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What is Spotify And How Does It Work?

by Mark TwainOctober 22nd, 2020
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Spotify is there to bring the best soundtracks in your life. You can access this service from your smartphones and desktop as and when you need it. There are some main differences between free and premium Spotify. Free Spotify works like a radio; you need to listen to whatever plays there. Premium Spotify lets you listen to music nonstop and play songs on-demand. Spotify Connect allows you to connect Spotify to any Wi-Fi/Wireless device, including Chromecast speakers, Amazon Echo, Google Chromecast, Google Home, and other wireless devices.

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Are you a person who likes to play different music based on various events or simply your mood? If yes, then Spotify is there to bring the best soundtracks in your life.

As soon as you start using this service, you can explore many different features. In this post, I will provide you an introduction to Spotify and how it works. Do you know almost 140 million people are already using Spotify? Don't you wonder why?

You should know that tons of people are using this music service for free, while others pay money to listen to music. Once you become famous with Spotify, I'll tell you some main differences between Free and Premium Spotify.

What is Spotify?

This digital music streaming service makes it simple for you to get quick access to millions of songs, videos, and podcasts from global artists. No matter what part of the world you belong to, it brings songs from your country's artists. Isn't that amazing? You can access this service from your smartphones and desktop as and when you need it. You can download the Spotify app on your smartphone and enjoy this service for free, but its paid version brings more amazing features.

How Does Spotify Work?

Every music lover finds it hard to stream his or her music online. First, you need to search for a track, then download it. Skip this hassle, make an account, and open in the worldwide music world. You can make an account through your email address or via Facebook account. I suggest you create an account through Facebook because this option offers you a chance to find your friends on Spotify and check their playlists.

Create a Friend Circle - Getting connected to your buddies on an application would be a fantastic experience. Once you connect with them, you can share your favorite music tracks and find out what kind of songs your friends are listening to.

Search Songs – You can search for songs by typing a song or start a search by adding artist names. You can also search for the movie name and find its songs. Once you start listening to a song, you can add all your favorite songs and make a playlist, which will stay active on your account and access it.

Find the Right Music – The best thing about Spotify is that you can find the right music for every moment of your life through Spotify. Whether you want a wedding song or some tracks for adding energy to your workout, there are tons of options to choose from.

Explore Collection- You can easily access the best songs collections of your friends, celebrities, and artists. Creating your own radio station based on your music preference is another fun element.

Discover Podcasts - You can't only listen to songs but also podcasts. Whether you want to play a cooking podcast or have a desire to learn hunting through hunting podcasts, this digital streaming service will be available at your fingertips.

Free Vs. Premium Spotify

You can access this service either free or through Spotify Premium. There are some main differences between free and premium Spotify. Let's find out what these are.

Download Music - When you subscribe to the premium Spotify service, you can download up to 10,000 songs on your device and access them through five different devices. This option isn't available through free Spotify;  you can't download any music.

Ads – Free Spotify works like a radio; you need to listen to whatever plays there. If there is a commercial, you will hear it. However, you can listen to music nonstop with premium Spotify—no need to wait for ads to get over and then play your favorite music.

On-Demand songs – You can't play whatever you like on free Spotify, but you can play songs on-demand as and when you want through Spotify premium service.

Unlimited Skips – You can't skip more than six times in one hour while using the Free Spotify app, while the premium version lets you enjoy unlimited skips. Don't like a song, skip it and move to the next you want.

Spotify Connect - If you subscribe to Spotify, then you can make the most of Spotify Connect. This feature allows you to connect Spotify to any Wi-Fi/Wireless device. That means you can join it to your TV speakers, Chromecast, Amazon Echo, PC, Google home, and other wireless devices. Once you create a connection, you can control music as your phone will work as a remote control. You can remotely play any song and change its volume. You can't get the Spotify Connect option on Spotify Free.

How Spotify premium works

If you want to avail of premium features, then you can subscribe to Spotify Premium. A single user can pay $9.99 per month. In case you want to enjoy this service alongside your partner, then buy Spotify Premium Duo for $12.99/month.

When your whole family loves music, you should buy a family package for $14.99/month; it lets you access premium features on six separate family accounts. In case you are a student, you can enjoy a discounted rate of $4.99/month. Once you pay the premium cost, you get your account and play whatever you like whenever you like.

How Spotify Free Works?

If you don't want premium features like unlimited skips, no-ads interruptions, music download, and Spotify Connect, you can sign up for Spotify. Use your email address or Facebook account. Access its official site from your desktop or download the Spotify application on your iOS or Android device and start digital music and podcast streaming.

Final Thoughts

Spotify lets you enter a digital music world where music, video, and podcast streaming are fun. You get connected with friends and get intelligent music and playlist recommendations based on your music history and preference. Once you are on this platform, you don't listen to the same music repeatedly because you find many similar songs and podcasts that match perfectly to your personality. Start with its free version, and you would soon like to pay a small fee to avail of its premium features.