Welcome to the Age of the Decentralized Storage Systemsby@authorityjoel

Welcome to the Age of the Decentralized Storage Systems

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Introduction Recently, blockchain technology has become the home to multiple distributed and decentralized file storage systems architectures -- either as smart contracts or a distributed file network system. The decentralized and distributed file storage system, like others, has its strengths and weakness. The decentralized file storage system provides extensive flexibility for users and the ability to participate; however, some of the decentralized file storage systems nodes are overly reliant on a centralized architecture. Decentralization is a complex socio-technical concept that is interpreted based on its functionality, from protocol layers to application layers. Conceptually, decentralization is an old concept re-enacted in an emerging blockchain environment, which simply means, the transfer of authority from a centralized entity to a distributed, peer-to-peer, and trustless network of computer nodes operating across the world without central databases. The paradigm-altering mechanism of decentralization reduces consensus blockchain protocols’ point of failure.

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