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Want to Make the Next Spotify?

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The busy user wants to have their music needs and desires fulfilled. They want everything, and your app needs to provide the best experience. Here, we’ll show you how to create a music streaming app that will keep them interested.

Start With Your Initial Vision

Before going to the development plan, you need to have a clear vision of how the app will work. Search through similar apps and view their pros and cons. And the startups are doing everything to stay successful in the music streaming industry. Sit down with your development team and gauge what features you want your app to have.

Plans and Estimation

The music streaming industry has potential. You need proper research on the target user base, their lifestyle, their likes, and create the best conclusion of the most potent way to show them your MVP. And modify the music app as to the preferences of your target market.

Getting Licensed

When creating your app, you will need a license to submit the content you’re going to provide them with.

Features to Include

When making your app, you need to make sure that it’s better than your competition. Here are some features that you should include:

What Languages Are Best When Making These Features?

From a coding perspective, we suggest that you use Python when making your music app. Over 80% of Spotify’s programming is based on Python, The other 20% is for non-python services written in Java, and they have a few applications written in C or C++.

Speed is Spotify’s main focus. Python works well in this mindset as it helps to reduce time on app development. Spotify makes use of Python frameworks that are IO bound. Here is how Python uses Twisted code to help with its app development. Here’s an example (based on their homepage) on how to implement it in your platform.

from twisted.internet import protocol, reactor, endpoints
class Echo(protocol.Protocol):
     def dataReceived(self, data):
class EchoFactory(protocol.Factory):
     def buildProtocol(self, addr):
         return Echo()

If you want to use another coding language, then make sure that its ability to withstand thousands of people on your platform. We suggest starting with Python because it's easier, and has thousands of coding frameworks you can use for your app.


After a user downloads your app, they need to be authorized. Having them sign up through your music apps makes it easier to obtain and organize data. It gives the app administrators the information needed to register those credentials in the database.

And give them the options to log in via their social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and receive perks for sharing. So when making your music streaming app, make sure that the registration process is easy.

Push Notifications

This is an important feature for a music app like yours. People like getting to know their favorite celebrities. All of your users like to have personalized benefits and push notifications is the best way to do that. Whenever you make a music app for Android or iOS, keep push notifications in mind.

Recommended Music and Playlists

Your users want to have their music within seconds. This means that your app’s algorithm needs to take in their music preferences and suggest a playlist to them. Give them features that allow users to create playlists according to their genres, situations, and moods. Having an app with these features will attract more customers in the long run.

The best example of this is through Spotify’s playlist algorithm. It analyzes music listeners and subscribers playlist around the world. The algorithm scans millions of users each time, so you can find out who is listening to similar music playlists. Then, Spotify compares each users’ music tastes, compiles the data and find the songs to recommend later.


To make the best music streaming app, you have to have a plan that’s unique and interesting in your niche. This means that you’ll have to use your development team to create it and market it to attract more users. Chances are, you’ll have a successful app like Spotify someday.

Do you have any questions about making a music streaming app?

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