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Food Tech Stories: Food On Wheels Can Solve Last Mile Problem

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I need to finish ma platfom for foodies and recipe creators!

Urbanization is a common process in many regions of the world, including a huge proportion of people in less developed countries. Rapid urbanization can cause many problems, including poverty and food insecurity, which can make it harder for citizens to eat a healthy diet. No matter how hard policymakers are trying to promote healthy and sustainable diets, it’s still an acute problem in modern cities.

Also, it is extremely hard to offer fair prices to food producers. While grocery stores and healthy restaurants are scarce, corner stores are stocked with beer, cigarettes, fried snacks, and fatty sweets. That is why the government and concerned citizens are in constant search for a better alternative.

Foodshare Toronto, the city of Toronto and United Way Toronto has presented a mobile organic food market that brings fresh food and veggies to areas that are situated far from grocery stores. Structured by LGA Architectural Planners, the portable market was made from an old bus that was given by the Toronto Transit Commission.

Loaded with fresh seasonal produce, it lets Torontonians buy fresh healthy fruit and vegetables even if they don't have grocery stores in the area. Everything from broccoli and lettuce to apples and onions is available when the bus comes to town, twice per week.

However, this initiative doesn’t adree the issue concerning fair pricing. Since the costs required by the transport must be dealt with, food costs aren't a lot lower than what may be found in a store.

However, at least families have the opportunity to purchase higher-quality, nutrient-dense food when the bus visits.

Read the whole story here: Bus Converted into Mobile Food Market Brings Fresh Produce To Low-Income Neighbourhoods

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