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Hackernoon logo"We are repeating history faster and at a greater scale" - Stacey Schneider, 2020 Noonie Nominee by@noonies

"We are repeating history faster and at a greater scale" - Stacey Schneider, 2020 Noonie Nominee

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Stacey Schneider from the United States has been nominated for a 2020 Noonie in the Future Heroes and Technology categories. The Noonies are Hacker Noon’s way of getting to know — from a community perspective —  what matters in tech today. So, we asked our Noonie Nominees to tell us. Here’s what Stacey had to share.

1. Which 2020 Noonie have you been nominated for?

Hacker Noon Contributor of the Year - Security

2. Tell us a bit about yourself.

The theme of my career revolves around solving how to build software faster and at scale. This comes from building a unicorn (Siebel, now Oracle) back in the 90s, when building scalable software was a horribly painful, slow process. From the first forays of ecommerce, to open source, cloud computing, agile development, and platform computing—I'm driven by rethinking the way we do things, and believe sometimes you need to break things to go faster.

3. Tell us about the things you make / write / manage / build.

I generally write about digital transformation. Specifically, I look at emerging markets in technology like Web3 technologies and write about their early impact, and look for emerging patterns. Most of the time, we are repeating history—just doing it faster and at greater scale with a better UI.

4. What are you most excited about right now?

Enterprise adoption of blockchain and digital marketing.

5. What are you worried about right now?

I think the economy is becoming risk adverse due to COVID impacts. I am concerned it could be slowing adoption and progress for Web3 when in reality, it's needed more than before.

6. What's the most useful advice you've ever given somebody?

Out of change comes opportunity. Lean in, and find out how you win.

7. How has the pandemic changed your life and/or career?

Some contracts moved around, but I've been working from home for 10+ years.

8. If we gave you $10 million to invest in one thing right now, where would you put it?

If the ROI was money, likely some emerging tech from COVID—FarUVC light or drugs would be obvious. But, really, I would rather put $10m into human relief funds to fight hunger, homelessness and the cycles of oppression.

9. What's an opinion you have that most people don't agree with?

You can't teach anybody anything. You can only inspire them to learn for themselves.

10. Which apps can't you live without?

G-Suite. Canva. WhatsApp.

11. What are you currently learning?

The Veeva platform - how the medical community is dealing with communications & learning.

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