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Canadian Music Week Hackathon is Approaching!

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May 8th is going to be an extraordinary time for all hardcore hackers, blockchain geeks, and VR gurus. It’ll be where the bravest of players (warriors) will seek to win it all after many hours of grueling work, in which blood, sweat and tears will be shown. Okay, maybe not the blood, but it’ll be something. Canadian Music Week is proud to host their first annual Hackathon!

Canadian Music Week Hackathon will feature 24 hours of intense work, debates, brainstorming, innovation, camaraderie and fun. If you’re an expert on Music, VR/AR, Blockchain, or AI, and are a wiz at coding, developing, hacking or just designing, then this is the place for you to go all out! Each team is invited to formulate solutions to problems and create new pathways to move the music industry forward.

Also, the Hackathon will be judged by a few reputable names known around the industry: Esteemed judges include Jay Rosenzweig (CEO of Rosenzweig & Co.), Jodi Kovitz (Founder & CEO of #MoveTheDial), Shawn Wilson (CEO of Muzooka), Greg Nisbet (Founder & CEO of MEDIAZOIC), David Dufresne (Partner at Panache Ventures), Roger Chabra (CIO of TribalScale), and Ralph Simon (Founder & Chief Executive, Mobilium Global). The facilitator for the Hackathon includes Travis Laurendine, who has run Hackathons for SXSW, Outside Lands, Bonnaroo, The White House, The Super Bowl and others.

Not to mention, I am proud to be one of the two Hacker Noon writers who will be covering the Hackathon in May. My colleague, Adam Winfield will be the second to contribute to writing about this once-in-a-year event. Cheers to Hacker Noon for the opportunity!

So, for all hackers who are willing to take on the challenge, make sure to grab your team and register quickly before the event’s sold out! What are you waiting for? Get programming!


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