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10 Data Table Libraries for JavaScript

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Tables are a useful tool for visualizing, organizing and processing data in JavaScript. To start using them, you need to download a free library or one for a reasonable price. Here is a list of 10 useful, functional, and reliable JS libraries that will help you work with tables.

Tables are an efficient tool for visualizing and processing data in JavaScript. Here is a list of 10 useful, functional, and reliable JS libraries that will help you arrange information in table format and work with it. The libraries are listed in alphabetical order. Some of them are available free of charge, while others are listed at a reasonable price.


Site: https://www.ag-grid.com/


This data grid allows you to sort, filter, resize, pin, select, edit, refresh, and group your data. You can create headers, do header rendering, edit cells, and create cell templates, perform cell styling, and rendering, plus much more. Many ag-Grid features are unique to it.

License: ag-Grid is a free-to-use product with an MIT license. But if you’re planning to use it for commercial purposes, you’ll have to pay either $750 for a single application or $1200 per developer for multiple applications.


Site: https://anygrids.com/


With this vanilla library, you can quickly create interactive tables from Javascript arrays, JSON formatted data, AJAX data sources. You can include the library in your project (by script tag or npm package installation) and just keep working on, without any additional adjustments.

It allows you to sort, filter and group your data, use expanding table rows with custom data render, custom (bar, pie, linear) sparklines, use packaged themes, column calculations and pagination. New features are released every month to make the process of customizing the tables easier.


License: AnyGrids is free.


Site: https://backgridjs.com/


This library will help you build semantic data grid widgets and easily style them. It’s lightweight, modular, and fully reactive. Its core elements will allow you to display, sort, and edit your data. If the basic functionality isn’t enough, you can create a customized API.

License: Backgrid.js is free and available under the MIT license.


Site: https://datatables.net/


It’s a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library. It comes in handy both for developers and end-users and adds enhanced interaction controls to HTML tables. It features instant search, single-column filtering, and diverse types of pagination.

ATTENTION: DataTables allows you to create tables dynamically and use around 150 pre-built examples.

License: DataTables is an open-source project under the MIT license. However, customers can support it by contributing anywhere from $9 to $99. This will give you free forum access, and your name, text link and/or logo will be mentioned on the supporters’ page.


Site: https://handsontable.com/


This library is easy to implement and customize. Handsontable allows you to work with rows and columns almost as if it were Excel. Its API is quite comprehensive, and you can edit the source code if needed.

License: This library is available free of charge for non-commercial purposes. You can use all of its features and get access to community support for free. For commercial use, you can buy it for $790 for a single developer. The price of the maximum package for 9 developers is $7110. The paid version includes a perpetual license, multiple applications, and 1 year of free support.

jExcel Spreadsheet

Site: https://bossanova.uk/jexcel/v4/


This vanilla library has a beautiful UI and improved CRUDS. It’s compatible with Excel: you can simply drag and drop your data. jExcel Spreadsheet is easy to customize and makes rich web applications.

In addition to the standard features, it allows you to paginate, resize multiple columns, merge columns, create dynamic jExcel tables with HTML static elements, and perform many other functions. This library is constantly evolving, and new features are added each day.

License: jExcel Spreadsheet is free and available under the MIT license.


Site: https://www.telerik.com/kendo-react-ui/


This library was built from the ground up for React. It allows you to group, page, filter, edit, resize, and reorder your data. It also allows you to use virtualization and globalization. You’ll be able to work either in controlled or uncontrolled mode and export the data to Excel and PDF.

This product has zero dependencies and its native UI components are 100% optimized for React. If you use an existing library, you won’t need to rewrite it — just augment it with KendoReact UI components.

License: The price of KendoReact perpetual license with priority support is $899 per developer, and you’ll get UI components just for React. For $999 you’ll be able to get the components for jQuery, Vue, and Angular as well. If you want remote web and phone assistance with a 4-hour initial response, you can buy the ultimate support package with React components only.

React DataGrid

Site: https://adazzle.github.io/react-data-grid/


With this library, you’ll be able to use summary filters, inline footers, client pagination, and hierarchical grids. It allows you to decide which cells should be editable, which rows should be selectable, and which color should be applied to each cell. You can customize animation loading, use built-in Lazy Load support, and export your data to Excel, XML, Text, or Word.

ATTENTION: The configuration of React DataGrid is based on the “drag-and-drop” principle.

License: For a single application, you can buy React DataGrid for $399. For an unlimited number of applications, its price will be $999.

UI Grid

Site: http://ui-grid.info/


It’s a data grid for AngularJS. Its standard features allow you to sort and filter information as well as perform user interaction and testing integration. Its advanced features will help you to visualize and group information, to pin columns, to expand rows, to edit in place, and to internationalize your data.

ATTENTION: UI Grid performs well even with tables of 10,000+ rows.

License: UI Grid is free and available under the MIT license.


Site: http://w2ui.com/web/home


This set of jQuery plugins is lightweight and built on the “all-in-one” principle. All of its features are available out of the box, so you don’t need to compile multiple plugins. It allows you to work with forms, tabs, sidebars, and grids. It is easy to resize, reorder, freeze columns, and create your own color scheme plus much more. w2ui has a sleek modern design and is updated regularly.

License: You can download w2ui free of charge under the MIT license.


Among all the numerous alternatives available online these are the most widespread and reliable ones. These programs will help you create tables from your existing data, and organize and process it.


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