Why Uber for Babysitters is the Best Way for Entrepreneurs to Generate Good Revenue? by@Hill

Why Uber for Babysitters is the Best Way for Entrepreneurs to Generate Good Revenue?

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In a fast-paced world, where the cost of living is high and time is scarce, affording time for quality parenting has become a luxury. This has, however, given rise to a new segment of service providers called nannies or babysitters. While traces of hesitation still exist, most of the trouble or doubt associated with babysitting has disappeared. In fact, babysitting has become so essential that some parents who move into a new locality find it difficult to zero down on the most reliable babysitter.

While on one side, the market for babysitters is growing, companies like Uber have ushered the era of on-demand services. It enables users to find the right service providers in an organized fashion. The convergence of a service like Uber and the growing market for babysitters will result in an on-demand app for availing babysitter services.

The Opportunity

A babysitter or nanny app provides advantages to both the service providers and those who are likely to avail their services. The application can also bring in elements of flexibility where parents can hire a Nanny for short periods - if they would want to go for dinner together. There can also be facilities to hire babysitters either for a day or for an extended period like a month or more.

Why Uber for Babysitters? 

Babysitting has become more of a basic necessity for urban parents than a luxury. On one side, there is a spurt of growth in people moving in from different parts of the world to concentrated urban locations. Parallel to this, some people are constantly seeking opportunities to babysit and earn some income for themselves. A babysitting app like Uber will flawlessly bridge these gaps by using the right technology and business model. 

From a business perspective, this aggregation model holds a lot of potential when it comes to earning revenue. With the availability of Uber for babysitters scripts, it is just about aggregating the data. The technology is already taken care of. 

The Success Stories

We have already seen applications like UrbanSitter, Bambino, and Bubble prove their success with this business model. While Urbansitter and Bambino operate in the United States, Bubble operates in the United Kingdom. All the brands provide apps for the two major mobile ecosystems, iOS and Android.

UrbanSitter is available in more than 60 cities across the United States and has more than 150000 caregivers listed with it. The Bubble has over 30,000 users in Great Britain.

These success stories establish the reliability of babysitting apps as a business. It also needs to be noted that there is quite a lot of space in the market to accommodate many other applications offering the same service. Now might be the perfect time for you to develop your Uber for babysitters.

The Basic Features 

Any Uber for babysitters app needs to have the following minimum features. The features can be classified into three segments: 

The Essential Features

These are the features that the app needs to survive and function! Without these features, the app will not make sense at all: 

Profile creation -  the profile needs to be available for both users and babysitters. The profile should contain basic information such as their age, location, and the age group that they are adept in handling.

Booking -  this feature enables the users to book their babysitter at a particular slot. 

Slot -  as soon as the babysitter starts working, the timer should be activated. It has to be in line with the initial booking that the user had made. This helps to track both the parties in a mutually acceptable way.

Geolocation -  this feature helps users find nannies living around their location. This feature would extremely be useful in the case of short term requirements that needs to be responded to immediately.

Administrator panel -  the administrator panel is extremely useful in keeping a bird's eye view on all the activities of your application. It also helps you make important business decisions such as disabling a user or a nanny based on their behavior. It will also help you keep a tab on the payments.

 The Features of Convenience

These are the set of features that could be done away with but would give a great deal of convenience when present. These features not only enhance the functionality but also the marketing appeal of the application.

Signing in using social media accounts -  login credentials are essential to creating an account and the profile, but bringing the convenience of using social media accounts to sign in saves the user from a lot of hassle. It should also be mentioned that an application can use a few permissions from the social media platform to read some useful data.

Ratings, reviews, and recommendations -  knowing what other parents think about a babysitter is undoubtedly useful in making a decision. A rating system can be used to grade both uses and babysitters.  The rating system can also make use of specific questions to gauge the specialization of a babysitter.  

Search and category filters -   The users can be given a facility to search for specific babysitters based on filters like age, experience, nationality, and language. This will help parents find the perfect nanny for their children.

In-app payment - it is true that payment can be taken offline. However, having an integrated payment system helps the babysitters and the users keep a tab on the payment that they have made or have to make. It also helps your business take the correct commission from these payments, which might be a hassle if the payments are made offline.  

Push notification - push notifications can notify babysitters about their slots ahead of their work. The parent can also be informed about the end time of the babysitters, and if need be, they can extend their work right from that notification.

Features for Security

For many parents, their child is their most prized possession. It is common to have a parent focus a lot on the security of the children with babysitters. A few features can help enhance the safety of the services provided.

Video calling -  maybe the parents are not anywhere close to their residence, but the connectivity these days ensures that video calling can happen without any hiccups. Having a periodic video call to monitor the child and the babysitter gives the parent a sense of satisfaction.

Geotagging -  as discussed among the basics, geotagging does help in finding the right providers. In addition to this, it also helps you in keeping a tab on the movement of the nanny. This ensures that the babysitter does not stray away from the baby during the caretaking period.

Background verification of the babysitters -  it is important for the app and the business to verify the validity and authenticity in addition to the identity of the babysitters that they have listed. It can be done by collecting valid ID proofs and address proofs. 

Monetizing Your App

More than the product, it is the revenue that is important! With the babysitting app, there are multiple ways in which you can monetize your product.


For any product that is free to use, advertisement contributes to the biggest chunk of revenue. However, it should be kept in mind that the ads should be targeted and non-intrusive. Any advertisement that intrudes into the smooth functioning of the application or the interaction of the user is bound to backfire.


If we are calling the application an Uber for babysitters, the revenue has to be generated from the commission. In most cases, the business takes a percentage of the revenue generated by the babysitter as its commission.

Freemium Model

The freemium model would mean that a few additional features can be made available upon extra payment. The features can include listing a nanny on the top of the search result. Looking back at the commissions, the earnings of your business is proportional to the earnings of the babysitters.


It is quite evident that the potential for growth of a business that creates an app for babysitters is nothing short of astounding. It might be quite a hassle to analyze the market and ensure that you get your first batch of users and babysitters. However, with the availability of Uber for babysitter App in the market, the development process will never be an issue. All you need to do is find the right company to create your babysitter booking app, and you are all set to step into the territory of profits, not baby steps but massive strides!


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