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Transit App, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers application which shows scheduled bus and train arrivals and find routes and stops. Transit App serves customers ...

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The Future of Mass Transit and IoT
Published at Aug 29, 2018 by sergeymedved
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Why We Are Not Likely to Transition to IPv6 Any Time Soon
Published at Nov 16, 2022 by verasmirnoff
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Facebook Transitioning into Meta
Published at May 01, 2022 by williammeller

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Metro’s focus on fare evasion vexes District’s youngest riders
Published at Dec 03, 2022 by The Washington Post on
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TransLink looking to buy 150 electric buses by 2025
Published at Dec 03, 2022 by electrive
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Saturday Morning News Roundup
Published at Dec 03, 2022 by SFGate
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In transit
Published at Dec 03, 2022 by San Mateo Daily Journal
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Wanted for the T: a GM who focuses on safety and reliability
Published at Dec 03, 2022 by The Boston Globe

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