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Why Developers and Enterprises Heart Node.js

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A Node.js Interactive Video Series

Node.js and its ecosystem are growing at a massive rate. There are more than 6 million people using Node.js on a monthly basis and it has grown 100 percent year-over year.

We had the opportunity to sit down with several developers and engineers at Node.js Interactive Europe to talk about why they chose Node.js and how this platform is different than others. Check out the videos below to learn how Node.js impacts everything from developer culture to the hardware industry.

The Changing Landscape of Web Development and Open Source Communities

Sarah Saltrick Meyer, software engineer at Buzzfeed, believes that transparency and debate is important within the Node.js community. Sarah shares these thoughts in more detail and why Node.js is a major win for developers and is different than any other programming language that came before it.

The Strengths Node.js Provides Businesses

Nuno Job, CEO of YLD, discusses why more businesses are using Node.js for development and how the technology has impacted developer culture within organizations.

Things to Love About Working with Node.js

Matteo Collina, software architect at nearForm, spends his days programming in Node.js, Ruby, Java and Objective-C — development runs deep in his blood. Matteo talks about why he personally loves to work with Node.js and how enterprises benefit from this technology.

Want to learn more about how developers, engineers and architects are using Node.js? There’s a ton of great videos from Node.js Interactive Europe that can be watched here. Here’s a few reasons from NASA, Lowe’s and Groupon too.


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