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What is eTA Canada and Why Do We Need it

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Travelling often comes with a lot of hassles and troubles. This may be in the form of long immigration lines, finding lost baggage at airline counters, and unnecessary flight delays. The list of issues one might face is quite extensive. To help out travellers and make them feel secure, the Canadian government has created a document called an eTA or electronic travel authorization.


What is Electronic Travel Authorization and why it is worth to consider before going to Canada?

An eTA or an electronic travel authorization is an entry requisite which, foreign nationals from visa-exempt countries should have when travelling to Canada by air. The eTA does not exist in any physical form and is simply linked to the traveller's passport. The document will last for about five years or until the passport expires, whichever comes first. As each eTA is uniquely generated, you will need to re-apply for a new one if your passport gets expired. An eTA does not, however, guarantee entry to Canada. You will still need to furnish all the necessary documents such as the passport and visa.

With an eTA you will be able to travel in and out of Canada with ease, and as often as you want. However, you cannot stay for longer than six months in Canada. The eTA is available for only 7CAD and the processing usually takes a few minutes. Assigning an eTA ensures that every individual that transits through the country of Canada is accounted for and their entry is validated. In certain cases, the process might take a few days, as you will be asked to submit supporting documents.

The eTA is only exempt for individuals who are from the United States or those who have a valid Canadian visa.


What ETA can offer traveller when it comes to health and safety?

As each country will have different standards of health and safety regulations, it is important for any individual travelling to Canada to have a clear medical record. The detailed questionnaire you are required to fill before you apply for an eTA ensures that your medical record is looked at thoroughly. As you will be required to convince the visa officer that you should be permitted entry; being clear on the eTA form can be helpful. It will also help you get the appropriate medical treatment in case of an emergency.

As a traveller with an eTA, you will be allowed to visit Canada for five years. This means that there is no unnecessary hassle for you to re-apply for entry and exit to Canada. If you are transiting through you will still need to produce an eTA. This step is necessary as the government will account individuals that are transiting and so that there are no issues during the said transit period. An eTA allows immigration to keep a check on who is entering from where and for how long. All of this means that you as a traveller are safe and in no apparent danger.


Why do we need it and why eTA is protecting the country?

The answer to why we need electronic travel authorization? is quite simple; the document allows the Canadian government to thoroughly vet every person entering through the borders. The authorization does wonders for safety. It allows immigration officials to check if the person poses any kind of health risk. They can also check if the individuals are of any physical threat to the residents of the country.

The eTA also allows the immigration officers to keep a track of how long a person is in Canada and hence eliminating any possibility of overstaying their welcome.

An eTA allows the Canadian government to effectively dismiss terrorist threats as well as it is not granted to individuals with criminal records.

No individual can board a flight without an eTA. They cannot enter the country unless the eTA has been verified at a primary inspection kiosk.

The electronic travel authorization is a unique measure taken up by the government to ensure that the citizens of the country are safe from any
kind of external threat. The system allocates a number associated directly with the passport thereby effectively tracking each individual entering and exiting the country.



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