10 Innovative Ways of Mobile Enterprise Messaging Can Be Used In Businesses by@veeraeswari
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10 Innovative Ways of Mobile Enterprise Messaging Can Be Used In Businesses

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Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, Slack, WeChat, Line, Kik.

By Contus Fly Product Analyst Veeraeswari

Do these messenger names ring a bell? By a fat chance, you must be using at least two to three of these messaging apps.

From business boardrooms to leisure cafes, these apps are omnipresent. Their use cases go far beyond just text messaging. In fact, in China, WeChat is a way of living. From hiring on demand bicycles to paying groceries, WeChat is an app that Chinese users live and breathe by.

If you know anyone in NASA, ask them how they remain productive despite having team members often located across miles from each other. Slack or some similar mobile enterprise messaging app would be the answer.

Social messenger apps like Facebook Messenger are also soon becoming open platforms for customers and businesses to meet and carry out transactions. eCommerce is finding its way into chat screens!

Well, don’t be surprised. Here are 10 more unconventional yet happening use cases that mobile enterprise messaging apps are being put to.

1. Omni Device Collaboration


Remote employees can connect and exchange files and information over the cloud. There is no restraint on what kind of device they can use. Create enterprise messaging apps and make it run on all devices for Omni-device collaboration possible anywhere, anytime.

2. On-demand Commerce


The on-demand economy is booming and messaging apps sit right in the center of it. Be it a food delivery app or the last mile package delivery app, enterprise messaging apps work from the background to connect businesses with their customers seamlessly.

3. Live Streaming


Live streaming viewers and broadcasters need a bridge that will connect them both ways to real-time communication. But, integrating a chat solution for a live streaming channel is an entirely different ball game compared to anything else. Enterprise messaging app solution fit in here perfectly enabling real-time two-way chat for live stream broadcasters and viewers.

4. Banking & Investments


Mobile apps and Internet banking have long replaced frequent visits to the banks. However, mobile apps cannot do anything. Account holders feel a need for constant attention and service that only a proper conversation can provide.

Enterprise instant messaging apps with high-level security features fit in this position perfectly and helps banks serve their customers with great ease. Customers also can exchange queries for immediate resolution of issues with their bank accounts. Request for new cheque books, replacement of cards, standing instructions for bill payments, etc. can be done through enterprise communication apps for banking.

5. m-Health


Thanks to wearables and m-health mobile apps, there has been a surge in demand for chat apps that can connect doctors and healthcare givers to patients. m-Health apps primarily performed the task of connecting doctors and patients on available appointment timings. However, with enterprise chat apps, it is now possible for patients and doctors to have one on one discussion without the need for a physician consultation. Enterprise messaging apps in healthcare make telemedicine possible at great length.

6. Online Gaming


Multi-player gaming and arcade games require gamers to have a constant connection with each other. Real-time messaging apps make it easy for gamers to exchange information easily without having to hop off the game screen. The chat convo can also be relayed to the game screen for better chat experience while gaming.

7. Chatbot Integration


Chatbots and instant messaging go hand in hand. Chatbots are advanced instant messaging solutions that learn from the user input and constantly evolve their output to better serve user queries. Chatbots use artificial intelligence and machine learning to give real-time responses to users. Perhaps, this is the most advanced use case of instant messaging apps and are soon becoming commonplace.

8. Social


Facebook Messenger, Instagram Chat, LinkedIn Messages, Google Hangouts are all exemplary examples of social chat apps. Enterprise messaging apps can be customized to give a look and feel of these chat apps complete with emoticons and online presence indicators for an interactive chat experience.

9. In-app Chat


In-app messaging makes it easy for app users to seek information from app admins without having to hop out of the app screen. It also doubles up as an in-built customer support system that can guide customers through the app and help them get what they want.

10. Push Notification


Push notification can increase app engagement, traffic to a website and ultimately sales too. Enterprise messaging apps allow app publishers to send pop up messages to app users to inform about an ongoing deal, a fall in prices, the status update of a delivery and much more.

The world of chat apps is a massive one that is ever-growing like the Universe. It is filled with tons of feature-rich apps that do more than just send and receive messages.

They have far more use cases and business applications which are discussed above. Contus Fly is a chat app solution that creates instant messaging apps for every business model and use cases.

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by Veeraeswari @veeraeswari.Digital Marketer | Bright-eyed and loves challenges | I understand numbers and here to help.
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