitchen

As is with everything, preparation goes a long way. Do some research: get to know the actual product and the MLM model at large. This undertaking is totally worth the trouble; after all, you’re a participant, not merely an agent. You can’t get anyone to sign up if you yourself are unsure of the scheme’s specifics. Knowledge shows through and attracts, while incompetence becomes evident almost immediately and turns people off.

So, get familiar with Multi-Level Marketing and explore information about Kick Ecosystem: its origin, its development, and all the services offered by the company, including KickRef, of course. If you put your mind to it, it can actually be achieved within days or even hours. Remember that when you present information to potential partners, for them it won’t be about KickRef alone but Kick Ecosystem as a complete entity, so there are bound to be questions and concerns.

Explore information about Kick Ecosystem, history of its origin and development, products and services offered by the ecosystem. This will help you to present information to potential partners properly. Example of an article for reference.

Treat referrals (including future ones) as your potential partners — respectfully and honestly. These people (at least some of them) will generate income for you. And the better you prepare them for this activity, the more profit you will get from it. Share with them all available information and try to answer all their questions.

Tip 2: Prepare a Magic Roll

In other words, prepare your texts for the welcome invitation, think out what you are going to say about the project Kick Ecosystem and its key products. Then prepare a few texts with media materials to show the statistics and data. When it comes to writing and speaking, use a ready text or script which should be entirely error-free, both factually and linguistically. When it comes to design, again, use what’s available: go to KickRef website and find ready-made media packs in your personal dashboard.

If you want to add something of your own, be it words or visual items, make sure that the same level of quality is always maintained. Be as responsible as possible about the preparation and design of your content, whether it’s text, images, videos, or just oral communication. Modern people are spoiled by an abundance of information and to convey an idea of participation in the project to them, you have to be extremely concise, informative, and honest.

Tip 3: Be a Little Bit Devilish and Sassy

People smell successful people from miles away and you know why? Because they smell ashes? No, because they sound confident and persuasive! Don’t be afraid to start chatting with a potentially interested referral with a catchy phrase, like: “Hey, I made 1 MLN tokens this year and bought a new red Mustang! You wanna know how? Follow me, I’ll show the way!”

Tip 4: Word of Mouth: Talk to People on each of 9 Hell Circles

This is often a great start, and, in fact, a number of now-famous companies and campaigns got rolling this way. Words travel fast, and words uttered and heard face to face, especially in the right setting, often have an infinitely stronger effect. If you fancy social gatherings, club events, cafes and bars, or game nights, all of them could be a potential playground for discussing your business. So, before you head out, set particular goals and agendas, either unofficially, i.e. in your head, or even officially when you think it’s appropriate, i.e.

“Let’s meet on Friday and talk about new ways to secure a passive income”.

Quite frequently, it’s not only more respectful towards the other party, but also more effective, and fun!

Tip 5: Know the Cerberus at The Gate — Your Rivals!

Try to figure out which techniques your competitors use. Then find your personal edge, which might be a persuasive gift, or knowing how to work when you get a no, spreading the information, managing paid ads on the internet, etc. That is all about your personal charisma and a strong will to create a vast network and community of referrals. Once you feel how to manage the internal work with the people (newcomers and pros) inside your referral net, you will facilitate the daily process of making money.

Tip 6: Ask for Testimonials and Feedback

If you did manage to get someone on-board, don’t be shy and ask them about their experience. Then ask them to ask their referrals about what they think. Gather that feedback and those testimonials and, given that all is well, publish them. This is how you reassure all those new folks who may be sitting on the fence that this thing is legit: straight from the horse’s mouth as it were.

Also, develop a system for following up! Someone might be interested but not right away: checking on them after a short while may just do the trick, especially if you know that they are well-connected and can, in turn, generate leads and referrals of their own. Use the messenger function on KickRef for that.

Tip 7: Create a contact list on a papyrus

Email isn’t as prevalent nowadays outside the office environment as it used to be since people tend to opt for newer methods of online communication. Having said that, a good old fashioned email list should not be dismissed; in fact, because of the relative rarity of emailing, such lists can have more of an impact than many newer tools. So, gather those contacts and get cracking.

For one, when done correctly, it looks more official, or at least less like a slapdash job: you can really hone your delivery and fine-tune your message. Secondly, as your list grows, you can use it for both warm and cold emailing, and with the latter, it may be less intrusive (and thus more effective) than, say, messaging someone you don’t know on WhatsApp, Linkedin, Telegram, Facebook, etc.

Tips 8: Avoid Zombies Cause the Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

If possible, do not waste your time on a non-target audience, i.e. on those people who have nothing to do with cryptocurrencies, IT, or any related topics. You’ll spend a lot of time and nerves for very few or none at all. Although there may be exceptions: the user may not be familiar with the subject of the exchange, but have the necessary circle of acquaintances.

Follow the rules of those resources or places where you place your links and invitations. For example, when posting on the forum, do not be lazy to read the rules and choose the right section to post your message, so that it is not deleted as spam, and you do not waste your time in vain.

Tip 9: Make use of Crypto Exchange Chats and Specialized Forums.

Of course, one place to look for new referrals is those parts of the web where people gather to discuss all things crypto, including any new opportunities, programs, and tools. Naturally, all of that discussion is only there for one reason: to find out how to walk away with yet more profit. So, if you play your cards right and present your case in the right way, that is with the right text, tone, and design / in the right thread / and to the right people, then you’re likely to get some partners out of this interaction. At the end of the day, this is your crowd. Granted, all of the details discussed above pertaining to the dos and don’ts of your execution apply here all the same.

Tip 10: Promote like a Devil

There are many places to turn to, but the most probable choices are Telegram, VK, Facebook, and Instagram. Going by the existing feedback from KickRef participants who’ve already tried it (with 1,500–15,000 confirmed referrals), Telegram can generate decent leads via its subscription channels, importantly with little to no investment, and exposure from anywhere between 15,000 and 115,000 subscribers (e.g. Cryptograph, $ TradeParty $, EnjoyMaloy, cryptowallet, Crypto I House, Money Cripto to name a few).

Tip 11: Think about Blogging and Vlogging

Get in touch with a blogger, or better yet, a YouTube vlogger. Making a successful blogger or vlogger out of yourself takes time, especially the latter role, so this might not be a feasible short-term solution. It’s doable, of course, and if you’re up for it, you should totally do it! On the other hand, getting in touch with a ready and willing YouTuber can often prove to be a more realistic move, especially if their interests, at least partially, overlap with yours (there’s not much point in contacting someone who doesn’t know the first thing about Bitcoin and/or doesn’t care to learn).

At the same time, contacting a really big name will likely also be pointless. They don’t need you. So, what you want is an up-and-coming YouTube personality with some degree of exposure. The key here is to give all of the KickRef facts to your new partner straight up, come up with a mutually beneficial partnership in which you both get to reap the benefits, and then divide up the roles, e.g. the talking face vs. the financial maintenance. This is quite an undertaking, but the rewards can be proportionally big, that’s the point!

Tip 12: Consider Google and Yandex Ads

This is certainly an option worthy of your appraisal, as it might lead to solid results. Nevertheless, it most certainly shouldn’t be your first step (or even second), that’s why this option is way down on our list. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s pointless and wouldn’t work. But it does mean that a) it’s not particularly cheap, b) you need to understand how Adwords work (and there are various sub-scenarios), and c) it implies that you have acquired some following already, i.e. you don’t put all your eggs in one basket and, if need be, can always offset your costs. If you feel that you’re already in a somewhat secure financial position and/or the other methods mentioned here have already borne fruit, then this could very well be a viable next move to entertain.

Tip 13: Discover a New Place or Method Yourself!

Remember, this isn’t a finished book but rather a book that’s being written as we speak. As a result, the MLM paradigm is constantly shifting, evolving, and developing new approaches and techniques. In other words, do everything on the list, but don’t stop there. There may (and probably does) exist a special something which isn’t in the guide that no one has yet discovered. Who knows, you might be the one to do it! After all, somebody had to start every trend at some point in time, and when they did, they were the first one. Don’t be afraid to be a pioneer!

We hope that these 13 essentials from Hell will bring you scary success! Good luck and be safe.