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Which Top Javascript IDEs to Seek in 2019?

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Which Javascript IDEs(Popular) To Seek In 2019?

As we have entered in 2019, everybody must be expecting new web development trends since this field is continuously evolving and changing. So, there are plenty of JavaScript trends to look for in this year.

Also, it is a good for every business to look for top Javascript IDEs for all their web development needs. The reason is simple as the Javascript is dynamic a language and retains high-level style. Moreover, it’s frameworks have played an important role.

In this blog, we will discuss top 5 JavaScript IDEs and this is a highly subjective list too. The IDEs listed below are all cross-platform compatible and lets you create an amazing business application in no time.

Check out the list here:-

1) Atom IDE


There are a number of reasons why this IDE from github made our list. Atom IDE is a collection of optional packages designed to provide similar functionality to IDE at Atom.io.

It supports JavaScript along with Node.js and CSS, thanks to a basic language package Electron and TypeScript.

The features of the Atom JavaScript package include a wide range of features, including automatic completion depending on the context. However, the Code navigation is easier than ever with a schematic view for your document, find all the references and go to definition.

Developers can also use the hover in order to reveal information and the complete set of diagnostic tools including errors and warnings for better understanding their code.

2) Komodo Edit


Komodo Edit is an another popular option for JavaScript. This is a simplified version of Komodo’s advanced IDE and makes development easier than ever. It is a powerful but a multi-language editor too which is simple. The editor feels intuitive and can handle most problems.

It supports all the functions of Node.js and various popular web-based frameworks. This powerful editor includes unit testing, debugging, collaboration or integration with compilation systems.

Editor functions include fast bookmarks, code folding, track changes, multiple selections, code blocks, and even intelligent language detection.

3) Brackets


It is an open source code editor for the Adobe website. And, it is written in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It offers a native code editing experience without any compatibility problems for developers.

A great thanks to its live preview function, Brackets is synchronized with your browser and directly drives the code editions immediately. However, the developers can make further changes and jump between code and live preview without complications.

In addition, the Quick Edition UI will ensure that you always have the right tools with yourself, no matter what type of code you are developing.

4) WebStorm


It is one of the most popular JavaScript IDEs used for web development today. While this JetBrains solution is not exactly cheap, it is getting a powerful IDE for JS development with intelligent coding assistance.

Some of its features include error detection, code completion and refactorings for several languages such as JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, and CSS.

In fact, the developers can evaluate their code without having to leave the IDE. The built-in debugger points to the client-side code as well as the Node.js applications.

Tests can also be performed within WebStorm, with a report card displayed for debugging tests. spy-js crawls the JavaScript code to help prevent bottlenecks.

5) Visual Studio Code


VS Code offers intelligent termination with built-in Git integration, IntelliSense, the ability to debug code directly from the editor and more.

This free and cross-platform IDE is an ideal choice for frontend development.

VS Code is highly extensible with a series of customization options using its various extensions. Moreover, it offers support in a variety of languages, so it’s understandable now why it was ranked and considered as the most popular development tool for the Stack Overflow 2018 Developer Survey.


So far we have seen the list of top JavaScript IDEs to use in 2019 for your web development needs. JavaScript consists of a number of IDEs that are great, but they were removed for space in this list.

Sublime Text 3 is a premium text editor that comes with excellent functions for markup, code, and prose.

The NetBeans IDE facilitates the rapid development of applications for desktop computers, mobile devices, and web with a large number of languages.

And, of course, IntelliJ IDEA offers support for some JavaScript development.


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