11 Customer Feedback Software that Would Revolutionize 2022by@chanakyakyatham
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11 Customer Feedback Software that Would Revolutionize 2022

by chanakyakyathamJanuary 13th, 2022
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Several customer feedback software is taking the market by storm. Experience the functions of some of the leading survey tools dominating 2022.

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The need for customer feedback software or tools is for collecting, sorting, and analyzing data that is accessible. In the earlier days, businesses would send the survey forms through the post, or via snail mails, asking the people about their insights.

Even then, it would be considered highly important to know regarding their customer feeling that even if not all of the survey forms came with prepaid postage so that the customers would be encouraged to write feedback to the companies.

The advent of the internet has changed the entire scenario. Now, businesses come with a huge range of options they can choose from while they are looking for the best customer feedback software. This blog is an effort to categorize some of the most effective and popular tools or customer feedback software that is revolutionizing the 2022 market.

Most of the top tools could easily fit into more than just one of these clusters as it creates sense for all the companies creating tools for client feedback so that a wide range of features are provided.

Let us check some of the best:

VoC or Voice of Customer tools

  1. PiHappiness

    This brand provides smart solutions so that you can track customer opinions easily. Pihappiness’ customer feedback software gives you the convenience of having smart solutions so that you can track customer opinion seamlessly. The PiHappiness customer feedback software has the convenience of having all that you need at your fingertips.

    Monitor all your surveys and receive instant notifications on your mobile, laptop, and pads. Your reports and dashboards are available whenever you are in need of them, hence you can explore the given data completely. Ensure you have easy access to the summary information of the survey with our best possible survey experience.

    The company is an integrated multichannel system of survey. Receive perfect visibility of your customer’s opinion using our tracker platform that is multichannel. Preside on it and operate all the feedbacks that you received in a single platform and receive a total analysis report in your dashboard view. Check your personal links, email, anonymous links, SMS, Scan QR codes, and social media.

  2. Qualroo

    Qualroo comes with unique customer feedback apps features. It comes with Artificial Intelligence-based that is empowered by Watson Labs Natural Language Processing abilities. The survey widget used by Qualroo is called Nudge and it provides the right questions to the right kind of user at the perfect time. Coming with reach featured and customizable templates so that your business receives seamless and smooth survey setups.

  3. Zonka Feedback

    Zonka customer feedback software is one of the tops wrung experience management platform that can capture feedback across several channels, comes with real-time alerts, a collaborative dashboard, and powerful reporting so that businesses can take action and close the loop of feedback. Measure the metrics of customer experience that includes Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (2.0 Create automation and workflows through integrations with Zapier, Google Sheets, Zendesk, etc.

  4. Clarabridge

    The Clarabridge solutions have a special purpose of being designed for customer experience, drawing certain actionable insights from each and every customer interaction in a single platform. This feedback providing insight for customer experience would provide interactive tools to gather customer feedback. The Clarabridge Engage connects with the customers where they are positioned to gather customer inputs. Clarabridge Engage would connect with the customers wherever they are and give exclusive customer experiences through engagement software and conversation analytics.

  5. Feedier

    This customer feedback app is the most intuitive solution in experience management. It will allow you to easily listen to further analyze in real-time the complete voice of the customer using several channels by using features such as data correlation, NPS, and text analysis that is based on automation.

  6. InMoment

    The aim of InMoment is to drive positive results for your business and find answers to optimize the experience of your customer with customer feedback management software. The brand’s cloud-native XI platform comes with three clouds, which it calls Employee Experience Cloud platform, Market Experience Cloud, and Customer Experience Cloud.

  7. Qualtrics

    This is one Experience Management company. It automatically routes the recommended actions to its customers in the best positions towards making changes, enabling organizations towards driving continuous improvement. Businesses can collect feedback using this customer feedback software at a really meaningful touchpoint along with instantly analyzing their comments.

    With the Employee Experience Management Software, you don’t simply listen to employees, you could take action towards making a better employee experience through the deployment of listening posts at each key employee moment also delivering recommended actions to each and every concerned person within the organization.

  8. Verint Foresee

    ForeSee is a customer solution that allows you to collect customer feedback from the website, on-location, mobile, and the connect channels and connect all the data for understanding customer inputs. Their software takes help of machine learning (ML) also artificial intelligence (AI) and comes with some strategic insights. On the basis of these, actions could be aligned with the business and the customer experience goals.

  9. Usabilla

    The customer experience management software claims that it can empower high-end brands like Toyota and Tommy Hilfiger to become highly customer-centric which comes with better digital experiences on the emails, apps, and websites of the brand. With the help of targeted surveys and feedback options that are embedded, these brands acquire those solutions that:

    • Captures the Voice of Customer (VoC) • Collects both qualitative and quantitative data • Delivers actionable inputs

    With Usabilla, businesses can see what is happening using both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

  10. Opinionlab

    This works on a concept that you need to listen to customers yet pay greater attention towards reacting fast to customer feedback. Most industry-leading companies trust this customer experience and drive their engagement throughout channels. Recently, it has joined hands with Verint to build VoC solution that gives better solutions to gauge customer inputs.

  11. Wootric

    Wootric can manage all the parts of managing customer experience, whether it is gathering feedback about a customer journey, analyzing data that is large-scale, or it is increasing revenue and driving growth. Quite a lot of feedback comes from all types of support tickets, channel surveys, online tickets, and managing employee data – the entire process is tough. It uses ML to analyze feedback. It would give VoC perspective so that further improvements to customer experience can be guided.


Customer is the king and satisfying customers always is the requirement of the day. The purpose behind using customer feedback tools is collecting, sorting, analyzing, and presenting the data to create a better customer-savvy business.

Appeasing the customer wasn’t easy earlier. Thanks to the numerous customer feedback software, customers today receive insights about products even before they have thought of buying. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become the critical tools that understand customer psychology and create excellent input collecting or survey apps enabling you to create a business impact you never thought of earlier.