11 AI & ML App Ideas For Startups and SME’s In 2019by@samairasandberg05
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11 AI & ML App Ideas For Startups and SME’s In 2019

by Samaira SandbergDecember 23rd, 2018
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Artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to open up new opportunities in the business world, but many companies do not believe they can benefit from such technologies.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to open up new opportunities in the business world, but many companies do not believe they can benefit from such technologies.

Through AI and ML, your business will benefit as you become more efficient in your operations and eliminate the mundane tasks that seem to slow you down.

Despite the great capability and increasing availability of both the technologies, it is however difficult to produce an amazing app until you come up with an interesting app idea. Keeping this in my mind, I have made the list of some fruitful AI/ML business app ideas.

Checkout the list below:

1) Healthcare apps

It is good to explore more about AI / ML technologies for the health industry. Applications developed with these technologies can help doctors diagnose and determine when patients are deteriorating, so medical intervention can occur before the patient needs hospitalization.

It is a win-win for the health industry, saving costs for both hospitals and patients. The accuracy of machine learning can also detect diseases such as cancer before, which saves lives.

2) IT services and security apps

It is one of the best ideas to leverage AI/ML in IT solutions, network infrastructure, security, and services. You can build conversational interfaces on AI platform in order to power the voice assistants and next-generation chatting apps.

AI/ML can also be added to hyper-converged infrastructure as well as new IT services and security for balancing the various workloads of computing systems.

3) Customer-centric apps

The use of AI / ML applications is one of the great ideas to better analyze the responses of clients to surveys and activities over time.

This allows us to understand not only the feedback they provide but also if there are specific qualities and attributes that are related to their response rate and the probability of participating.

This information will allow our clients to modify their own customer survey strategies.

4) Cybersecurity apps

The AI wins over traditional firewall rules or AV data, as it works automatically without the firm’s prior knowledge to find anomalies. In addition to traditional security measures, it is a good idea to adapt AI/ML apps to help with the defense of cybersecurity.

The AI system constantly analyzes our network packets and maps what is normal traffic. It is actually aware of more than 102,000 patterns in the network.

5) Prediction for vulnerability exploitation

The AI / ML application is a great idea to predict when a vulnerability in a part of the software will end up being used by the attackers. This allows us to be days or weeks ahead of new attacks.

It is a powerful problem, but by concentrating on the simple classification of “will be attacked” or “will not be attacked”, we can train accurate models with a high reminder.

6) Energy and cost saving app

One of the best application ideas is to use AI / ML to reduce energy use and reduce energy costs for drilling operations, transportation of crude oil and natural gas, storage and refining of oil. In fact, many industries have been looking for historical data points for this.

The AI application that we execute now can learn and predict the future energy load at such granular levels as a single mixing activity.

This opens a full range of opportunities to reduce waste, reduce maximum demand and reduce costs.

7) Online recruiting apps

It has been found that hiring skilled workers remains one of the most difficult challenges with unemployment at historic lows.

By harnessing the power of recruiting automation, smart employers are using AI-driven sourcing tools to find candidates who have not been considered for roles in the past, not because they were not qualified, but because they did not appear in the first place.

8) Fast learning apps

The idea of AI/ML apps has accelerated the power of written text. Since then, human beings can not read fast enough, and can not mine and mentally structure a large amount of data available to them.

Therefore, you need to develop advanced AI / ML applications that read and understand life science articles, which ultimately will help researchers accelerate the discovery of cures for diseases and the development of new treatments and medications.

9) Conversational interfaces

The advancement in the deep neural network or deep learning is making many of these amazing AI and ML applications possible today.

You can use machine learning and artificial intelligence to build intelligent conversation voice assistants and chatbots.

These conversation interfaces driven by artificial intelligence answer the questions of the most frequent questions and answers, help users with concierge services in hotels and provide information about products for purchases.

10) Market prediction

The use of AI / ML applications for market prediction helps researchers and marketers in gathering accurate data by using an efficient manner.

Therefore, you can use these applications in several traditional places like personalization, intuitive workflows, improved searches and product recommendations.

More recently, some companies have begun to incorporate AI into their marketing operations to be the first in the market to predict the future.

11) Accounting And Fintech

In the past few years, Ai as well as ML put a great impact on many industries. Accounting and fintech are not exceptions. They are using artificial intelligence to streamline their professional routines through practices such as automated data entry and reporting.

And it’s not just about accountants, the entire financial services industry is adopting automation.

12) Fast proposal review

The use of AI and ML for an application saves incredible time and improves quality for clients. When a facility manager receives a proposal from a contractor, machine learning analyzes the scope, prices and historical performance of the contractor to determine if the proposal has the correct cost and will be carried out with the correct quality level.


So we have seen a list of AI/ML app ideas that would surely help your business for a good growth. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become powerful tools for companies in 2018.

Although large corporations have been pioneers in their use, a surprising number of small businesses are already using them to increase their competitiveness through innovation, efficiency, and productivity.

Your business is unique. And, these technologies are worth the investment. Start using these technologies as soon as possible to get the best for your business.