What are Digital Asset Management Solutions and Why Your Company Needs them to Boost Productivity by@darshmam

What are Digital Asset Management Solutions and Why Your Company Needs them to Boost Productivity

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There are more and more companies who chose for Digital Asset Management solutions for boosting their productivity and to smoothen out certain processes within the company. But what are the advantages from implementing a Digital Asset Management solution? And what does
it mean? This is exactly what we will show you in this article, read on to find
out more about Digital Asset Management solutions.

Meet Digital Asset Management


DAM solutions evolved from simple digital file repositories to comprehensive marketing platforms, for both B2B and B2C organizations. And this with a major impact on different departments such as: marketing, creative teams, brand management, sales and IT. The unmistakable
added value of a DAM is the way in which media can be used optimally. Storage of large quantities of assets may not cost you anything, but it is equally inexpensive.

The real merit in the use of assets is the possibility to let them flow smoothly within your company, either internally or via one of the many integrated applications with other existing systems.

The point is that of all the imagery ever created within a company, a lot is lost, and no one knows what is already there. How many times has it happened that you couldn't find a certain presentation, or that a colleague has once again pieced together a graph to reinforce his argument? While a ready-made, designer-designed presentation is waiting for you, which is never used because no one knows of its existence? How valuable would it be if there was a solution that ensured that all departments could easily find and use all the materials - which in most cases put a lot of time and money into it - at all times.

In fact, the value of DAM is so undeniable that it is used worldwide by companies of all shapes and sizes. Markets estimates that the global market for Digital Asset Management will grow from $1.4 billion in 2015 to $5.5 billion in 2020.

The advantages of a Digital Asset Management solution

DAM solutions help marketing teams manage countless files by automating the process of storing, organizing and sharing. So that work is streamlined on a global scale. Some of these processes can easily be performed without software, but together these technologies are the ultimate solution. Especially when an excessive number of files is managed
and organized by internal teams, each with specific competences.

  • Reuse of your marketing material. Build on existing content and avoid duplicates.
  • Restore autonomy. Avoid interruptions at any stage of the process.
  • Quick file search. Possible thanks to tags and relevant categorization of the files.
  • Quickly process content. Easily rotate or resize an image using the platform.
  • An interface that promotes use. A simple and ergonomic interface is beneficial for the usage ratio and thus the profitability of a project.
  • Encourage international collaboration through a multilingual interface to support use by global teams.
  • Time, everyone's enemy. Focus on tasks worth your time.
  • Save on the costs of a new design. Whether it's the rates of the advertising agency, freelance or in-house teams, eliminate the cost of redesigning media you've already had made.
  • Avoid legal issues such as fines for unlawful use of material.

As you can see there are a lot of advantages that the use of DAM has to offer. This is exactly the reason that there are some many companies who go for Digital Asset Management solutions to lift their company to the next level.

Who uses DAM solutions?

DAM solutions have long been in the hands of the largest companies. With more and more SaaS (Software as a service) solutions at their fingertips, small and medium-sized enterprises have also benefited from DAM software.

This is because SaaS has few technological limitations, is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. The largest enterprises have followed in the Cloud's footsteps, leveraging the flexibility and scalability that SaaS offers to meet growing, more specific needs.

All industries have to manage digital assets. Initially, the interest was noticed in B2C companies in different industries, but this has expanded to B2B.

Any company with a brand that needs to be highlighted.And has an identity to harmonize; produces a digital heritage to centralize, organize and value. For using these solutions they on suppliers such as Microsoft, SAP, IBM or IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management for managing all their
digital assets.

Driving factors for a growing demand for DAM


We can address multiple driving factors that contribute to a growing demand of DAM. To make it somewhat easier we have listed these factors down below.

1. Inbound transcends outbound. Campaigns around the world are becoming more and more tuned and tailor-made. This requires multiple resources, channels and a rethinking marketing process.

2. Communication channels continue to grow. Brochures, emails, offline media, social networks, you name it. The diversity in the media requires targeted communication and coordination to ensure the coherence and relevance of campaigns.

3. The growing number of files. What makes sense is when a company launches 3 campaigns every 2 months through 6 different channels in 4 different consumer segments and on top of that in 4 different languages. In total more than 1750 files produced per year. And this without counting the images or components such as logos and fonts.

4. Regulations imposing stricter rules on marketing. These restrictions apply in many sectors, such as the pharmaceutical industry, food industry and wine/beverage industry. Nowadays your brand is exposed on 20 sides, ensure consistency to come across as reliable.

5. Marketing departments must be able to explain the Return On Investment (ROI). In other words, what does it yield? With smaller budgets and increasing expectations, marketing teams are required to increase the profitability of their projects and to be able to justify every investment in this process.


Thanks to DAM solutions you are able to experience all the advantages that we have stated in this article. This makes it possible to always strengthen your company and to make the necessary changes.