Strategic Partnership Between, MorningStar Ventures Set to Make a Splash in Blockchain  by@danstein

Strategic Partnership Between, MorningStar Ventures Set to Make a Splash in Blockchain

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As developments surrounding artificial intelligence continue to progress, more and more questions surrounding the sensitive nature of personal information, machine learning, and any potential fallout resulting from compromising such developments (or having machines become smarter than continue to swirl.

No matter how slow or fast artificial intelligence progresses, questions surrounding ethical considerations related to the advancement of such technologies are going to become more and more prevalent.

That’s why the new partnership between Morningstar Ventures and is big news. is a deep tech start-up dedicated to building a framework for using ethical practices within the world of artificial intelligence.

How the Partnership Helps Both Sides

Storing data and optimizing it to make artificial intelligence both more efficient and safer for humans to interact with requires a way to dive deeper into the data, scale its impact, and keep it secure all at the same time.

This means blockchain technology is going to play a crucial role in aiding humans and advancing the power of artificial intelligence.

The Proof-Of-Human Consensus Algorithm

If you’ve been involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of consensus algorithms like proof-of-work and proof-of-stake. That said, you’ve probably never heard about’s proof-of-human consensus algorithm.

It relies on users to provide biometric data in order to prove that assets and devices are still under biological supervision. 

The main objective is to ensure that artificial intelligence is aligned with specific and clearly defined ethical values. The whole point of artificial intelligence is to help human beings advance after all, not for them to take over control of digital assets or the rest of the world for that matter.

The long-term focus of reaching such consensus is to create a compelling, exciting, and safe synthetic world where human beings can benefit and artificial intelligence can realize its full potential.

There Are Many Reasons to Be Excited about the Partnership

Sabin Dima is the CEO of and expressed how excited is about the partnership in the release.

“We are very excited to continue our partnership with Morningstar Ventures, following their investment in the, as they have advised and helped expand numerous blockchain companies over the past few years. Blockchain has already become a technology disruptor that has impacted various business models, processes and supply chains. 

We at believe the AI market can have the greatest positive impact from the integration of blockchain given the challenges with control and transparency, and Morningstar Ventures is a great partner in helping us expand the use cases for our technology in the region.” is not just a blockchain project. It’s not just going to appeal to those who love artificial intelligence or NFT collectors either. It’s something much bigger than that. It’s meant to advance the synthetic world while maintaining ethical standards that human beings can trust.

It’s meant to blur the lines of real life and artificial intelligence without compromising the things human beings already know and love about the human experience.

The convergence of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are meant to augment the future and make it better for us all.

Learn More about allows users to treat NFTs as companies. Talk about making NFTs assets. Think about the next 10 years into the future. Today, NFTs our valuable because of their scarcity, their ability to offer staking rewards, and their utility in the metaverse.

If those three things are what make NFTs assets, using artificial intelligence to allow an NFT to operate like a company makes that NFT its own asset manager.

Imagine that, a fully self-contained digital asset governed by artificial intelligence and secured by the blockchain. In other words, an asset that offers all of the advantages of AI while limiting the downside risk.

The project itself has amazing potential, and the partnership with Morningstar Ventures makes the future of it even brighter.

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